Hot amateur girl under the wild attack of throbbing piston

Hot amateur girl under the wild attack of throbbing piston
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Greta Goes Down.Anywhere:the beginning of my cum bucket fuckpig. tags: male/female, blowjob, oral,anal,bdsm,rape,watersports, Orin was a small town, only having maybe 7/8 hundred people. Everyone knew everyone and nothing went unnoticed.


At least nothing normal goes unnoticed. David looked out of his 2nd story bedroom window just like he did every night, his cock inside his flesh light.

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This was his nightly ritual, so much to the point the he mounted his flesh light to the wall for easier use. David had an obsession with his next door neighbor.

Her name was Greta and she had only moved in a month ago. Things started off friendly until one night David looked out his window to realize he was looking right into Greta's bedroom.

And to Davids great enjoyment she masterbated every single night. Wether she finger fucked herself or pulled out a vibrator she made herself cum. David was about 5'8", 200 pounds and tan skinned with black hair and brown eyes. Even after being out of the Army for 3 years he stil kept himself in good shape. Greta was 5'5", women never give out there weight, and had red hair and some freckles but not many.

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Greta was a real women, and she had the curves to back them up. DDD boobs and ass that just begs to be smacked,fucked,spit on, everything. So every night David would fuck his toy pussy pretending that it was Greta. And the more he fantasized the more perverted they got until he couldn't take it anymore.

*I am gonna rape her and make her my cum bucket fuck pig* he thought to himself. So for two days he planned, not jacking off to save up a big load for his cum sluts filthy pussy. And then the night came.

Dressed in black he creeped next door and picked the lock on her back door. He time his break in when he knew she showered so she would hear him come in. He made his was to her bed room, she was still in the shower. Walking up to the shower curtain he made his moved,ripping it open. She screamed but only for a split second.

'WHAT THE FU.ooooh fuck" David hadn't waited to let her finish, he sarah banks sami parker danni rivers in intern affairs 2 fingers into her pussy and went straight for her g-spot.


"Now I want you to listen kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes me very carefully my little fuck pig." David said as he worked her piss soaked cunt, apparently he made her pee herself she got so scared. " You are now my girl, my cum bucket. Do you know what that is?" Greta didn't answer, she seemed lost in the feeling of her pussy actually having a real person finger her. To give her some insentive to answer David stopped and started tp pull out his fingers.

" please don't! Leave them in" greta pleaded " then answer me fuck pig " he said slamming now 3 fingers into her." " yes I understand, I'm your cum bucket. Ill be your whore and do whatever you want when ever you want, now please put ur fist in my pussy!!!" " you dont get to make requests fuck pig, and you'll address me as master!" " yes master " " good now get on your fucking knees." He said pulling his fingers out and turning the shower off.

Greta started shivering from the immediate loss of heat. " master I'm cold." " I'll fix that my little cunt! " David Msaid pulling his 7 inch cock out he let loose a hot shot of piss right in Greta's face followed by a steady stream that he made sure got in her mouth. Stoping his flow prematurely he said get on your back and spread ur pussy whore.

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Greta did as she was told. Spreading he pussy as wide as she could David started pissing again this time right into her pussy. "Hold it in cunt" As he finished pissing hr said now closr your legs and get onto to ur bed doggy style. Yes master Greta walked shakily trying to hold her masters piss inside of her filthy cunt.

Getting into the doggystyle position she anxiously waited for what her master was gonna do to her next. David had stripped off his clothes and got onto the bed behind her. Licking his finger he shoved it into her puckered asshole. Working it around to loosen her up. "Ohh real korean masseuse in tug job session, yes master!!

Fuck my asshole! Shove ur finger deep inside me!" David was ready to get it dick into a hot wet hole. " you better hold onto the piss my little cum dumpster! He said as he pushed the head of his cock into her asshole. It was heaven, Greta's asshole squeezed him tight as he started slamming himself deeper into her. At the same time he felt the heat of his piss still sloshing arouns his new cunts fuck hole.

" OH MASTER!!!.IM GONNA CUM!!! " No you're not, not until my cock is in your piss filled cunt you my little whore! And saying that David pulled out of Greta's ass and moved his cock to her pussy. " now you better not let any piss out cunt!" A He shoved his cock into her tight pussy full of his piss. It was to much for both of them. The feeling of Greta's tight little pussy and the imense heat of his piss he couldn't hold it.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Now you can cum you slut!! He yelled as he forced his entires hand into Greta's newly penetrated asshole. The feeling of having herself masters cock in her shooting his cum to mix with his piss. She cried in pleasure!"OHHHH FUCK MASTER YOU FEEL SO GOOD!!!

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CUM IN YOUR CUM BUCKETS PUSSY!!!" As she screamed she felt his hand go completely into her asshole she creamed. "Ooooohhhh!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!" She let loose squirting her cum, her master piss and cum all over David's dick.

Which causes him to cum even more. "Goddamn you slut! You feel so fucking good I'm never gonna jack off again, I'm just gonna throw you down and fuck you till I'm raw!!!" "Oh yes master please please!!" They were in absolute blyss for 5 mins longer, neither one able to stop cumming. Once they got a hold of them selves they lay on Greta's piss,cum, and sweat covered bed Greta spoke up " I love you master. I'll do absolutely anything for you.

If you wanna fuck me in the middle of Walmart I don't care. I'm your cum slut." " that's a good girl now slide down the bed and suck my cock." To be continued :-)