Blacked beautiful blonde karla kush loves massaging bbc

Blacked beautiful blonde karla kush loves massaging bbc
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Here is one special night my brother Mike and I had together. "OK, we're leaving," Our mom Sally said loudly. I came to the front door where our mom and dad were, and they were getting ready to leave. "Well, we're gonna be out late tonight, so don't wait up," Frank, our dad said. "OK, we'll be here," I said. They were getting ready to walk out, but then they stopped and turned around.

"We know you are a young 18-year-old woman now. So, if you do find yourself nude girl hard suck clips free down someone, just be safe. Use condoms or birth control, we're not ready for grandkids just yet, OK Linda?" Sally asked. "I understand mom," I replied.

"I bet you do," Frank said under his breath. I gave him a look and Sally looked at me. This was a issue that had been around for awhile and still hadn't gone away. "You are still our little girl, and Mike is still our little boy.

Is it wrong to want what's best for you two?" Sally asked.


"No, I get it, now get out of here," I replied. So then they left, and once they were gone, I ran to the living room where Mike was watching TV. I sat down right next to him and got close to him. "Mom and dad are gone, big brother," I said just before I kissed him on the lips.

"I thought they'd never leave," Mike replied just before we kissed again. We made out for a minute, and it wasn't any normal brother/sister kissing either. "Mom and dad wanted both of us to know, that they wanted us to sierra teases her lover to fill her up pornstars and hardcore safe if we hooked up with someone. Would you say birth control is safe for brother/sister sex, big brother?" I asked.

"I think so, there is nothing better than brother/sister sex," Mike replied. We began making out again, we were both sitting up right on the couch and wrapped our arms around each other. We both had our eyes closed and got as close as we could. Eventually we both leaned down on the couch on our sides, and just kept making out passionately.

A minute later his hands went down towards my pants and panties. "Well, since we're gonna go all the way, it's good I took my pill this morning.

I did tell mom and dad that we would use something, if something actually happened," I said. "I know, I would always use protection with you, unless you wanted to get pregnant," Mike replied. I looked away for a second, and then looked back at him. "Would you do it if I asked you to?" I asked. He just gave me a look for a minute. "Are you asking me to get you pregnant sis?" Mike asked. "No, but would you be happy if I was pregnant?" I asked. He just grinned at me, I guess it was a dumb question.

"Of course I would be happy, sis," Mike replied. "Good, it may happen again someday," I said. "Again?" Mike asked. "Just kidding, now let's make love, I wanna feel it inside of me," I replied.

"Well you know, I don't just wanna have sex with you," Mike said. I raised an eyebrow, I was skeptical. "I wanna make it an experience, I want you to love it that much more," Mike said.

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So his hands preceded to move down to my pants, and he undid them, exposing my pink panties. He absolutely loved my panties, I wasn't sure why, but I didn't mind though. He had my pants down a bit just past my panties and his cock was getting harder than a diamond. I knew having sex with his sister would get his dick hard, but damn, he loved me. We made out as passionately as we could and his right hand made it's way down into my panties.

He began playing with my pussy a bit and made me feel good, really good. I already started getting a little sweaty and worked up. When I had sex with Mike, let's just say it was like ecstasy, but it didn't have bad consequences though.

Of course after about ten seconds with his hand in my panties, his hand was drenched with my juices. "What would mom and dad say if they knew about us?" Mike asked.

"If they knew how we make each other feel, mentally and physically?" I asked. "Yes," Mike replied. I came up to his lips and kissed him again passionately for over a minute. "That was one hell of a kiss, but they'd probably kill us though, especially if you got me knocked up," I said. "Well then, it's good you've been on the pill," Mike replied. "I haven't been on hot babes sydney cole and aidra fox in a hot threesome sex large ladies and pornstars pill," I said.

He immediately just had a nervous look on his face. "What?" I asked. He still had that nervous look on his face. "Mike, I'm kidding," I said. He was relived then, obviously a baby wasn't something he was ready for, even as he was twenty. "I promise, I'll get pregnant, when we're ready for me to get pregnant, fair enough?" I asked.

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"Yes," Mike replied. "Good, now be a good big brother and play with your little sister," I said. Then he began rubbing my pussy very slowly, his hand and my panties were soaked. I had to close my eyes and lay my head back as I tried to take all the pleasure. He put his head on my neck and stayed really close to me as he played with my pussy.

I had no choice but to let out a few moans, he knew how to make his sister feel good. "Oh yes big brother, play with me while mom and dad are away," I said as I moaned. He began kissing my neck a bit as I still had my head back. As I was trying not cum just yet, I thought I'd sweeten the deal, by pushing down my panties a bit exposing my wet and shaved pussy to his eyes.

"Oh, shaved down there now?" Mike asked. "You said you liked eating me out better with no hair down there," I replied. "So, you shaved your most private area just for me?" Mike asked.

"Well, I do love you how most sisters don't love their brothers. So I made a special exception for you," I replied. "Well, a thank you is an order then," Mike said as he got on top of me. He kissed me again and even through his pants and boxers, his cock was extremely hard. I pushed down my pants and panties and he took them off, leaving me half naked. He put his hands on my boobs. and I just had B-cup tits, but he loved them as if they were Gorgeous bombshell presents monster ass and gets ass hole banged. "You know, none of my other boyfriends gave a shit about my tits, but you love them," I said.

"You sound disappointed," Mike replied. "No, I just love that about you. I have a brother that loves me for me," I said. Then his lips locked on mine once again and it was paradise to the max. I loved the feel of him, no matter where it was or what was there. I loved having his cock inside me, now that was the best free feeling in the world. We continued to make out passionately for a minute, and his hands stayed on my pussy. A minute later he broke the kiss, got about a foot away and looked down right at my tits.

I'm not too sure he could have been more sexually attracted to me, it wasn't even debatable. I definitely got his motor going. "Would you like me to take this off big brother?" I asked.

"No," Mike replied. "No?" I asked with a questionable tone. "I wanna strip my sister completely," Mike replied. He slowly took off my shirt off me, and I wasn't wearing my matching bra that went with the panties. "Oh sis, you don't make it fair at all," Mike said. "And your point is?" I asked.

He just checked out my naked body for a minute, and tried to take it all in. Even though we had sex many times before, he was still beyond stunned every time he got the chance to see my naked body. I got down on the floor, so we would have more room to have fun. "I know you are a gentleman and love to show your appreciation for a work of art, but right now, I need those clothes off you," I said. When we were together, he always play sex in bedroom 18 directions.

He undressed in about twelve seconds and then got right on top of me to shove his monstrous cock into my pussy. Even on the floor, it was something special when we had sex. He began thrusting his cock in and out of my wet pussy ever so slowly. My loving brother was making love to me, he loved me and I'm not too sure I could have loved him more than I already did.

He was really close to me, so of course my boobs were squished, although I think we both liked it that way. He had his head right next to mine and just continued to thrust his cock into me as we were that close, and that really just made me feel even better. With it being incestuous sex, everything was amazing. I was just moaning a little loudly, but I did have a very sexy brother on top of me naked, so how could I not?

I had my arms wrapped around him and made sure to hold him down with me, as if we'd just float up and hit the ceiling if I didn't. "Oh I love you so much sis, I wanna make you feel this good everyday for the rest of our lives," Mike said. I just looked at him for a minute, did he really just say that?

"What are you saying? You wanna marry me?" I asked. He looked away from me and actually got up. He went over to the other couch and sat down, he actually did that when we were having sex.

Was he embarrassed to admit it to me? I mean come on, we were more than sexual partners, we could tell each other literally anything. We were both naked, but we looked at each other in the eyes though. "Mike, we've literally made love to each other over 300 times now, you know how many times I had sex before we first hooked up?

Ten, that's it. You can tell me anything in the world, I'm not gonna judge you," I said. He gave me a hug and kiss before he spilled his guts. "Well, I do love you sis, and I love how things have been with us. The sex has been amazing and I never feel weird about just having a normal brother/sister relationship afterwards either.

Although, I know after awhile, one or both of us are gonna want something more than just hot sex. And what if I do get you pregnant when we use condoms, how are we gonna tell mom and dad about us?" Mike asked. I just shed a couple tears and gave him a big hug. I could not tell you how heart warmed I was to hear him say that. After the hug, I got about a foot away from his face and just looked at him for about a minute and neither one of us said a single word.

He was about to say something to me just to end the silence, but then I just kissed him again. Then we just cuddled together still in silence for a couple minutes as were still naked. "So, would you marry me?" Mike asked. 'Would you?' I thought to myself. "What do you mean. 'Would I?'?" I asked as I faced him. "If I proposed to you, would marry me?" Mike asked.

"What kind of question is amirican xstory com sex stories dxxxxx Would I? Yes, I would marry you. I'd marry you in a heartbeat. I don't know how you haven't asked me yet.


I mean, I know we're young, but after all the sex we've had and the chemistry we have, we're perfect for each other," I replied.

"So, are you mad that I haven't asked you yet?" Mike asked.

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"No, of course not, I want you to do it when you are comfortable asking me. I haven't even pressured you to tell mom and dad about us. I know that might screw things up, and I just love you and the sex too much to risk that," I replied. Then we kissed again gf and bf standing up sex vedio my head was on his shoulder.

"So, you like playing with me?" Mike asked. "Yes, we have amazing sex, and the amazing thing is, it's not really sex," I replied. "Well, considering what we just did, I'm pretty sure that was sex sis," Mike said. I laughed and kissed him once.

"We made love to each other, anyone will tell you that there a huge difference between having sex and making love. Mike my dear flesh and blood brother, we just made love, because we love each other so much. Now, call me crazy, but I don't think either one of us is gonna meet someone else anytime soon," I replied. I didn't mean for him to tell me what he said after that, but he I wasn't complaining. "Let's tell mom and dad about us, maybe they'll be OK with us together.

I know we can convince them. Then we won't have to just play when they are gone. We can play whenever we want to, and maybe I can try knocking you up sometime too," Mike said. I looked at him for a minute. "I'd like that big brother, but will you be happy being married to your sister for the rest of you life with incestuous kids?" I asked. He just looked at me for a minute, but it seemed like years. "Would you just say yes already?" Sally asked loudly as our parents came in.

"Whoa mom and dad, this isn't what it looks like," Mike replied quickly and loudly. Our parents just eyeballed us for a minute. "Well, you are both naked cuddling and talking about getting married and having kids together. So tell me, what is this, if this isn't what it looks like?" Sally asked.

Like a good big brother, he was more than willing to take the bullet for both of us. "Well, at least don't kick her out, this was mostly my idea, so don't punish her," Mike replied. They whispered to each other for a minute. "Well, he always was very protective of her, so you can't blame him for wanting to be with her," Frank said.

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I took his hand and pulled him back down to cover him up with pillows. "Well, if you wanna get dressed, we can check up great beauteous teen group sex you a few minutes," Frank said.

"We just need a minute," I replied. Then they left the living room, and of course as we were getting dressed, I realized that they didn't seem all that surprised. I mean how our mom replied to what Mike said, it almost seemed as if they expected it. "Do you think they already knew about us?" I asked. That one had him stumped from the look on his face. "Maybe they did, but how?

We always made sure to take care of condoms and the wrappers, and we've only had sex a couple times at night when they were here. I have no idea," Mike replied. We were both stumped, so then as were dressed we called them back in there with us.

"So, do you wanna marry your sister Mike?" Frank asked. We all just looked at him for a minute, I think he was unfairly put on the spot right there, so I ended it before it really started. "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, simple as that," I replied. He grabbed my hand and kissed it once right in front of them.

"We both don't wanna put pressure on the relationship. We've been having sex for about a year now and we like it that way. It works for us, and we can still maintain a good brother/sister relationship while we are together. If he gets me pregnant, then we'll have an incestuous baby together," I said.

They both nodded in approval. "Next time, just tell us that you are into each other, and we won't have to find out by finding you two in the shower in the middle of the night, fair enough?" Sally asked.

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"Fair enough mom," I replied. Then I turned around and gave him a huge kiss right in front of them. We both wrapped our arms around each other and made out for about a minute as we were still completely naked. "Well, have you two been safe?" Sally asked. "Yes," Mike replied. "Good. Well, it's late, we should get to bed.

If you are gonna being sleeping together now, just make sure you lock the door," Frank said. "Yes sir," Mike replied. We knew how they found out about us, but there was one last loose end.

"What happened to you two being out late?" I asked. "And what fun would that be to tell you we'd be back early?" Sally asked. Just like that, we were out in the open with our parents.

We both know what we want, but we're not gonna rush things, we're gonna let things progress at it's own pace.