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Agedlove bbw chubby granny honey and sam bourne large ladies young old
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Needless to say when Eurobabe threeway fucked after massage european and anal went back to my room that night, I decided to hop in the shower, and wash the smell of sex off of me so I didn't deposit in the bed where my wife might catch on to something. I had stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a liter water bottle and drained it and grabbed a gatorade to take with me.

I made the shower nice and hot and chugged my gatorade, replaying the events of the night in my head. There was no denying it, that little girl in my daughter's room was the greatest fuck I had ever had. Forget not a virgin, she was a slut. She had to be, she just knew what to do. No woman is born with that on instinct, right?

I was hard very soon and resisted every urge to jack off. I was worried my dick couldn't take it. But it sure was a grand memory, her ass, it was so damn firm. All of her was, the school sports and swimming had lead to a body that not even Michelangelo could sculpt. The ass had held my weight and not given in much. Her thighs, round and smooth, her back taut, with a line that ran the length. When I had cum inside of her my nose was in her hair.

God how I loved the smell of fruity shampoos, and to get a deep whiff, as I was drilling into a young, tight knockout. I knew she was hot when I saw her sunbath. I knew she was hot when I felt her up while i ground against her in the kitchen, but her naked body, at my mercy, that body was finer than I could have imagined.

After the shower I got in bed and turned on my laptop and watched a few episodes of Law and Order before I finally felt like my dick was back to normal. Or I decided it had to be. I was constantly fighting a hard on, and every time it did get hard it was so sensitive! I figured if I was gonna jack off, I knew it would be Morgan, might as well find something that looked like her.

I tried a few different searches until Next Door Nikki came up. The tits were a match under clothing, so I searched more of her stuff. I had never been into teen porn really, but now it was all I wanted and this Nikki girl was a find. Never leave your credit card information stored on your browser, cause it made it to easy to buy a membership. I went through some photo shoots until I found where her hair was xxx mom sleeping son force hindhi marathi kahani story to look a lot like Morgan.

The girls had different faces, for sure, both damn hot. but at least Nikki had the right body. Especially the group of shoots where she was clearly working out, she was more tone than teen soft. Just like Morgan, those thighs, that ass, those tits, covered but still. . The body was a splitting image except a few inches too tall. And a bit too wide. But it was close enough, I found a video from the period, and watched her eyes, imagining Morgan looking up at me like that, about to use me for sex.

I came quick, and thankfully pain free. I slept hard, probably as good as ever in my life. When I awoke it was late, nearly noon. The girls were gone from the house, but since I didn't have cops parked on my lawn, I figured everything would be ok.

I hoped so. Sure I didn't want to go to jail, but what I really hoped was that Morgan would come over, that I could have her. . again. She was the only thing on my mind all day as I did some yard work and then cleaned the pool. I had gone in for a drink when I heard the garage and monter cock destroyed pussy extremely hard Chelsea was pulling in, too fast for me to see who it was in the passenger seat.

My cock jumped just a little thinking Morgan had come back to me. To take me back to heaven. The door to the house opened, "Hey Dad. Jill's gonna spend the night ok?" "Sure, sure. Hi. .Jill." I tried to hold the disappointment out of my voice. Jill was a good girl, a great girl. Just not a hot girl. She was a slow developer and she was skin and bones, flat as a board, and a bright orange very pale ginger. My dick was soft right away, probably for the best.

I was glad Chelsea brought someone home. She had seen me for sure, I had seen her. I was afraid it would be awkward, between us, but Chelsea was a smart girl and Jill was a great go between until it felt like old times. Just a little family secret, all families have some kind of secret, don't they? Not all involve fucking a high school friend of your step-daughters, but secrets none the less. My disappointment continued, as Morgan was a starting cheerleader on varsity all ready.

No big surprise with those assets. I even found myself having some pretty good sex with Carla, most of the time hate fucking to the thought of some shithead jock fucking my Morgan.

I bet she was fucking a different kid every other day, and it pissed me off, and turned me on at the same time. Weeks went by, enough that the weather was crisp, the leaves had fallen off the trees and the standings in the NFL were taking shape. I hadn't seen my love in so long.

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Not once since our night. I was starting to loose the crispness of the memories. I needed another experience, another tryst, another hard fuck of that tight little twat! So I nearly yelped when I heard my daughter say, "Mom, this friday there isn't a football game, can Morgan spend the night?" "I have to go out of town sweetie, you'll have to ask Dad." "What do you think dad?" Chelsea was starring right at me.

I fell my ears flush. "Uh sure, no problem sweetie." I could scarcely keep my composure. She would be here. Just to see her, see her breasts in person, under clothing was fine, just to see her! It felt like the longest week of my life. Until finally Friday arrived. It was about six when the girls got home, first Chelsea and then.

. Morgan. Oh god, she was in her cheerleader outfit! Oh Jesus, she couldh't have been more of a cliche fantasy. "Hi Dad." "Hi Mr. H!" Morgan smiled as she and Chelsea went to the kitchen her face was all smiles and her hair in a pony tail. I couldn't help but follow just enough to see into the kitchen. They were putting bags on the counter. "We got chinese food and the first three Saw sunny leone ebony sex story and audio. We felt like a horror night." Said my step daughter.

"Yeah, since its cold out we felt like getting chills!" Said Morgan and she folded her arms across her sleeveless cheerleader top and gripping her arms and doing an over exaggerated shiver. It's hard to explain how hard it was not to grab Morgan, hold her against the counter and fuck her at full speed until I came.

It was so fucking hard. Speaking of hard, so was my dick. "Why are you wearing your cheerleading outfit if there isn't a game?" I asked, unbelievably happy she was wearing it nonetheless. "We had an assembly and spirit cheer to start the momentum for homecoming week." "Ah. Well, make me a plate, will ya?" I asked as I went to the couch, anxious to cover my now pronounced erection.

Morgan came bounding in first, a big smile and two plates of food. "Here you are Mr. H." She said handing me my plate, some sweet and sour sauce on her finger. She popped it in her mouth and closed her eyes while she pulled it out slowly, a light "mmmmm" escaping her throat. She set down her plate and and went back to the kitchen, as she was about to round the corner, let her finger catch her skirt and pull it up for just a second, showing that she was wearing not bloomers but a g-string.

I was still school colors, being purple and white. She came back with two large soda glasses and Chelsea followed her. Morgan sat next to me on the love seat, Chelsea to the next door chair. They popped in the first movie and we ate dinner. Morgan in the middle paused, and deliberately got a good grip on her hair tie so she could remove it in an exaggerated fashion the hair going from a pony tail to a cascading waterfall of dark brown hair, new added highlights.

She gave me the quickest smile after doing so. When we were done eating, the plates were cleared by the girls. Morgan and Chelsea grabbed comforters. Morgan back on the couch, Chelsea took a large pillow as well and sprawled out on the floor. Morgan billowed the comforter out, covering me as well. "Let's make it like a movie theater!" Morgan said and she reached over and turned out the living room lights, now only the residual kitchen light and the tv lit the room in a blue glow.

Morgan wasted little time as her hand was almost instantly running across my thigh and began to rub my semi hard prick. I looked at her, she was staring at the tv, giving me a fantastic cock massage but wasn't even acknowledging me otherwise. Morgan anime cum tribute cute hentai teen feet tube porn and unzipped my khaki shorts and freed my raging erection.

She was a talent, she would dance her fingers around it, then give the head a squeeze and rub, taking my precum with her each time she did and used it to slide her fingers up, down, and across my shaft. The bare skin touch was almost too pleasurable.


I almost came right there a few times, but Morgan picked up on something and knew just when to pause to keep things from popping. I was in a different world. I forgot there was a movie playing, all I could understand was how infatuated I was with this sexpot and I felt ashamed that i wanted to send Chelsea to jayden jaymes fingers herself in the bathroom room and shove Morgan up against the arm of the love seat, and slam my cock into her as fast as I could to get in as many pumps for future masturbatory material before my inevitable shots of semen which would undoubtedly be on its way up my shaft in under 10 seconds.

My nuts were tingling, my cock was pulsing, it could only be teased so long! I was trying to imagine how quietly I could fuck Morgan there on the couch, but knew there was no way it wouldn't get Chelsea's attention. My imagination was shattered by Chelsea's voice. "Hey, pause it, I need to pee!" and took off down the hall. Morgan paused the film, and looked over at me and smirked. She dove under the comforter and all that showed was her lower half on her knees on the sofa, her skirt was already turned up, a nice coincidence.

My breathing audible in the silence, and as I felt Morgan devour my cock into her mouth. She gulped on me and massaged with her tongue as I reached out and squeezed her ass. "Oh oh oh oh sh- shi- Mmm-Mmmma. Moooh-oh- oh- organ. Gnnnaw!" I felt her tongue changing pressure all around, massaging my shaft. She pulled off and licked around the head, and then went down on my dick again.

She moaned softly as she sucked me, slurping. It was a stark contrast to the silence with the movie paused. I heard the toilet flush. I pulled the comforter over and looked down to see Morgan's head bobbing in the shadows.

I knew Chelsea won on her way, but I also knew my cum was already leaving my testicals. My hand squeezed Morgan's ass hard, clenching as I came. "Mmmmmmm fuck baby, ohh-nnngghha!" My cock head exploded, and doused Morgan's mouth in cum. "OOOOOOOMMMMMM!" moaned Morgan with a surprised and startled tone, only making me cum harder at her fawned innocence.

She kept a seal of my shaft with her lips through her moan, even as my hips bucked. "Mmmmfff. Oh shhhhhhhhit." I sighed threw clenched teeth as I sank back to the couch, already forgetting about Chelsea. It was such a hard and fast orgasm, I wasn't ready for it.

I was drained. I felt Morgan pull off and felt the comforter pulled back over me. I was already dozing five seconds later when Chelsea came back in to the living room. I am not sure how long I slept but I know they were on the second movie when I came around.

I was wiped out. The girl had teased me so long and gotten me so pent up that she had made me cum so damn hard, I am voluptuous kelly has her tight butthole slammed amazed that girl held all my cum in her mouth.

Jesus, she was a talented cock sucker, she popped me off in what must have been 12 seconds. I was awake but drowsy. "I am too tired girls, I gotta hit the hay." I stared at Morgan as I got up and gave a slow deliberate wink so she could see me in the low light.

Morgan just gave me a pouty face as I left, apparently she had something else in mind. I went to the toilet in the master bath and took a piss, amazed that there was no residue of naughty play on my member. That bitch had sucked me to fine shine. I thought to myself, how am I gonna divorce Carla and marry this little tart? She was a major slut, but she could have her fun, just come home to fuck daddy a few times a week. I got in bed naked, laughing to myself about having a slutty promiscuous wife.

It she really did give me that pussy, I really would let her fuck anyone else. She was that amazing when it came to the sensual arts. I was asleep fast, knowing I would awake hard as hell and would sneak in on the sleeping girls and continue my affair with the hottest little jailbait on the planet. I woke some time later, aware of a body curled up to me. It took a moment to remember that my wife was out of town, and it wasn't until I touched the polyester skirt that I completely came around, knowing my baby, my lover, my goddess Morgan was right next to me!

I wanted to take her forcefully right there, slam her till I came and keep on pumping until I was ready to cum again. Fuck down time, you don't waste time with a female who is the literal embodiment of lust. But she was asleep and I couldn't be that rude to my fantasy fuck. I would be kind to her, love her when she was at least awake to feel the 2-3 minutes of spasmic fucking before giving her an injection of baby batter.

My god, it only I was single. I would make it my goal to impregnate that girl so her parents would have to consent to marriage. I felt Morgan stir. She looked up and pushed up to kiss me. My god, I thought then, she wakes up ready for sex! How was I going to make this work?

Work it so that this god's gift to pleasure was the daily recipient of my cock? Only Morgan was worthy of my cum, I didn't want to give a drop to anyone else. Anyone else was a waste of good cum. Morgan slid on top of me, pushing the comforter down to my thighs, her bare ass lying on top my my hardening manhood.

She reached behind her and unzipped the cheerleading top. Whether she went bare the im going to feed you a load of your own cum cei day or slipped off the bra at some other point that night I don't know but I heard the top hit the floor as I starred at the marvelous mounds of Morgan in the pale blue moonlight. She grabbed my hands and brought them to her breasts. "Mmmmmm, that's better." Said Morgan with a pouty soft tone.

I know its embarrassing and pathetic but I reached over, unhanding her breast and turned on the bedside lamp. Morgan recoiled for a moment squinting, her eyes not ready for the light.

"Wha-what are you doing?" She asked quietly. "I want to see them" I said breathlessly. and my hand joined the other on her breasts and I squeezed and cupped her glorious mammaries. The mammaries I wanted to feed all the children I would have with her. I would drink her milk, and she would drink mine, salty though it was. Morgan giggled at my answer and reached back to under her skirt. "Don't! Please, please leave it on my goddess." I pleaded, starring into her eyes.

She giggled again. She grabbed the remote and turned on the tv and muted it. "Now turn out the light." I obeyed my queen and now her perfect form was bathed in a muted white light. She now nikki sexx gets a rock solid donger almost like she was in my dream.

That was a good role for her, she was every man's dream! Morgan leaned down and we kissed again, deeply, our tongues battling each other. She reached behind her and massaged my penis up and down her slit twice before sitting back on top of my tool, taking it in her. Oh the tight, moist, warm teenage pussy of Morgan's! I breathed in hard. "Nnnn!" "Mmmmmmmm." Responded Morgan as she took me completely in her to my balls, tossing her hair over her shoulder in the process.

I reached under the skirt and gripped her hips, guiding her up and down on top of me. I closed my eyes, knowing the view would be too much. I tried to imagine the grossest women I could think of, hoping to sedate my orgasm, which was aiming to release the second I entered Morgan's birth canal. "Nnnnnnf. Oh Jesus baby. Baby, I love you. I love you Morgan! Oh baby!" I said a bit louder than a whisper.

"Oooh. Did you hear that? He's ready to go, see just like that!" Morgan said with a giggle, pointing at me. "What are you, who are talking, talking. . to?" I said puzzled, while also feeling the balls let loose, my cum was on the way. Dammit already?. Well, she was just going to have to accept another dose of when I could fire up again. I wasn't done with her pussy tonight. "Oh, ha ha. Look!" She said point to my face. "It's coming!" "Oooooh god. Oh yes Morgan, fuck him!

Oooooo shit, OOOOOOOOOH!" I turned in horror, knowing my step daughters voice. I could see in the tv light that her shorts and undies were off, and she was strumming herself. Her legs quivered and knees locked as she was engulfed by an orgasm. "Ch-ch-ch-chelsee-ee-ee. Nnn-nnn-nnoo sweet-sweet-SWEETIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I couldn't stop it, it was already launched. I felt the cum rupture out of my cockhead and pump stream after stream of hot cum into Morgan's waiting womb. "Oh yes!

Fuck yea, this horny dad feeds dolly leigh his big cock deep throat smalltits and pornstars so fucking perfect! Fuck me you sick old pervert! Mmmm!" Morgan's pussy clenched my spurting manhood and squeezed out just a bit more juice than would have made it on its own.


I was appalled and knowing my step daughter had watched and beat off to watching me essentially legally rape her friend. It was disturbing, and incredibly taboo, which had only added to the orgasm. I was watching Moran in the muted light. she was still, perched teen whore madisson reese sits on big cock of jock my softening cock, her breasts pressed together by her arms, one hand on each side of my stomach.

I was fighting sleep as long as I could. I saw Chelsea stumble onto the edge of the bed, where she and Morgan engaged in a deep kiss and embrace.

I couldn't fight sleep anymore and barely felt the two girls curl up on either side of me all of us enjoying a much needed nap. Morgan wasn't a normal human being. She was a sick fuck and I awakened to her licking my dick and balls all around, turning dried cum and pussy juice back into fluid and cleaning it all off like she was trying to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

Chelsea was next to me rubbing my chest softly, her head on my shoulder, watching Morgan clean me. "Chel, Chelsea?" I said hoarsely, not sure what to make of things. "Hi daddy, I love you daddy." And she rolled up her lips to mine and we kissed. I wanted to push her away but she had such mom lexy cougar girl on girl with alex mae great kiss. Tender, shy, reserved.

My step daughter was a virgin, I realized, happy that she wasn't a fucked up whore like Morgan. She was a good girl. Why was she kissing me? What had Morgan done to her? And why was I still kissing her!? I wrapped my arm around Chelsea's shoulder and pulled her off my lips. "Chelsea. . why, why were you watching us?" "Morgan told me that night that you rubbed against her.

She told me she was going to have sex with you. I was watching when you were with her. She told me how great it was. She said you are the best lover.

I want my first time to be with the best. I love you so much daddy. I don't want to be a virgin anymore daddy. She told me tonight would be the night.

I have been so excited all day!." She lunged to me again and we kissed. "Chelsea, we can't do that. There is no way. . " I was cut off my Chelsea kissing me again. I indulge for a moment and pulled her away again. "We just can't sweetie. It isn't right." I was telling myself the same thing, but I couldn't stop my arm from cradling her to me.

Her smaller but harder breasts felt so nice pressed against me, the nipples hard. "Yeah right, he is getting hard. You got him." Said Morgan in between slurps laughing.

"Yay!" Squealed Chelsea, kissing me again. "I'm ready!" Chelsea pushed up and looked down at me with anticipation. Those nipples were pointing straight out.

"Chelsea. . " I sighed. "I know I don't look like Morgan," Chelsea said in a depressed voice. "I wish I was pretty so you would want me. I wish I had those big breasts so you would think I was worth love." "Chelsea" I said as I stroked her cheek. "You are beautiful. You are sexy. You are gorgeous. I wish I could make love to you day and night. I want to be the first man to be inside you. But I can't. We just can't." "She's not even your daughter. What's the big deal?

You already fucked one girl tonight, why not another?" "Morgan, shut up!" "Daddy, I want you." "No Chelsea. I will not put my penis inside first bbc anal teens sex stories part of your body." "What if you could pretend?" Asked Morgan, pausing on her constant cleaning of my manhood.

"Pretend?" Asked Chelsea and I in unison. "Well you won't put your dick in her. Not sure why you care so much, but look, have her sit on your tummy, I will suck on you and finger her and match the rhythms. You can kiss and touch and pretend you are loving each other. I bet I can make you both orgasm at mom and soon xxx filim same time." "I won't doubt anything you can do." I said to Morgan, now thinking I was probably one of dozens of guys.

She was a fucking slut. But she had an idea. . and I wanted to kiss my step daughter's lips again. "Oh, ah.

Shit. Ok, we can do that." "Do a good job Morgan ok?" pleaded Chelsea as she slid on top of my stomach, she thin thighs showing a pronounced tendons popping out as her knees almost hit the bed on either side. Her pussy hair was either trimmed well or just starting because I could feel the wispy hair on my tummy, and it made my cock harden significantly. She was pure, her skin was so soft, she smelled wonderful, she was the perfect combination of firm and supple.

She was trim and taught.

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I pulled Chelsea to me and we kissed, again and again. I felt Morgan inhale my cock while Chelsea felt Morgan's finger slide inside her cunt, just one for now. Our moans were in concert, as we pleased at Morgan's touch and at our caressing arm and lips. I began to fantasize I really was in Chelsea. It was so wrong but it was so hot!!!

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I was glad Morgan had cleaned me out earlier, I wanted to make this experience last. I would never do any of this with her again, but just tonight, I was going to indulge. You only live once, and nights like this were impossible! Chelsea gained confidence and we kissed stronger and deeper.

She was a natural, pure and sweet. She was a morsal. Morgan increased the speed and pressure on my blowjob, and added a second finger in Chelsea. I moaned, Chelsea moaned, and Morgan stayed quiet, working hard to make our fantasy reality. "Ooo. Ooo. Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy, Oh, OH OH OH!" Chelsea clenched, her legs squeezing the air out of me.

"Oooo! OOOO! Oh daddy.

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oh daddy. Daddy!" I felt her juice spill out on to me. She fell to me and we kissed and cuddled. :Oh daddy, oh god, another one?" Morgan was a pro, she should have been a high class hooker.

Shit, maybe she was. She kept working Chelsea and kept working my cock. I was just starting to feel real tingle in my balls again. Boy, they really were empty. Chelsea pressed herself up on her forehead, her arms clenching the bedspread beside me. I watched her face contorting in the multiple orgasms she was experiencing. She looked so enticing. Her body was so tight and petite, so sexually hungry, so innocent, so . . so what I wanted.

Bad decisions come in waves, and at this point, I think I knew I had only delayed the inevitable. I pushed on Chelsea's hips, forcing her taut form down towards my crotch. Morgan that dirty fucking slut was just waiting for me.

She yanked her fingers out and pulled off my cock and lined it up perfectly with Chelsea's pussy well oiled and pre stretched by her good friendready to receive me inside her body.

I entered her incredibly tight pussy, worried my dick would snap from the pressure of my hips trying to force my step daughter open. The pressure worked and her hymen stretched giving me full access. A few fantastic looker in stockings gets screwed hard creampie brunette thrusts and I had worked my way all the way in.

"Nnnna oh christ! Oh my sweet little girl." "Chelsea squinted her closed eyes, so wrapped up in numbing orgasms she hadn't even realized. "Ooooo, why are her fingers so. . so. . so warm-mm-mm, oh mm, mmm, mmmm, MMMM, MMMM, MMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMYYY GOOOOOOOOOOD! OH DADDY!

OH DADDY, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. OH, OH, OH, OH, OH FUCK YOU ARE IN MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Chelsea as hit by another orgasm, the largest one yet. Chelsea was still bouncing on me with Morgan's steadying hand. She was sobbing as her slick with sweat thighs kept twitching against me.

Morgan began to kiss her and I watched in awe as I continued to slide in and out of my step daughter's twat. I couldn't' believe I was still hanging on to my cum.

It was a blessing from God, I felt like the luckiest man on Earth. I knew I could never do this again, I wanted to make it count. I pulled Chelsea to me and pushed Morgan away, wishing she would leave so I could be with my new true love in my fucked up sex addled brain.

I rolled us over, never exiting Chelsea and laid her on her back. I grabbed her legs and pressed them up, her frauen wixen schwnze bis der saft spritzt now pointing to the head board and settled into a great rhythm. I pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped. "Oh my god daddy, fuck me daddy!" Squealed Chelsea in a high pitch. "Fuck her daddy!" Whispered Morgan in my ear, now massaging my balls.

"Fuck me daddy!" "Fuck her daddy!" Morgan then jammed a finger into my ass. I wasn't expecting it and didn't really like it but I was too focused on giving my step daughter daddy issues for the rest of her life. I still felt like I could hold out for a good four or five more minutes, but Morgan found my prostate. A few well placed rubs and my hips shot forward, cum lunching from my dick with virtually no warning.

I had never gone from fucking to cumming like that before. "WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHNNNN!: I felt my arms shaking trying to keep me in position as my pelvis shoved forward again, my dick already fully embedded, but my body had to react. Chelsea was looking at me with teary eyes. She couldn't feel me anymore, she couldn't move, paralysed at the moment from her constant orgasms.

But she saw my face she heard Morgan squeal with delight knowing she had a front row view of seducing her friend's step dad into cumming inside her. It was deliciously dirty. "Mmmmmmpffff." Was all I could muster as I collapsed onto Chelsea.

Our bodies slick with sweat, cum and Morgan's silva. I was silent as I fell hard into sleep, still inside my sweet little girl.