Luscious hoe natasha nice gets humped by neighbor

Luscious hoe natasha nice gets humped by neighbor
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Helping out a Lonely Horny Mom Brittany lay in bed thinking&hellip. &hellip.I woke up having that same dream. I was hot and excited. It always did that to me. I felt wonderful as I squirmed a little. &hellip.My husband had stopped having sex with me. He had a girlfriend on the side now.


He doesn't know I found out and apparently she is taking care of his sexual needs. He claims to be tired and nothing I've tried seem to make a difference. I'm horny all the time now but, I found a way to get some relief. I call it my "Buddy". A just right 'martial aid'. Buddy is a 7" perfect cock. It looks and feels real. I can put Buddy in my pussy at bedtime. With my panties on, nothing shows outside.

Now I can think about any man in the world having his cock in me as I drift off to sleep. That's when I started having this same dream, over and over. &hellip.The dream starts out by me stroking a nice cock.

I couldn't see the mans face, but the nice warm cock was exciting me boring clz hot school girl I stroked it. The dream started reoccurring almost every night.

The nice cock, staring me in the face as I found my self wanting to suck on it in my dream. The dream started waking me up in the wee hours of the night. I was so wonderfully hot and excited, I would reach in my panties and start moving Buddy slowly in and out of my now wet pussy. &hellip. Hubby just snored as I played. I didn't want to shake the bed, but Buddy was feeling so damn good, I went for a good orgasm. I got daring and pulled Buddy out carefully and up to my mouth.

I slowly started sucking on it while I fingered my pussy. This was the most daring thing I had ever done, and I was very excited. I gave Buddy the best blow job and imagined a real man shooting his cum in my mouth. . I slowly rubbed my clit with christy was mesmerized by alicia s feminine sensuality other hand. I felt a big orgasm building up. I moaned out of control as I orgasmed real big.

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My pussy trembled as I knew I shook the bed. &hellip.My heart was pounding as hubby shifted, but stayed asleep. &hellip. Wow…that was so risky!, but it really sexually excited me. It was my first 'sneaked' orgasm with hubby lying right beside me!

&hellip.Soon I stroked Buddy slowly, thinking of my hot dream again. I fell asleep and went back to my dream&hellip. &hellip.A face started to appear on the man I was stroking on. …The face slowly came into focus… Oh My God…It was my son Will's best friend, David.

&hellip.It shook me up to even imagine stroking David's cock. My pussy twitched by itself at the thought. Ok, it's just a 'thought' that's making me so hot, I haven't done anything wrong, just thinking about it.

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No one can stop me from thinking about anything I want to. &hellip.My dream continued, only it was David's cock I was stroking. He was putting fingers in my pussy now. Mother lift her son kichan it was even more exciting. When the dream would wake me, I would reach under my pillow and get Buddy and stroke it.

I would finger my clit&hellip.oh jeez… that got me a orgasm deluxe, every time. This was great…for a while. I began to let myself think about doing the real thing with David. My desire to do this just kept increasing. No way was this ever going to happen, but& my dreams.

&hellip.Hubby told me he would be gone for a week on business. My heart began to race. I fantasized myself all naked, stroking David and him fingering my clit for a big orgasm. Total freedom to play. &hellip.I counted the hours until hubby left and I could use Buddy as David in my pussy.

&hellip.The night came…and hubby left. --------------- David was a good looking young man. Great build and handsome face. He was always so friendly and respectful. He Stayed with us a lot because his home life was a mess. &hellip.David had slowly started getting more and more friendly with me. He would put his arm around me and called me 'mom'. He was a damn handsome teen and I let myself respond to his touching.

I started hugging him and soon I felt his boner on my leg each time.

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I was liking this and when we were alone I gently pushed my pussy into his boners. It felt so damn good, I found myself waiting for a time when we would be alone. He was always spending the night here and our 'hugging' increased.

Soon I just 'let' his hand wander around my body. One day he took my hand and placed it on his boner. I let my hand stay on it and began to feel it. David's thoughts… &hellip.

Will's mom Brittany and my ages weren't that far apart. We were getting very intimate with each other. She was a good looking woman. I had never messed with her, but of course, I had thought about it many times. Over time she told me about her 'no sex' life. Soon we talked about masturbation and how her 'buddy' would bring relief at least. She told me about her sex dreams and that the guy in her dream was&

&hellip. She was having sex dreams about me? &hellip.She started asking a lot of questions about my personal sex life. &hellip.I think I told her to much.

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&hellip.When I described fucking my girlfriend, she would start getting excited. It wasn't long and I could tell she was coming on to me.

I think I made the mistake of telling her how my girlfriend and I started out by mutual masturbation. She perked up and wanted all the details about 'mutual masturbation' I explained I would finger my girlfriend to orgasm while she jacked me off.

I watched her breathing increase and she smiled at me with a look of keen interest. …One night she came in the spare bedroom where I always slept. Will and his dad were asleep. She sat on the edge of the bed, all sexy looking.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. She told me about her husband going away for very young sandra romain gets two cocks up her ass, and told me how her and 'Buddy' had a hot date. She had on a nightgown that showed her hot body. Her nipples stuck out very firm and one of her tits rested right on my arm. &hellip. She very carefully suggested that a 'mutual masturbation'… 'thing' for say&hellip.

'us'… might be fun. I caught her drift and got interested. She suggested a 'lights out' visit to the spare bedroom might be real exciting and just…'maybe' we could try it just 'once', just to see if it was good for both of us. &hellip.I thought, why the fuck not. &hellip. I leaned over and whispered in her ear: (&hellip."what night and what time?") She shivered like she just peed her panties.

Out of breath and trembling she said: ("…a…oh my.I'll…a…dad leaves tomorrow night&hellip.say…a…a.10pm be ok? Will is going camping this weekend.") I smiled and nodded yes. (" Oh, thank you!…are you sure you'll be ok with this?") I looked deep in her beautiful blue eyes and said: ("&hellip.We're going to have some fun, I can't wait.") I watched her beautiful tits move up and down as she gasp for breath.

She stood up, checked the hall, making sure dad was still asleep, held my face and quick kissed me. She looked in my eyes and said: ("Your beautiful, David.").

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She glanced down at my tenting hardon, smiled and tip toed out of the room. &hellip.The waiting was torture, I lay under a sheet in the double bed. Lights were out, but my night light let me see my huge tent, my cock was causing. The thought of masturbating with Will's mom was a very 'right on the edge' taboo thing.

It was making me super horny. .Having her jack me off while I fingered her was just almost to much. My dick was rock hard waiting. Finally I hear my door slowly open. I see her come in and close the door. I could see right thru her night gown. She had a great body and those nice tits. I could see her dark patch over her pussy. She carefully slipped in bed beside me.

She whispered. ("I'm so nervous, I've never done anything like this before David.") &hellip.I rolled towards her and said to relax. I started rubbing her legs a she panted for breath. I flipped off the sheet and placed her hand on my bare hard cock and had her hold it. She slowly stroked it. I ran my hand up her night gown and rubbed around her full bushed pussy. She parted her legs for me. I let my fingers play and then slowly down her slit rubbing past her clit.

.She jumped and gave out a little moan. Her other hand rubbed my arm as she rolled towards me. She whispered: (…oh damn David…let's pretend we're lovers while we play.") She scooted closer to me and her hand felt my face. She lifted one knee as I began to put fingers in her wet pussy. She pulled me tight to her. She rubbed my cock brunette babe fingering wet pussy to orgasm her clit as I ran 3 fingers in her wet pussy.

Next thing I know she's gently kissing my face. I returned the kisses and our lips soon found our tongues. . She paused out of breath&hellip. (."oh god this is so beautiful David, I love the way you touch me. I've thought about this for a long time.


No one will ever know what we do in here, so do anything that you want.") She was rubbing the head of my cock on my fingers that were going in and out of her.

&hellip.I withdrew my fingers and she put the head of my cock in the entrance of her pussy. We both scooted and in it went. (…"oh yes David, yes…") she said as she we went deeper in her pussy. I rolled on top of her and opened her night gown. I felt her warm tits as she quietly moaned. &hellip.She must have planned this all along, so a mutual masturbation was a now a hot fuck.

She was hyper with her squirming and feeling my body. She kept pushing her pussy up, to get me in as deep as my cock would go&hellip.she mumbled quietly…'I'm all yours &hellip.'I'm all yours…over and over again. She sure knew how to fuck, and made her pussy twitch on my cock. She smiled and trembled as we fucked faster. She quick wrapped her legs around me and fucked like it was the last fuck she'd ever get. .This woman knew how to really get with fucking.

Her mind and body worked as one to drive my cock wild with pleasure. Her hands were strong as she pulled on me and she kept whispering…"…your beautiful&hellip.oh yes David…oh cum with me &'s cuming…baby…ohhhhhh…Ohhhh.Ohhhhh." I could take no more and cum came shooting out of my cock as deep as we could get it.

She shook and made sounds of joy like I had never heard before. My cock pumped her full of cum. Her pussy was like a machine gun on my cock…then she locked me up and moaned and shook. Her pussy milked my cock and squeezed it hard.

She kept shaking for a long time and kissing me with her little moans in my ear&hellip. &hellip.Brittany was far ahead of any woman I had ever been with. I went home Sunday afternoon after a whole weekend of wonderful hot hairy pusdy huge tits and ass with Brittany.

She looked so content laying in that bed naked when I left&hellip. &hellip.I was setting myself up to get a lot more pussy from Brittany. I stopped by Monday afternoon with my buddy Tony, to set up another time to have a 'spare room' session with Brittany. We went in the house and Brittany had on her robe. I introduced her to Tony.

She gave Tony a big hug and just held him. She began to whisper in his ear something. Soon her hands were all over him. .I watched Tony smile and get a hardon. She took him over to the couch and I heard part of what she said: "Tony, I have this spare bedroom and why don't we go up there and …well…you know…just &hellip.did you know my husband has a girlfriend and I get no sex at all!

Maybe we could just…kind of&hellip.relax and you could& know…I have these sex dreams and the guy in the dream looks just like you Tony…I'm so horny…could you…a…kind of… help me out a little?&hellip. &hellip.I watched them go arm and arm up the stairs, go in the spare bedroom and close the door.

&hellip. I waited. In 30 minutes they come down the stairs. Tony's eyes were are all glazed over as Brittany smiled. (he told me later she fucked him like a wild woman.) .She had her arm around Tony and came over and put her arm around me.

She said: "You sweet guys are so nice to help out a'lonely horny mom'&hellip. &hellip.she whispered: (…I'll see you later on tonight David, OK?")