Attractive bitch garbielle clayton gets her ass wrecked pornstars brunette

Attractive bitch garbielle clayton gets her ass wrecked pornstars brunette
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BIRTHDAY SURPRISE The day had finally arrived, my daughter, Joyce's 15th birthday. My wife and I had planned a small party for her including a trip to the mall. This included a $200.00 gift card for her to spend, as she desired.

It also included a day where she was relieved from her family chores and had planned to invite a friend or two over. I am employed at a well-known national chain and my wife has a great job as a head nurse at the local hospital. We had both arranged the day off so we could spend it with our daughter.

The day was eurobabe threeway fucked after massage european and anal fine a great breakfast, swim in the pool and now we were going to the mall, after we picked up Amy, my daughters friend.

At the mall the two girls took off and were told to meet us back at the entrance in two hours. As my wife and I stood at the entrance waiting, we had talked about the 15th birthday. What we should and shouldn't expect as Joyce got older.

Linda, my wife noticed the girls first and pointed out that Joyce had developed into a fine looking young beautiful blonde girl masturbates with vibrator wecamnet. Looking at them walking down the aisle I could not help but notice she was about 5'7" tall. With developing breasts about 34Bwith a long sloping chest to waist of about 24" connected to about a 36" hip. Amy was approximately 2 inches shorter then Joyce smaller chest with long slender legs connecting to a small waist.

"Hon"…&hellip."Hon"…& wife was saying to me as my mind snapped back from the fantasy I was in watching my daughter and friend walk towards us. "Hi mom and dad, I bought some new clothes for me and bathing suits for Amy and me for the pool later," she said with a smile on her face. Driving back to the house my wife's pager went off.

Upon calling the hospital there had been a multiple car wreck with multiple serious injuries and she was needed at the hospital. Seeing the hospital was a couple blocks away we elected to drive her there and she would call when she was ready to come home.

Turning to Joyce and Amy saying she was sorry but she had to go to work. "I will leave you in the capable hands of your father Joyce. You three have fun; I will call as soon as I can." Kissing my wife good-bye we headed back to the house to continue celebrating our daughters birthday.

Firing up the grill in the back yard to barbeque some steak tips and some corn the two girls emerged from the house heading towards the pool. My god I thought to myself as I watched the two young women walk away from me towards the pool. Joyce had bought a couple thong bathing suits and wow, they filled them out very nicely.

Watching them my mind kept telling me that you shouldn't look at them like that, your daughter and her friend. It's not right. Grabbing a beer and walking to the pool while the grill was heating up, I watched the girls raising hell in the pool. Pushing each other around, climbing out of the pool running and jumping back in, just the vision of innocence other then their bathing suits.

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Both Joyce and Amy climbed out of the pool several times in front of me. They placed their hands on the side of the pool and pulled their hips and legs up doing so exposing their cleavage while looking and smiling at me.

Back at the grill cooking, the image of those two sets of tits kept running through my mind. I can't think of this I kept telling myself. She is your daughter. I couldn't help myself as my cock began to twitch, the more the image played. Dinner being ready and another beer I call the girls, to come to the table. They wondered down poolside heading for the patio talking and smiling to each other. Grabbing their dinner, they sprawled out in the lawn chair resting their plate on their flat stomachs.

Simple chit chat between us as the girls and I ate dinner. They got up to go inside but Amy grabbed a beer bending down and handed it to me. "Here you go Mr. Johnson, this will save you from getting up, hope you enjoy this. I am having a wonderful time, thank you for having me over." I couldn't help but look at those young developing tits as she was bent over handing me the beer.

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Amy smiled as she caught me looking, and glanced down at my crotch as my cock was beginning to expand. "Guess I better go see what Joyce is doing." Then she whirled and vanished into the house. Laying in the hot summer sun, I dozed off being awakened my, "Mr. Johnson……Mr. Johnson," opening my eyes there stood Joyce and Amy one on each side. What is it I asked. "Well seeing its getting late and there is a fence around the yard, well I&hellip.I mean we were ummm" "What is it girls spit it out" Oh hell dad we want to know if we can go into the pool topless, we have always wanted to do it dad, what ya think can we?" "You can even watch to make sure no one come in and catches us" "Well I don't know maybe it would be better if you mom was here." "Heck Mr.

Johnson see what you are missing" as Amy dropped her robe and was naked from the waist up. Looking at Joyce she shrugged her shoulders and said "I will take that as a yes." Joyce dropping her robe exposing her tits was to much for me.


Before I could do anything I had a tent pole in my shorts. "Gee my Johnson that looks painful." Turning away giggling they ran off to the pool. A couple of beers later and my hard-on gone I ventured towards the pool, next to the pool is a hot tub, which is where I am headed. "hey dad what's up" as Amy giggled to the question.

"Going into the hot tub" I responded. Turning on the motor I slowly sank in to the relaxing water as the bubbles rose I heard, "Dad can we join you in there" Before I could answer, in they came topless and all. One on each side of me they started raising hell, pushing each other one of the kept brushing the front of my shorts. My cock was beginning to swell and it was evident that the brushing was on purpose.

Then a firm grip on my cock, but who was it my daughter or Amy? "My God Joyce your dad has such a fat cock, It's so big around." "I know Joyce replied, I see it a couple times when he was fucking mom." "Girls this needs to stop it's not right!

You are my daughter and Amy is only 14" "MR. Johnson I have been giving blow jobs for a long time and so has Joyce. We both love the taste of cum." I feel a hand fumbling with my zipper on my shorts as another works it way through the opening and grabs my cock. "You are going to enjoy this Mr. Johnson" "yea dad let us do the work, sit up here on the side." I stood up and sat on the edge with my feet still in the hot tub.

The two girls moved in front of me, my daughter began to massage my balls with her hands and lightly running her finger down the length of my cock. Amy kisses the head of it while running her tongue over and around the slit. "Stand up Dad lets get these off you." The girls removed my shorts as my cock sprang out pointing right at Joyce. She went to her knees with water coming up to cover her tits and put my cock into her mouth. She slowly devoured it.

I could feel the back of Joyce's throat as she slowly worked my cock in and out. Amy was playing with her tits as she dropped the bottoms of her suit, her right hand found its way to her crotch. She moved her fingers in and out of her small hairless pussy, throwing her head back as waves of pleasure pulsated through her small frame.

Laying beside me now Amy was in a world of her own as she masturbated before me. Sitting up she puts her fingers into my mouth and I sucked them dry. The taste of her juices left me wanting more so I moved young sweetie fucked by old lover hardcore and blowjob hand to her crotch and inserted my finger and finger fucked her until she came.

Then again I, put my fingers in my mouth and licked Amy's juices from them. Amy rested for a few minutes then told Joyce "my turn" as Joyce released my cock from her mouth and Amy took over. Amy had a difficult time opening wide enough to get it in. she only got the head of it in but she worked it like a professional. Joyce seeing Amy's suit floating in the hot tub stood up and dropped her bottoms.

My god I could aaliyah love and her friend get slammed take my eyes off her. A gorgeous looking young lady even if she was my daughter.

She kneeled down beside me, grabbed my hand, and placed it on her crotch. She took two of my asian cutie gets her pussy and ass pleasured with toys, positioned them just below her slit, and sat down on my hand and started rocking. Amy having trouble with the girth of my cock, reached up, and gently eased me onto my back. "My mouth can't stretch enough to get you all in there; I bet my pussy can Mr.

Johnson" Amy slowly rising from the water, straddled me and slowly maneuvered herself so the head of my cock was at her opening. Slowly and gently, inch by inch she sat down until her ass was on me. "OH my god Joyce your dads cock makes me feel so full Oh………Oh…Jesus…&hellip.God I am coming Joyce I am fucking coming………&hellip.EEEEEEEEEEEEEE…………OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS&hellip.Oh my god." I could feel her pussy wall contracting uncontrollably as it contracted around my cock Amy falling onto my chest saying "that's the first orgasm I ever had while fucking thank you Mr.

Johnson. Joyce looking at us smiling says" Can I try that pop? After all it's my birthday" Amy getting off me as my cock came out of her pussy you could hear a popping sound. Joyce took her place carefully and. perfectly aligned my cock to her slit and dropped down onto it. I nearly blew my load right then. Joyce started rocking and bouncing so hard I thought she was going to push be through the cement pad. "Oh gee dad fuck me…&hellip.yes please fuck me………God I love your cock dad……&hellip.Feels sooooooooo good"………I feel her cunt mussels contracting around my shaft as she picks up her pace.

"Oh yessssss&hellip.harder…&hellip.faster…&hellip.oh god …&hellip.I'm coming…&hellip.Oh sweet jesus………oooohhhhhh………oooohhhh yesss…&hellip.god&hellip.aaaaaaahhhhhhhhggggghhhh" My cock feels like it's in a vise as her mussels squeeze my cock so tight I feel the juices flow down around my shaft.

A rumbling in my balls lets me know have but a few minutes left before I fill my daughter full of cum. My daughter moves off my cock and places it in her mouth while stroking the shaft with her hand. Oh god I am coming I say.

Joyce strokes hard as I cum all over her face. She sticks out her tongue as a glob lands on it and drips down onto her tits. Behind me I hear hhuuummmm as someone clears their throat. Oh Michel, in the excitement I forgot you were coming. "How long you been standing there?" "Long enough to know your bottoms are a pretty yellow Joyce. Don't worry Mr. Johnson I won't say a word as long as I can have some. I have been fucking my Dad and brother for sometime now" Looking at Michel like I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar I said.

"OK" "Mr. Johnson you keep my secret I will keep yours as long as I can get some of what they got" She reaches down grabs my cock and shakes it, sticks her fingers in her mouth. "OH Joyce you taste wonderful" HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET DAUGHTER "Dad moms on the phone" More if anyone wants it.