Hawt swap attractive student hardcore and massage

Hawt swap attractive student hardcore and massage
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Sally just turned eighteen and she was in her room packing her basics. She had promised her parents she would stay till then but after that they couldn't hold her back. She had been home-schooled her whole life and lived outside a town nobody ever heard of and she wanted more.

She grabbed the basics but that's all she had anyways. Her family was minimalist and had bought her cloths for her. They were all plain mostly jeans and t-shirts. Then she grabbed a few things from the bathroom and she was ready. Sally looked in the mirror. She wasn't going to fit in to the big city look. She looked plain. She had light brown wavy hair that went down to her butt; sometimes she even sat on it. She wasn't pale but she wasn't really tanned either. Working on the farm kept her toned up but nobody could really tell because her parents did let her wear tight clothes.


She wore a C32 bra and had a pretty small waist and a medium sized firm ass. Sally didn't really have work experience but she had saved her birthday money up and bought some chickens when she was eleven and had been selling their eggs ever since. A few days ago she sold all her chickens and had enough money to buy a one way ticket out of town and had enough to hopefully get herself situated. It should be enough for ebony bbw sydnee playing with her twat few days of motel then first and last months rent.

Plus hopefully enough for her to eat. Then she better have a paycheck. She had already said goodbye to her family so she just walked out and got on the bus. Her family didn't want her to leave but knew they couldn't stop her so they gave her a cell phone before she left and got her to promise she would text and call so they knew she was okay.Moving to the city was going to be a huge leap of faith that everything would be okay.

She had a resume with her but raising chickens and selling the eggs wasn't exactly relevant job experience to anything she was going to do in the city.


It was going to be a leap of faith that everything would work out but for Sally it was worth it. Sally let her mind wander on the bus ride and busty puffy peach teens pussy pump fun passed out only to be awoken once she reached her destination. She was finally here. She grabbed her bag and made her way off the bus and decided she would wander around and try to find a job and if she saw a motel to stay at she would see how much it was.

All day she stopped in at stores and every time they weren't hiring or upon seeing her lack of experience they dismissed her. The day was passing her by and it was starting to get dark outside. She gave up and started heading towards where she thought a motel might be when she passed by a bar with a help wanted sign in the window. She took a deep breath and prepared herself mentally for another rejection before pushing the door open. She might as well stop in and see.

Sally opened the door and saw a beautiful woman with blonde curly hair standing behind the bar. She made her way over and was greeted by a warm smile, " Welcome to Jackson's Bar and Grill would you like a table or to just sit up here at the bar?" "Umm… actually I saw your help wanted sign.

I'm new to town and I'm looking to find a job." "Follow me, I'll take you to meet Jackson. He is a real nice guy you'll love him." Sally smiled at her and started walking behind her.

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"My name's Janette by the way. Please don't call me Jan. I hate it." "Oh I won't. My name is Sally." "Nice to meet you Sally. You seem real nice I hope Jackson hires you." "Thanks," Sally smiled. Janette stopped in front of a door and knocked. A couple minutes later it opened and a man who was a bit taller than Janette emerged. He had that rugged handsome thing going on with piercing eyes and black hair. "Yes Janette?" he asked her in a deep voice. "Jackson, this young lady is new to town and looking for a job." "Oh I see.

Young lady what's your name?" he turned his attention to Sally. "Nice to meet you Jackson. My name is Sally Johnson." "Well Sally I have some time now why don't you step into my office for an interview?" Sally nodded to him and followed him inside his office and he motioned her to dinners ready but im all tied up a seat.

"What brings you to town?" Jackson asked as he sat down in his chair. "I grew up in the middle of nowhere and I left to experience life. I couldn't stay there." "Oh yes, I understand that.

I came from a small town myself," he smiled, "So what is your previous work experience?" Sally shifted in her chair, "Sir, I'm not going to lie to you.

I haven't had a real job before but I grew up on a farm and I know what it means to work. I raised chickens and I think if I can deal with chickens I can deal with anything you throw my way." Jackson rubbed his jaw.


"Please sir, give me a chance and I promise you won't be disappointed." "Alright. I will give you a week trial to see how you do." Sally grinned, "Thank you so much!" "Thank me when you make it through the week.

Now you said you are new to town. Where abouts will you be staying? Do you have a number I can reach you at?" Sally gave him her number then added, "I was just going to find a motel to stay at till I find a place." "You should stay with Janette.

I own angelina valentine and yuri luv girl play complex above the bar. If you are hired you can rent your own apartment but for now I'm sure Janette won't mind." "Wow, are you sure that would be okay?

I don't want to be a burden." Jackson nodded and headed out of the office. Sally didn't know what to do so she followed him. He walked over to Janette and was talking with her as Sally stood by the bar.

Janette nodded to Jackson and walked over to Sally and smiled, "Congrats on getting a trial here. You are welcome to stay with me of course.

I will show you up now and you can get one good night's rest before you work tomorrow. I'm sure all that traveling would make anyone tired." Sally smiled and nodded, "Yes thank you so much." Janette began walking to the back and Sally followed her. They went up to apartment 101 and walked in. "Okay you can stay on the hideabed for now. Hopefully it will be comfortable enough for you." "Oh it's perfect I'm sure thank you so much." Janette gave Sally the tour and grabbed her out some bedding before she went back downstairs to work.

The apartment was bachelor that was small and had one of those accordion style dividers to separate the bed from the rest of the space and just a small bathroom was through a door to the side of the living room. Sally got into her PJ's and passed out almost immediately. Janette was right travel really did make her tired. Janette just finished closing up the bar when Jackson came over, "What do you think of Sally?" "She is innocent." Jackson smiled, "You were innocent once." Janette walked over to him, "Well you fixed that didn't you." Jackson grabbed a handful of blonde curls and pushed her down bending her over the pool table.

Her skirt teased him and he slid a hand up her thigh lifting the skirt as caressed her ass. He slipped his hand back down stroking her bald pussy. She moaned pushing her ass towards him. He slipped a finger inside her, "Good girl, nice and wet for me." He continued to work her pussy as he let go of her hair and slid his hand down her body. When he got to her ass he gave it a smack watching it jiggle ever so slightly as she moaned in pleasure. He took his fingers out of her and used her juices to lube up her ass.

Stroking her rosebud teasing her till she whimpered, gorgeous aleska rides on a thick schlong He slowly inserted one finger into her tiny pink hole and she gasped loudly. Then he slipped another finger inside her tight pussy. He moved his hand slowly in and out of her. He used a hand to smack her bottom once again, "Remember, you are mine." She groaned at his words, "Yes sir.

I am yours." He unzipped his pants with his free hand and fished out his engorged member a positioned himself at her entrance as he slipped his finger out he pushed himself inside her in one stroke. She screamed out her hands gripping the table as she shook with her first orgasm. He gripped her hips tightly sliding in and out of her slowly building up the pleasure. She moaned with every thrust feeling the pleasure coursing through her veins.

He pulled her up his arm across her shoulders and neck.

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Her body pressed against his. He used his free hand to pull her shirt down causing her breasts to spill out of her shirt. He caressed each one then pulled her nipples causing an extra loud groan from Janette. He pushed her back down and held her firmly by the shoulders.

Then he started slamming her hard and fast she screamed out moaning loudly. He gave it to her good as his pleasure built up he felt her orgasim again.

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Her pussy contracting on his cock helped push him over. Jackson pulled out and turned Janette around pushing her down on her knees. She didn't have to be told she immediately took him inside her mouth. He grabbed her head with both hands and started to fuck her face. Feeling her gag on his cock as it went down her throat. He watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth.

She moaned on his cock sending vibrations through him. He gripped her extra tight and slammed into her once more as his cum slid down her throat and she took every drop.

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He smiled down at her, "Good girl."