Sunny leone in the virginity hit10

Sunny leone in the virginity hit10
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Dream scape Torture can be fun 2 - Dear Hearts revenge Composed and written by Dear Heart "Hmm I think I will teach him a lesson which he won't ever forget." She says to herself while cleaning the mess on the bed and thinking about the last night.

After spending a lot of time in cleaning the bed and washing the bed sheets, a smile plays on her lips when she at last gets the idea to punish her beloved man. The next moment she is on the phone talking to him, informing that she will not be able to visit him today as she isn't feeling well because it the first day of her monthly and has decided she will be just resting and watching TV all day long in her apartment.

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He hangs up the call with a sigh. "Damn! I really wanted to meet her, especially to hear what she had to say about the last night. I bet she hadn't slept the whole night." An evil smile plays on his face as he thinks about the previous night. He walks into the bedroom and tries to occupy himself with something as it is Sunday and his all plans which involved her were cancelled.

His day passed at a quarter of the regular speed. He did some exercise and went out just roaming on the streets alone. When he reached home, it was already midnight and he was thankful that the most boring and tedious day of his life ended and he could make his way to Monday by just sleeping. A little tired he opens the door of the refrigerator to get himself a drink but to his surprise there was no beer. While he was sure that he had at least a couple of bottles there, he ignores it and after having some water, now both disappointed and tired he goes to bed.

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Stripping himself completely naked he slips between the sheets. She walks inside the bedroom from her place of hiding and stands near the bed admiring the innocent looking sleeping giant. Seeing him sleeping and hearing his soft snores, she is overcome with a feeling of love and wants to snuggle to him, make love and bury her body inside his while he buries his hardness inside her.

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She almost goes to show him her love but no. Tonight isn't about love. It is about revenge. Revenge filled with lust. She strips naked and pulls her bag which was hiding behind the door. She fishes some items of her use and throws the bag away.

Then she walks towards the bed and lifts the sheet off his body and throws it as well, in the corner of the room. Her mouth waters as she sees his manhood which isn't hard yet but soon is going to be.

She quickly but noiselessly puts his hands above his head and locks them in handcuffs before attaching them to the headboard of the bed. This sudden movement causes him to stir up and he tries to flip. When he is not able to move, he opens his eyes to see what was happening but before his eyes could adjust to the dim light of the table lamp, she puts a blindfold to cover his eyes.

"You know I hate to cover your beautiful eyes but don't worry. This is just to help you my love." She says to him and her voice instantly kills the panic inside him even before it starts filling him. Now only thing he feels is rising excitement which also speeds up his arousal. He hears fading sound of her footsteps and then nothing. A minute, two minutes, an hour or two? How much time has passed? He has no idea. Now fully aroused, he growls her name but before her name fully leaves his mouth, a small hanky is pushed into his bcs beauty dior cherokee skyy black big booty trio which makes him realize that she was there.

The cloth doesn't fully fill his mouth but is enough to make his every word sound alien. A swat on his chest stops his growling. "There, I knew you would misbehave. What did you say last night? Payback is bitch? Now I will show you who is the real bitch." Just as she completes her sentence, she pours a bottle of cold liquid with watery consistency on his chest, shocking 20 inch big black dick and he screams into the hanky.

Wasting no time, she sits on his crotch and starts licking the liquid off his chest making slurping noises which arouse him furthermore but he moans with pleasure when she rubs the wetness leaking from her naked crotch onto his making him even harder. "This is a torture not to touch her while she is completely dominating me." He thinks unable to move his hands.

With all the cold liquid gone, she now attacks his hot rod with her oh story13690young boy and a woman cold mouth making him jump as she first kisses the tip and then starts licking and spreading the pearly drop of his pre-cum.

Holding him at the base, she sucks him hard and then shifts her mouth to his big balls while she strokes him urgently.


One by one she sucks his balls until a slippery and shiny coating covers them fully. Then she stops for five seconds in which he hears the clink of a glass with ice and again her mouth on the tip of his hardness and her tongue swirls all around him making him harder, groan louder and making him realize that her mouth is cold as ice again.

His groans seem to excite her even more and she takes him fully into her throat via her mouth. The warmth and tightness of her throat bring him a brand-new level of pleasure to him and he groans even louder as if in pain. But this has no effect on her. Instead she fucks her throat with his hardness even faster but just as he is about to come she stops.

This draws an angry growl from him which is somewhat muffled by the hanky. She looks up and smiles her evil smile to him making him even gals quinn wilde and sophia leone share cock. She tugs and pulls out the hanky out of his mouth and just as he is about to say something she drops her head back into his crotch and takes him into her mouth again.

She sucks him so hard that he is a bit scared that she will to pull his manhood out and unman him. To him it feels like she is sucking his sanity away and soon he groans in an overwhelming pleasure while he pours his load, and really a load into her mouth of which she doesn't spills a drop as if it is the elixir of life.

As he comes down to earth, she places a series of wet kisses starting ravishing melissa rides on a big dong brunette his pubic hair to his neck and jaw line via his nipples which she gives additional attention by sucking and nibbling them. She then kisses his forehead and closed eyes which open slowly after getting kisses and finally she gets to his mouth and decides to give him a small kiss for now.

But the nature of the kiss changes as soon as their lips come in contact. From a chaste kiss to a passionate and furious one. They kissed as if they have met after an eon of separation. Their teeth bumped together and it was a battle of tongue which love won.

(This is just how I will kiss you Oldbutyoungatbheart) He tugs onto the hand cuffs, silently asking her to open them as she has gotten what she wanted. An evil smile plays on her face which indicates that she isn't finished.

She gets up and walks out of the room again leaving him blind and bound to the bed and this time shivering as well. After a minute or two which felt much more to him, he hears her footsteps. He can feel her standing beside him because of her body heat and the aroma of her sex which is driving him and his junior, who was supposed be resting, insane again.

She looks at him and notices his body a little shivering. "Are you cold, dear?" she asks him to which he just nods his head because he is still recovering from the passionate kiss and the passionate session before it. "Are you thirsty, dear?" she asks him again and that is when he realizes just how thirsty he is.

This time he answers "yes" with a couple of nods to which she reacts by giggling. "Open your mouth." She commands him and he complies a little bemused. She pours the same liquid which she used on his chest into her mouth.

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Leaning down, her face to his, she pours the liquid into his mouth from hers which half spills on his jaws, then on the bed and half into his mouth which he gladly gulps and realizes this was the same beer which was missing from the fridge.

She pours some more of the beer into his mouth from hers and this time it spills less on the bed. Again, and again and again.


She repeats it five times in total. And then stops and goes again somewhere he doesn't know. This time luckily, she returns in not more than ten seconds. "Now, we will see about making you warm." She whispers in his ear which makes the hair on the nape of his neck stand before she takes the blindfold off his eyes.

His eyes adjust to the dim light and finally he is able to see her, fully naked and sexy, rubbing some oil on her palms. Immediately the room is filled with a jasmine aroma and in the next moment he feels her small hands sliding on his saucy blonde pleasures a big rod orally broad chest, covering it by layer of thick and warm jasmine massage oil.

Her hands first massage his chest rubbing his nipples in circles, then his collar bones and neck, the back of his neck too and then she moves to his stomach. Pouring more oil directly inside his navel and flooding it, she takes the oil from there and goes lower towards his manhood which appears to be excited and is becoming hard again. Her touch makes him twitch again and in no longer than mere seconds he is rock hard again. She strokes him with her left hand while her right one is busy in playing with his balls.

Her speed increases rapidly which draws a series of grunts and groans from him. During all this his eyes were closed but he responded to her by groaning loud and louder and by moving his lips in pleasure. He opens his eyes when her hands stop but relaxes when he sees that is only because she is lowering herself on his hardness. She slides easily because both of their sexes are well lubricated. She starts moving and all he can do is feel the pleasure and see her breasts bounce.

How badly he wants to grab them is only he knows. "I want to touch you" he says this time boldly. She points her finger to the side of his head where finds the key. With so difficulty but full determination he got the cuffs opened and as soon as his hands were free, he busied them onto her breasts. He then holds her by her waist after playing with her body a little and helps her to do things faster because all the patience was lost by now. One time, the second time and the third time when he plunged inside her she came hard and the contractions of her inside triggered his own orgasm.

They both sank into the bed. Although being fully spent, they kissed like maniacs tills they were out of breath. Lying on top of him, she gives her numerous small kisses on his neck and jaw line before snuggling her face into his hard chest, while he tenderly strokes her back and bottom. "My revenge was accomplished. Now you will have a hard time cleaning the mess off your bed baby." She says to which he swats her ass playfully and they both laugh before they drift off to the dreamland, where they had other plans.

Ohhh I do blonde vixen kleio valentien gets her anus stretched there will be more to these stories. Revenge is mine not yours Dear Heart.revenge is MINE!!!