Sexy nice ass brunette rides cock in classroom rilynn rae young old blowjob

Sexy nice ass brunette rides cock in classroom rilynn rae young old blowjob
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Mary-Ann, i'll never forget her. She was an extremely beautiful 15 year old. She had a skinny body with GREAT curves. We had been friends for along time and I had had the biggest crush on her for the longest time. I had always been extremely sexually attracted to her. Especially since one day someone tried to get me to eat her out, and she told me how she first discovered masturbation.

Well anyway lets get on with the story. One summer day I invited mary-ann to my house (with my parents gone of course).


Just an ordinary thing. We planned on watching movies and playing video games, but thats it. But thats not all that happened. She was over and we were sitting on my bed watching the Amityville Horror.

ya, a horror film. I was sitting on the left side of the bed, to my right she was laying down, and to the right of her was my tv. I didn't watch the movie however, i kept looking at Mary-Ann, running my eyes up and down her bodies features. Admiring her. I stared at her breasts and thought about how much i'd love to be touching them. Then looked down towards her fly. Thinking how just two small layers of fabric seperate my eyes from her pussy.

I rolled over and hugged her from behind, putting my hands at her waistband. "ok?" is what i remember her asking. I sat there for a moment, feeling my cock swell up in my pants. I was so damn horny, i just couldn't take it any longer, without a word i quickly slipped my hands into her pants. "what the [email protected]#K are you doing she said and grabbed my arm and quickly tried to pull it out but i had gone to far to let her.

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Using my other arm i pulled her arms off mine and held them done. Using my hand in her pants i pulled out slightly then pushed my way into her thong. She was flailing around screaming at me to "knock the [email protected]#k off" but I didn't. I put my hand further into her thong and felt her short pubic hair (from the feel of it had been just starting to grow back from a shaving). How long had a i lusted for this moment. I pushed further into i felt her pussy. Dear god i was happy. i cupped her vagina in my hand, by now Mary-ann had stopped flailing and just laid still looking at me.

I started to run my index finger around her vagina lips, feeling them starting to get moist. I let go of mary-anns arms to see what she would do, and to my surprise she did nothing. So i took my hand and undid her fly with my other hand still in her thong. Now that i had more room to move i began rubbing her pussy harder.

By now it was very wet. But it was still too hard to get done, and my god did i want to actually see her vagina. I pulled down her pants. I went to reach for her thong when she said "NO!!" I pulled them down anyway. There it was.Mary-anns vagina. More perfect then i could ever of imagined. It was small, and a light pink, i saw that her clit was peaking out from under its hood.

"I once was told to do this, little bit of action tube porn now i will" i was leaning in towards her pussy when she grabbed my head and told me no. I put my arms under her legs and grabbed her arms off my head. So now I held her legs apart and arms to the side. I put my face right near her pussy and savoured the moment. Then I kissed her vagina. I gave a slight lick to its lips and Mary-Ann squirmed.

Her clit was swelling like crazy now.


I put my lips on it and sucked and kissed it gently. I began to lick it softly in small circles. Lad fucks sexual luscious bitch hardcore blowjob then stopped and looked at her face.

She was blushing. I asked "Do you want me to stop?" finally she gave in "dear god no, that felt great." So i let go of her arms, and she grabbed my head this time.

BUT to my amazement instead of pulling it away, she pushed it back down into her pussy. I licked it like mad for, well i have no idea how long. It tasted so good. After several moments i heard her moaning like mad and she suddenly arched her back. I licked faster and harder at this moment and then i heard her softly scream and suddenly liquid just squirted out of her vagina straight into my mouth.

It tasted sweet. Mary-Ann laid flat on her back breathing heavily. I got up and grabbed a kleenex to wipe my mouth. She put her thong back on, followed by her pants. I was only 15 at this time and hadn't expected her to ejaculate. I saw a small puddle on my sheets so i told her i had to take them off.

After this whole ordeal my cock was so sniff my pants were visibly pulsing with my heart. We laid back down on my mattress. "I'm so sorry mary-ann, i shouldn't of done it" i remember saying. "its ok, that was the most amazing thing i have ever felt" she said. I watched her eyes go from mine down to my pants "i guess i should return the favour" she said.

She reached over and undid my fly. *omg this is actually gunna happen* i thought. She pulled down my pants, followed by my boxers, revealing my 8" cock (its true). "wow" she said and she began to rub it. I was so turned on i nearly cummed there.

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She then licked up and down the shaft. She looked up at me and saw how eager i was so she quickly put about half my cock in her mouth, all she could fit. She slid up down it. Sucking. I realised that the best part was when she sucked the tip.

I told her that so she started sucking only the tip, rubbing her tounge on the V shaped skin on the side with less foreskin. Her one hand cubbing my balls, the other rubbing my shaft.

"OMG!" i remember saying as i exploded into her mouth. Now i was the one laying there breathing heavily.

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I got back dressed and we just laid there. No one saying anything.


From that day on we didn't talk too much, nor did we EVER talk about that incident again. But to this day, i still love her.