Jessica marie loves to blow his cock

Jessica marie loves to blow his cock
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At the last minute, our wives cancled on our camping trip and it was just him, his son and daughter and myself for the long weekend.

His son Nate was about 12 and Kalie was 9 or 10 at the time. We got all set up and aletta ocean got fucked in the ass of setting up the 2 tents we had planned for, we only put up one, since it was just the 4 of us.

We all enjoyed the evening and sat around the camp fire until late in the evening. I'm not much of a drinker, but he was. He got pretty drunk, but not intolerable like some people get. When we all decided to settle in he said it was way too hot in the tent and asked if I minded if he slept naked.

He said the kids were use to it and I could too if I wanted to. It was pretty warm that evening and I stripped down to my shorts and layed down ready to get some sleep. He was still being silly drunk and didn't seem like he was really ready to sleep yet, and neither did the kids.

He started saying that he might have to miss his evening blowjob and wasn't sure if he could sleep without it. I told him how lucky he must be to get a BJ every night and he said that his wife loved sucking him off and would do it anytime he asked her too. He looked at Nate, and said "isn't that right?". Nate said that yes, his mom loved it and wasn't shy about it at all. I was a black cock sucking for hot chase ryder amazed and asked if he'd seen her.

He said "yeah, sometimes I help". I was totally shocked. My neighbor, Ric, said that they were very open in the family and didn't hold anything back. I was a little aroused and it showed. Nate said to his sister, "look he's getting a boner". Ric said that I should take my shorts off so they could get a better look. I said that I probably shouldn't, I wasn't sure Kalie shoud see me naked. She mentioned that she see's her dad's and Nates all the time, it would be ok with her if I got naked.

Nate slipped his pants off and said, "Now you might as well too". I was really turned on by the conversation, but wasn't sure where it would lead if I got naked. I asked Ric where this was headed, and he said, "anywhere you want it to, but there's not way I'm not getting my blowjob now. I'm too wound up!" I said to him, "you're gonna get sucked off now?

By whom?" not knowing if Nate or Kalie or I was on his mind. Nate and my wife are the only ones who suck me off, he said. Interesting, I thought to myself. Nate reached down and took rics cock in his hand and started stroking it. "you don't mind us doing this do you?" Ric asked. I told them I was straight, but it was still exciting me.

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Nate reached over and grabbed mine too. "yeah, very excited!" as he gave it a coupld pumps then let go before I could object. "if you wanna beat it and relieve that pressure, you're welcome too" ric told me. I reached down and started to, but noticed Kalie staring at it. "Kalie won't mind?


What if your wife finds out?" I asked him. "My wife and talk about you all the time. It's a big turn on to her to hear me telling her all kind of dirty things we could all do with you." Ric said. "Really, like what" I asked him. Ric looked over at Kalie as Nate leaned over and took him in his mouth. "She loves when I make up stories about you fucking her and Kalie while Nate and I play.

She likes to imagine her and Kalie sucking you off together while she's telling Kalie how to do it correctly, while I demenstrate with Nate." Kalie was getting noticably turned on by this and my cock was stretched to the limits in it's enraged state. Kalie looked up at me as I was staring at her pretty little body that she had started to gently massage her and there as her dad spoke.

"Kalie, you seem a little young for your parents to be speaking about how they'd like you to do those things. What do you thing?" I asked, hoping that it would loosed her up and make things head in the direction I wanted them to. "Oh, they tell me all the time and it's frustrating coz I've got a big crush on you. Sometimes they let me listen to what they say while the 3 of them play and I just play with myself" she said. "Why don't you play with you mom and dad and Nate?

I asked her. "They didn't think I was old enough yet, and wanted me to wait. But I think I can handle it, I want to try." she said as she looked at her dad with pleading eyes. Her dad was in extacy and enjoying his long drawn blowjob as he listened to us talk.

It was really turning him on. "Kalie, you can do what you want cute babe spinner ziggy star getting fucked hard by her boss, but don't tell mom anything ok. I'll be the one." he said between long deep breaths. She practically lept in the air and lunged at me. Her hands were all over me like she had been in captivity, just waiting for her chance to break free.

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He mouth met mine and she kissed me as deeply and passionatly as a girl her age could. Nate looked over with his mouth full and began to ride his lips up and down faster and faster as his hand helped pump. Ric locked his eyes on us and I could tell he was ready to explode into Nates mouth. He pulled back before he released his load and said he wanted to make it last a little longer.

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"can you get up on your knees and just squat down with your ass and balls in my hand while Kalie plays with you?" he asked. I was really kind of weirded out by it. I had never had an encounter like this before.I really didn't want to ruin it by saying no, so I just repositioned myself and did as he asked. Knowing that I was aprehensive about it, he didn't move or wiggle, he just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling in hand. Nate moved over and undressed Kalie as she continued to kiss me and run her hands all over my body.

Her body was tiny and beautiful. She got on her knees and stradled her dad's forearm and positioned herself in front of me with her sweet little pussy pressed gently against my raging cock.

She moved her mouth across my lips, down my neck, my chest, my stomach, and finally to my cock. I could see the hunger in her eyes. She must have been watching exotic4k petite latina katie murphy and johnny do a 69 family do this so often and been denied so much, it was finally her turn and she wasn't about to slow about it at all. She took my cock as deep in her mouth as she could. It wasn't much though.

I expect she has thought she could do as well as her mother, but didnt' realize how difficult it would be. It still felt great, and looking down and seeing her small mouth on my hugh cock was visually one of the most erotic things I've ever seen. Her position put her little pussy right in her dad's face and he took advantage of it.

He licked and sucked at her little pussy mound while she attempted to devoure my dick. It really made her wiggle and giggle. That made her cock sucking feel even better. Ric couldn't help wiggling a little bit either. He hand massaged my balls and his finger slightly parted my cheeks. Kalie has been drooling all over my cock and everything down there was so slippery. It felt great. I mentioned that was about to cum if Kalie didn't slow down.

She sped up and started working her hands up and down my shaft where her mouth couldn't go. "Please Kalie, slow down". I wanted it to last. But, she wouldn't and I couldnt' stop her Nate told her to keep going, make him cum in your mouth! Ric encouraged her too. There was no holding back now.


I came so hard and shot so much cum in her sweet little mouth! She was increadably excited and it showed. I could cock fills vagina bonks it hard hardcore and russian think that this must have been a big moment in her life,now that she got to do something she had previously been too young for.

With that huge smile on her face she propped herself up and tried to ask what do with my load. She could barely be understood though. She tried to speak again and it all ran out of her mouth and down her chin and onto her little breast.

She held her hand under it and formed a small pool of cum and saliva. She leaned back so it wouldn't drip any more. It was Nates turn to pounc. He straddled his little sister and gobbled up my cum from her chest.

He was so cum hungry! Ric kissed his little daughter's lips and licked my cum from her chin and cheeks.

There's more, I've just run out of time to complete it. Let me know what you think so far. [email protected]