Chubby blonde teen ass and cute body tall lanky hoes are a no

Chubby blonde teen ass and cute body tall lanky hoes are a no
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Whoa! Susan Gets More Than She Wanted Jason had a busy week. Professor Ridge had him beginning to take over more and more of the operation of the university's labs. The amount of paperwork was something of a surprise, but Jason quickly took to his new responsibilities with just a bit of effort. He was relieved when Friday finally rolled around.

He was looking forward to relaxing at home with his girls. He chuckled as he drove. He realized he was building a nice harem of girls dedicated to serving his needs.

As usual his girls arrived on time at near eight o'clock. They had all come to see him. Sharon, Rita, Pam, Ginger, and Jenny all kissed him as they entered. They had brought a cute little blonde with them. She was a blonde in a bad mood. "Well, hello young lady. How are you tonight?" Jason greeted her. "Humph!" She glared at Jason as if she was expecting him to start beating her or something. Sharon introduced the new girl. "Jason, this is Susan. She seems to be in a bad mood tonight.

I don't think she wanted to come with us. She had told several of us she didn't want to come. Then Coach Russel strongly suggested she should join us.

Susan then changed her mind and here she is." Sharon then whispered into Jason's ear. "I think you may want to make a suggestion to her soon before she ruins everyone's evening." Jason kissed Sharon's cheek and quietly told her, "Thank you, sweetheart.

I'll keep your advise in mind." "Hello Susan. I'm Jason, and I hope you enjoy yourself tonight." "I doubt it! The only reason I'm here is because the coach practically insisted. I'm the best cheerleader on the squad and. Hey, what the hell are you guys doing." Susan watched in shock as the other girls removed their clothes.

She then turned and headed for the door. "Fuck this! I'm not going to be part of any damned orgy. I'm getting the fuck out of here!" Jason firmly spoke to her. "Susan, stop right there!" He continued to communicate with the little blonde silently. 'Listen to me you little bitch. You want to remove your clothes too. You also want to show a more pleasant attitude.

Before this night is over, you will be fucking your brains out. Now strip, bitch!' Jason jolie black se fait defoncer le cul derriere la maison smiled and winked at Sharon. His girlfriend nodded knowingly. That was the first time Jason had forcefully used his power of suggestion.

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He had not made a suggestion to Susan. He had given her orders. Susan obviously did not want to stay, but she did. She certainly did not want to undress in front of Jason, but again, she did.

It was evident to Jason that his power was capable of much more than simply suggesting things to others. Not surprisingly, Susan immediately dropped her bad attitude and began removing her blouse. When she was nude, Jason noticed she was smaller than he had originally thought. She was very slender. She had a very flat belly and a butt to match. Her butt was not only small but appeared to be taught. Her butt and legs evidenced her years of workouts as a cheerleader.

Her tits were the size of tennis balls. They would be a small hand full with nothing to spare. She did have a nice set of nipples. Her nipples appeared to be getting hard. They soon protruded about half an inch from the puffy areola that topped her tits. To set herself apart from the other cheerleaders, Susan had shaved her pussy but had left a one inch wide strip from above her clit to fetish anal for king rocco siffredi porno italiano italian porn top of her pubic mound.

Jason choose that time to undress as well. He was already hard due enjoying the view of all the naked women around him. The other girls were all impressed with Jason's longer size, all except Jenny.


She licked her lips and smiled at the sight of Jason's cock. Susan gasped when she saw Jason's huge cock. "You're not going to put that thing in me.

I'm a virgin, and I'm much too small for that thing to fit in me." "Very well, Susan. Get on your knees and start sucking me off." When Susan didn't move, Jason sent her another suggestion. 'Susan, get down on your knees and suck my cock. I know you've sucked cock before. Now get busy.' "How did you know that? I haven't sucked any cock since high school." She was amazed that Jason could know her secrets.

However, she had fallen to her knees and began licking the head of the monster cock in her hands. Nine inches of cock was more than she had ever seen, and now she was sucking it. Once Susan had begun sucking in earnest, Jason stopped her. He suggested that they all go to his bedroom. He picked Susan up, flung her over is shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and carried her to his bedroom. She didn't weigh enough to strain his arms when lifting her.

Once they had all gotten in his bedroom, Jason laid Susan on his bed so her head was hanging off the side. She started to complain about the uncomfortable position until Jason shoved his cock back into her mouth. She resumed her efforts to suck his huge cock. She did a pretty good job of sucking him off, and Jason was soon ready to erupt.

"I'm about to cum, Susan. Do you think you can swallow it?" Without taking his cock out of her mouth, Susan nodded her acceptance.

"You've swallowed cock before haven't you, Susan?" Jason asked. Again Susan nodded affirmatively. "Good! Then swallow this." Jason ordered. Just as the first surge of cum erupted from his cock's head, he shoved all nine inches of hard cock into her mouth and deep down her throat. Susan began rapidly swallowing out of habit when she felt Jason pumping his cum down her gullet. She had learned a long time ago to breath through her nose when taking a cock into her throat.

This cock was more than she had ever had in her throat, but she handled it. She had never had to swallow so much cum either, but she handled that as well. Jenny, get over here and suck my cock when I pull out of Susan mouth.

Jenny immediately fell to her knees and opened her mouth ready to accept Jason's offering. Susan face got sprayed with several large jets of cum as Jason pulled out of her throat and mouth.

Jenny then took his cock into her mouth. With her face covered with cum, Jason had Susan turn and lay properly on the bed. "Pam, would you please eat Susan's hotty babe fingers herself and fucks boyfriends cock until she cums? Ginger, would you please lick her face clean? Both women quickly began doing as they had been asked. Sharon help Jenny take my cock down her throat. Sharon stood behind Jenny and placed her pelvis against the back of the plump girl's head.

She had done the same thing when her sister had sucked Jason's cock. Sharon began moving her pelvis in rhythm with Jenny's bobbing head. "Be sure to breath through your nose, Jenny. Are you ready?" Jason asked. Jenny smiled and nodded. Sharon took that as her cue to push her hips forward.

Jenny only took about six or seven inches of Jason's cock with Sharon's first shove. Then, with some force, Sharon shoved again and hugged Jason tightly.


Jenny's head was trapped between Sharon's pelvis and Jason's hard cock. Jenny had all nine inches of Jason's cock deep in her mouth and down her throat.

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He finished cumming down Jenny's welcoming gullet. Jenny may have been too plump to be a good cheerleader at the time, but she was certainly becoming a great sex partner. As Jenny licked Jason's cock clean, he silently sent Susan another suggestion. 'Susan, you are getting horny?

You would like to be fucked by that big cock you just swallowed.' "Oh God yes. I am so horny. Pam eats pussy so well. I'm cummmming." Susan was crying out and writhing on the bed. She then begged. "Jason, please come fuck me. I want that cock in my pussy. Busty lucie wilde masturbating for her fans so ready to get rid of my virginity.

Jason, please come take my cherry." Susan begged Jason to fuck her. "That will be enough, Pam. You, and my other girls, may all enjoy watching Susan get her cherry busted." The girls all gathered around to watch Susan's deflowering. Jason then addressed Susan. "Not a problem Susan. I'm glad you're starting to have a good time. Lift and spread your knees." With no further warm-up for Susan other than Pam eating her pussy, Jason knee walked up between Susan's spread legs. He placed his cock at the opening to Susan's virginal pussy and pushed.

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His cock popped past her opening into the girl's tight hole and bumped into her barrier. The barrier that had protected her inner treasures for so long had but a few seconds more to survive. Susan gasped as Jason's cock hit her cherry. Jason gripped her raised thighs and shoved his cock deep into Susan's cunt. Susan cried out in pain as Jason's cock forcefully spread her pussy's lips and walls open and ripped her hymen asunder.

"Umph!" Susan grunted as Jason rammed his cock into her depths. "Umph, umph, umph." Susan grunted each time Jason repeatedly thrust into her cunt and rammed his cock into her cervix. In short order, Jason was cuming. He pumped her cunt full of cum until it seeped around his cock's shaft and ran out of her tight pussy.

"Oh yes, Jason. I can feel you cuming in me. It feels so good. Fill my pussy with your cum. I can feel it running down the crack of my ass." Susan soon collapsed on the bed.

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She was exhausted. Cum tinged red from her cherries blood poured out of her devirginated cunt after Jason pulled his cock from her sore hole. Sharon leaned near Susan's ear and asked. "Susan, do you want to be one of Jason's girls? If you do, you will do whatever he asks of you?" Susan quickly agreed. "Oh yes, I want to be one of Jason's girls as long as he fucks me again real soon with that huge cock of his." Jason decided to have a little mercy on Susan. He'd fuck her ass some other time.

After all, she was such a petite girl. He felt there was no need to punish her ass at that time. Jason silently sent Susan his thoughts. 'Susan, welcome to the college girl rape xxx story. I am certain you will have a good time with us and others. Call my office sometime Monday morning. I have something I want you to do.' Just before she dozed off to sleep, Susan answered Jason.

"Yes Jason, I'll call. I'll do anything you want me to do." While Susan slept the other girls serviced Jason very well. Susan awoke a few hours later. She, and three of the other girls dressed and left. Sharon and Jenny stayed the night with Jason. The two girls were very active in their attempts to please Jason. They seemed to be competing with each other to see who could do the most for their man.

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Jenny was happily riding Jason's cock and firmly bouncing it against her cervix. Jason was about to cum when he remembered his promise to fill Jenny's womb with cum. Jenny had raised herself up and was preparing to slam down on his cock when Jason added two more inches to his cock's length.

Jenny smiled.


She knew Jason was about to cum in her. He took a strong grip on her hips and pulled down hard as she plunged down on his cock. Instead of ramming into her cervix when she plunged down, his cock pushed through it and entered her womb. Jenny screamed as Jason's cock enter her womb, but she refused to lift off the cock in her depths. Her cervix seemed to clamp down tight on Jason's cock and refused to let it move.

Jason immediately began pumping a huge load of cum directly into Jenny's pill protected baby chamber. Jenny pressed down all the harder and quivered as Jason filled her with his warm cum. She then fell forward to lay on Jason. Her plump tits were squashed into his chest. The three of them finally dozed off together shortly before three AM.

Before they left the next morning, Jason asked Sharon and Jenny if they thought he could serve them better if he were a bit smaller. Almost in unison the girls cried, "Noooo!" Sharon said, "We like it as big as it is. No other man can ever fill us with cock and cum the way you can." Jenny added, "You promised to try to fill my womb with your cum directly, and you did.

How can you do that again if you were any smaller?" The three of them then cuddle for a while before Sharon and Jenny got dressed to leave. "Jenny, would you please wait outside?

I'll give you a ride home as soon as I speak with my boyfriend." Jenny smiled and headed out the door. "Jason, if you made your cock big enough to enter Jenny's womb, I suggest you tight blond chick gets extreme hardcore gangbang it go back to your nine inch size before you fuck any of the rest of us, please. I'm afraid you could hurt us if you fucked us with any more cock." "Very well, Sharon.

You are my girlfriend after all, and I certainly don't want to hurt you."