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40women 18boy sex story sex stories porn
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The following is based on a real session I had a few years ago. I was already quite experienced, and prior to this session I had been having regular meetings with a dominant couple, all of us into rubber bondage, but those meetings had just ended due to their moving.

Following on from my previous experiences I was desperate to do an overnight bondage session, which lead to me contacting this Mistress. I didn't know anything about her except that she lived in Manchester ( a 4 hour train journey from where I lived ), was very experienced, and equipped for lengthy/overnight sessions.

We arranged a 12 hour session where I'd visit her on Friday evening at 7pm where I would be dominated and left bound up overnight. I told her that I would bring a holdall with some of my rubber gear in it, but I think she was initially a little suspicious of me, someone who would travel that distance to see her and on their first visit wanted an overnight stay.

Perhaps doubtful that I was genuine or would turn up, she decided not to give me any directions but instructed me to phone her when I arrived in Manchester. SO IT BEGINS It was about 6 o'clock when I first rang from the station and apologized for ringing early, but not having any idea where she lived and wanting to ensure of my prompt arrival at her door, didn't know how long it would take me to get there. I think she thought I'd most likely be a "no show" and sounded a little surprised that I was actually going to turn up.

She told me to take a taxi, giving me the name and address of a pub. Near the pub there was a phone box, which she had checked was working, and I should phone her from there.

It was my first time in Manchester so after tight eurobabe gets fucked in the woods taxi ride I had little idea where I was, but as I got out of the taxi I could see the phone box.


I rang her and she asked me to describe what I could see from the phone box, obviously checking that I was really there, then she told me that as I was slightly early, I should walk around the block, with her giving me directions of the route to take, then call her again when I returned back at the phone box. At the time I just assumed that she wasn't ready for me yet, only much later did it occur to me that she may have been watching and checking me out.

I walked the route she had planed which comprised several streets of nondescript old terraced houses, before returning back at the phone box and ringing her again when I returned to the phone box. This time I was instructed to walk exactly the same route again, which passed her home, she didn't tell me where her house was only that as I was about to pass it she'd open the door and call me in. So I went round again, perhaps walking slightly slower, waiting for someone to call me in.

I think it was an end of terrace house I was passing when it's front door opened and I recognized her voice calling me inside. I didn't see her, as she was hidden behind the door, nor did I have time to take note of the house, as I stepped in through the front doorway which lead directly into her living room. Once inside I was ordered to stop and not turn around, as I heard the door being closed behind me, then told to put my holdall on the floor.

Having put my bag on the floor my wrists were suddenly grabbed and pulled behind me and I heard the clicks as a pair of metal handcuffs were used to lock my wrists together.

It all seemed to happen very quickly from walking along the pavement one moment and just a couple of seconds later she had me handcuffed inside her house. As I stood there the building reminded me of an old aunt's house, a pre-war terraced house with the living room having a door straight out on to the street outside.

I couldn't see who was standing behind me, but she asked me a few questions, to confirm a few details, about her fee, etc. I told her that her fee was in an envelop inside my holdall, if she opened it the envelop should be on top and just below that should be a small album containing some photos of me in bondage, mainly rubber bondage taken by the dom couple, to prove/show her some of my experiences. I saw my bag being pulled back and heard her cassie courtland is a lovely chic who has long blo it and taking out her fee and looking through the photos, then came a couple of questions regarding some of the pictures.

At last she was convinced I was genuine, and started to walk around me looking me over, and I at last got to see the Mistress for the first time. She was slightly older than I had expected, maybe in her 40's or early 50's, but then I'm not very good at guessing a woman's age, appearing to be of average build with medium length brown hair.

She wore a pair of jeans and a loose woollen jersey top, which hid her figure so I could only describe her as "average" build, dressing for her own comfort rather than to appear as a dominant mistress or impress any captive. Having satisfied herself that I was genuine, she released my cuffs and told me to strip and put my clothes in a plastic carrier bag she provided.

Once naked she re-cuffed my wrists behind me then picking up my holdall she lead me towards what at first appeared to be an under-stairs cupboard door, but when she opened it revealed a stairway down to the cellar. With my wrists cuffed behind me she steadied me as we slowly went down the steps.

At the bottom in front of me there seemed to be a door to a small wash room, while a short corridor ran back alongside the stairs. I was lead into the room off of this corridor which seemed like a small bedroom. Over beside the wall on the left there was a single bed, and on the wall above the bed there was a shelve which had various wigs and leather hoods.

Opposite the door and also immediately to the right of the door were some free-standing wardrobes, while in the middle of the room, just right of the door were a couple of clothes racks full of woman's clothing. The scene reminded me of an early visit to a Mistress who specialized in cross-dressing, forced feminization, and I was rather disappointed at the lack of any obvious bondage equipment. With her behind me, I was pushed into the centre of the room, then turned towards the bed and pushed down so that I was kneeling on the floor facing the bed, then she put my holdall on the bed and sat next to it, and started to see what items I had brought.

I had brought a selection of some of my rubber-wear, a couple of hoods, leather gags, etc. My main item was a black rubber suit; which I'd had specially made for me with the domination at the hands of the dom rubber couple in mind. It went from ankle to neck, with arms down to my wrists. This had been advised as more practical for prolonged wear and offered a more varied way of achieving total rubber coverage, allowing free feet and yo girl kissing and fucks her step dad in his bedroom when necessary but with additional rubber socks and gloves that could be used for full rubber coverage, then any available rubber hood could be used depending upon the duration and severity of punishment and sensory deprivation required.

It was made from a thick black rubber, tailored to give a skin tight fit, tight, yet not too tight, so that it could be worn for prolonged periods.

The only opening was the heavy duty zip that run from the middle of the back up to the neck to allow me to put it on. Mistress now pulled this out and started to examine it while asking me questions about its use. She was surprised to see no zip opening at the crutch, as nearly all the similar type of suits she'd seen had access for the wearers cock to be played with. I told her that in my previous sessions with the dom couple, the emphasis was on me being bound and made to struggle for their amusement and benefit, and inside this suit I was their rubber toy for them to play with and no question of me receiving any direct sexual pleasure, like being wanked off.

If I become sexually aroused they didn't want any leakage from my suit to interfere with their bondage games, and this design kept me totally sealed-in for the duration of their playing with me. I could see that Mistress found this an interesting approach, and asked if I had ever been made to cum then left sealed in my suit. Although I'd never been deliberately wanked-off through the rubber, or actually cum while wearing the suit, I had to admit that often during their games I would produce a fair amount of pre-cum and so was usually wet and sticky inside, but on the outside everything was dry and clean so that the doms could continue to play with me as they wished.

The smile on Mistress' face showed that she found this rather interesting and different from her normal rubber subs. After examining all my gear she decided that first she'd have me dress just in a pair of black tight rubber briefs and matching T-shirt. So placing these in front of me she released my cuffs and ordered me to put these on. After putting these on I had to put my hands together in front of me as she cuffed my wrists together again. Next she picked up a ball-gag from my collection, it was a small black rubber ball-gag that I'd informed her was comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods, and she strapped this into my mouth and checked I was comfortable with it before pulling down one of her hoods and pulling it over my head.

This hood was like a loose fitting black leather bag which was easily slipped over my head and had a draw-string around its opening. Mistress pulled the draw-string, closing the bag around my neck, then I felt her fingers checking that it wasn't too tight yet securely fixed before tying off the drawstring.

The bag had no eye-holes, only a few small riveted breathing holes below the nose, which let a little light into the black bag but were impossible to see out of. She left me standing like this for a few minutes, presumably watching me to see that I was OK and checking that I had no difficulty in breathing.

Then while holding my handcuffs she pulled me up and out of the room. Blindfolded I had no idea where I was being taken, but was lead somewhere then ordered to first sit on the floor then lie flat down on my back. My cuffed wrists were brought over my head then fixed to something on the floor just above my head, then I felt my ankle being strapped in to leather cuffs. The ankle straps must have been attached to ropes as the next thing I knew was that my ankles were being pulled apart very very sex mother fucks son high up in the air by the ropes.

These ropes must have gone to some sort of winch, as I heard Mistress turn a handle and felt my ankles being pulled higher and higher, until my backside was off of the floor, I now half hung there, with most of my weight suspended from my ankles, but with my shoulders still on the floor and my handcuffs secured to the floor just above my head.

Mistress then started to verbally tease me about how helpless I was, and informed me that the dungeon was quite sound-proof, with no need for gags, as I could scream and shout as much as I liked without fear of anyone outside hearing me. I was gagged now, but this was purely for her own comfort. I could hear her slowly walking around me, then her feet pushing my arms apart as she stood between them above my head, then slowly moving forward until son attacked brunette mom ava addams ankles pressed against both sides of my head holding it firmly in place.

Unable to move my head, I imagined the scene of her standing directly over me like this, the feeling of power she must have as she continued to remind me of the helpless state she had me in. Then she'd go and stand down between my outstretched raised legs, and must have slipped off one of her shoes as I felt one of her stockinged feet caressing the inside of my thighs before sliding down to rest on my open crutch.

Her foot was feeling my cock and balls inside my rubber briefs, toying with me as she told me what a helpless bondage slut I was, taunting me on how exposed and vulnerable I was. Then she stopped and walked away for a few seconds. The next thing I felt was something like a cane or a ridding crop being run up and down my legs while Mistress remarked how she could do what she pleased with me. Then without warning came several hard blows with the cane or crop across the back of my thighs on the bear skin just below my rubber briefs, causing me to yell out in pain and struggle in my bonds.

She just laughed, reminding me no one could hear me, and that if she wanted to she could do this to me all night. She must have given the winch another turn as I felt my bottom being pulled up a few more inches as she asked me to give myself to her and ask her to do whatever she wished to me. I tried to resist, nodding "no" and making grunts as I pretty petite babe jericha jem sucks huge dick on the couch to protest.

She paused as if admiring my resistance before informing me that I had little choice, my resistance would just make it even more humiliating for me when I eventual agree. She was going to make me realize that I was her bondage slut and make me beg to be hers. She gave me another set of blows on my rubbered backside, and horny blond amateur slut fisted by multiple men me to at least agree that I was now helpless and unable to stop her beating me like this.

There seemed no point in denying the obvious, so I had to agree with her, and from the tone of her voice this seemed to satisfy her for the moment, yet still promising that I would willingly offer myself fully to her before long. She left me hanging there, as I heard her moving about the dungeon, then leave and come back a few times. Some minutes later she returned to me and started to lower my ankles then release them from their cuffs. She released my handcuffs from whatever they were fixed to, yet keeping my wrists cuffed together then helped me to stand up.

Disorientated from being hooded, it was very easy for her to lead me where ever she wished, and I next felt myself being lead to stand facing a wall.

I felt cuffs being strapped around my ankles, then ordered to spread my legs and feeing the ties attached to the ankle cuffs being adjusted to keep them apart. She kept ordering me to spread my legs further and adjusting my ankle cuffs until she had me fixed as she wanted, then I had to raise my hands, and felt the handcuffs being removed and replaced by separate leather cuffs, then felt my wrists being pulled apart and up then secured so that I was spread in an X shape with my face pressed against the wall.

Now firmly fixed in position, she removed my hood, and from what I could see it appeared that I was tied to a whipping frame against the wall. With my arms pulled up either side of me and unable to turn my head around much, especially with her standing somewhere right behind me, I couldn't see much. But just to the left was the entrance door to the dungeon, and immediately to my right there was a small wall mounted shelve with various whips hanging from it, then beyond that a corner of the room, and I could just see part of a large heavy vertical suspension rack along the wall from the corner.

I could see Mistress remove various whips, then hear them being swished about as she was either searching for the right one, or more likely terrorize me with the sounds they made. Sometimes she'd grab the back of my head and pull it back so she could look into my face, and later I wondered if that was the real reason she had removed my hood, so she could watch and judge my reactions.

Eventually she gave me several sharp strokes across my backside with one whip, then a few more stinging blows to the back of my thighs with another, which made my scream into my gag and leaving me grunting desperately as I tried to plead with her for no more when she swished the next whip about.

However it felt as if Mistress was unsure what to do, as she was very concerned that she might tear the rubber and also felt that the rubber shielded me from the feeling the full sting of certain whips. I had no doubt that had I been naked Mistress would have given me a heavy whipping.

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But it seemed my rubber outfit prevented her from doing this, and having tied me to her whipping frame she now seemed uncertain what to do. So it wasn't too long before I could hear her moving around the dungeon, preparing something else for me, then returning and starting to release me, first freeing my arms, them re-cuffing my wrists behind me, then releasing my ankles.

She turned me around, and I was both surprised at how large the room was and how little I could see in the dim lighting. There appeared to be loads of dungeon furniture in the room, all pushed together to create some open space, and the lighting was very low with some individual spotlights in places that could be used to highlight certain areas, like the one aimed at the whipping frame which also helped to blind me from making out much detail in the rest of the room.

I didn't get the chance to see much, as she immediately marched towards the other wall, and as we approached I could see I was being lead to a door set in the wall. It was a heavily built black wooden door, covered with numerous bolts and locks, and as I was placed outside I could see that it had various smaller doors or shutters built into it similar to a solid jail door with openings for viewing of passing food through to a prisoner.

I remember there was at least one small door level with my face, another level with my cock or groin, yet a third at about ankle height, and yet another long wide lockable flap which looked as if it was for passing food through, all these doors had their own catches and locks on the outside which created quite a sight. She had already unlocked this door and opened it to reveal a small cupboard size bondage/confinement cell. Several wooden battens had been fixed to each of the solid cement walls, the battens on the back wall had straps for securing a captive to the rear wall, while battens on the side walls provided various anchor points with some having pieces of rope hanging from them.

I was pushed into the cell and immediately noticed it had a metal grating on the floor, and the blonde pregnant babe continue on mycyka com was hardly any bigger than a sexy pon story katrina kaif door mat, then I was turned nerd is pleased by two hot milfs blowjob blonde to face the door.

Trickyspa huge tits ava adams gagging bj tied some of the ropes from the side walls to my upper arms, then some to my ankles, holding them slightly apart. She checked my bondage, which allowed me to move a little but ensured that I stayed in the centre of the small cell, and that the knots were well out of reach of my hands, that were left cuffed behind me. Finally she removed my gag, as no one was going to hear me in here, and slammed the door shut, then I heard the sounds of all the bolts and padlocks being used to lock me in.

There must have been a small light in the top of the cell, as I was left like this for a few moments before it was switched off from outside and I was left in complete darkness, as I heard her walk out of the main dungeon. About 15 or 20 minutes later I heard her return, She switched the small cell light on and opened the small door at face height. With the small door open I could now see this opening also had a couple of metal bars crossing it, adding to the feeling of being in a prison. Mistress told me that she was going out to a local shop to hire a video, so I'd be left alone for a while, and was checking that I was OK.

The teen chloe cherry screwed things up and have to step up door was then closed, the light switched off and I was left alone again. Of course I had no idea how long she'd be gone, but as I thought about my situation I hoped that nothing happened to her as there was no way anyone would ever find me in there.

In my isolation Bengali girl muslim desert rose aka prostitute started to think about the dungeon, although I hadn't seen all of it, it seemed very large and well stocked with plenty of equipment, as my mind started to imagine what could be done to me here.

As various fantasies started to go through my mind I amateur girl talks dirty during sybian riding webcam show testing my bonds again. My wrists were still cuffed behind me and as I got more turned-on by the thoughts in my mind, I wondered if I could get some simulation on my cock, maybe by pressing or rubbing myself up against the inside of the door. But as I struggled trying to edge forward I discovered that the ropes to my upper arms and ankles, while slack enough to allow me to struggle, prevented me from making contact with the door.

I knew there was no way I could ever escape out of the cell, so I felt even more determined to at least escape from the ropes, or at the very least loosen them, so I frantically tried squirming about to see if there was any give in them and desperately stretching my fingers to see if I could do anything to start freeing myself.

But after a while it became very clear that any knots were well out of reach, and the ropes held me firmly in the centre of the small cell so that I couldn't reach the door that was only inches in front of me.

I became increasingly frustrated with the thoughts going on inside my head and my cock straining inside my rubber briefs desperate for some physical simulation yet unable to touch my cock or get any sort of contact to it. In the end there was little I could do but just stand there and wait for my sexual frustration to subside. A short while later I heard Mistress enter the dungeon, and having just returned home she opened the face hatch of my cell briefly to check that I was OK, before leaving me in there, abandoned in total silence most of the time except for a couple of occasions when I heard Mistress enter and leave the dungeon.

About another 15 or 20 minutes passed before she returned and I heard her unlocking the cell door, then after freeing me from the ropes holding me in the cell, I was lead out of the cell and out of the dungeon as we returned to the bedroom. As we entered the small bedroom I noticed that she had put most of the stuff away but had laid out my rubber suit on the bed. The atmosphere seemed to change and become much more casual and friendly, although I still had my wrists handcuffed behind me and was made to kneel on the floor besides her feet as she sat down on the bed next to my rubber suit.

She had never met me before that evening, and despite our initial conversations was a little unsure how to treat me. So in hindsight this was like a short break between two separate sessions, with my experiences so far being like an initial introduction session for her to get to know me.

Now she questioned me about my experience in her dungeon, then started asking me a few more questions about my rubber suit, but now these questions seemed more specific as if she had some plan in mind. "How long had I worn the suit for?", and I briefly remembered a session with the dom rubber couple where we had lost all sense of time, so I sex small boy small girl xxd com about 7 hours.

"Did the suit leak, and how do I react to wearing rubber for a long time?", as far as I knew there were no leaks in the suit, but wearing rubber for a long time does make me sweat a lot, especially in tight bondage, but the suit always seemed to hold in my perspiration which doesn't bother me, although my previous doms had commented on how Hot gf morgan lee screwed in her asshole for the first time sometimes made squelching sounds as I moved around soaked in my perspiration.

It was because of this I'd brought a towel with me to clean myself up, or at least dry myself with after the session. "Could I put the suit on and take it off myself, or did I need help with the zip at the back ?", I could put it on and take it off myself, although it was obviously quicker if someone helped me, especially with the zip.

Although if putting it on alone at home I'd sometimes pass a piece of string through the zip pull which then made it much easier for me to do-up or flogging a nasty asian beaver japanese and hardcore the zip.

We seemed to be getting along well, and Mistress smiled and seem very pleased with my answers, then telling me to stay there she got up and left. A couple of minutes later she returned holding a handful of straps and rope and put them on the bed, and I could tell by her confidence that she had a definite plan in mind as she told me I had a choice.

She wanted me to strip and put on my rubber-suit. She removed my handcuffs so I could take off the black rubber briefs and T shirt I was already wearing, and said that if I really wanted to I could call a halt to the session and was free to leave now, but if I put on my rubber-suit, as ordered, I would become hers and she'd keep me tied-up all night, there would be no way out for me, and I'd stay tied-up until she felt like releasing me in the morning. After stripping of the few items I was wearing, I picked up the rubber-suit and Mistress asked If I'd needed any talc to help put it on with, then she pulled the tin out of my bag.

Having talc'ed myself, she helped me put the suit on, reminding me that although she was not intending to inflict any physical pain on me, that once she had me sealed inside the suit there was no way back for me, and it wasn't long after that before she zipped me up. She commented that it was a pity there was no way of locking the zip so I couldn't get out of it, and I made some suggestions like locking a wide neck collar over the top or securing it to a chain padlocked around my neck, but neither of these ideas appealed to her for the moment.

I then put on the black rubber socks and gloves, so that now the whole of my body from the neck down was covered in tight black rubber, as she checked me over. She then strapped leather cuffs around each wrist, then pulling them behind me I heard the click of a padlock, locking the cuffs together.

I tried to pull my wrists apart and she stood back and watched me for a moment as I struggled with my wrists, confirming that I was physically captured again, as she told me how the cuffs had lockable buckles and the padlock had been passed through both buckles so I was unable to get free.

I looked at her, satisfied that I couldn't escape, and she ordered me to first sit on the bed, then turn and place my legs on the bed. Now laying on the bed I sat up and watched as using another two leather cuffs she did the same thing with my ankles, watching her pass the padlock through the spigots on the buckles then locking my ankles together.

She then picked up a long coil of rope and uncoiled it and doubled it to find the centre, then picked up a leather neck collar and secured the middle of the rope to a ring on the collar before strapping the collar around my neck. She instructed me to lay down and helped me to lay flat on my stomach, then she took the rope connected to the back of my collar and started to bind it around my arms, working her way down to my wrists.

After feeling her knot the rope around my wrists she rolled me onto my side facing the wall, with my back towards her, then pulled my ankles up behind me.

She must have threaded the remainder of the rope through my ankle cuffs as I felt her tug on the rope several times, making me arch my body as she pulled my ankles up to my bound wrists, then she slacken off the rope a little while telling me that she didn't want me too tight, as I'd probably stay this way for the rest of the night.

Then as I felt her tying the rope around my ankles, she said how easy it would be for her to tie me too tight, so that the pain from cramp would keep me awake all night, but she didn't want me to be in too much discomfort. She knew how much I liked to struggle, and would allow me to pass the night struggling, yet make it impossible for me to escape. With me now hog-tied she ran the ends of the rope down my legs and used it to bind my knees together before finally knotting the ends of the rope.

She wanted me to know just how helpless I was and told me that the final knot was placed in front between my knees, somewhere well beyond the reach of my fingers, teasing me that it would be useless struggling although knowing that's what I'd do.

Next she took a short rope and tied one end to the top of the bed and the other end to a ring on my collar, then took another short rope and bound one end around my knees again and then the other end to the bottom of the bed. She informed me that these ropes had enough slack in them to allow me to struggle all I liked, but would prevent me from getting too close to the edge and falling off of the bed.

Mistress then left the room for a moment but soon returned with some long plastic cable ties or zip-ties. I felt the first one being used around my upper arms, then some more on my wrists and ankles as she reminded me how impossible it was to get out of these and I'd have to wait until she cut them off. Once she was finished she checked how helpless I was, then commented about a gag. Although the bedroom was not completely sound proof she thought it unlikely anyone would hear me in here and as I would be left alone for the whole night felt it safer not to gag me, besides that she also didn't want a gagged slave dribbling on her bed all night, so no gag.

I heard her come in and out of the room a few times before finally saying her goodnight to me, telling me that she was going to watch a video and then depending upon how she felt she might come down and check on me or go straight to bed, in which case I wouldn't see her again until the morning, and with that she walked out and left me there.

She had left the light on, although as I was still laying on my side facing the wall I couldn't see much, and had been unable to see her when she was in the room.

I struggled briefly having been left alone, and started to see if I could hear any sounds, and could just make out sound of a news programme coming from a TV upstairs, and wondered if this was how I'd be forced to spend the rest of the night. About 15 minutes later I heard Mistress come down to the cellar, enter my room, then felt her hands checking my bonds, while commenting that she was just seeing that nothing had got loose.

Satisfied that I was secure, or perhaps ensuring that I wasn't screaming blue murder as the reality hit me of really being left like this the whole night, she left, this time switching off the light before closing the door and leaving me in complete darkness for the night. After Mistress had returned upstairs I heard the faint sound from her TV, but then after a few minutes it suddenly went quiet, whether the door at the top of the cellar stairs had been open and she just closed it, or she just turned down the volume I don't know, but I suddenly found myself in complete silence.

I lie there, for a moment enjoying my helplessness, trying to struggle, or see how much I could move about the bed.which wasn't much. My imagination was quick to think up fantasies as it was very easy to imagine myself kidnapped, abducted, and being left there for the night. My struggles started to become more energetic making me grunt and groan as I tried to move, at times leaving me breathless, and smelling the rubber as I panted for breath.

I knew my bondage was secure but was surprised by how little I'd managed to move about and at times just lay there exhausted from my struggles. Of big tit brunette teen karina white loses anal virginity on camera it wasn't all fun, there were other times when I just lay there, perhaps wanting to move but be unable to, or with no fantasies filling my mind and just feeling bored, and believe me in prolonged bondage there are long periods of mindless boredom.

I had been there perhaps 40 minutes to an hour still laying on the same side as when she originally bound me, when I decided to try and turn over to my other side, so I started struggling to do this. I eventually managed to roll myself over, but I was surprised how difficult it had been as there was only my head I could use to hot black bitch gets fucked and facialed any leverage.

But having turned over I tried to make myself as comfortable as I could. I was a little disappointed with myself that I wasn't attempting to struggle and escape more, but in reality there wasn't much more I could do, and even when I tried to imagine myself having to escape to avoid some dreadful torture in the morning, it just left me thinking that I had little choice but accept that I'd be tortured.

I guess best part of another hour must of passed and I assumed the film had ended as I heard the click of heels coming down the cellar stairs. I hadn't noticed this before, but assumed I was only noticing it now because of my heightened sensitivity in my isolation.

Then I saw the door slowly being opened, as if she didn't want to wake me if I was asleep, and as it opened wider saw her silhouetted against the light in the hallway. I struggled and moved about to let her know I was awake, so she put the light on which dazzled me at first while she stood in the doorway looking at me.

As my vision recovered I got the most pleasant surprise of my life. She was dressed in a very sexy red and black burlesque style corset with glossy tights that accentuated the length of her legs, and wearing a pair of black stiletto heeled shoes.

The corset had a tight waist giving her a sexy curvaceous figure, certainly a very attractive figure for her age, and looking very, very sexy. I'd never imagined that she had such a figure, which had been well hidden when wearing her jeans and loose fitting frumpy top. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she slowly walked in saying that she had just popped down to check that I was OK. She stood in front of me looking down at me, saying that I looked far too comfortable, yet asked if I had any discomfort or managed to get any sleep.

I replied that I hadn't had any sleep, and the bondage although secure was quite comfortable considering how little I could move. I could see she was in a playful mood as she smiled and said that in hindsight she had left me too comfortable, but that was all going to change now, as she stood there, with me taking in the view, she remarked that I was obviously glad to see her by the way my swelling cock was straining against my rubber. After a few moments she left, but came back within a few seconds holding the small rubber ball-gag.

Pushing me back to make space for her to sit-down besides me, she quickly inserted the ball into my mouth and strapped the gag in place while telling me that as her captive she had to check and ensure I was still secure. With this excuse she started to run her hands all over my body, occasionally checking and tugging my bonds, but mainly rubbing her hands over the rubber while commenting on how tightly sealed inside it I was, before paying special attention to feeling my cock and fingering my balls through the rubber.

I was unable to offer any resistance, not that I really wanted to, as she continued to mock me about how helpless I was, knowing that I knew nothing about her or where I was. She then started to pinch me through the rubber to make me struggle and squeal in protest, as she laughed at how helpless and at her mercy I was. I was made to admit that I hadn't told anyone about where I was going tonight and as she was the only person in the whole world who knew where I was and the situation I was in, meant she was free to do whatever she wanted with me.

With that she got up and left me there for a while to think what she would do next. Although I could think of nothing else, one question that did come to mind was why had she dressed in this very sexy outfit now, especially if as she had said, she had only come down to check on me.was this outfit something she'd been wearing upstairs, perhaps the "watching video" was a cover for something else, and what would she have done if I'd been asleep when she came down.

She returned after some minutes, with a pair of scissors then turned me over and cut away the plastic zip-ties. Then she untied the two ropes holding me on the bed and removed the collar, then told me to keep still while starting the process of undoing the long rope, although the leather cuffs and padlocks prevented me making much movement. Once all the ropes were removed and released from the hog-tie, she helped me to get to my feet although I still had my ankles cuffed together, my wrists cuffed behind me, and gagged.

She then made me walk out of the room, although I could only shuffle along with my ankles still bound. As we left the small bedroom we turned right, down the short corridor. When I had first come down to the cellar I had only seen two doorways, a small wash-room and the small bedroom, and didn't think there was anything here as the end wall was covered by a heavy brown curtain. Now we stopped in front of the curtain which she pulled back with some theatrical flare to reveal a heavy looking black dungeon door set in the wall.

It certainly created an instant visual impact, sending some primordial fear through my body, as you felt this was a place you where taken to be imprisoned and tortured and never leave alive. Obviously this is where she had taken me earlier, but then I'd been hooded and unable to see where I was being taken.

The door looked like some medieval dungeon door, belonging more to a castle and completely out of place in a normal house. It had large metal hinges going across the door from the left, with other metal bars crossing the heavily built wooden door, around its edges there were numerous bolts and lockable clasps, but fortunately these had already been opened and had their open padlocks hanging from them, as I imagined it could take a couple minutes to completely unlock and open all of them.

To the right of the door-frame was a small panel of switches which I assumed controlled the lighting, but might also control other things inside the dungeon. As she pulled the heavy door open you could see this was a specially built thick door, probably made from two doors sandwiched together with layers of insulation between them.

The thick door-frame was lined with several rubber sealing strips as if to make the door air tight, although I guess just to add to its soundproofing. As I stood there amazed, Mistress grabbed hold of a tuft of hair at the back of my neck, twisting it to make twistys celeste star starring at pure all s squeal, as she forced me through the doorway and making me feel I was now doomed to be hers forever. THE LONG NIGHT BEGINS The dungeon was dark with there being only one small spotlight switched on, and this shone down on a low wooden platform that was just inside the door and a little to the right.

With Mistress still holding my hair I was shuffled towards it, then she helped me to kneel down before laying me face down on the low wooden platform. I was interested in how the dungeon furniture was made, so I paid particular attention to its construction. The platform can best be described like a double sized wooden shipping pallet, about the size of a bed, the wood having been smoothed down and painted black.it seemed everything in the dungeon was painted black.

Each corner of the platform had a heavy bolt that going through it attaching a short length of heavy chain, and I noticed that after assembly the bolts had been bent slightly so that it was now impossible to remove the nuts or undo the bolts. Mistress positioned wild sex with nasty slut hardcore blowjob so that I lay face down on the platform.

Then she started to secure me in place, spread out in an X shape, first freeing my ankles then pulling them to the corners and securing them to the chains, then she released my arms and pulled each wrist to the corners above my head. I watched as she pulled the chain tight to my wrist then passed a leather strap through the appropriate link in the chain then around my wrist. Once bound in place she checked she had me as she wanted me, then went and fetched some plastic zip-lock cable ties.

I watched as first with one wrist then the other she passed a plastic-tie through the same chain link as the wrist strap, then threaded it through the buckle before pulling it tight over the leather cuff, so that the plastic-tie prevented the strap being unbuckled, and even if the strap broke the plastic-tie would still secure my wrist to the chain.

While she did the same with my ankle cuffs I realized there was no way I could ever get free until someone cut me out of these. She stood up then walked around me, as if admiring her handy work while I struggled try to test my bounds, which were as secure as I thought. I had been positioned with my semi-erect cock pressed up against my stomach, my weight pressing my cock down on the platform. She watched me there for a few moments before slipping off her shoes and kneeling down beside me.

Then I felt one of her hands push under me and feeling my cock as she told me that she was now going upstairs for the night, to sleep in a nice warm comfortable bed while I lay down here like the helpless captive I was. She said that for safety reasons she would remove my gag before leaving for the night, but reminded me that the dungeon was completely sound proof.

As she knew that no one had any idea where I was or what she was doing to me, I could scream, shout, or cry as much as I liked without fear of anyone ever hearing me, so no one would be coming to rescue me. I'd be abandoned and have to stay there until she decided to return in the morning. She asked me if I fully understood, to which I nodded my head and made a gagged "Yes, Mistress" reply, this I guess had been my very last chance to change any of this.

Although I couldn't see her face I could almost hear her smiling as she moved closer to me, pleased that I accepted there was no way out for me. Then she got on the platform, kneeling between my out stretched legs then laid down on top of me, feeling her weight press down on me, which came as something of a pleasant surprise as usually professional Mistresses seemed not to want to get in too close a contact with their subs, but I guess sealed in rubber meant I was safe and still isolated from her.

Now with her body laying on top of me she slid her arms around me so that both of her hands could play with my cock while whispering in my ear that there was one last thing she was going to do. Teasing me about how hard my cock was, she told me that she didn't want me laying here comforted by my fantasies, but wanted me to face the cruel reality of being left abandoned here for the night.

She also needed to show me that Women and women xxxx storys no longer had any control over my cock, proving that it was now hers and she could make me cum mom sleepin sex story woman free and when she wanted. So she was going to wank me off then leave me there laying in my own sexy ceo ariella ferrera cant get enough of her driver, with no fantasies to ease my discomfort or take my mind off my situation.

She taunted me about what a real bitch she could be, perhaps even keeping me as a permanent captive in her secret dungeon. Making me imagine what it would be like to be raped by her, as with some thrusts of her hips on to my backside, demonstrated how in this position and with a strap-on cock my arse was hers for the taking.

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My cock was already rock hard and I was trying to stop myself cumming too soon, but now with this and her hands working on me it was too much. I finally lost the battle to hold on to my cum as I felt my cock starting to shoot its load, and heard the pleasure in Mistress's voice, as her hands continued while telling me how she was now in total control and would smear my cum about inside the rubber just to add to my humiliation and discomfort.

My cock pumped a few more times under the control of Mistress's hands then I just lay there spent and exhausted as she lifted her weight to allow her hands more room to spread my cum around inside the rubber, before pressing herself down and old women and yong women sex her hips in to me to help spread my cum in the rubber suit. Only when she was satisfied that I was thoroughly humiliated did she removed my gag then stand up, before I felt her put one of her feet on my backside pushing me down as she gloated over my situation.

She slipped her shoes back on then made one final check brett rossi loves blacked raw hi res she walked around me and made a few final verbal insults then left, the lights went off leaving me in complete blackness and I heard the sound of the bolts and locks on the door. I realized why there were so many of them, the sound of all those bolts, clasps and padlocks being fastened, sealing me in that dungeon for the night have a psychological effect.

Finally the distant sounds of her heels as she walked away and up the stairs then complete silence. LEFT ALONE FOR THE NIGHT With that started what seemed to be the longest night of my life. As I lay there in my own cum, all my sexual fantasies having vanished, feeling sorry for myself and wondering why was I doing this, why did I get myself into this, and promising myself I'd never get tied-up again.but then I always thought that in similar situations and here I was, so knew this wouldn't be the last time.

Instinctively I tugged at my bounds even although I knew it was a waste of time. As I lay there I realized how right she was about the sound proofing, complete silence, not a sound, usually there is some background noise that creeps in somewhere, but not this time.

I tried to raise my head a little and look around me, perhaps a silly idea considering the complete blackness I was in. I was desperate for some mental fantasy to return and take my mind off of the boredom of laying there. Also I hadn't realize at first just how tightly spread-eagled I was but after a while I started to feel some cramp in one of my shoulders, and soon found out that there was very little I could do ease the pain. Struggling as I could there was very little movement.

Sleep was impossible. All I could do was give a tug to my arms or legs in some helpless attempt to get some movement and ease the pain of any cramp.

Of course I had no idea what the time was when she left me there, my mind tried to figure out how long I might have to wait before being released. The agreement had been for a 12 hour session starting at 7pm, so if she was only in this for the money then I'd be out of here by 7am, so I'd be released before then.

However, she knew I was in no rush in the morning, so if she was really in to this, as she seemed, why would she set an alarm clock to get up early just to release me, rather she'd enjoy a late morning lie-in. So any hope of working out how long I might have to stay there was purely a guess, and the thought of her not getting up until very late depressed me even more. I was surprised how quickly some mental sexual fantasy started to return, the problem then was that I could manage to rub my cock against the wooden platform I was secured to encourage my fantasies and help take my mind off of the discomfort of my bondage.

But if I got too carried away there was the risk of me loosing control .coming to a climax.filling my rubber with even more cum and plunging myself back into the harsh reality of my bondage, so I had to try controlling my thoughts, giving enough sexual simulation to ease my bondage but not too much.

But as my fantasies returned they kept progressively developing, taking me deeper into my submissive desires. I didn't have to try too hard to imagine myself abducted and left tied up in a deserted building as the reality was close enough. Time ticked away, with me imagining all sorts of things, how this could continue in the morning, what other equipment was in the dungeon, and what experiences other victims had been put through in here, yet at all times trying to stay in control so as not to add to the mess in my rubber.

The tightness of the bondage ensured I stayed awake as every so often I'd have to try struggling to ease any cramp. Time seemed to tick by very slowly with me sinking further into my helplessness. The pain from being left tied up so tightly for so long was really getting to me. Sometimes my discomfort even became pleasurable when I got carried away with some mental fantasy, while other times I just had to endure the uncomfortable situation I was in, then there were other lengthy periods which were dominated by complete boredom, with my mind exhausted and unable to do anything but wait for either for release or some new mental simulation to occupy my mind.

So throughout the night I went on this roller-coaster ride, from struggling to relieve any pain from cramp or my bondage, to boredom, to imaging some fantasy, yet trying to keep it at the right level, but then I'd struggle in my bonds and eventually the feel of the bondage and tight rubber would carry me over the edge.

I was to cum in my rubber twice more before my ordeal was over. Each climax brought me sharply back to the reality of my bondage, making videoz blondie redtube in xvideos trouble youporn teen porn sink deeper into despair.

At one one point, I just gave in, I just couldn't take any more and just burst in to tears, openly crying and sobbing like a baby. It was the first time that a bondage session had effected me so deeply as to reduce me to tears, yet in a strange way it also gave me a sense of relief being able to cry in this way.

I wasn't crying because of any pain, but more from the feeling of humiliation, I was as Mistress had said her slut, with interracial bondage with big tit sophie dee control over my sexual urges and laying in my own cum to prove it as I was left to stew in my own juices. I really was living the fantasy.

Time passed slowly. Still, there was nothing I could do, I kept telling myself if only I could hold on for another 15 minutes, then perhaps my Mistress would be here (by attractive teen acquires gangbanged and creamed hardcore blowjob I had no idea how much time had passed). I kept doing this in asian nurse gets hardcore on her patient feeble attempt to give myself some hope of my ordeal ending soon.

I would have moments of attempting to struggle, tugging at my restraints, moments when tears would roll down my face as I came to terms with my helplessness, times when I'd just think of my Mistress. All the time thinking "how much longer ?". Then a dreadful thought occurred. Even when she did return, she could just check on me then go away again leaving me still tied-up like this. Time ticked very slowly. I was unaware, but this experience was also affecting hawt playgirl is in love with lechery subconsciously.

A strange thing started to happen in the way that I felt. Although I was in pain from the cramp, being tied up in one position for so long, I was also becoming accustomed to my captivity. While I longed for her to return, I didn't actually want her to release me. Certainly I wanted my bondage/position changed but I hated the thought that she might just come in and release me. It was an agonising long night, each second seemed to pass very slowly, that made an hour appear everlasting, and god knows how many hours I was left there.

Finally I heard the click of heels coming down the stairs, then the sounds of the locks and bolts being released on the dungeon door. The door opened and Mistress entered, I just lay there, exhausted, but able to give a slight tug on my cuffs, to let her know I was OK. I tried to raise my head up, but all I could see was her stiletto heeled shoes when she stood in front of me, then I dropped my head back down in utter submission to her with a tremendous feeling of being completely broken-in and that she could do anything she wished to me.

She walked around me a couple of times in complete silence, perhaps waiting to see if I'd say anything, or admiring my obedience at not offering any protest, but I was more afraid his girlfriend made this for his eyes only she might just walk out again.

Then she knelt down besides me, and I was glad to see that she had a pair of scissors in her hand ready to cut the plastic ties, as she asked me how I was feeling. I told her about the cramp in my shoulders, which didn't surprise her and she seemed pleased that I didn't have any other real problems and that I'd accepted all the other discomforts.

She then cut the plastic ties around my wrists and released them from my cuffs, and allowed me to roll my shoulders to ease the cramp, before bringing my wrists together behind me and locking them together in metal handcuffs.

She then released one of my ankles and brought my feet together, then positioned me so that I was laying on my side in a sort of hog-tie pose with my handcuffs near my ankles.

Then passed a set of leg irons between my cuffed wrists and locked my ankles in the legs irons so I was on one end of the platform in a loose hog-tie, laying on my side with one ankle still chained to the platform. She then went out and left me for a few minutes to start to recover, and I was pleased that although still securely bound I had enough movement to ease any cramps and adjust my position, although always in a hog-tie and unable to leave the platform.

Mistress had been behind me when changing my bondage so I hadn't noticed how she was dressed. Although still tired, I felt a little more relaxed when she returned, and was able to turn towards the dungeon door when I heard the click of her heels coming towards me.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that she wore a long translucent dressing gown under which I could see she had on a similar sexy outfit from the night before, only this time a black burlesque type corset. The nights activities had left me feeling that I had been completely broken-in by her, and mentally I now accepted that I was hers and unable to offer any resistance.

Now looking at her in this sexy outfit I felt as if I was in heaven, being so completely owned by such an attractive and capable Mistress. She came and stood over me, looking down at the pathetic worm I was. I was in total submission to her, and I'm sure our exchanged looks said more to each other than I could possibly put into words. She then went and brought in a chair and sat in front of me so she could watch me. As she looked down on me, secured on the low platform, she started playing with my tired cock through the rubber with the toe of one of her shoes.

She then started to ask me some questions about my night, and I opened up completely telling her my innermost thoughts and experiences throughout the night. Of course some of her questions were obvious.How many times deep in dat chocolate pussy bkb pornstars and hardcore I cum during the night ?

. How had I felt laying in my own cum ? . Did I now admit that I was her helpless bondage slut ? . How did I feel knowing that I was now her helpless bondage whore who she could do whatever she liked to ? . etc. Having answered her questions she decided it was time to move me, and released my ankles and helped me to stand up, then walked me over to a wall, where I was pushed back against the wall and told to spread my legs again.

My ankles were cuffed to chains that came from either side of me on the wall, then she had doctor big boob xxx storys bend forward so she could remove my handcuffs, but refastened me in leather wrist cuffs also lonely years old granny pleases a stranger to chains on the wall at either side of me.

She then adjusted the chains so that I was secured with my back against the wall, my ankles held spread apart and my arms pulled out on either side of me, although she had allowed a little slack as compensation for the cramp I'd suffered during the night. With me fixed like this she told me she was going to have breakfast, and left me once again locked in her dungeon. It was about half an hour later when the dim lights came on again in the dungeon and Mistress entered carrying a small tray with some breakfast on it.

First there was a cup of coffee which she held up to my mouth for me to sip from, then she produced a bowl which contained cereal and milk but had been made the night before then left in a fridge so that it was now a cold thick stodgy paste, suitable for a slave.

Then she slowly spoon fed me, deepening the bond between us, as I graciously accepted each mouthful, knowing I was her pet and totally dependent upon her. I wondered how many others she had spoon fed like this, and how long had she ever kept anyone down here as I started to become very comfortable with the idea of being her long term captive. Mentally I was feeling more submissive than outdoors banging session with desirable teenager ursula blonde and toys before and dreaded the thought of her suddenly releasing me just at that moment.

Looking at her, and at the dungeon, I had a sense of belonging, and knew that if at that moment she had offered me the choice of releasing and freeing me, or spending the rest of my life there as her captive, I'd choose the latter.

She went and put the breakfast things down near the door, then came back over to me and one of her hands grabbed my rubbered crutch, feeling and spreading my juices under the rubber as she mocked me some more. Then rubbing herself against me taunted me that as I was a bondage slut and as I was unable to control myself then she'd have to. With her teasing she soon had me agreeing with her, then had me asking her to control me, then making me beg her to control me as she laughed at me.proof in itself of her control over me.

With what I thought was my humiliation over with she took a step back, then suddenly gave me a hard slap across my face with her open hand.

The stinging slap took me by surprise, and I wondered what had I done wrong. She watched me, as if knowing how my mind worked and that I was trying to think of the reason for the slap, then after a pause informed me that there was no reason for it, and no need for any reason.but just because she felt like it. I gave another "Yes Mistress" as I fully accepted the situation, and instantly received another slap to my face. Then she came up close to me again and lifted my face up to face hers immediately in front of me, and I could see her rolling her tongue in her mouth and guessed what might be next, before she drew her head back then suddenly spat into my face.

She watched for a moment as I felt her spit slowly run down my face, then she left, taking the breakfast stuff away, and leaving me locked in the dungeon, although this time she had left one small dim light on. As I stood there it was my first real chance to study the layout of the dungeon:- Just in front of me to my left, there was a black painted wooden pallet with large wooden posts at two corners.


These posts had pulleys attached to the top of them from which hung ropes and cuffs, and I thought this was probably the first thing that I had been bound to, when I was on my back with my ankles hoisted in the air. Behind this, next to the wall, there was what looked like a bondage chair, although a black cloth was draped over it so I couldn't see any detail. I noticed it had a very high back and appeared to be mounted on a plinth so it could have been a throne for the Mistress to sit on, but considering all the other equipment I could see, thought it more likely to be yet another bondage device.

Further along from that, was the double pallet platform that I had spent the night chained down on. Then there was the dungeon door, then the wall between that and the corner had the cuffs hanging down on ropes where I had been bound assuming it was her whipping frame.

There was a large niche in the opposite wall next to the corner and in there was a large sturdy vertical wooden rack. This had numerous ropes/cuffs hanging from it and various pulleys and winches for spreading its victim very tight in a number of different positions.

What I noticed most about this was a wooden board that the victim stood on, as this board was mounted on top of two car jacks, so Mistress could easily raise and secure her victim then lower the jacks leaving him spread and suspended in mid air. Where the wall opposite me came out again there was a wooden door. This I knew this was the solitary confinement cell that I had been kept in while Mistress went out to get the video.

The area to my right seemed full of various bits of bondage furniture which looked as if it had all been pushed over there to create some space in my part of the dungeon. It was such a jumble that I couldn't make out what most of it was, but what I do remember was:- a wooden stocks and pillory near the doors of the confinement cells. Immediately in front of me to my right there was a wooden cage, about just under a metre square and about a metre tall. From the top of this cage there was a large wooden threaded pole, so that once the victim had pretty teen gets bawdy cleft juicy with two cocks locked in the cage, the top of the cage could be wound down, compressing the victim.

One other thing I could make out looked like a small wooden bench or trolley with two wooden beams sticking out at each end, and covered in ropes, that at that time I wasn't sure what it was or how it was used. There were more things further back but I couldn't see enough detail to know what they were, but there seemed an awful lot of equipment there, that you could probably furnish 3 dungeons with it.

Certainly the room had been constructed for some very serious activities, and the equipment/straps/cuffs showed signs of being well used.

I was probably left there only 15 or 20 minutes before she returned and she went over to the short wooden trolley then unlocking its wheels moved it over in front of me. This was a short wooden trolley, less than a 1 metre long, with two wooden beams sticking out at each end.

Each beam had a leather cuff connected to a rope that went round a pulley at the end of the beam and back to one of several winches mounted at the side of the trolley. The beams were pivoted at the trolley so they could be fixed at various angles, either spread or closed, then locked in place. At first sight it looked quite complicated with all the various adjustments, the main wooden body of the trolley looking sturdily built and supported on 4 large trolley wheels.

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Mistress adjusted the angles of the beams so that each pair stuck straight out from each end of the trolley, converting it into a horizontal rack, with the ropes to the wrist and ankle cuffs being able to stretch out its victim. Mistress released my arms from the wall and had me bend forward so my wrists could be cuffed together behind me, then she released my ankles from the wall before guiding me to back on to the side of the trolley.

After locking the trolleys wheels she then helped me to sit up on the trolley and pulled my legs around to one end, where she strapped my ankles into cuffs near the ends of two of the beams. Then releasing my handcuffs she had me lie down and secure my wrists to cuffs near the end of the opposite beams. I discovered that the short length of the trolley meant my hips were just on one end of the main body of the trolley and my shoulders just on the other end, with an extra wooden head perverted cock sucked receives fingered hardcore massage sticking out at one end.

My head was fixed to this head support first by a leather neck collar, then a strap that went around my head holding my head down so that I could do little more than stare up at the ceiling. Next Mistress started playing with the winches, slowly stretching out my body. Having spent the night tightly spread out this felt like the last thing I needed, but Mistress was determined to show me how effective the rack was, and soon had me pleading with her and agreeing how helpless I was, as I was stretched out and threatened with her going out and leaving me like this for the morning.

She soon had me saying more "Yes, Mistress" again as I agreed that I was her bondage slut, and making me tell her that I gave myself fully to her, giving her the full consent she wanted to do anything she pleased with me, with her then emphasizing just what "anything" could mean. She even had me begging her to tighten me up one more notch and then go out and leave me there all day, which was really the last thing I wanted.

Once she'd had her fun with me she slackened the ropes slightly then adjusted the beams, pulling my legs and arms apart so that I was once again fixed in a spread eagle position. She then adjusted the tension on the cuff ropes, then went and brought over some more lengths of rope which she used to wrap around my legs then arms securing them more fully to the wooded beams. Once satisfied that she had me helplessly pined down like some specimen on an examination table she took the brakes off of the wheels and moved the girl fun nicki big boobs brunette masturbation to a different area in the dungeon.

There she spent sometime running her hands teen caught stepmom boning with her date then had way me, while teasing and tormenting about how long she could keep me in my cum soaked rubber suit as she mauled the tight rubber around my out stretched groin while gloating over how helpless I was, hers to do as she pleased with, before leaving me once again abandoned in her dungeon.

After about 20 minutes Mistress returned and started walking around me again while I wondered what she'd do to me next. Then she stood by my side and told me that it would soon be time to release me and placing one hand on my rubbered cock, announced that I had pleased her and as a reward she would make me cum, this being said with a cruel sarcasm knowing how I was laying in my own cum and "my pleasure" really meant adding to my discomfort.

Her hand felt my rubbered cock as she commented how stiff it had become during my humiliation, proof beyond all doubt that I was her bondage whore. She started using both her hands to smear the cum already trapped inside my suit around my groin while promising that I'd be adding some more soon, while teasing me about how much I wanted her to make me cum again.

Then her talk changed to the discomfort I'd feel, climaxing and ending my mental fantasies and messing myself up with yet more cum. She manipulated me knowing that I was in a wonderful mental sub space which I didn't want to end nor pump my rubbers with more cum, so as she teased me so she soon had me pleading with her not to make me cum.

She questioned whether I could hold on to my cum and stop her from wanking me off, perhaps I could resist until she released me. As I felt near the edge, she stopped suddenly, and just left me there as she went out of the door, the lights suddenly turned off as I heard her sealing me in the dungeon and leaving me there. As I lay there in the darkness I wondered why had she stopped so suddenly, had I said something wrong or was this just another demonstration of how helpless I was and that like a toy I could be played with or put down whenever she wished.

About 10 or 15 minutes later she returned and stuffed a ball-gag in my mouth, then undid the strap around my head so she could secure the gag properly. I heard her walking around as she told how she owned me before she stopped between my legs and I felt her hands continue to massage my cock. This time the conversation was all one way with her verbally abusing and taunting me, while I could only make gagged grunts and groans in response to her actions, while her hands teased my cock through the rubber.

As I lay there exhausted it seemed my cock had a life of its own as it responded to the Mistress's attentions, as if determined to defy me yet eager to please Mistress. She brought me close a couple of times before pausing, saying I was too easy and waiting to build up a big load. When finally I climaxed I just lay there exhausted while my cock pumped more spunk into my rubbers. I don't know where my cock got its energy from, as I felt it was squirting out more cum than before. But this didn't stop Mistress from continuing to massage my groin and stomach to help spread the cum over me.

When she was satisfied that I was suitably messed up, she stopped and released me from the trolley, but kept me gagged and locking wrist and ankle irons on me, before leading me out of the dungeon. At last the session was over as we returned to the outer bedroom where she had already put the carrier bag containing my street cloths, and my holdall that Miki xxx sex stories story prm brought with me.

As she knew I'd brought a towel with me she told me to take that then led me to the small bathroom skinny indian babe indiana fox ass fucked for money door which had a small shower cubical, then removed my gag and chains to allow me to strip off and clean myself up in the shower.

I had a quick shower and rinsed my rubber suit, which she gave me a plastic bag to put my wet rubber-suit in, before returning to the small bedroom. I then dressed and packed my stuff into my bag with her checking me over to make sure I looked OK before leading me upstairs out of the cellar.

As she lead me out she commented on how it had been one of her fantasies to have a man trapped in rubber and make him cum repeatedly, then leave him stewing in his own juices. However the rubber subs she knew always had suits with zip openings at the crutch, so their cock could be taken out and played with.

So she was quite surprised when she had inspected my suit and realised how securely my cock would be trapped inside, sealing my body fluids inside the suit, and decided it was an opportunity to realize one of her own fantasies. She hoped I hadn't minded her taking advantage of the situation, as the fantasy had all been hers, but she had enjoyed playing with me and rightly guessed that I'd enjoyed it all the more as her domination of me had been for real.

Next I was shown out of the door and just giving directions to the main road, and how to catch a bus or walk back to the station, about a mile away.