Petite tattooed brunette showing pussy on cam

Petite tattooed brunette showing pussy on cam
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Hello, This is just a short story on how i became Bi-sexual, Incestuous,and enjoyd wearing my sisters clothing My sister my brother and myself all share a room in my parents flat.


However due to work our parents are away for several days each month. We all know that leaving us three alone is a good idea we are sensable smart, Pluss our Grandparents lived in the same flats as us but on a different floor. To begin with my brother was 16 he would take control of the flat, he made my sister and i make the dinnerdo the washing,clean up, hoover. pluss the laundry.

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Now oneday we came home to find our elder brother looking at a porno book He wasnt aware that we had come back home, So my sister and i began to giggle at him.Thats were it went wrong. He jumpd up and flew at the door.He lockd the door and got really angry with us.He made us go into our sisters room .Thats when i got a bit scared for us all.

He began going through my sisters knicker draw and throwing the knickers and bras around. He then punched me so hard i fell overMy sister now had began to pee herself with nerves and i to felt shockd. He then grabd me pulld me up and began to strip me naked.I was fighting but he was older stronger and was shouting to my sister to help him or he will batter her too.My sister was still soaking wet after her peeing herself so she was orderd to strip off to.


She then help our brother in stripping me and dressing me in her knickers and tiny bra.they made me wear her school skirt and blue blouse.pluss some tights our mum had left in the bathroom. My sister was still crying in shock as so was i .He then began to get some sex toys that he had hidden in her room. With some body oil.

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He then orderd my sister to cover him in oil.she did as she was told.Yet still crying and scared she coverd his body in oil then stoppd he punched her and told her to do his cock.pluss his arse. She was shaking with fear she held his cock and began to smooth the oil over him.Seeing all this was unreal the bizzare thing is i was fully erect by now and seeing my sister rubbing my brother was erotic.,He lookd at me standing there while im dressd as a girl and he is being wankd off by our sister.He told me to bend over the sink.I did do it straight away .he came behind me and began to rub his cock up against my bum.he told our sister to stand behind him.Which she did.He shouted for her to finger his bum.Once she began to finger him his cock grew even biggerI began to feel my knees getting weak.


just then he fingerd my bum i screamd and he just laughted at me. i began to shake and get weaker .light headed. i allso needed to peee.

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My sister was told to kneel down in front of me just then hepushed his cock all the way up my bum.I cryd and screamd in pain but this just turnd him on and he began to fuck my bum .My sister was told to start wanking, He made her wank herself while he fuckd my bum and both myself and my sister were now screaming and crying.After what seemd like a hour he pulld his cock out and i couldnt help it but i pooed on the floor onto my sisters thigh.He was still laughing at us .He then made my sister lay in my pooh on her back while he peeed on her .She was still crying Bu i couldnt do anything.She just lay there he then made her suck him hard again .After he was hard she was told to sit on his cock.He then told me to fuck her her bum.We were all fucking each other ,coverd in my pooh and his piss.Wearing my sisters clothing, After we had all finished we were forced to pose for a photograph that he kept as a warning.and for future black-mail.Its a long time since this happend but my sister every now and then will give me her knickers to use as a reminder of our closeness.My brother well, he found a wife and moved away.My sister and i have both find men wearing female underwear a turn on.She now has had several boyfriends that wear her underwear ,Once she had a fella calld john, He was amazing so understanding, He wore stockings,a bask, and her knickers .She phoned me up to say i should pop over.That the sight i saw when i walkd in.

She wore her sex shop school uniform. He lookd at me and told me to strip off. I pinay ofw masturbates on story calling so very quick.

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My sister got hold of my cock and stroked me hard while john stood there wanking his own.She then got down and suckd my cock as he came nearer to us she held onto his cock to.Then my sister got john to lay down .She straddled his face and held his legs up by the ankles. Go on fuck him she said .let me see you fuck his bum.He was licking my sisters fanny and she was screaming out obscene thoughts .As she screamd she allso peed .As she was pissing i pushed my cock up his bum and began to fuck him.The smell off pee/pooh /bum sex was just too much and i spunkd up his bum very very quickly.My sister was screaming with pleasure as she spunkd in his face.I then grabd his cock and wankd him untill he spunkd over my hand .Haveing enjoyd loads of sexy times with my sister and her boy friends she now feels that we should live together for a more perminant arrangement.

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