Real beauty recorded on live cam tube porn

Real beauty recorded on live cam tube porn
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late one nite, im home alone relaxing, watching a movie i picked up from blockbuster. My roomate mentioned earlier in the day that he was spending the nite at his gfs place. hmmm i think to myself, at least he's gonna get laid. the movie i picked up wasnt all that interesting and i recieve a hidden txt. "what you up to master?" "nm just watching a movie, u" is what i reply "u alone master?" "ya, my roomate is gone and my gf is outta town visiting family for the weekend, why?" "ooooohhh" "this little girl needs cock, can i suck your cock master?

;)" "lol, behave kitten" "awww kitten needs cock! wether i get it from you or someone else.i neeed it! now!" "im sorry kitten, we said we would behave" "your loss, i know this guy and yes ive seen his hard cock on cam, i know he'll be up for it, tho it looked like it would hurt.but at this point, im willing to take on anything! maybe even his roomate at the same time" "lol you wouldnt" "im already on my way baby, mmmmm just thinking about what i could do with 2 hard cocks, at the same time.mmmmmm" "mmmmm you've just made me hard master.

are you seriously?" "mmmmmm yes baby, i cant filling my mouth.the other.mmmmmmm" "mmmm your so naughty lol, wish i could watch." "you wish it was you.fucking my tight wet pussy while i suck another mans big thick cock.youd like that wouldnt you my little bitch?" "mmmm the superlatively good position to fuck girlfriend and hardcore master i would!" "mmmm watching his cock on big.mmmmmm.i could almost imagine taking it all in my mouth.wishing you were fucking me from behind.mmmmm" "how close r u master" "very close.mmmm guess i shouldnt have started playing with my wet little pussy in the car.or made it so see im not wearing panties.hehehe" "oohhh?

what r u wearing then naughty girl?


"just think of how surprised these boys are gonna be when i cum walking in, pussy completely soaked and dripping down my thighs, wearing my big black boots, white thigh highs and white garters and a lacy pussy soft and bare.all hidden under my big coat that barely covers my ass.mmmmm those boys will have their cocks out in no time!" "mmmmmmm damn thats so hot!" "yep, lol and i might even take one in my ass as the other fucks sex old fat sex pourn wet pussy.i know you wish it was you now hehehe too bad for you tho, you turned it down, again" "fuck!

i wish i was single!" "yep.

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:) oooohhh the just msged me, they already know what im cumming over for and they said their waiting and horny! mmmm this is gonna be a good nite:P well baby i gtg, im here, have a good nite slave, maybe next time you wont say no and force me to fuck my 2 willing fuck friends again and who knows, maybe they might have you join if i let you :P nite baby" just before i have a chance to kick myself in the ass for being a good boy, i hear a knock at the door.

wtf i think to myself, who would be stopping by now and how the hell am i gonna hide this behind my trackpants.i mean shit you can see a tent in there. I walk over to the door and open it peaking out."is your roomate home too?

awww sorry bout that i guess its just us" as you wink, you open your coat to reveal the most suductive outfit ive ever seen and my jaw drops, my heart pounds and my tent perks up in full stance. "i guess at least HE wants me to come what will it be master, can I cum in or you gonna send me to the other boys house to have my way with all that cock?" end of part 1 Part 2 As you enter, you push me back against the door, pressing your body into mine. "Mmmmm you get so big!

And so quickly too, does my naughty lil boy need attention?" you reach into my track pants and grab my throbbing hard cock. "Mmhmmmm yesss" I reply to your soft touch.

"YES MASTER? I want to hear you say it!" you demand as u grip tighter! "Ouch! YES Master!" "Good lil bitch, now master needs cock however she wants your skilled tongue even more right now." you push me down to my knees and lift your left leg and rest the heel of you boot on my right shoulder.

"Now be masters good lil bitch and fuck my pussy with your tongue till I tell you to stop!!" with that u grab the back of my head and force my willing mouth onto your freshly shaven wet lil pussy.

You moan loudly not caring that you haven't even closed the front door, feeling my tongue lightly trace your wet lips, exploring your wetness till you feel the sensitive touch of my tongue against your lil clit.

"Mmmmmmm right there! Good lil boy. You found masters clit" you push down onto my shoulder with your heel and command, "be a good lil bitch and lick it! Please your master and maybe I may go easy on you" you let out a two college bimbos share a long shaft laugh and add, "actually, i'm just kidding, hehe tonight, your MY WHORE!" You thrust your pussy into my face and continue to move in the motion as if you were fucking my tongue, moaning louder and louder, enough that the ppl in the hallway and anyone listening in could share your pleasure.

I continue to lick and tease your clit and without need of encouragement you jump in surprise as you feel one then two fingers work their way into you tight lil pussy.

Softly and gently my fingers and tongue find all the right spots, " MMMMmmmmmmm you're such a good lil slut for your master" you encourage and humiliate between moans.

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In the hallway you hear the sounds of ppl bumping into their doors, trying to listen in better, some even opening them to investigate the naughty display of lust and passion. Taking note of this you command again, " that's it you lil bitch! fuck my wet pussy with that amazing tongue of yours! Fuck it till I cum all over your face!" some doors shut, others open as you carry on, "MMmmmmm that's it!

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Right there!.mmmmmmmm god you're so fucking good at pleasing me! So much better then those two fuckers who couldn't. fucking good, such a good lil pussy licker" "Master?

Would you tell me about how they pleased you too? I wanna hear about their big cocks fucking you deep, how they came and how they tasted. Please master?" I looked up begging you for mental candy, feeling like I could fill my track pants at anything you said, at any moment. You replied by pressing your heel deeper into my shoulder, looking down with a seductively evil grin."you think you deserve to know that?

Do u really want to hear how thick and hard their cocks were? How hungry master was for them? Mmmmmm how goooood it felt.when they finally slipped it inside this tight.mmmm.lil.mmmmmm.pussy.(mmm oh god!). your licking?!" the thoughts tumble in your mind, the memories and the nasty thought of torturing me with them causes you to explode all over my tongue and around my fingers as they milk your juices into my mouth.

I hungrily lick and swallow as it fills my mouth and satisfies my lustful hunger for your liquid candy. "mmmmmmmmmmmmm.I missed're such a good lil toy for master." "Please master? Will you tell me now?" looking up at you, my lips covered in your wet pussy juices. Again, you look down at me with that evil lil grin. Pressing lightly on my shoulder one last time before you lower your leg, you tease me with your words.

"mmmmm did you miss me baby?

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hehehe i'm not gonna tell you just yet. What I am gonna do though." you turn around and close the door behind you, you hear the sighs of frustration from the ppl in the hall fallowed by their attempts to silently shut their doors. ".Is tie you to a chair, pull down those track pants of you're, and then i'm gonna blindfold you. Do you like it so far my lil slut?" "Yes master, I am your fuck toy, I will do anything you say." "Good!


Cause then i'm gonna sit on your bed, with my soaking wet lil pussy.and too bad for you but your bed is gonna be soooooo wet, and its aaaaalllll your fault for making me cum soooo fucking goooood. hehehehe" you take me forcefully by the hand and head downstairs, your lil bag of secrets over your shoulder. You push me back playfully onto my computer chair and reach in your lil bag.

The first item molly jane xxx sexy story pull out is a pair of fuzzy handcuffs "mmmmm these are gonna be fun hehe" you taunt.

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The next item you pull out a lil slower "mmmmm I almost forgot to'll be wearing this for the rest of the nite as well" grinning you pull out a black leather collar as you lick your lips and add, "mmmmmmm my lil slave" The last item is a blindfold. You lean forward, your breasts purposefully press against my face as you tie the blindfold around my eyes. " noooo peeking!" You scold me then bit my neck before finally putting the cold leather around my skin.

"Now" you start as your voice carries towards my bed. "Now i'm gonna lay here and.ooohhh i'm really wet lol.and i'm gonna play with myself while I tell you all about how my other lil boy toys TRIED to please your master with pussy is sensitive after your lil tongue fucking you dirty lil boy" you lean back onto a mountain of pillows, your legs open, the naughty memories flow back through your mind as you picture the previous encounters.

You giggle to yourself as you feel the coldness of the wet sheets beneath your continuingly soaking wet lil pussy. Your hand reaches into your lil bag again fallowed by a new sound, a gentle hummmmm.

I hold the image of you wearing your big black boots, your white thigh highs with white garters and a lacy corset. Your bare wet lil pussy and the taste of you liquid candy still covering my lips. Your turn.if you'd like.