Amateur pretty cuties engulf at a party

Amateur pretty cuties engulf at a party
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this is my first story about my new job hope you enjoy. It all started when i seen an ad in the local newspaper for a personal secratary.

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I called up and got an interview for the very next day at half one. So i woke up in the morning and spent hours deciding what to wear i finally decided on a short black skirt with skin tone tights, a white bouse with the top three buttons undone so u could see my cleavage and parts of my black lacey bra.

I arrived at the interveiw, exited the elevator and shook hands with the most sexyest man i had ever seen. Thankfully he was interviewing me.

I was pleased with my choice of outfit as i could see him looking me up and down. I entered his office where he pulled ot the chair for me "thanks" i smiled.

He sat at his desk and i crossed my legs wet cunt is pleasured to the max full well he would be able to see my thongs which matched my bra, and also a tiny amount of smooth bare pussy.

He introduced himself as peter and said that if i got the job i would be working for him, which i was very pleased about. He seemed to run through the interveiw very quickly but i noticed that he couldnt keep his eyes off me not that i was bothered, he was so hot i couldnt belive i could be working for him soon. The interview come to an end and i stood up shaking his hand and letting him kiss my cheek, as i walked through the door he ushered me out with his hand on the base of my spine telling me he would call me that night and let me know either way, we said are goodbyes and i left.

The rest of my day seemed to drag by so slowly i was bored and all i could think about was peter and his hot ass. About an hour after i arrived home my phone started ringing.

I answered my normal way with a yes but then i heard peters sexy voice on the other end of the phone, i perked up a bit "oh hi peter thanks for calling" "i just called to ask you if you can start tomorrow", i think i may have sounded i little enthusiastic when i screamed like a school girl and answered with a maybe to quick yes "ok see u at 8:30" "you got it" i replied. I arrived at peters office prompt the next morning and he showed me to my desk, he stood behind me showing me the computer programs i would be using.

I was very aware that he could see right down my blouse and to my delibratly chosen sexy red bra. I was also aware that my nipples were hard with a faint outline of them showing through my blouse, there was also a high slit in my skirt which showed off my bare tanned thigh.

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After showing me what to do peter returned to his office, i watched him walking away thinking i bet he is an amazing fuck, i tried to shake that thought off and get on with my work. It must have been about three hours later when he called me through to his office and peter asked "would you like to take your dinner now" before i had a chance to answer he dropped his pen on the floor and it rolled under his desk, "i'll get it boss" i giggled he tried to object but i didnt know why i bent down and crawled under his desk, picked the pen up and immidiatly knew why he had tried to stop me.

There was a massive bulge in his pants, he must have been watching me. I popped out my head between his thigh and the top of his desk.

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I passed his pen smirked at him and raunchy brunette cougar swallows a massive load undoing his belt, I dont know where my confidence come from i just knew i wanted him badly. I undone his button while looking at him and saying "yer i think i will take my dinner now" peter just smiled at me and let me carry on, so i asked "no objections is there boss" he shook his head so i carried on undoing his zip, then pulling is pants down just enough so i could get to his now throbbing cock.

I started by teasing him by just running my tongue back and forth across the head of his penis, then pulling his foreskin back and running the tip of my tongue up and down the base of his shaft even letting my tongue explore his balls. Placing one hand around his shaft slowly moving it up and down in time with my mouth letting my saliva fully coat the full length, i could feel my wetness soaking through my thongs.


I was sucking my boss's cock and it made me so horny. I came up from under the desk sitting right infront of him with one foot on each side of his chair so my legs were spread he could see the wetness on my thongs, he groaned "oh god that was good" he grabbed my ankles and lifted them so i fell back lying flat on his desk with just my legs hanging over the side placed on his chair.

He moved my thong to one side and ran his dyttxxx story sex stories 18 new up my shiny wet pink slit up to my clit which he pushed his thumb down on and moved it around until i was gasping with pleasure and shuddered until there was cum dripping out of me onto peters desk.

He could feel my swollen clit throbbing and feel the hardness of it on his thumb it was so swollen first time and use condom was standing out between my lips. Peter then proceeded to run his tongue up and down my slit then deep inside me, i knew he could taste my sweet juices, he must have decided he wanted more because he slid his tongue up to my clit and the minute i felt the warmth of it i could have cum it was that sensitive, I managed to control myself while he made circles around it then i couldnt handle it any more.

My body spasmed out of control as he put his fingers inside of me just in time to feel my pussy contract and get even wetter. He sucked my juices out of me then came back up kissing me for the first time. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue and it tasted so good.

I couldnt wait to have his whole length inside of me. I knew i needed him, my wet pussy was telling me that.

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He pulled his pants down a little more as if he had read my mind, rubbing the head of his engorged cock along the wet stickyness of my slit sending shivers through the whole of me. Then slowly entering me not too deep at first then an amazing deep thrust making me scream and wriggle with pleasure covering his cock with walm sticky cum. Peter kept thrusting into me over and over, he must have known how much i was enjoying it by how wet i was.


Then he pulled out, lifted me up and bent me over his chair, entering my soaked bald cunt easily from behind. It was going deeper inside than i had ever felt before. All i could think about was how right i was thinking he would be an amazing fuck. He grabbed my hair pulling my head back kissing and biting my neck as i whispered "ooo boss this is so so good." I could tell by his face that he was turned on when i called him boss, so i repeated the comment twice getting louder each time and peter thrusted harder and harder.

I cum over and over again until his cock and balls were covered and it was all over my arse and dripping down my legs.

He pulled his cock out and used his hand and my cum to lubricate my ass hole i was going to say no but for some reason i couldnt resist.


Peter slowly slipped his cock inside my ass very gently it still really hurt but i was so horny i didnt care. I wanted all of him inside me, one final push and it was in, then he put his fingers inside my pussy and moved his fingers and cock in unison, i spasmed over and over again my legs were trembling that was the most pleasure i had ever had at once and i never wanted it to end.

Then i felt warm spunk squirt in my ass at the exact same time that my pussy contracted once more around his fingers and i full sex stories massage oil xxx out my final moan of pleasure, as i came once again then took his fingers in my mouth and sucked off my juices and made him a promise we would do it again very soon.

If you people like then let me know and i will tell u all about next time.

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