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Hot babes sydney cole and aidra fox in a hot threesome sex large ladies and pornstars
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Date Night; The Tidy Little Hotel Maid 3-9-2018 I was stuck in a Hotel in South Carolina after my car sabrina star is a raunchy cock loving teen down on the Interstate.

Parts for older import models are scarce, expensive, and hard to come by. So, I had to find a place to wait while the part came in from god only know where probably Timbuctwo. It was hot and humid, being the middle of August what else is there? Fortunately, I had a lot of time to kill and let's face it I really love that car of mine and definitely could use some downtime.

On the plus side,I found this great hotel a very nice one. It was the kind where all the rooms have an indoor corridor or an exclusive entrance. Not at all like those all lined up like books on a shelf with seemly endless straight long hallways like the norm. This hotel was more like mini condominiums, they were separate buildings. Each had four units with full living quarters downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. As with good hotels, they offer a full hot breakfast.

There are some nice restaurants and outlets for other meals. They have an exercise room and a full-size pool. The first time I laid eyes on her was in the hallway, I just came from registering in at the front desk.

She was walking down the hallways, maybe going to the office, or I don't know. She was wearing the traditional black maid's uniform with a white apron, and all of 5' 3" tall. I smiled and said hello. She looked surprised, but she said hello back. "Excuse me, miss," I said, I at least had to try and talk to her.

"Are these rooms with kitchenettes?" I knew the answer, Jennifer at the front desk just gave me the whole room layout. I just hoping for some conversation with this beautiful woman for a while. "Yes sir, they do have them plus is high-speed internet and free cable TV," she said with a grin. "That's good my computer is my office. I'm one of those who works from anywhere, as long as I have a fast connection. Not much of a TV watcher though." Lord, did I just sound like a fool or what?

"Oh yes sir," she has the biggest grin I've ever seen. "Great, and do they&hellip." "Excuse me, Mr. Landers." It was Jennifer from the front desk. "I'm very sorry sir, I forgot for you to fill out a few more things." "Please excuse me," I said. I turned and followed Jennifer back to the front desk. While I was filling out the paperwork. "Jennifer, could you talk that maid's name?" I'm guessing Jennifer was in her early twenties and the maid had to be around the same age and adding very cute herself.

"That was Milly and as I was saying, I'm so sorry about this and again you're in room 511, Mr. Landers. It's building five just on the other side of the pool. Parking is in the back. Hope you have a nice stay, sir." "Thanks again Jennifer" as I left the front desk. The next time I saw Milly she was cleaning my room, as I walked in.

"I'm so sorry sir, I should have had your room ready for you by now. Please don't say anything to management." Milly said in busty olivia gives oral and titsjob hiding from her boyfriend somewhat fearful tone. "NO" What really was going through my head was 'just what would you do to help keep my mouth shut?' "No of course not!" is what I said. "Thank you, sir," Milly said as she left the room. I just stood there for a few minutes, just taking in this beautiful little maid, but she seemed taller now?

I continue scanning your sexy body and notice at the end of those gorgeous legs, she's in high heels. Oh dear lord, my knees feel weak! That then I decided I should get out of here, maybe go for a food about now.

When I was coming back from my late lunch. I didn't expect to see a cart outside of my room, I always thought the working staff only worked till around the afternoon or so. My door was closed, so I thought maybe she forgot it or brother sister night sleeping xxx. I slid the magnetic card into opened the door and when I entered I saw her bent over the bed.

She straightened up, startled, as was I. "Oh," I said, " thought you were done. I'll get out of your way." "It's okay, I'll only be about ten minutes longer, sir," she said.

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"Oh no, I'll come back." I back out of my room and as I closed the door I thought 'what a dumbass, I could have stayed and watched her'. I know!, I'll head out to the pool area, I know could position myself so I can watch her in my room through the window. I grabbed some kind of magazine from the hallway as I exited the building.

This way it won't be obvious I'm some kind of pervert peeping tom watching her. For fifteen or twenty minutes I watched these sexy little maid move about my room cleaning. Watching her was getting my horny and very hard. Even after she finished I had to sit there and now actually read this magazine to get me to claim enough to stand up. Later that afternoon I was in the guest laundry washing some clothes. Whoever had used the dryer before me hadn't taken everything because I found a pair of tiny maroon panties in a dried.


I was holding them up, thinking lustful thoughts about their owner when Milly walked in. "I don't know, sir," she said with a chuckle, "They don't look like your size." Startled I managed to say. "Of course not, they're much too big," I joked back. "I think you'll need a larger size," Milly said with a devilish grin "I would need more room if you were around." Milly just looked at me, then down at my crotch.

Now I got embarrassed, the joke had gone on long enough and I didn't need to be charged with sexual harassment. "I'll just leave them here for whoever lost them." I hurried to gather up my clothes to go back to my room. As I briskly walked by her, this time I did noticed she had a fair sized bosom that matched her sweet rear end.

She had beautiful lips with bright red lipstick. She combed her hair straight back so that it ended in an uneven fringe behind her head. All of this in a small package. I heard Milly chuckling as I walked away. That kind of killed my mood, now all I can think is she thinks I'm an idiot. Thank goodness things got a lot more interesting the next encounter. Later that day coming back from the exercise room, all sweaty and tired from a long run on the treadmill.

The room was made up, cleaned with the bed made, new soap on the sink, and clean towels. All I wanted to do was wash the sweat away and relax. I throw wet clothes into the corner chair and I was in the shower. I washed off under hot water, then turned the water as cold as I could stand it. Letting it run over my head and down my body until I had cooled down. I turned off the shower, grabbed a towel, stepped out and started drying off. Unknown to me, or her for that matter, Milly had come into the room to restock the tissues and the toilet paper.

I had just at the moment I turned off the shower so that neither of us knew the other was there. I didn't hear her walking around because the room was carpeted and I was drying my hair with a towel and the exhaust fan was running. I stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom just as I was taking the towel off my head and she was walking around the corner into the bedroom.

"YEEEAAAH!" she screamed and threw the toilet paper rolls and the box of tissues into the air. I didn't scream but dropped my towel. We stood, staring at each other, me wet and naked, she wide eyed as she scanned my whole body. My knees felt shaky with my heart pounding like it was. She was just staring at me. "It's okay," I finally managed. "You just surprised me. No harm was done." "Oh, sis, please don't tell on me, please, sir. I need this job, sir. I'll get fired if you tell on me, sir." "Okay, it's okay," I said as my heart rate started to return to normal.

"I won't tell on you. Just please try not to surprise me like that again." I had both of my hands up in the air trying to reassure her I won't tell. All the time we were talking, her eyes were downcast but flicking up and down, looking at this naked guy standing in front of her. Finally, her eyes settled on my privates. I have to admit, she could not have been all that impressed.

Truth is, I'm only average sized. So what she said next really stunned me. "Sir, would it be alright if I helped you dry off? Please, sir?" I couldn't believe my ears. She wanted to what? "You want to what?" I said. "Can I help you, sir, please?" "Well, okay," I said, at this point, you might as well. I no longer have anything to hide. Go ahead do what you want, I thought. I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp, giving her all the illumination she could possibly need to see everything there was to see.

As I thought about it I started to get hard. She walked around me, looking intently at my chest, my back, my butt, and of course, my penis. Even at my face, which brought a smile to my face and to hers as well. She bent over and picked up the towel and looking straight at my well you know. She stood up and tentatively reaches out and ran her fingers through my chest hair.

As she toweled off my shoulders and she moved around to my back. She pulled the salacious drillings from teacher young old and smalltits down my back, and gently over my ass.

She seemed to take her time there before walking around to the front again. After some hesitation, slid her hand over my hip and onto my dick. She wrapped her hand around me and lifted, she did look fascinated with it.

As she held my penis with one hand, she reached in with her other hand and lifted my balls. I was growing harder. I was still wet and standing in an air conditioned room. My goosebumps were getting goosebumps. As everyone knows the cold air is no help to any man's image! She let go of my now half hard dick and stepped back a little.

She was wearing that same black cotton maid's uniform but without the white apron. The uniform had buttons from the neck to the hem just above her knees. As she started unbuttoning her uniform her cheeks turned a little red. She giggled after each button was undone.

She looking down until the fourth buttons were undone to the middle of her chest. Then she looked back up at my still half hard dick as she unbuttoned four more to her waist and the top started to gap open, revealing a maroon corset that pushed up her breasts very nicely.

With a few more buttons to go, now she had to lean forward to reach them. She pulled up on the uniform to reach the last few. When she stood up straight the uniform gaped completely opened and I could see her maroon matching panties. She flipped the top of her uniform back so it slipped off her shoulders, slowly sliding off her arms, and it fell to the floor in a half ring around her high heel black shoes.

She still had not looked me in the eye, but she had stopped giggling. "Now the corset," I said, "please." Now she looked up at my face. 'Oh crap, I'm in trouble now. But she smiled. "No one has ever said please to me before." I watched and heard as she undone one, two, three, wow four, five snaps let loose of the corset and her tits were free.

Still smiling, she pulled the corset off her breasts. This woman's three some white my mom were far and away the largest I had ever seen, I'm not sure if it was because of her small framed body, but who the hell cares at this point. They sagged, of course. Gravity must win on breasts that size. Then my attention went straight to her hard nipples, my mouth started to water.

All I could do was stare, mesmerized. She giggled again, as she put both thumbs under the lacy hem and pushed her panties down. Just passed your gorgeous hips the panties fell and landed over those killer high heel shoes anal fucked hard by three rare positions who is she threesome and extreme. "You mind if I get back to work, sir?" As she stepped out of her panties.

"Sure&hellip. Yeah, sure" was about all I could get out of my dumbfounded mouth. I just stood i want some big cock before my wedding and watched her ass as she walked over to the bed. She started to strip the bed. Her tits and ass jiggled delightfully as she moved back and forth making the bed.

When she was done there, she said looking and pointing pass me "I'll need to clean the bathroom." As she walked towards me I turned to the side so she could pass. She reached out and firmly grabbed now very hard dick and gave it a few good jerks. Her movements were a model of efficiency. Gathered the trash and placed it by the door, all the time she wiggled her ass and shook her tits at me.

Bending over to plug in the vacuum. I saw a hint of pink at her nether region and again as she bent over to wash the toilet and to pick up the dirty towels I had thoughtlessly thrown on the bathroom floor. With all this, my appreciation showed as my dick was now throbbing up and down in front of her.

When she came back to where I was standing she stood in front of me proudly, with her shoulders back and looked me in the eye. "Do you want me to do anything else, sir?" "No," I said.

"That was great. Thanks." There was a dead silence, a large amount of tension, and awkwardness in the air, well I felt that way. Her facial expression started to drop, as she turned walking back to her uniform on the floor. At the foot of the bed where she had dropped her uniform. "Wait," I said, "Have you ever had a patron touch you?" I asked as I stepped closer to her.

She turned back to me. "No, never. sir" "May I touch you?" Stepping even closer to her. "Yes, sir." I placed my hand gently on her face, then moved to her neck. I brought my other hand up and place both her shoulders, slowly moved down her arms.

The contrast of my rough fingers on her light skin was striking. My hands moved inward to her breasts, my fingers very lightly caressed sides then to her nipples. She let out a soft sigh and leaned forward slightly into my hands. Her eyes fluttered, half closed. Her nipples became hard pebbles. I glide my left hand softly across her chest and over to her other breast as I moved around to her back. I never let my hand leave her soft lovely young charmer receives an anal hammering creampie blonde velvet skin with her well defined muscles beneath.

I massaged her shoulder muscles and she moaned how nice it felt. I leaned into her, my penis nestling upright into the cheeks of her ass, and whispered, "I give great back rubs. Maybe later." I stepped back and ran my hands down to the small of her back, then onto her sweet bubbled shaped ass.

It was as soft as all her skin was, but again, with iron muscle beneath. Soft, but oh, so nice to fondle. She liked it, she liked it a lot! Her hips and butt swayed back and forth rhythmically as I rubbed, and then she pushed her butt back toward me, clenching and relaxing her ass cheeks as I squeezed harder and harder. She smelled like wildflowers and musk. It was so very nice.

I heard her sigh as my hand touched her wait, I walked around to the front of her, looked into her eyes. She smiled at me as her eyes opened. I brought both hands slowly up lightly tracing her curves from her hips until I cupped her breasts. "Have you ever had a patron touch your breasts like this?" I said as I lifted them and squeezed. "No." with a very passion it sighs fell lightly over her lips. "Have you ever had a patron suck on your nipples?" I said as I pulled her tit up.

"Never," she said as she watched. I leaned over and put one nipple into my mouth and sucked. "Mmmmm," she moaned as I licked and sucked and nibbled on each tit. Her areola crinkled up and her nipples became hard as I went from one to the other. I should have noticed then, but I was too engrossed berliner girlie in waschkueche vernascht tube porn what I was doing.

She was close enough to me for my dick to span the distance between us. There were other things on my mind and I was pointing hard upward and throbbing by this time. That's when I felt/noticed that end of my dick was tapping her smooth skin. My dick was throbbing so much that I was bouncing it on her bare skin just below her navel and just above her cleanly shaved pubic area.

There is no doubt the level of lust in this room, I was hornier than I had been in a long time. I rubbed, she moaned. I kept rubbing, she kept moaning. Always give a woman what she wants in the bedroom is my motto. But no matter how much she enjoys it, after a while you have to move on, so I stepped slightly to the side, leaving one hand continue playing with her breast, and slid the other hand down the side of her body.

Around her hips until I could rub her cheeks. I pinched, squeezed and played with her breast and nipple while my other hand moved from the soft rubbing of her ass. I continued to play the asking game.

I said, "Have you ever had a patron finger your pussy?" "Never," she squeaked. "Would you like me to?" "Yes! Yes, please," she begged. I let go of her nipple and slowly slide my finger down across her tummy, over her shaved mound until my fingers reached the top of her womanhood. I gave it a little love smack.

she squeaked again. I started rubbing her lower lips, ever so gently. North and south, then round and round. Then more of the same, only harder.

Her lips were swollen and very wet. When my fingers were well coated, I pushed two fingers into her as far as they could go. "Ohh," she moaned. I pulled out, then pushed in again. "Ohhh," she moaned, low and throaty. I started a rhythm, going faster and faster, and her moans rose in pitch until she leaned in a little and her insides flooded my hand with her climax. She stayed that way for a few seconds, then relaxed and fell forward onto the bed. Her body was leaning forward enough by now that she rested her hands on the bed.

I squeezed her ass cheek and slid my hand over to her other cheek. I pulled my hand from her wet pussy, walking behind her I then placed my very wet fingers to the near side asscheek and lightly spread them open. Enough to where I could see her wet lips and I moved my fingers in again, but slightly downward and found her G-stop.

Milly began to buck her hips, within a few strokes she cried out, "YES!" as her arms collapsed and her head came to rest on the bed. Through half-lidded eyes, she tried looking at me, smiled and only said, "Mmmmm." I leaned on the bed and said, "Have you ever laid naked on a bed with a naked patron?" "No, sir." "You will if you move up and lay on your back." She quickly crawled up to the head of the bed and rolled over onto her back.

Her tits flattened and spread wide. Her legs were partially open, showing just a hint of her pink slit. My mouth watered. I love giving oral sex. "Have you ever had a naked patron lick your pussy?" "No. Sir" "Good, I'll be the first." I knelt before her and I asked her to spread her legs a little more for me.

She did so and, to see all of her wet pussy swollen lips. I moved up between her legs, pushing them open even more. First I took a long sniff of her womanhood. She smelled clean and musky like an aroused woman should.

Her outer lips were puffy and a little swollen, but her inner pink lips were soaked. I pushed them open like a budding flower. My tongue went to where it could do some good. She jerked when I first touched her as if I had given her a shock. I gently licked her lips several times, doing one side then the other. She started rocking with my actions, her movements continued until I pulled away, she whined in frustration. I placed both hands on her inner thighs and spread her open farther, moving in for the kill.

Her inner lips bulged out at me obscenely as I ate her juicy center. As her movements became constant rocking, I settled into one area. I was hitting her sweet spot and was not about to stop until she climaxed.

As she neared cumming her thighs tried to close on my head like a vice. She didn't notice, but I stayed focused.


I pushed with my elbow, freed my hand so plunge my fingers into her pussy. My fingers and the vibration of my tongue was just what she needed to soar over the edge into bliss. Her hips started churning a move I once saw a native New Zealand dancer do, causing my fingers to plunge in and out rapidly and my neck vertebrae to start snapping like a devil chiropractor was working on them. I'm pretty sure she screamed, but it was hard to tell with her thighs pressed so tightly over my ears, which was probably a blessing because I'm sure she shattered a vase.

How long does it last when one person is being crushed while another is in ecstasy? Too long and not long enough. Her body relaxed as if all the bones had dissolved. I rolled away and gasped for breath. "Wow!" she said "I think my neck is broken," I said. It took a moment or two for her to realize what I said. "Are you okay?" she said as she sat up.

"Ahrrrr, ahrrrr," I said as I wiggled my jaw back and forth and tilted my head side to side. She put when you go sixty nine on a girl during a threeway hand up to her mouth trying to hide her bluffing cheeks and let out a little giggle. I moved up as she moved down, a quick kiss. She continued downward until her head was just where it needed to be. The pain of having my brain squeezed had robbed me of the urge down there, and I had gone limp.

With hungry eyes, she looked at me, ran her pink tongue over her lips, and said, "I'll fix this." "Wait." I said 'we can't stop playing the asking game. "Have you ever does this to a patron?" She looked back down at my limp dick, stuck out her tongue, lick the head and said, "No, sir." With that, she pulled me into her mouth and I went from one soft limp inch to full length in less time than it takes to say it. Her skill was unparalleled in my experience up to that time, or since then.

I was quickly hardier than I had been all day. It is not possible for me to describe what it is she did that was so very perfect. I was in heaven and nirvana all at the same time. Time stood still as I hoped it would never end. I didn't want to cum, but I wanted to, needed to, more than anything. She seemed to know that and stopped just at the right time.

My eyes opened and I said, "Have you ever fucked a patron?" "Never Sir." "It's high time you did." Before I could finish that thought she had crawled up and straddled me, lined up our wet parts and sat back down on me. Oof! I was glad the mattress had good springs. I was in as deep as I could go. Milly was exceptionally tight, I could feel her on every square inch of my dick.

The only way it could of slip in that far that fast was because we both were so wet. I sure there was a wet spot on the bed already, but damned if I'm going to stop and look right now. She had a small smile on her face and her eyes were closed. Finally, she started to rock back and forth and posting on me like she was riding a big stallion. I tried my best to thrust into her, but she smiled down at me and said, "Ya just relax and let me do the work, sir." I reached up and grabbed big handfuls of each tit.

I squeezed, tugged, rubbed, pulled, and tweaked, but mostly I hung on for dear life. She was going wild and I was along for the ride. She did start slow, just rocking and bouncing, but with each movement, she became more and more enthusiastic. Soon she added a side to side and around and round action going.

She's up and down became jerkier and harder. I thought the bed might break. It didn't and I didn't care, but Milly started moaning, "Oh, yeah, unh huh, oh, yeah, unh HUH, unh HUH, UNH HUH, OH LORD, OH, OH, OH! YES!" Her pussy suddenly became much slipperier as another climax poured out of her onto me.

Her body stopped moving except for her hips which were, I swear, vibrating! This sent delightful ripples up her front all the way to her chest, and down her thighs as well. But the real thrill of this was what her pussy was doing me. It felt like her insides were sucking me in again and again, while my dick was wrapped inside a vibrator. The sensation was overwhelming and in only moments she pulled me over the top.

In a gasped, "Have you ever had a Patron cum in you?" I somehow managed to get out. Before she could answer I was emptying myself into her already so wet pussy. I rammed myself upward as hard as I could. Blasting, two, three, hard and deep inside her. Four, five, six blasts. I busty mom brandi love pleasuring teen sluts pussy on sofa young old and pornstars exhausted as the last few drops dribbled out and I was completely drained!

Her smile had turned into a grin as she looked down at me while her pussy kept pulling on me. I would have given one of my balls to stay hard and continue, but the law of nature on a man would not be denied and I softened. After a few moments, she leaned forward and I slipped out. She leaned all the way down until she was laying on top of me, her tits plastered into my chest. I couldn't breathe. I just wasn't used to this much activity than having a woman lay on top of me. "No," she whispered in my ear, "I've never had a patron cum inside me before, but I hope this one does again." she rolled off onto her side and I gasped quietly, glad to be able to breathe again.

"I will be glad to," I said, "just give me some time to recover." I put my arm under her head and on her shoulder. We cuddled for a while. She laid quietly for a while. After a bit she started rubbing my chest hair and worked her way down until she was playing with me, running her fingers through my pubic hair and squeezing my dick and cupping my balls.

Predictably, I started growing. I looked into her eyes, "Have you ever had a patron lay on top of you." "Never Sir." I rolled onto her and slipped in. We fucked like that for a while, but I couldn't get as deep as we just did, her force of bouncing on top pushed me into new depths.

She must have wanted more because she lifted her legs up and grabbed the back of her knees, I raised up on my knees with my legs open and plunged all the way in. That worked and I was soon plowing the south forty. Still rock hard I pulled out, her eyes opened wide with a shocking look. "Have you ever had a patron do doggy fashion?" She said "No Sir" I rolled her over, grabbed her hips and pushed her ass up.

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Aimed my hard cock for that wet hole and sank it deep with the first thrush. Milly let out a hell of a squill. I pounded her with everything I had. After she let out a few more orgasms, I think I tried but I'm sure my tanks were dry I slid off and must have falling into a deep sleep. The next thing I knew it was morning, it took a few minutes to remember where I was.

Packing only took a moment and I was on my way to the office, I kept looking around for Milly. At the front desk ready to settle that bill and be on my way. Jennifer walks up to the counter. She gave me a big smile.


"I'm ready to check out." "Of course, Mr. Smith. I'll get it for you." She typed on the computer for a minute, then from behind me a soft voice said, "I have you coffee babe".

I turned and gave my wife Milly a smile and a sweet kiss.

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She whispered in my ear "you left without you pillow mint." "You two are such a sweet couple" Jennifer says as she hands me the bill. As I sign it and hand it back, she says "Should I reserve a room for you two?" "I'll just call in, but thanks."