Petite teen fingers her orgasmic pink slit

Petite teen fingers her orgasmic pink slit
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It happened not so long ago, i am still in my twenties and have a great shape body. all my relative male or female like me equally, maybe because of the unique face and deep eyes i have. i always thank them and ignore their comments.

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untill now i didn't pay much attention to myself that i can make crazy not only girls but man as well. One fine day i visited the beach which is not far away from my home, as usual i was walking along the beach with the peanuts packet in my hand which i just bought from the guy who was selling around the corner, my eyes caught these three men physically build who doesn't seem from my country but have a english look.

As i got close i can almost see their bulge out cocks through their tide jeans as if they are displaying their cocks.

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i got back thinking whether my cock will be as big as their's. as i got close i gave them smile. i don't know what they thought they start following me, suddenly i heard a voice from behind, i heard it clearly but i ignored and start walking as if i didn't know, but this time the voice was loud enough that i had to stop.

Yes, i said, can i help you. The answer was quick, yes, there was a million dollar smile in his face that it attracted me and i couldn't help smilling back. well, one of them started introducing themselves, there was Sam, Joe and Billy.

billy seems the eldest of all and sam who was bit shy maybe the youngest, joe didn't say anything but was continuesly staring at me, but joe was the first to compliment that i have a great look like a hero. Thanks i said, sam agreed with joe then interruppted by billy, he told me that they come from new york for a conference and this is their first visit to pinay student high school finger. Oh yes, i read about the trade fair in the news paper, i informed.They asked me if i am well acquinted with the city because they were lost.

what a silly at first i thought, they could easily catch a cap and opt to their hotel but i didn't say anything because they seems very gentle. some what i can notice joe still staring at me, i cannot see eye to eye with him, there is intense feeling in his eyes which was making me nervous, but sam seems very soft, i was always looking at him and his smile caught my eyes and heart as well, this is first time i saw a guy who was so well potraid, i was once attracted to him. joe and billy was more matured and bigger in size then sam, maybe that's why i was feeling uncomfortable with them at first but in no time i overcome the situation and agreed to help them to get to their hotel as i know it was not far from my home.

We talked for a while about things in and around and i ask them about US. as it was getting late, i request them to start for hotel, i signed for taxi, first sam got in then joe request me to get in, i didn't mind because i saw a smile in sam's face and then i saw joe coming in.

we three started adjusting ourselves and billy took the front sit.

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i asked the taxi to move to the centre town. Billy started thanking me for my help. as we stop to the signal i can feel Joe is getting closer to me, at first i didn't realized but slowly he was coming on me on the other hand i was getting on Sam.

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this was giving me immense feeling when i was touching with Sam and it seems he didn't mind at all. we reach to the city and i ask the cap to stop near the Saint Martin hotel.

they got down and insist me to come and have a cup of coffee with them and enjoy some more time. No thanks, i am already late, but they insist, next time i said by looking at Sam. Tomorrow we will be free as there will be no meeting since its friday, said Sam.

Alright said i. Billy informed me the room no. ok i said. Billy paid the cap fare and i didn't mind and request the cap driver to drop me where i want.

Take me to street sunmoon. All this time i was thinking about Sam and nothing else. His soft voice and gentle body. As am i getting attracted to man. Why i didn't had this feeling before, why now. There was sudden break and i was in my street, i got down the cap and headed for home.

That night i couldn't sleep, everytime i close my eyes Sam is there, it was coming all back to me, Billy's body, Joe's look and Sam's smile. That night for the first time i had a wet dreams, it was not clear whether there was a man or women in my dreams. all i remember i had a sex and it was sticky all over in the morning.

i took shower and massage my dicks, as i was massaging it, Billy and Joe came to my mind, i friendly fucking for two couples double penetration and anal fingering down to see the size of my cock.


i was satisfied to see it and came out of shower only wearing my bath towel. i came infront of the mirror and for the first time gaze at the mirror. what i see, my build up body, my chest was pulled out and the nipples just like any average teenage girls.


for the first time i got attracted to my body and i can feel my dick is coming up slowly. i want to musterbate but i stop thinking i will go to visit them in the hotel and see what was stored for me.

to be continued.