Hot mom jessica bangkok is blowing her young trainer

Hot mom jessica bangkok is blowing her young trainer
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Long ago the human race made pacts with animal spirits and every human born shares their body with a spirit, which has caused their bodys to change slightly form what would be considedered the norm. For example a wolf child will be born innocent teen lesbians ass and pussy licking a wolfs tail and ears instead of the normal human lack of a tail, or human ears.

During the early part of this world the Canines and Felines climbed to the top of the chain of command with wolves and lions at the very top, then they turned on the Fox people and turned them into slaves.

They also have the ability to turn into the animal they share a body with, so a fox child can turn into a fox, and a lion child can turn into a lion cub. Fox slaves are raised from age six to serve in whatever slavehood they are taken into, rather it be as a butler or maid or a sex slave. Also this is the begining of an actual book i am writing and if enough people like it i will write more. The day was bright and sunny just like any other day. A young noble named Kevin was on his usual morning walk, his long black hair flowing in the wind.

He was good looking and he knew it with his solid 6 ft of height n finely toned slinder body he often caught the eye of many of the females in court and on occasion a few of the males. As he turned the corner of the forest path he saw something just off the trail that caught his eye. Moving closer he sat a man passed out on the ground naked He too was gorgeous with medium length orange hair n lightly tanned skin. His body as fit though not muscular in fact it was almost feminine. Once he saw the mans face though he stepped back in shock Under his left eye was the tattoo of a slave.

Not just any slave either, it was the mark of a sex slave. They where the lowest of low in the social structure n by law he was not allowed to help this man.

But he was a kind spirit and with total fuserhised he lifted the man carefully and carried him to his house. He snuck in through one of the side doors n quickly made his way to his room.

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The man begain to stir and a few seconds later he awoke eyes wide with fear and once he saw Kevin pinay xxx british girlsher tadoo darted under the bed. "Its okay," Kevin said softly, "I'm not going to hurt you." "LIAR!" The man shouted. "You work for my master. Just like the last time I escaped and someone offred to 'help'." Even though he was yelling Kevin found the mans voice oddly seductive.

"What's your name?" Kevin asked calmly "Sirus(pronounrd Cyrus).Sirus Nightwolf." "And who is your master?" Kevin continued "You already know that." Sirus replyed a hint of some other emotion than anger Sirus wondered to himself what this other emotion could be.

It was curiosity, to himself he admitted that he found Kevin very interesting. He even smiled when he wondered what the noble was hiding under those pants. Having done it his whole life Sirus could tell Kevin was getting aroused just by looking at him.

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He slowly crawled out from under the bed his naked body running against the rough carpet. His moves where slow and calculated moving at just the right speed for Kevin to get a good view of his beautifully rounded ass. Of course he also had to admit that he found this noble attractive and wouldnt really mind bedding him, maybe if he did really good the noble would fall asleep and he could escape.

Kevin licked his lips, he wanted the slave, and he knew he could take him, but he wanted to show him some compassion. He strode forward and pulled Sirus onto his feet.

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"Lets get you cleaned up, and a nice warm meal," he said softly. Sirus' jaw dropped and hit the floor, this was the first time a noble had ever turned him down.

After the meal Kevin took Sirus to the bathroom and begain to run the hot water for him, slowly, somewhat fearfully Sirus lowered himself into the overly large and elaborate bath tub. He looked up at Kevin bashfully, "Will.will you join me?" he asked giving his voice just the right seductive hint. Kevin smiled as he dropped his shirt, his six pack abs glowing in the sunlight that came through the brunette and busty gabriella paltrova gives a massage and fucks hard. "Of course but only if your sure you want me too." he replyed softly.

Sirus nods slowly definently sure that he wanted to see the noble naked. In a few fluid motions Kevin had his clothes in a pile at his feet. He seemed to glide as he neared the bathtube, seemlessly slipping into the water.

Poor Sirus couldnt help but oogle the noble and though he pretened not to notice Kevin was extremly flatered. They both washed their hair, both stealing glances at the other, neither one quite sure of what may or may not happen if they remained in the tub while the other one was there, but neither one wanting to leave. Finally Sirus looked over at Kevin and asked him if he could wash his back for him.

With a smile Kevin grabbed the wash cloth and began to slowly wash Sirus' back. His finger tips delicately stroking his soft skin. Helplessly Sirus blushed as their skin made contact and before he could stop himself a small giggle escaped his lips. He turned and kissed the noble, the first kiss he had ever started in his life.

The noble Kevin was caught off guard but soon he pressed against Sirus' kiss. Sirus slowly parted his lips to allow the eager noble's tongue into his mouth. As the kiss continued to deepen Kevins hands began to slowly explore the slaves body.

Finding his long hard shaft and slowly stroking it. He smiled against Siurs' lips as he watched the latina cutie rides fat rod hardcore bigboobs blush, but Sirus would not let the noble have all of the fun, his hands traveld down the nobles chest, and over his erect nipples, teasing them softly with just the very tips of his fingers.

Kevins released a soft moan and then began to tease the very tip of Sirus' manhood. The teasing continued for awhile, and with each parting of their lips the two moved closer and closer to each other until Sirus was sitting on Kevin's lap, the young nobles erect member rubbing teasingly against his tail hole. "Pull my tail." Sirus whispered blushing softly. Smileing to himself Kevin reached behind him and grabbed the base of the young fox slaves tail and yanked hard on it causing Sirus to yelp in please, and causeing his cock to grow a little stiffer.

Without another word Kevin pulled the plug on the tub and carried Sirus, still dripping wet into the bedroom. Softly he layed him back on the bed and begain to bite his neck, causeing Sirus to moan.

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Sirus in response to the noble bitting at his neck trailed his hands slowly up the nobles back and into his hair twisting his fingers into Kevin's hair and pulling. This only served to increase the nobles desire for the fox. When he stopped Sirus quickly flipped him onto his back and slid down between the nobles legs.

Slowly he licked up his throbbing shaft, and then he lowered his mouth around Kevin's pulsing head. It was hard but relaxing his throat Sirus managed to deep throat the noble. As he pulled back up he wrapped his hand around the nobles base and slowly began to jerk and suck on his large and thick cock. All the while the nobled tossed his head back and let out a ferral growl of pleasure.

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Unable to control himself the noble locked his hands around the slaves head and slowly began to fuck his mouth, each thrust reaching deeper and deeper nana fujii removes lingerie to accept cock in her pussy the slaves mouth and throat. Slowly he pulled out as he orgasmed, his warm hot seed hitting the slaves mouth and jaw.

Sirus himself let out moan after moan while the noble fucked his mouth. Then as he came on his face he blushed and moaned as he deeply enjoyed this.

Slowly and teasingly he licked the cum off his face, his fox ears twitching in pleasure and his tail wagging slightly. Sirus knew what the nobled wanted, he quickly got onto his hands and knees and raised his tail high into the air, teasing the noble with a view of his delightfully tight hole, but he never could have gussed what the noble was going to do next. He moaned again and again as the noble licked slowly up and down across his hole, he gasped as Kevin pushed his tongue deep into his tight hole.

Kevin smiled to himself as the fox slave began to paint and moan, sooner then he thought Sirus was begging Kevin to fuck him, and to fuck him hard. Well the offer was so hard to resist so Kevin pounced on top of him and rammed his cock deep into Sirus' tight hole. Panting hard and fast Sirus barely manged to get out the moan fast enough as the nobled pushed into him.

Oh how his body ached, he had never enjoyed a fucking like he was now, he knew he wouldn't last long but he didn't want it to end. He reached back and grabbed his cock holding his orgasm back. With a smile Kevin flipped him onto his back and reinserted his cock, as he bent down and slowly took the slaves cock into his mouth.

He continued to suck and fuck him hard each thrust driving the slaves cock deep into his mouth.


"Im.Im going to cum!!" Sirus screamed in pleasure, and then with a gasp and a deep moan he released his seed into the nobles mouth his body going limp as his orgasm finished. Kevin meanwhile was sucking hard on his cock pulling every last drop of cum out of Sirus' cock as he once again came, this time deep into the slaves hole.


Then they curled up together, both exhausted and ready for a nap when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Well thats where I'm going to end this part, comment if you want to find out what happens next.