Brooklyn chase double penetration with big black cock

Brooklyn chase double penetration with big black cock
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It started so innocently. Or did it. If a neutral outside party looked in at this story now they would probably see a plan being hatched by one party right from the start. A master plan to be rescued from a relationship. We will change all the names to protect the innocent. It started with a simple invite. Jane one day called up Sarah and asked if her and her boyfriend and her were going to a local dance.

This was highly out of the ordinary as Sarah's boyfriend Jim did not like or get along well at all with Jane's husband. Sarah a little bewildered said yes and invited Jane and her husband over for pre-drinks prior to heading off to the dance.

Maybe it could be a new start. At the dance things went ok. Lots of people milled around and the music was good.


As the night got later Sarah and her boyfriend Jim to leave. As they were about to drive away in the car Jane came running up. She wanted to go back to their house if they were leaving and hang out. Both couples got in the car and went home. At the house that night Jane and her husband did not enjoy each others company.

He went home. Jane stayed. Jane was sad and depressed. She wanted sex american xxx rep sex stories com leave her relationship. She wanted to be comforted. Sarah told Jane she could stay the night if she needed in a spare bedroom. With that Jane wrapped her arms and legs around Jim and started kissing him like a lonely and ignored animal. She wanted love and attention badly. This happened of course in the master bedroom where all liquored up parties had been sitting and talking.

A sexual encounter started.


The three stripped naked and got into the king size bed. The girls started by kissing each other gently on the lips and rubbing and massaging each other all over. There was a slight nervousness at the start but they soon got right into it. Jim then fucked poor lonely and relationship ignored Jane.

The poor girl loved the attention. She clawed and scratched at Jim trying to repeatedly bite his lip. Her whole body shook and begged for more.

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She cried and made little whimpering sounds. It was cute.


She needed attention. Like a tall thin porcelain doll. Jim eventually came in her without a condom. A good warm full load. He had been snipped so he would not get her pregnant. She had also advised him she was clean. Hopefully she told the truth. Not to ignore his girlfriend, Jim fucked Sarah while she positioned herself on her knees.

He entered her from behind and went at it. Jane was right into this. With her right hand she slowly rubbed and applied pressure from Sarah's lower pussy area to her asshole.

The pressure made Sarah cum quickly and easily. Maybe the excitement of a girls hand or another person helped. The pressure Jane applied also made the fucking more enjoyable making the entrance tighter. A few more encounters with the three took place after that. Unfortunately if any readers have done this you realize most of these three ways end badly. One or more party gets hurt. They expect something more out of the relationship if you can call it that. A suggestion is if you ever want to try a three way and you should go to another city and do it with a third party you will never see again so there is no attachment or misunderstandings if it involves your significant other at the time.

Two of the three parties continued on after the three ways were supposed to be called off. Jane and Sarah's boyfriend Jim saw each other a few more times. Secretly. Super cute annie gives amazing pov bj knew.

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Gossip. Rumours. Hard to hide. The sex became progressively better and hotter each time. Was it the fact the relationship was supposed to have no strings, it was fun, something new? Who knows&hellip. One thing is for sure. Jane got her fill of love and cum.

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Jane was a screamer and up for anything. The girl aimed to please. She wanted a real man to rescue her from her boring difficult relationship. She saw that in Jim. Jane took it however she could get it.

The ass, pussy, mouth. She never complained. She was a nasty but good girl. She wanted love. She wanted sex. Lots of it. One time she was fucked out in the bush. A gravel pit area. Slightly grown in with trees and grass. She lay down to the ground and was fucked relentlessly being pushed along the ground on her back a good ten feet from all the thrusts. Her moans and sighs made sex all the better.

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She always came. More than once. This poor girl had been ignored and not pleased properly by her man. It was a real turn on. When she got up she looked like she had been attacked by a bear in the bush. Tree branches and leaves in her messed up disheveled hair. Her jeans dirty. A mess. But a cute mess. Another time she dressed up. A schoolgirl.

A small red checkered plaid skirt. Knee highs. Two ponytails. Nasty. Begging for it. Ass in the air on the bed facing me. She turned her head and looked back. She asked to be taught a lesson. A good one. That black babe sucks and fucks a huge cock enough to make you come cum right there. Jesus. She was thrown down. Her panties ripped off. Eaten.

She moaned and begged like the best of them. Her smell and taste was great. She begged to be choked and spanked. She wanted that while being fucked.

Kinky. She was a cute tight little pin cushion. Always ready for it.

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I had never seen a girl lose her clothes as fast as she could. You could blink and they would be off. She constantly watched the mirror on the bedroom ceiling when she was on her back getting it. That turned her on.

She would suck you dry if she gave a blowjob swallowing it all. Lap up every last drop. A smile to follow. Once she was fucked to exhaustion.

She came over and over. Probably four times. You could tell when she was ready. She would start first by quietly asking for more. Harder, deeper. Then she would moan. Louder and louder. When she came she would squeeze whatever she held. Sometimes digging those nails into your back. Scratching, drawing blood. She lay there, breathing hard like an animal that had been chased for miles after she was done.

Her stomach raising up and down quickly. Fast excited and tired breaths. Sweat dripping down the sides of her forehead. She said she wanted more but was done. She said she could not feel her legs. They were jello. A job well done. She got what she had needed. The sex was great. A change from everyday normal life. I always swore I would not get into a situation like this.

I am not proud of myself for doing this but it was a great experience. There were other encounters with her. Maybe to be written about at a later time. It was fun, thrilling, dangerous and not fair to the other parties involved. It ended quickly and for the best. I hope that person, now in blonde babe allysa sucks and fucks monster size cock masturbation and blowjob new stable relationship does well.

I have not talked to them in a long time. Just remember my advice about three ways. Please.