Stud assists with hymen checkup and banging of virgin kitten

Stud assists with hymen checkup and banging of virgin kitten
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Fbailey story number 444 My Cousin The 57yo Stripper I had not seen my cousin in years until I attended the Family Reunion. I had been moving around some but settled down a few years ago. My father sent my invitation to me and I had to smile because he wrote, "See you there." Now my father isn't much of a talker. Over the years when we do talk on the phone is never lasts more than five minutes.

We just say what we have to and hang up. It was a beautiful July day, the weather was hot, and the sun was bright. I got to young amatorial couple having a nice home sex park a little early with my dish to pass and my table setting. My dish to pass was a seafood salad with fresh lobster, shrimp, and crabmeat in it. My table setting was from my kitchen since I found no reason to purchase a hundred paper plates that I would never use.

I also brought a cloth tablecloth instead of a plastic one like everyone else. Just as I got situated a very pretty woman came over and asked me if she could share my table. As I looked up she smiled so sweetly that she melted my heart. Of course she could share my table and my life too if she wanted. Soon she was asking me who I was.

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When I told her who my father was she screamed out and told me who her mother was and who she was. Dinah was still very attractive and she had a nice rack with great cleavage and a million freckles on her chest.

Soon she was showing me pictures of her grandchildren. My father arrived late and left early as everyone expected. As the day wore on Dinah asked me to walk down to the beach with her. She said that she wanted to get wet and to cool off.

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I watched as she shimmed out of her shorts and pulled her top up revealing her bikini. It was not the smallest or sexiest bikini that I had seen but it was nice and it was packed full of her body. Even at the age of fifty-seven my cousin looked very good. I really examined her body with my eyes.

Her tummy was rounded and her breasts drooped but they should at her age and after giving birth to three children. I watched as she entered the cool water and splashed around getting herself wet. Shortly she came back to me and stood before me dripping wet.

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She had not brought a towel with her and just stood there to dry in the sun. Her feet were spread, her pussy was puffy, and there were dark hairs sticking out of her bikini. The hair on her head was just as dark as that on her pussy. Her nipples were hard and poking out rather nicely. She knew where my eyes were looking but she didn't seem to care. In fact she was staring at my crotch as I sat there in the hot sand looking up at her. She smiled and said, "Just like old times." Confused I replied, "What." Dinah said, "Me in a bathing suit and you with a hard-on.

Just like old times. You know when we were kids." I knew exactly what she was talking about. Dinah was my kissing cousin. We had done more than just kiss too. We never fucked but that was probably because we didn't know how at the time.

I looked up and smiled at her as I said, "Yes, I remember quite well." Dinah giggled and ran back into the cool water. Shortly she came back to me. I asked, "What was that all about?" Dinah giggled and said, "My nipples were going soft and my pussy was drooling so Rare story massage fuck best took care of both of those problems while I was in there.

Get up. Lets go." I walked her up to the lady's changing room and she went in. After a while she came back out carrying her wet bikini. I was fully aware that she had nothing on under her clothes. Her nipples were hard and she had a slight camel toe. I told her, "Looking good lady." She smiled and said, "Thank you I don't hear that nearly often enough." The reunion had died down so I invited her out for dinner and drinks.

She said that she needed to change first. I looked at her and asked, "Do you have to put underwear on?" She replied, "Not if you don't want me too. What would you like to see me in?" There was a slight pause and then she added, "Besides my birthday suit." I smiled and followed her to her house. I sat in the living room while she changed in her bedroom. Her bedroom was just off the living room and the door had been left open so that we could talk.

She told me that times were getting hard and that she might have to look for a second job. When she came out she had on a white blouse and a blue jean miniskirt.

She looked fabulous. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra since I could see her dark skin and areolas through it. The material was thick enough so that it wasn't too obvious. I asked, "Are you wearing panties?" Dinah turned around and bent over asking, "Should I shave my pussy?" I replied, "Not at all, it looks good enough to eat." She stood up, turned around, and smiled as she said, "That's the first time you've seen it with hair, isn't it?" I just nodded my head in agreement.

I took her to a nice restaurant, we ordered, and drank a bottle of wine. Dinner was great and the company was even better. At the end of our meal Dinah smiled, took both my hands in her hands, and said, "If this were a normal date I she wont stop sucking till he cums twice feel compelled to let my date take me to bed.

This was much better than I am normally treated too and I still put out." I smiled and said, "In that case I must be entitled to the whole night including breakfast in the morning." Dinah asked, "What goes with breakfast? Coffee, tea, or me?" I said, "You, of course. Remember I said that you were good enough to eat and I meant it too." I took her home and walked her right into her bedroom. I peeled her blouse and skirt off, laid her back on her bed, and had desert…hair pie.

I smiled knowing that breakfast would be cream pie. Dinah talked as I ate her out.


Her husband took off years ago, she rarely dated despite what she had said in the restaurant, and she was serious about getting a second job. She also very much enjoyed oral sex, saying that it was her very first time.

I found that hard to believe, as good as she tasted. Right after her third orgasm she asked me to stop and asked me to make love to her.

As I slipped my cock in and out of her pussy she told me that I was her first true love and that almost everything sexual that she could remember had been with me…except penetration. I was her first kiss, I had seen her naked first, and had played with her boobs and pussy first. Now I had been the first to give her oral sex. Her husband had been the kind of guy that just climbed on, took care of his own needs, and rolled off. This poor woman didn't even own a dildo.

Well I managed to stay hard in her for longer than usual, probably because I came on her sheet as I ate her pussy earlier. Anyway we both enjoyed it immensely when we cum together. As I lay there with her in my arms I said, "You know you could make a fortune stripping." She laughed and asked, "Who would pay money to see this?" Then she ran her free hand down her body. I replied, "I would! And I know of a club where you would be a hit.

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The age to get in is forty. That keeps out the damn kids and their crappy music. All of the strippers are over forty and need a little extra money just like you." I felt her shiver and get goose bumps. Then I realized that she was getting excited about the idea. She just needed a little push in the right direction. It was getting late on a Saturday but there was still time to get her there.

She resisted but I kept after her. I picked out a nice bra and panty that sort of went together and told her to put her white shirt and blue jean miniskirt back on. Dinah was nervous as hell as I walked her into the club. I shook my head at the bouncer letting him know that I did not wish to be recognized.

I introduced him to Dinah and asked him to get her up on the stage seductive young lass rides a throbbing shaft cumshot blonde her debut.

I had to smile when he asked her if he could get her anything to drink and she replied, "A tall glass of vodka on ice so that it looks like a glass of water." He smiled at me as he took her away.

I took a seat in the back in a dark corner. The bouncer took Dinah up the empty stage, placed her drink on a stool, and introduced her as, "Dora the Explorer," then a children's song started to play. I had no idea where that had come from. Dinah picked up her drink and drank half of it to get up her nerve. Then she started to sing along with the song as she walked along the front of the stage smiling at the audience. At the end of the song she was sitting on the stool drinking again but with her knees open so wide that she was stretching the material in her skirt.

She was exposing her panty-covered pussy to everyone and they could see how excited she really was. Not only were her nipples poking through her bra and blouse but her panty had a big wet spot at her opening.

With the next childish song she again sang along and walked along the front of the stage as she started to unbutton her blouse. She timed it perfectly to finish unbuttoning and opening it to slip it down off her shoulders as she sat back on the stool and sipped her drink again. The next song was a fast paced one that found Dinah dancing around the stage in circles, removing her bra, and bouncing her rather large breasts to the beat of the music.

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Now topless she walked along the edge of the stage taking the money as it was offered to her by stunning babes get their wet cunts banged men.

She put the handful in a basket on the stage floor near her clothes. She just took her skirt off, threw it in the stack, and went back for more donations. Then boldly Dinah shouted out, "What am I offered for my panties?" Men started shouting, "Ten dollars, twenty, thirty, fifty, then I shouted one-hundred dollars." The guys quieted down and turned around to see who it was that had shouted out. One guy dug into his wallet and said, "A hundred and thirty dollars." Then he held it up over his head.

I walked to the front of the stage and held up my money saying, "Two hundred but I get to take them off." Dinah smiled at me, took my money, and stood closer to me. As I pulled them down I kissed her fuzzy pussy mound. She stepped out of them saying, "You could have had them for free." Dinah then danced and strutted her stuff nude on stage for the remaining three songs as she sang along with them.

She was a hit and she kept taking more and more money back to the basket.

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Others wanted to kiss her pussy and offered her twenty dollars to do so. Dinah took their money and held their faces to her pussy as she ground her hips into them.


She had entertained us for about forty-five minutes when we watched her get dressed again. She put on her bra, blouse, and then her skirt without panties. She finished off the rest of her drink and came off the stage and right into my arms. Dinah said, "I can't believe I just did that." Then I watched as she counted up five hundred and fifty-seven dollars. She asked, "Do you think I could do this again in about a month?" I told her that she could do it every night if she wanted too.

Then the bouncer came over and said, "It's closing time boss. Should I lock up?" I smiled at him and said, "Sure. You close up. I need to get this lady back in bed." Dinah quit her ugliest oldman fucks a anorexic teen in the woods job, she moved in with me, and now she dances on Friday and Saturday nights to a variety of songs that her grandchildren like.

All of her tips go into a college fund. We would get married but the system frowns on marrying your first cousin. However, living together in sin has become very popular. She changed her name back to her maiden name because it is the same as mine. We now just pass ourselves off as married. We never miss a family reunion either. The End My Cousin The 57yo Stripper 444