Yo cute teen girl pushing her dildo deep in her ass

Yo cute teen girl pushing her dildo deep in her ass
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Deborah by TxEric Deborah could hardly remember when she did not lead the life had today. She greeted guests to the mansion wearing erotica babe carmen gemini video amp pictures a black thong and high heels. Her job was to serve them in every way they may request. When she was a young high school girl she had fallen in love with a boy in school.

He took advantage of her affection and made her perform every sex act he could think up or had read about. She remembered how she found herself on her knees sucking his cock until he exploded down her throat. She was careful to swallow each drop. One afternoon he caught up with her as usual but he was not alone. He told her that the guys did not believe that she would suck cock on command.

She spent the late afternoon and early evening sucking each boy in turn. Her father took a belt to her for being so late getting home. She lied and said that she had to stay after school and that she may be late again.

This made her father furious. He beat her so hard with the belt that red welts raised across her naked bottom and lower thighs. Her mother heard the loud crack of the belt on her daughter's ass and screamed for her husband to stop. Deborah did not cry. After the stinging subsided, she liked the warm feeling on her ass and thighs and in her pussy. She could not understand why at the time but she liked the pain. She liked submitting to her father as he commanded her to lower her panties and lay across the bed.

She wondered if other girls her age were beaten like her. Then came the day that a large group of black boys showed up on her walk home. She not only had to suck black cock for the first time but she lost her virginity at the tinder age of fifteen.

She experienced a different kind of pain while being fucked by careless boys who barely knew what they were doing. She liked the attention she was getting although it was a little scary as one cock after another filled her pussy with hot cum. Her boy friend told her that he was afraid to tell the black boys to leave his girl friend alone.

He said that she had better keep them happy or he would be in trouble. She loved him so she put up no fight as day after day she became the school whore. Soon she would be used as a sex toy even during the school day. Two or three boys would come to her study hall and produce a fake hall pass for the teacher. They would take her down the hall and out a side door with no alarm down to a creek bed near the school. There she would be used as anyone she met. Many times the cell phone cameras clicked away as she slipped out of her school clothes and dropped to her knees to suck cock.

Often there were older black men waiting to be serviced by this blonde haired, blue eyed budding beauty. Her breast were growing larger then most girls her age. Even her ass seemed to take a wonderful round shape. Deborah believed back then that the frequent beatings from her angry father had made her ass swell to the plump shape it had achieved. Once, after a large fat man had pumped his load into her mouth, she saw him give one of the school boys a hand full of money.

Deborah was told to lie to her parents that she would be spending the weekend with a friend. As she walked from her home on Friday night, a car pulled up and the fat black man opened the door and told her to get in. She was afraid to get into a car alone with him. He became angry and said that her boy friend would get into real trouble if she did not do as she was told.

She got in the car. As they rode along, the fat man put his arm around her and pulled her close pagalwrldcom xxx fat bf ll h b him. He smelled like liquor and cigars. He told her that he liked his hos to used their tongs on him while he drove. He guided her mouth to his ear and she probed it with her tongue.

She licked his neck.

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He stuck his finger in her mouth and had her suck his fat fingers liked she sucked cock. Once she got to his place, her clothes were taken and she spent the next two days as an internet porno whore. The fat man put all of his weight down on her as she suffered through her first anal fuck.


He had her spit on his cock a couple of times before he forced his cock all the way up her virgin asshole. She was given a pill that made her numb but horny at the same time. She was happy to sit in front of the camera with her long legs spread wide.

She was made to put all manner of dildo and vibrator into her young pussy and up her ass. She could barely feel anything. The fat man finished a beer and tossed the bottle on the bed between her legs. She fucked it like the twenty cocks she would have before the weekend was over.

She was given a note to read to the internet audience. "I am Deborah. Join my website and tell me what you want me to fuck my eighteen year old pussy ( she lied ) with. Keep watching me because I am about to do a ten man gangbang. I love black cock." For the next two hours, the poor teenager was assaulted by full grown men picked for their large cocks and love of rough sex.

Deborah swallowed more pills and booze as well as ten loads of cum that the men had jacked off into a beer mug. On Sunday, she was dropped off a few blocks from her house in the same clothes that were taken from her on Friday. She was quite a sight. Her poor mouth was swollen from all the dildos, beer bottles and huge black cocks that were forced into it. Her pussy and asshole looked even worse but were hidden by her clothes.

When she got home, the computer was on and there she was sucking cock, drinking cum and the whole nine yards. Her father tore off her clothes and pulled his belt from his pants and began to whip her without mercy. She screamed for her mother who appeared at her bedroom door with a frightened look on her face. Her father was so mad when he got a call to go to a certain website and saw his young daughter acting in a depraved way that he grabbed her mother and slapped and beat her until she ran out of the exy hot chick abella danger loves to fuck hard dick screaming.

Her poor mother had on only a torn dress with a swollen face and strap marks on her breasts and legs. Deborah would be beaten harder than ever before. Her father slapped her face so hard that she felt dizzy. He pushed her down on her bed and ripped her clothes from her body. He paused for one moment as his eyes fell upon her swollen pussy lips and the bite marks on her breasts. This made him all the more angry! He came down on her back and ass time and time again with the belt. Harder and harder the belt tore into her tender flesh.

After the weekend Deborah had suffered, she knew that she had to run to survive. Naked and with her father running behind she hit the front door and then the street. She knew that she did not want to be caught naked running in the street so she cut down an alley to get out of sight. She stopped at a trash can and pulled out a black plastic trash bag.

She emptied out the nasty contents and made a make shift mini skirt out of it which barely covered her pussy and ass. A second trash bag barely rapped around her large tits and off she went. Her first thought was to go see a boyfriend. He would help her. She walked for blocks hiding from cars and dodging strangers on the street. At last, she came to her boyfriend's house.

She snuck up to his window and tapped on the glass. Her boyfriend peered through the curtains after a few minutes. He seemed alarmed to see her in such condition but he slipped out of the back door and greeted her with a lusty kiss. She felt him grope her tits under the trash bag and slip two fingers into her young pussy as his tongue probed her mouth.

She broke from his kiss for a moment to tell him what had happened. The boy seemed scared. Not for her but for himself. The guys at school would kick the shit out of him if he did not produce their new sex toy.

She asked him what she should do. She liked the sex but was not sure about being sold as a whore. Now the show on the internet would be available to everybody. Her father would disown her for sure. Her boyfriend's cock had grown hard by now. He pushed her to her 100 real father daughter incest story. She knew what to do. He said he would think of something. She pulled the nasty trash bags off to expose her beautiful body.

She knew that once again, she would be sucking the one cock that she loved more than any other. She ran her wet tongue around the head of his cock and tasted a bit of ultra wet gang bang for japanese hardcore and groupsex cum. She relaxed her throat as she thrust her head up and down on his cock.

Deeper and deeper the teenagers cock went until it was no longer just in her mouth but truly down her throat. She timed her strokes to take in air for just a split second until once again the boy's dick closed off the passageway.

Finally she had taken the entire cock. She had learned to pause and feel the hot throbbing meat in her windpipe. She knew this pleased boys and would make them come in her waiting mouth. Then she withdrew. She did not want to rush this moment.

She wanted to please her boyfriend. To make him love her. Her boyfriend, thinking only of himself, put both hands on the back of her head and pulled her down on his cock with such force that she choked and coughed and had to fight for air.

He began to thrust himself in and out of her mouth like he was fucking her pussy. He pounded her face.

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She choked and coughed. Tears began to run down her face. She gagged for air. Still homemade teen solo squirt then he invites his unsuspecting to sit beside him on the pounded away without mercy.

He moaned as he face fucked the young beauty. She struggled to breath. Finally, as she thought she would pass out, the familiar taste of cum filled her mouth. She tried to swallow it as she knew she was expected to but it was to much. It spewed out of the corners of her mouth and down onto her nipples. He released his grip on her head and fell backwards barely able to stand.

She gasped for air and in doing so sucked cum down her windpipe forcing her to cough loudly. She felt a slap on her face. He told her to shut the fuck up someone would hear her. She covered her mouth swallowing the remainder of the cum while rubbing the spilled spunk into her breasts. Her boyfriend told her that he would take care of everything. She could hide in the bushes outside of the house until he figured everything out.

He went back inside and got on his cell phone. She waited for what seemed an eternity until he came back out and told her slip out to the curb and wait for a ride that he had arranged.

She wanted to stay with him. He told her that she needed to do as he told her. They would take her someplace safe. He would join her in the morning. She obeyed. Naked, out on the street waiting for a ride. An hour later, the low rider appeared.

As it slowed to a stop, she recognized the fat black man that she had been forced to service on the teen riley mae loves when huge cock gives cumshot. The car was full of others who had skull fucked, ass fucked and cunt fucked her for hours on live cam for all to see.

She wanted to run. They told her to get in before someone spotted her. She could see no other choice. Is this the only thing her boyfriend could come up with? "We're gonna sell her to this rich white dude I know. But first we're gonna have some fun. You up for some fun bitch?" said the fat man. For the rest of the night, Amazing body busty blonde teen showing ass in tight pants, was used like never before.

They know she would not rat them out to anyone. She knew that she was in trouble and needed to survive. She young teen slut playing and sucking strapon thrown on a bed at the fat man's house.

They made her pose with legs spread wide using her fingers to probe her pussy and asshole. Their phone cameras snapped away. Then she found herself on her knees as they rammed their cocks down her throat. She held her own ass cheeks apart to take cock after cock as deeply as possible up her ass. A line masseuse ivana sugar gets her ass pounded amp gaped hardcore horny boys formed to get in on the ass fucking that their girlfriends would never allow them to even try.

By the time they had filled her young round ass absolutely full of cum. The first one to ass fuck her was ready for some pussy. She was rolled over and made to spread wide for anyone to fuck the shit out of her tender pussy.

As they pounded her for the next several hours, she could feel the cum seeping out of her ass and forming a pool around her perfect ass. Make her eat that cum! Was the order she heard as one of the boys forced one then two, three and finally four fingers up her ass and then pushed them into her mouth.

The butt juice and salty jism mixed together as it ran down her throat. After everyone was completely fucked out she was dragged into the alley behind the house and used as a urinal. She was made to kneel with mouth open as they covered her hair, face and tits with beer piss. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the yellow slime which went up her nose until she choked on the smell. The sick part was that in spite of the brutal treatment she had suffered through, she found herself using her fingers to stimulate her clit and probe her soaking wet pussy.

She then felt the cold spray of a garden hose. The fat man had turned it on her to clean her up a bit. He was more concerned with the money he would get if she looked cleaned up.

She was taken to a bathroom and allowed to make up her face and slip on the bikini top and mini skirt that she was given and along with five inch heels. She took a quick glance in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. She looked like a cheap whore. Still she was a real beauty. She was then driven to a remote mansion just outside of town. The fat man walked her up to the door and presented her to a middle aged man.

He was well dressed and smoked a large cigar like the fat man. For several minutes, he spoke to the fat man and probed her body in every hole. She still had cum in her ass and cunt. The middle aged man asked about it and was told that she "wanted " to be gangbanged on last time by her old school mates.

"Was she whipped?" asked the mansion owner. He seemed satisfied to hear she had not been. He handed a large envelope full of cash to the fat man and took her by the arm into her new new sanny liyon xnxx story 2019. Deborah was approached by a tall oriental woman who identified herself as Mistress Chi.

She was naked except for black thong panties. Deborah could not get over how tall and large breasted this beautiful woman was. Mistress Chi placed a collar around her new slave's neck and led Deborah by a leash past the entry parlor and up the stairs then down a hall to the largest bathroom Deborah had ever seen.

Deborah's parents were not poor but this this house and it's adornments were like nothing she had ever even laid eyes on. Deborah was made to strip and step into a hot bath in a huge marble sunken tub. The hot water felt wonderful on her cum covered skin.

Mistress Chi wasted no time in applying a large brush to Deborah's tender body. She was scrubbed from head to toe. Deborah could not help notice that Mistress Chi used her hands and fingers to explore every hole in the young girl's body.

Though she was none too gentle, Deborah's body was perfectly clean and shinny as she was taken from the bath water and dried and then led down the hall to a bedroom and placed on the large four poster bed. "You are mine until morning" Mistress Chi breathed into Deborah's ear. With that she took Deborah by a handful of her golden hair and guided her down between her legs.

Mistress Chi moved her thong aside and forced Deborah's lovely face into her dripping pussy. Deborah was instructed as to how Mistress Chi wanted her cunt eaten. Deborah tongued her new mistress deeply and with long licks which caused the oriental beauty to begin to breath more loudly and to moan as the pleasure swept across her body.

She pinched her own nipples and raked her long nail across them until red claw marks appeared on both her ample breasts. Her breathing grew more intense until she climaxed with a loud scream all the while she pounded the back of Deborah's head into her dripping crotch.

Deborah's mouth filled with her mistresses pussy juice until she had to swallow to avoid choking. As the grip on her hair relaxed, she noticed that her own pussy was so wet that much of the juice she had produced ran down her thighs and on to the sheets of the four poster bed. Mistress Chi had only shortly recovered from her orgasm when she grabbed Deborah's wrist and pulled her up to a bed post and tied her tightly with ropes already hanging from the posts for that purpose.

She tied the other wrist to the opposite post so that Deborah was now kneeling on the mattress totally naked and exposed. Mistress Chi rang a tiny bell on the joining nightstand. Quickly another young beauty holding a tray with a whip coiled on it. Deborah could not help notice looking over her shoulder that the lovely girl bore the fading marks of a recent whipping across her breast and as she turned to kneel behind Mistress Chi her back had the same evidence.

The girl began to pleasure Mistress Chi's asshole. Her loud slurping and sucking sounds filled the large room. Mistress Chi moaned more and more loudly from the attentions of the girl behind her. Deborah suddenly felt the whip crash down on her tender back. The force of the lash took her breath away. Again and again the whip landed across her back and ass. The tip of the whip came around to land on her sensitive nipples. "You will 2 girls at cosmetics shop tube porn to obey me without question" panted Mistress Chi.

For twenty minutes, the pain of the whipping continued. Deborah got light headed. The young girl behind Mistress Chi continued to suck and lick wildly into the asshole presented in front of her. Finally Mistress Chi screamed to her second orgasm and whipping stopped.

Once the stinging stop, Deborah felt a warm and lovely sensation across most of her body. She could feel her own juices running down her well toned legs. Deborah was released and fell to sleep curled up with the other young girl. She was so tired that she barely felt the girl's tongue lapping at her open and sore asshole. This is what she awoke to in the late morning. Her bedmate then kissed her deeply so that she could taste the butt juice mixed with her saliva. The young girl whispered that she was called Tenya.

She then proceeded to fuck her as only women with other women can. Tenya probed Deborah's ass so that Deborah felt the young girl's whole fist was moving in and out of her asshole. A glance in the mirror over the bed showed this to be the case. Deborah begged Tenya to move faster and deeper until she came so hard that she nearly passed out.

Tenya tied Deborah spread eagle on the bed and went to the a joining bathroom to bring back a soapy cloth and razor. She lathered up Deborah's blonde pubic hair and shaved her clean. Then she shaved Deborah whole body. Soon after a huge man with a full beard burst into the room. Tenya quickly moved aside. Deborah simply thought she would horny busty with fat boobs dick intruded raped but this was not the case.

He produced electric needle and ink and began to tattoo a banner with the words " I live to serve" just over Deborah's pussy. No sooner had the stinging from the needle stopped then he used a pair of tongs to pull her nipple away form her body with one hand and use a large long needle to pierce her. This was repeated on the other nipple.

Tenya held her tiny hand over Deborah's mouth lest she scream and anger sleeping Mistress Chi. Deborah did not scream. She found that she enjoyed the pain racing through both of her nipples. The big man finished with barbells through both nipples and left without a word. Just as he approached the door, he paused and returned to the tied up Deborah and with a sinister grin, he probed her using big fingers up her pussy and asshole.

"You will give me suck like Tenya did when I tattooed and pierced her" he ordered. Tenya released her bonds so Deborah could kneel before the big man and do his bidding. She showed off her deepthroating skills for only a few moments before swallowing two large mouthfuls of cum. "He is not supposed to do that" Tenya whispered as he left the room, " but I am too scared to say anything." And so Deborah's life in the mansion began. Large parties were held. Deborah's duties might be to greet arriving guests or tend one of the fireplaces or serve food and drink.

The uniform of the day was always just a black thong and high heels. Any guests who wished to fondle her lovely nipples or probe her well shaved holes was free to do so.

Her mouth was for sucking and licking. She learned to quickly move aside her thong to allow easy access to her pussy and asshole. Often she was tied to a support column in the great hall of the mansion.


Mistress Chi would then whip her harder and harder as the guests cheered her on. Deborah or Tenya or any of a dozen young beauties joined together to service a guest in any manor he or she wished. Sex was pain and pain was now sex for Deborah. She could hardly remember life before the mansion. She had finally found her calling in life - to serve.