Tattood girl with big ass enjoy in this lesbiens homemade

Tattood girl with big ass enjoy in this lesbiens homemade
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Once I was ready, I went ahead and made my way to the kitchen to make dinner for my Allysa and baby girl wearing only my shorts and boxer briefs. As I made my way to the kitchen I realized how silky my new boxer briefs were, and honestly I loved it especially since I did shave everything down there for my Allysa.

It actually started to make me a little hard especially since I could feel them hugging my cock tightly, it felt incredibly comfortable and very good. Hot lasbian girl xxnx mp4 I made it to the kitchen and started cooking, I heard my Allysa walk out of our room and go up stairs towards Haylee's room, I didn't see her.

Thankfully I had already done all of the prep work before I went to the airport to pick them up, so making dinner was going very smooth and easy. By the time I had it in the oven, I heard her close Haylee's door and watched as my sexy wife walked up to me.

"Oh my god you should see her, she really really wants you baby like, so so bad. We should take these off now." She whimpered as I got a nose full of her sweet arousal. "Not yet, I will later, better yet, I want you to do it later." I sighed making her bite her lip. "You're such a tease, I love it baby." She whimpered as she began to rub me through my shorts as I slid my hand down her body, into her panties and onto her soaking wet little pussy.

"She must be more than half naked." I sighed as she spread her legs and began to slime the shit out of my fingers and hand. "You'll see, I promise that you'll wanna.oh god.take these off when you see her." She sighed as I slipped my finger inside of her. "Yeah?" I sighed as she bit her lip. "Mmhmm, she looks, so so sexy, oh my god." She whimpered with slanted eyebrows.

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"I think it's so yummy that you guys can't stop touching each other's naughty places." We heard 100 real incest on hidden cam mom mother daughter whimper making us look at her. "Oh, my god." I sighed after I looked at Haylee, froze and stared at her for a second. "Told you, I bought that for her, actually, she picked it out just for you." Allysa sighed as I looked back at her.

"Is dinner almost ready?" She asked as she made her way to me and her mom. "I'm, Yeah, it should be before long." I said as she watched me look at her tiny perky tits, then her little slit and back to her eyes. "Good cause I'm hungry, you look really hot." She said as she looked me over really good and placed her small hand on my chest.

"Thanks, you look really good too." I said as she and I locked eyes. She was wearing a pink Teddy that had these pearls or something all over it, it was completely see through and it matched her little panties perfectly since they were completely see through as well. She was wearing no bra, just her teddy, thigh high matching stockings and her pink little panties. I could see her little bald pussy almost perfectly and I definitely could see her young little tits perfectly.

"Thank you daddy." She said with a grin as my cock began to swell. My Allysa watched the entire encounter and started to rub my dick through my shorts. "So yummy." She whimpered as she watched the sexual tension massage rare story sex spy camera my baby girl and I begin to build more and more. "I'm going to go watch tv." Haylee sighed as she looked in my eyes and seconds before she bit her lip. "Ok." I sighed as she turned around and stuck her little ass out.

All I could see was a pink string that disappeared into her little ass crack from the string that went around her hips. She watched me watch her and bit her pinkie shaved muff and erected dong hardcore and blowjob before she made her way to the den.

"Spoiler alert, she's not going to watch tv." Allysa said as she rubbed me through my shorts. "How do you know?" I hissed as I watched the strap to her bra slip down her shoulder. "She planned this, she told me. So everything she does from now till whenever, is planned. She wants you in the worst worst way, so she's going to try to convince you to fuck her." She sighed as I began to move my hips in time with her hand. "She really wants me?" I sighed. "More than you'll ever know, her wet young pussy is so so wet and she aches for her daddy." She whimpered making my cock throb a little.

"She's got your ass, she has an amazing ass." I sighed making her moan. "You're almost convinced aren't you?" She whimpered making me lean down, slip my tongue in her mouth and kiss her deep. "That's definitely a yes." She whimpered after we broke the kiss and seconds before I kissed her deep again. This time our mouths remained wide open and pressed together tightly as we licked the insides of each other mouths slow and passionately. As we kissed, I slid her bra down and grabbed her tits making her moan and try to slide her hand in my shorts.

"I'm so horny, god I love how you keep me so wet and so horny for you all of the time." She whimpered as we molested each other. "I love it too." I sighed. We then separated reluctantly and began to finish getting dinner ready and as we were doing that, I helped Allysa take her robe and bra very sexy hot girl fuking faster best story completely after my cock deflated to half mast as it were.

If my sexy wife wasn't half naked, I would be flaccid. Haylees favorite chicken was in the oven so all we had left were the side dishes, but I wanted to wait until the chicken was finished before I did those so we started to make our way into the den.

Before we made it all the way in, we found Haylee laying against the arm rest on the couch watching porn with her hand in her panties. What I heard made my cock semi hard cock begin to swell more making it press against my boxer briefs and slide against its silky fabric. She was watching porn, daddy daughter porn. I heard the girl in the porn moaning, "yes daddy" and other phrases.

It took almost everything I had to keep from becoming rock hard. "Just like she planned, she's watching porn right out here." Allysa whispered making me look at her.

"She's not even trying to hide it." I whispered with a grin making her bite her lip and shake a little as she nodded her head no. "Baby, I think it's time to take these off." She sighed as she pulled my shorts down a little. "Not yet, I will for sure later, but I want you to do it, I want to see her reaction." I sighed making her moan. "I'll take it off slow. You really are thinking about it." She whispered making me nod my head yes.

"I did promise." I sighed as I smiled. "Holy god baby." She whimpered as I looked in her eyes. "Ok, I'm going to go out there and talk to her." I sighed as I got ready to go to the den where Haylee was watching porn. "Go talk to your horny little girl, I'm going to watch like a yummy perv." She said before I kissed her several times before I made my way into the den.

I walked up to the couch to see that Haylee had her legs spread wide. She had her hand in her panties and she was rubbing her tiny little clit in circles as she laid there watching her porn.

At that point, I could really hear the girl crying out for her daddy and I could hear and see her breathing heavily as she played with herself. I then walked around the couch and sat next to her making her kind of jump and sit there as though she wanted me to see her like that, but was acting as though she might be in trouble.

"What are you watching?" I asked as though I was shocked making her look up at me, grin and bite her lip, pull her hand out of her panties, and close her legs as I laughed. "Um, I'm watching porn, see?" She said as she showed me her phone with a grin. On the screen was a young teen girl who was sucking some dudes dick slowly as she looked up at the camera.

"What kind of porn is that?" I asked as my Allysa came up to the couch. "Daddy's and their daughters, see that girl?" She asked as I watched the video with her.

"Yes." I said with a grin. "That girl is sucking her dad's dick, that's her dad." She sighed making my cock start filling with blood. "You like that kind of stuff?" I asked as my vision became cloudy and my body tensed up as I glanced at her boobs and erect pink little nipples through her little teddy. "Yeah, it's really really hot, only my daddy is way way hotter and yummier." She whimpered making me kind of choke.

"Is he?" I asked.

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"Mmmhmmm, you know I'm talking about you right?" She asked making me kind of laugh. "Yes I do." I said as I laughed a little. "So can I ask you something?" She asked as she sat there and looked at me as she moved closer to me. "Anything baby girl." I replied as I glanced up to see Allysa touching her boobs and smiling at me.

"Ok so like, I was wondering if, you um, if you think I'm pretty." She asked with pure lust in her eyes as she touched my arm and pulled herself closer to me as I glanced at her tits and back into her eyes.

"Yes, you take after your mom, you're very very pretty, you're incredibly beautiful and sexy." I said before I could stop myself from saying sexy. "So then like, why haven't we ever done anything like the daddies and girls do in these pornos? Why don't you ever molest me and stuff?" She asked as she looked deep into my eyes. "Because you're my baby girl, I love you classy attractive teen plays with her vagina I don't want to do anything that will hurt you or damage my relationship with you." I said making her press her body against mine.

"But it won't daddy, I think it'll make us way closer. I mean, these girls in these movies are way way close with their daddy's. They're closer than any of the normal dads and daughters and I think it's because they molest each other and have sex. And like, I want all of that, I want you to touch my pussy and boobs. I want you to have sex with me and stuff, I want you." She whimpered making my heart begin to beat faster.

"Ok listen to me for a second ok? Promise me you'll hear me out before you say anything." I said making the pure lust in her face and eyes, be replaced with a hint disappointment, it was as though she was expecting me to say no. "Ok." She said. "Come here baby." I said making her sit up and come closer. "Can I just sit in your lap?" She asked making me slid my hand down her back to her little ass as she sat up onto her knees.

"It would be easier that way." I said making her place one knee over me so she was straddling me, then sat down until her little slit was pressing against my bulge.

"You think you know what I'm going to say don't you?" I asked as she looked in my eyes. "I'm betting that you're going to say no." She said with a disappointing tone making me smile as I looked in her eyes. "Ok, here is where I need you to hear me out ok?" I asked making her nod her head yes. "So mom and I talked and she told me everything. She told me that you spied on me and took pictures of me when I was in the shower, did you really do that?" I asked as I pulled her sexy little body against mine.

"Mmmhmmm." She sighed as she nodded her head. "She also said that you've been spying on us when we have sex." I sighed making her get her face closer to mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "I have, I love watching you and mom have sex and I really like your penis, I like cute blonde teen fucked by you lust in translation a lot." She said as she started to breath so hard that she was blowing her breath in my face and mouth.

"She says that you think I'm cute." I said with a smile. "You're not just cute dad, you're way way hot, you have a yummy hot body and you have the nicest big dick, I mean, from what I've seen anyway, I haven't seen it for myself like, up close and stuff. But I think you're way yummy and way sexy." She whimpered making me start breathing hard. "Thank you baby girl." Sighed as she all hit pressed her head against mine.

"It's true though." She sighed blowing her sweet breath into my mouth and nose. "You really lust me don't you?" I asked making her bite her lip and nod her head yes.

"So bad, you make me so horny." She whimpered as she ground her mound against my dick one time. "Do you really want me to take your virginity?" I asked making her bite her lip. "Mmhmm, so bad." She said as she began to breath hard. "Ok, I'm going to put your mind at ease, I'm not saying no and since things are happening the way they are, I'm not going to say no.

I promised your mom that I would think about it and since our talk, I'm seriously considering the idea of you an me." I said making her mouth drop open as she gasped. "Really?" She asked through heavy breathing. "Really, I just need to get past the idea that it's wrong, that's my only hang up, you're my little girl. Other than that, I'm seriously considering it." I said making her pull her body against mine as hard as she could and press her forehead against mine.

"Ok, but I want you to know that I do really want this, I want you so bad." She whimpered as she began to grind in my lap.

"Yeah?" I asked as I slid my hand down her back to her little ass. "Mmhmmm. Do you really think I'm sexy?" She asked as she started to grind more. "Yeah I do, you're very sexy and I love this little outfit of yours." I sighed lovely legal age teenager wants to be gangbanged I looked down at her perky little tits.

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"I picked it out just for you." She whimpered before I looked in her eyes. "I love it." I sighed as pure lust filled her eyes again. "Do you like my boobs?" She whimpered as she leaned back and pushed her tits out for me. "Love them, they're perfect just like moms." I said after I looked back in her eyes. "You can touch them now if you want, I want you to." She sighed through heavy breathing as I slowly slid my hand around her body and on her little boobs.

"Oh my god." I sighed as my cock became rock hard as I squeezed her little tits a little. "Mmmmmm, it feels good when you do it daddy." She whimpered as she gently wrapped her arm around my neck and started to play with my hair on the back of my head and began to grind against my cock harder and a little faster.

"I can't believe this is happening." I sighed making her move her mouth so that her anime cum tribute cute hentai teen feet tube porn touched mine as she ground her mound into my hard covered dick as I gently massaged her young little tits. "I like how your boner feels." She sighed as she continued to grind. "Does it feel good?" I asked making her exhale hard, slant her eyebrows and bite her lip as she nodded her head yes.

"So what's it like to have your little girl grind her wet young pussy on your boner?" She whimpered making me push my cock into her little mound hard. "Feels really good baby girl." I sighed as my body began to shake a little. "You're making me so so wet, mmm, wanna see what I was watching?" She asked with pure want and lust in her eyes. "Yes." I sighed making her back away slightly, lean over and grab her phone. She stayed in my lap the way she was, but pressed the side of her face against mine and started the video right where she left off.

As we were watching the father and daughter kiss deeply, I started to realize that my little girl just tuned me into the pervert she wanted me to be. We watched him lay her on her back, watched her spread her legs and watched her dad grab his dick and press it against her opening. As we were watching him slowly sliding his cock in his daughter, I felt her slide one hand behind my head and I could feel her breath on the side of my face.

"Damn." I sighed as my cock throbbed. "It's way hot huh?" She sighed making me look in her eyes. "Yeah, it is." I sighed as she pushed her head against mine. "I want that with my daddy so bad." She sighed as she dropped her phone and pressed her lips against mine. I instinctively slid my hand on the side of her face as she held her lips against mine and kissed me. When we broke the kiss, she pressed her lips against mine again and kissed me once before she turned her head and opened her mouth.

I moaned and pressed my bulge into her grinding mound as I opened my mouth and let her slip her tongue into my mouth. I immediately slid my tongue across hers and into her mouth making her exhale hard through her nose.

Once we broke the kiss, she pressed her head against mine and looked in my eyes as she continued to grind slowly. This time I slid my hand on her chin and pulled her mouth to mine, and as I did so, she opened her mouth and slid her tongue into my mouth before our lips met. I loved how my little girl tasted, so I slid my tongue into her mouth and swirled my tongue around hers as she did the same to me.

"What are you guys doing?" We heard Allysa ask with a seductive tone after my baby girl and I had kissed like that several times. "Helping daddy decide to have sex with me." Haylee whimpered before she kissed me again the same way we had just finished kissing. "Is she helping baby?" Allysa asked as we broke the kiss. "I think I am, I think he has a boner." Haylee whimpered. "Yeah she is." I sighed as she spoke. "Wait, why do we have to wear sexy clothes and you don't?" Haylee hissed as she looked into my abigail toyne and kelle marie are two beautiful bl. "What, are you wanting to see more of me?" I sighed making her bite her lip.

"Mmhmm, I wanna see your boner." She whispered making me try to make my dick go soft. "Do you?" I sighed making her moan and press her head against mine.

"I mean it's only fair, I'll even take my teddy off for you." She sighed making me and Allysa moan. "See baby? I told you she wants you." Allysa said making me and Haylee look at her.

"Yes you did." I sighed as Haylee took my hand and slowly placed it on her boob. "So when are you going to let me see your yummy boner?" She whimpered as I kept pushing my rock hard cock into her grinding mound making her whimper. "Soon if you keep this up baby girl." I sighed before I kissed her several times. "God dad, you kiss so good, I love how you kiss." She whimpered after we broke the kiss.

"So do you baby, you and your mom are really great kissers." I sighed making her moan before she slipped her tongue into my mouth. As we were slowly kissing, I felt soft lips touch my face and neck as Allysa began to kiss and suck on my neck and chin.

After our little girl and I broke the kiss, I turned to her and our faces locked as we licked the insides of each other's mouths. "You guys look so fucking hhhhot, mmmm god." She moaned as Haylee pulled my lips to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

Once we broke the kiss she began to kiss dick for the masses dancing bear and interracial face and chin as she continued to grind against me and breath hard all while Allysa and I began to kiss hard and deep.

"When you guys were making out, I had an orgasm." She whimpered after we broke the kiss. "Did you?" I sighed making her smile and moan. "Yeah, it was the hottest and kinkiest thing I've ever seen, so so hot." She sighed before I kissed her once again.

As we were kissing deep and hard, I felt little Haylee slip out of my lap and to my right side. I then felt some movement but didn't think much about it at hairy pussy beauty squirts on fucking machine, but after Allysa and I broke our kiss, I looked over to see Haylee pulling her teddy off completely before she dropped it on the floor.

"Fuck." I sighed as I watched her watch me as I drank her young sexy body in. "Oh my god daddy, I'm so so horny." She whimpered as she stayed on her knees and watched me look at every inch of her young, tight little body. I then looked at Allysa to see that she too was drooling over our little girl, so I pulled her ear to my lips. "I guess it's my turn." I sighed as she looked in my eyes. "It is, she wants to see your boner." She sighed before we looked at Haylee. "I do, I wanna see it." She whimpered as she slid her hand to her pussy.

"I think you should just let her do it, I wanna take pictures of her first time seeing and touching her daddy's hot boner." She whispered making me grin and kiss her. Allysa must have planned for that because she stood up and walked to the fire place mantel and grabbed her camera. I then stood up and stepped so that I was less than half of a foot away from our little girl making her turn to face me as she stared at my bulge.

By some miracle, I had gotten to where I was semi hard, and I did that on purpose, I wanted her to see me get harder for her. She looked up at me and watched me look at her naked boobs as I stood up straight and as she glanced at my bulge and bit her lip.

"Is it my turn?" I asked making her sit back and moan as she looked up at me with glassy lust filled eyes. "Yes daddy, I wanna see it so bad." She whimpered making Allysa gasp and whimper as she started taking more photos of her. "God." I sighed as Haylee hooked her finger in the waistband of my shorts. "Mmmm, can I really see it now, please?" She whimpered as she pulled my shorts down farther and bit her lip. "If you want, and only if you want." I sighed as she began to moved her hips forward and japanese av model gets a lot of cum in already aroused vagina stimulation doggy style.


"I do, I want to so bad." She whimpered through heavy breathing as I watched her look right at my covered dick. "Go ahead baby, take daddy's shorts off." Allysa said making her look at her mom and press her head against my bulge right as Allysa snapped a picture.

"Can I?" Haylee whimpered as she looked up at me. "Yeah." I sighed making her sit on the couch, slide to the xxx sex story 2019 new of the couch and look up at me as she slid her hand up my legs. She then looked at my bulge, hooked her fingers in the waistband on my hips, looked up at me with slanted eyebrows and lip between her teeth, and started to pull my shorts down. She stared with her mouth open and with slanted eyebrows as she pulled them down further and further.

Once my dick came in to her view, she looked up at me with a sexy little grin and pure lust in her eyes before she pulled them down further. She moved so that her face was so close to my dick that I could feel her hot breath on my dick through my boxer briefs. Once she had my shorts down to my knees, she let them fall to my ankles and slid her hands up my thighs as she stared at my dick with her mouth and eyes wide open.

She then looked up at me, bit her lip hard and shook before her eyes went right to my dick again. "Yummy." She whimpered before she looked up at me, my dick, then Allysa lesbian babes playing games with sex toys was taking a bunch of photos of her reaction.

"So fucking hot." Allysa hissed as she kept snapping photos. "His underwear is see through, I can see his boner." She half sighed half whimpered through a sharp exhale as she looked at Allysa with a red face and chest as she began to slide her hands closer and closer to my cock. "Do you like it baby?" Allysa asked making her exhale hard trough her nose and nod her head yes with her lip between her teeth. "You can touch it if you want." I sighed making her look up at me in shock making Haylee exhale hard as she slowly slid her shaky hand towards my cock until she was caressing me through my sheer boxer briefs as Allysa continued to take photos.

"What do you think about seeing your first real dick up close?" Allysa asked as chills ripped through my body and my cock started to grow under her hand. "Love it, it's so so nice, I really really like it.oh my god it's getting bigger." She whimpered as she wrapped her fingers around me as best as she could. "So what does it feel like baby girl?" Allysa asked as she watched Haylee slowly touch me before she looked at Allysa and pressed her face against my dick after she let go of me.

"It feels nice but I can't son ripe mom italian sleeping tell since his boner isn't naked all the way." Haylee sighed before she looked up at her mom. "Do you like it?" Allysa sighed as our little girl rubbed my dick as she nodded her head yes, bit her lip and look at my dick.

"It's perfect, now you see why mommy can't get enough of your sexy dad." Allysa sighed making her moan as she slid her hand up to the waistband and pulled it down with her fingers. "Please say yes daddy, I want this so so bad." She whimpered with a shaky voice before I leaned down and slid my tongue into her mouth and my hand on her little tits.

This time when I leaned down, she did exactly what Allysa did, she opened her mouth wide and she stuck her tongue out until she had it rested on her chin. And as I slipped my tongue into her little mouth, she pulled her tongue back into hers, licking the corner of my mouth as she did.

She moaned and pulled my hand off of her boob and led it to her pussy, all while Allysa took pictures. She and I both moaned into each other's mouths once I felt her soaking wet little slit. She started to stroke me through my sheer silky boxer briefs as I stroked her little slit through her sheer silky panties. We licked the insides of each other's mouths and swirled our tongues together just like her mom and I did regularly. "I'm so much closer to saying yes." I sighed after we broke the kiss.

"Mmmmm, I hope so, I love your boner." She sighed before she pulled me closer to her, pulled my waistband out, looked into my underwear then planted a soft long kiss on the base of my cock. I gasped in total shock despite the fact that I should have expected her to hot eighteen year old beauty gets fucked hard that.

I then looked at her Allysa who had one hand in her panties and the camera in the other as Haylee licked the base of my cock and kissed it.

What happened next made my cock throb so hard that I immediately began to leak a copious amount of precum on my leg. I was looking down at our little girl who had her mouth wide open, her tongue out as far as she could get it and had it resting against her chin. She was looking up into my eyes with her blue eyes that were glassy and filled with pure and absolute want, lust and hunger. Seconds later I could feel her hot breath and her warm wet tongue as she slowly licked up the entire length of my cock, all while she looked in my eyes.

"Fuck." I sighed as my cock throbbed against her tongue. "Oh my go.oh god, fuck, fuck." Allysa whimpered with a shaky voice through ragged exhales and gasps as Haylee kissed and licked me through my boxer briefs slowly before she licked me slowly again. God I swore I was about to cum all over my leg when she did that. Seeing her tushy first anal for brunette jojo kiss do it was one of the sexiest japanese teen takes on two cocks uncenso I had ever seen, but seeing my little girl do it, holy fucking god!

The thought of a girl her age doing it to me, watching and feeling her do that to me was damn near overwhelming. She was young, she was more than half naked and I was her dad, everything that just happened had me standing there throbbing and watching her in complete shock. It quite literally felt as though I was dreaming, it felt like I was having my first wet dream about my baby girl. "Can I take these off, please?" She whimpered with a shaky voice as she looked up at me and began to pull my boxer briefs down slowly, but fast enough to where it would be too late by the time I answered.

"Well baby, if there was any doubt about what we talked about, I think she kinda made that all go away." Allysa said making me look at her right as Haylee tongue kissed the base of my dick right as she got my boxer briefs down so far that I was about to spring out. "Yeah, she did." I sighed as I felt Haylee's body shake right as my cock sprung out and hit her on her chin.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god." She whimpered with a shaky voice as she yanked my boxer briefs down fast before I could get hold of them to stop her. "Holy sshhhhit." Allysa whimpered as I watched Haylee lick her lips as she stared at my naked cock. "Mommy, look." She whimpered as she slid her soft small hand my cock and wrapped her fingers around me.

"What.fuck." I sighed through a sharp exhale as I watched her small hand grip my cock. "It's perfect huh baby?" Allysa asked making little Haylee moan and nod her head yes as she caressed my cock with her fingers. "So yummy." She whimpered through sharp exhales and gasps. "Oh my god." I sighed as I throbbed in her hand. "How does it feel now?" Allysa asked as she took pictures of little Haylee touching me.

"It's soft and hard at the same time, it's so warm." She sighed as she wrapped her fingers around me and gripped me. "Oh my god I can't believe this is really happening." Allysa whimpered. "So it's definitely not a no now, huh daddy?" She whimpered as she looked up at me with my dick in her hand. "Definitely not a no." I sighed making her smile. "Yay." She said as she waved her hands a little. By the time the timer went off in the kitchen, all three of us were completely naked and I was looking at my daughters virgin pussy.

We did molesting each other as we were directed to by Allysa, and we did kiss a lot as we did. Haylee knew where I was for the most part, she knew that I was on the verge of saying yes to her wants, but she also knew that I could have said no just as easily, so she didn't want to push any harder than she already had, just to be safe. It may seem like that took a short amount of time, but truthfully it wasn't, things were happening so fast that it didn't seem like a long period of time.

When the timer went off, all three of us went to the kitchen to finish getting dinner ready, and once it was done, we all sat down to eat. It hadn't been thirty seconds after I sat down that our little girl came over and all but sat in my lap in the chair next to me. It was so difficult for me to really concentrate on much with one young little teen and a woman who were both completely naked who were all but sitting in my lap. "I really really like your boner." Haylee sighed as she squirmed in the chair after she looked at my naked cock.

"Do you?" I asked making her look up at me with a grin. "I can't stop thinking about it." Sighed through heavy breathing. "So now you know what it's like for me." Allysa said making Haylee moan as she looked at her and nod her head yes. "So like, did you like it when I I licked your boner daddy?" She asked as she looked up at me.

"Yeah I did, I liked the way you touched it too." I sighed making her moan. "I loved how you touched me too daddy, maybe I can put your boner in my mouth like mommy does, like, soon." She whimpered making my cock go from semi hard to almost rock hard. "It may be soon." I sighed making her moan as she looked up at me and moaned again. "So I think we should tell dad about my new website." Haylee said as she slid all the way into my lap.

"I think we should too, but let's wait till after dinner." Allysa said as she slid her hand onto my hard dick. "Ok." She said making me look at Allysa. "What website?" I asked with a grin. "After dinner dad, but I think you're going to like it." Haylee said as she giggled.


"Will I?" I asked making her smile. "I mean, I hope you will anyway." She sighed as she looked in my eyes.

"What if I wanna know now? It's not like things can't get anymore, interesting at this point." I said making Haylee look at Allysa. "I have my own website where I model sexy clothes and I do naked modeling." Haylee blurted making me gasp a little. "You do?" I asked before she could finish. "I'm not done yet dad." She said with a sexy grin as she placed her finger on my lips. "Ok." I said as I laughed.

"You know how I have a website and I do webcam shows?" Allysa asked as she started to breath hard. "Yeah, I've done a lot of shows with you." I replied with a grin. "My website is like that, only I don't to webcam stuff and I haven't been with boys." Haylee said making my body tense up slightly and shake.

"It is?" I asked as chills ripped through me. "Mmmhmmm. We started it when we were in Jamaica." Haylee hissed as she looked in my eyes. "That's why I took pictures of you two, she wants them on her page." Allysa said making me breath harder.

"Is that ok dad? Is it ok that we put you on my site?" Haylee asked making me kind of moan. "I mean, it's not like you haven't been on the internet all naked before." Allysa said making me sit there with my head spinning. "Yeah, it's perfectly ok." I sighed making Haylee kiss my neck. "Here, look at this." Allysa said as she handed me her phone.

What I saw made my cock pulse and leak just a little. I saw a picture of little Haylee laying on a bed with what appeared to be red satin sheets. She was completely naked and she had the same look in her eyes that she has had since everything escalated the way they did when they got home. Her make up was done so that she looked older, she had her hair down, her legs spread wide and she was biting her lip.

I began to scroll through that gallery and looked at all of the poses she was doing, but what made me moan a little, was the close up of her lesbian amateur couple using strapon on webcam toy and hot pussy.

It was soaking wet, it was drooling but then I saw more where she was spreading her lips. I could see her hymen perfectly. Allysa then went to another gallery that had nude pictures of Haylee on a beach in Jamaica, again, I saw a closeup of Haylee's little pussy with her hymen in tact.

"Oh my god." I sighed before I looked at Haylee. "Like it?" She asked. "Actually yeah, I do." I sighed as I tried to keep my cock from exploding right there.

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"I'm glad you do because now I want you to be in a set with me." She sighed as we sat there and ate. "Let's use the pictures we have already." I sighed.

"I'm so glad you said that baby." Allysa moaned slightly through a heavy sigh. "Are you?" I asked making her grin. "Yep, we planned on using the pictures I took for it, I'm going to post them on there tonight." Allysa said as I finally got my dick under control. "Maybe I want more with you in them?" Haylee whimpered as she pressed her body against mine tightly and before she kissed me.

"You'll get more." I sighed after we broke the kiss. "Promise?" She asked with lust and want in her eyes. "Promise." I said making her and Allysa moan. "I love my family." Haylee sighed.

We were finally able to finish eating and once we were done, we cleaned up and loaded the dish washer. Haylee went to her room and I went to mine because I seriously needed to take a piss. Once I was finished I cleaned up and made my way to the bedroom only to find Allysa walking into the room without closing the door.

She walked right up to me and pushed me onto our bed and slid into my lap. "You have no idea how horny I am right now." She whimpered as she reached down between us and began to rub my dick. "Why don't you tell me then." I sighed with a grin. "Like, I need your cock so so bad." She whimpered as she felt me getting bigger in her hand. "Seeing me and our little girl really did it for you didn't it?" I sighed making her moan with her lip between her teeth and with slanted eyebrows.

"Yes, oh my god. Have I told you about the deepest, darkest sleeping moms sex son sex stories moves sexiest fantasy I I've ever had?" She sighed. "No, you never have." I sighed as my chick became rock hard. "Wanna know what it is?" She hissed with a grin as my cock began to slide between her soaking wet pussy lips as I nodded my head yes.

"I'll let you guess, but I'll give you a hint, it's happening right now." She sighed as she slimed my cock. "Haylee seduces me." I said with a smile. "Exactly, only you two have sex, she fucks you like her mom does." She half whimpered making my cock throb against her.

"What about you?" I sighed making her moan again as she slid her slit against my cock. "We have a threesome, you me and our little girl all have sex together." She whimpered making my body tense up and shake. "Fuck, god I love your little fantasy." I sighed. "Yeah?" She whimpered. "Want to know a secret?" I sighed making her nod her head yes.

"She's convinced me to take her virginity, I want her bad." I sighed making her body tighten up and shake. "So you've already decided?" She moaned making me nod my head yes. "The answer is yes, I don't care about her age or the fact that she's ur little girl." I sighed making her moan.

"Are you serious?" She asked with a look of excitement mixed with lust in her eyes. "Yes I am. Want to know what made me decide?" I asked making her moan with a smile. "Please?" She sighed through heavy breathing. "When she licked my dick and kissed my dick like she did and begged me to say yes to her. When she didn't give me enough time to answer her when she asked me if she could take my boxers off, and the look on her face that entire time.

That whole thing made me make my decision, yes, I want to take her virginity." I sighed making her shake and grind against my cock hard. "So when do you wanna do it?

Oh wait, you're a big tease so you're going to tease her aren't you?" She asked seductively as she smiled. "You know me." I sighed. "First, since you've decided that you are going to give our little girl what she wants, it's secret time. She likes girls too, a lot, but she likes me more than any other girl. When we were in Jamaica, we had sex together." She sighed making my cock jump and press against her pussy.

"What, are you serious?!" I sighed as I damn near shoved my cock inside of her. "For a whole week." She sighed. "Oh my fucking god." I moaned as I pressed my throbbing cock against her pussy hard. "So what do you think about that baby?" She whimpered through heavy breathing. "Fucking hot, sexy as fuck. So how does she taste?" I moaned making her eyes open in slight shock as though she wasn't expecting my reaction.

"So so sweet, her young little pussy tastes so so good, I can't wait till you taste her and I can't wait two classy brunettes have some lesbian fun she tasted you." She whimpered as I thrusted my hips so that I was rubbing as much of my length against her.

"I fucking love my little family." I sighed making her giggle. "So do you remember when I asked you if you were married when we first met?" She asked making me grin. "Actually, you said that a guy that looks like me either has a wife and a girlfriend, or I was seeing more than one woman at the same time, you just asked which one of those I had." I said making her laugh.

"I do remember that, so like, you have a girlfriend and a wife now." She said as she looked into my eyes. "Really? Let me guess, Haylee is my little girlfriend." I sighed making her bite her lip and nod her head yes.

"Yes, it's what she wants, she talked about you being her boyfriend a lot too, she wants to be your little girl, which works perfect for you since I'm going to be traveling a lot this summer, you'll still be getting all of the pussy you want." She sighed making me grin. "And that's not cheating?" I sighed knowing what she was going to say. "Of course not baby. This is a different situation because we're keeping it all in the family." She sighed as she grinned.

"I was not expecting any of this, holy god." I sighed. "Surprise baby.I wanna fuck you so bad." She hissed as she ground her slimy and drooling pussy on my dick.

"So fuck me then." I sighed as I thrusted my hips to help her slime my cock.

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"Mm mm, I wanna see our little girl make you cum." She sighed making me moan and press my cock against her pussy hard.

"It may not take too much, I've been rock hard since you two have been home." I sighed making her moan. "That's ok, couple film sex on the kitchen floor iknowyourgirl com still love it, you should let her put it in her mouth like her mommy does." She sighed. "I thought we were going to tease her." I sighed making her groan in disappointment.

"Just let her do that, you don't have to fuck her now besides, it'll leave her wanting more. She'll start obsessing like I do and she'll go crazy, that way when you do finally fuck her, it'll be so much more expand fun for her." She sighed making me moan. "Ok, fine." I sighed making her let a small squeal of excitement out before she kissed me deep and got off of me. "Let's go back and wait for her." She sighed as she reached for my hand. At no time in my life did I ever think or dream of anything that came remotely close to what was happening with me and my little family.

It was never so much as a thought, not even subconsciously. I knew about incest porn and porn that had anything to do with teenaged girls and their step fathers, but I never had any desire to watch any of that. The one Haylee showed me, was the first one I had ever seen like that and for the first time in my life, it was a massive turn on for me. The reason for that was because it was my little girl that showed it to me and fact that Allysa was far more than encouraging, made my decision easy to make.

It just so happened that she and Haylee both planned everything, and that is another reason that it was easy to decide to do what Haylee wanted, and to help Allysa fulfill her deepest and darkest fantasies.

Well, with all of that combined with the images of Haylee licking, kissing and stroking my cock, the way she reacted to my touch and the sexy little noises she made when I touched her while she was naked, she helped me become the pervert she wanted me to be, she definitely got what she wanted.

She was also going to get more of what she wanted, the decision had been made and I was committed to giving it to her.