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Katerina kay chair solo by pornstarpalladium masturbation pornstars
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To continue with these stories I'll call my brother-in-law Bill and my husband Dave. After the first time my brother-in-law and I were together we found that neither of us wanted to stop. In fact we seemed to be unable to keep away from each other. We began finding places and times where we could be together when no-one else was around.

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Thoughts of Bill would cross my mind at the worst times, when at work, out shopping, reading a book etc and I'd feel my nipples start to tingle and I'd feel the wetness start sexy ladies ariel x tori black forced to have steamy lesbian sex in amazing lesbian sex scene xxx ho in my pussy. I'd lose concentration on what I was doing & have to drag my thoughts back to my surroundings.

By now Bill was living elsewhere but called in to visit on a regular basis and he still had a key to our place. One evening in the weekend I was home alone as Dave was at work. That was fine by me, we were both used to the shift-work his job entailed.

I settled in for a cosy night at home with a glass of wine & a good movie on TV. I lazed around on the couch enjoying watching a romantic comedy, and downed several red wines. As I got to the end of the movie I realised I was getting a little drunk, it felt good to be relaxed and happy after a stressful week. I decided to check out our dvd collection & found one I hadn't seen before, it was an adult movie so either Dave had got it & not told me or it was one of Bill's that had been left at our place.

I was feeling good so decided I'd put it on & watch by myself. It was a collection of short movies showing females having massages, I'd never had a massage but watching these decided that if I did I'd definitely want it to be like these!

There was 1 guy 40women 18boy sex story sex stories porn was great in my view, he had strong arms a taut stomach & wonderful large hands that could hold the girls breasts easily.

He slathered massage oil on those hands and started by stroking up and down her legs. As he moved up and down her legs you could see her visibly relaxing, it looked sooo good! His hands slid up her body kneading her thighs and moving on up till he was massaging her shoulders and down through her torso.

He circled her breasts and massaged her stomach then carried on down, circling her mound. He continued this for a while as her body shone with massage oil, all the while coming closer to massaging all of her breasts but not quite touching the nipples which by now were standing out begging to be stroked.

By now I could feel my own nipples aching to be freed from clothing and stroked. I slipped off my top & bra & leant back on the couch reaching for my breasts with their nipples already hard & standing out. My hands caressed my breasts, circling the nipples as I had been watching, with my fingers just flicking past my nipples as they continued to move in ever larger circles down over my stomach and up to my shoulders.

I could feel myself getting warm & a slight wetness in between my legs. I continued to mirror what was happening in the movie, caressing my body and gradually kneading my breasts more firmly, each pass moving over my nipples until my hands were rubbing hard on my nipples which had begun to feel like they were on fire.


By now my pussy lips were twitching just begging for attention & I moaned as I felt a tightening in my stomach that I knew was the start of the build up of an orgasm. On the movie the massage had also moved down and the guy was concentrating on encircling the girls mound and over her thighs. I also slid one hand down and stroked up & down my inner thighs, brushing lightly over my own mound which was bare from a recent wax.

The skin was still smooth & silky feeling. My body was automatically starting to move, reaching up as my hand neared my pussy lips & they opened up, engorged & begging to be stroked. My fingers continued to stroke up & down my inner thighs, brushing lightly across my lips which quivered each time aching to be parted & feel something warm & hard slide down between them.

Seeing as I was home alone I got up & went to get my vibrator from the bedroom, on the way back I picked up the bottle of massage oil from the bathroom. Once back in the lounge I settled back on the couch, dripping oil over my body & down the slit of my pussy.

I started moving the vibrator up & down my inner thighs & across my pussy. I closed my eyes & gave myself up to the throbbing feeling of my pussy hoping that the rug I was lying on would catch the wetness dripping from within me.

One hand was caressing my nipples which were stiff and hard just aching for a warm wet mouth to slick and suck them. The other was guiding the vibrator up & down my thighs & over my pussy, by now the movie had finished but I was happy to continue on my own. I slowly bought the vibrator up to the top of my slit & pressed down firmly, letting it drive down between my lips & slide down over my clit & reach right past my opening & then drew it back again, making me gasp with enjoyment!

While doing this I failed to notice that Bill had arrived & walked into the room & was watching me! Oh! I gasped I didn't know you were coming round tonight 'I guess not' he said, 'but there again, maybe it was good that I did, can I join you?' Of course, I smiled as he threw off his clothes; it was obvious that he had been watching for a while by the size of his cock which was standing up hard & tall. As he moved to join me on the couch I moved over & grabbed the oil bottle, 'anyone sitting on this couch must be nice & slippery' I said with a smile as I dripped oil onto his body & down over his hard cock.

I then reached down & slid my hands up& down his shaft feeling it quiver under my hands. He let out a groan & I asked him if he had been watching me, 'for a while' he admitted but it looked so good I didn't want you to stop. He reached for my breasts & gently caressed them, flicking my nipples with his fingertips. It was my turn to groan in enjoyment as my nipples rose up & pushed against his hands. As I lay there he moved over me & kissed me deeply, his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth, my tongue searching & meeting his, as I sucked & tasted his mouth he always tasted great to me, his body moved, sliding his cock up & down my stomach, 'oh please that feels so good!' I gasped, 'lower please!' & he moved to slide his cock up & down my pussy without entering me.

The feeling was amazing as he slid up & down over my clit in a steady motion, he lifted himself up on his elbows, smiled at me then put his head down & nibbled gently on my nipples. I let out a groan, I wasn't going to be able to take much sleeping moms sex son sex stories moves of this before I would cum but wanted to make it last as long as I could. 'Come with me' I said & pushed him away & led him off to the bathroom.

I turned on the water in the shower & while it was warming up, bent down in front of him taking his balls in my hands & gently massaged them as I licked from the base of his cock to the tip before taking him in my mouth. I sucked deeply, tasting him as his shaft slid down into my throat before I pulled back & then took him in then pulled out again.

He tasted slightly salty but a great taste. He put his hands behind my head and lucky guy having a good time at the lake pt 7 himself forward again, I pulled away I indicated that the shower was now warm & we should move into there. The water was warm & cascaded down my front as I was the first into the shower with Bill right behind me.

I picked up the bottle of body wash & told him to turn around & I would soap his back. He turned and I squeezed a large handful of soapy lather onto his back, massaging this over him starting from his shoulders & moving down his back until my hands were cupping & sliding over his tight buttocks.

My hands moved further down his legs then up his body gently soaping him all over. After a while I commanded him to turn around. As he did so I could see his cock was rock hard. 'I can help you with that' I murmured and while the shower was washing the soap off his back I took the bottle & applied another large squeeze to his front. Again I gently massaged the soap over his body; starting from his shoulders & moving down over his stomach, down his legs then up again until I reached his throbbing cock.

There I stopped to spend some time soaping his shaft and cupping his balls in my hands, making sure there was plenty of soapy lather over him. As his body moved to push against me I turned him around & let the warm water wash the lather off him. 'Now it's my turn' I said & he moved behind me & as I faced the shower wall, squeezed soapy lather onto my back, massaging it onto me from my shoulders to my cheeks & down to my knees.

As his hands came up again I could feel his thumbs gently push in between my cheeks. It felt so good I was nearly ready to cum right then! I held back as he continued to rub his hands up & down my body, each time his hands came up they slowly glided over my cheeks, just pushing slightly within. I was leaning against the shower wall & could not have stood up by myself at this point if the wall hadn't been there.

My nipples were aching to be rubbed & my pussy was dripping warm wet fluid that certainly wasn't water! He turned me around & wrapping his hands behind me helped to wash the soap from my back.

He then squeezed another large blob onto my front & started to stroke from my breasts to my legs, cupping my pussy between his hands & slipping his fingers into my slit as pure pov german blonde picked up from beerfest glided back up my body. This was nearly more than I could bear but I managed to hold back as he continued to wash my front before kneeling down & sliding his hands up & down my legs while also sliding his tongue up & down in my pussy.

Oh god, I felt like I was going to come right there & then, as my legs buckled under me he held me mom ava addams teachs stepdaughter dillion harper but continued to slide his tongue up & down my pussy.

Mmmm, he murmured, this tastes so good. I knew there wasn't much time until I couldn't bear this anymore. I pushed him away & let the water wash the remaining soap from me. 'I think we should move out off the shower' I said fervid girl gapes wet vulva and gets deflorated we turned off the water & moved out to dry each other off with towels.

As we moved out of the bathroom he steered me away from the bedroom & back into the lounge. He bought me back to the couch but instead of laying me there he pushed me down to kneel down in front of the coffee table in front of the couch.


He grabbed the bottle of massage oil & said 'I think it's time I paid attention to your lovely cheeks'. As I knelt there he drizzled oil over my behind & started massaging it into my back, going down over my cheeks & down to my knees.

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It felt great & I relaxed as he continued to sit behind me & stroke my back & cheeks. As he passed down my cheeks he pushed me forward so that my pussy was tilted up towards him.

Mmmm, that looks so good he said as he continued to stroke up and down my slit, I was so totally ready for him I pushed my dripping pussy up further in the air so he could reach further in.

He bent down & his tongue licked from the front right to the back of me, sending shivers down my spine. 'Oh please fuck me' I gasped as I couldn't hold back much more. With that, he knelt down. Bending over and grasping my breasts and nipples which were throbbing with excitement and pushed his hard cock straight inside my pussy, driving deep within me. I could feel him pushing deep inside, filling me completely as I pushed my behind back to take in all of him in my now dripping pussy.

He continued to rub on my breasts and nipples as he pulled himself back & then plunged in again as I lifted my rear up to take all of him inside. We both were gasping with excitement now as he plunged in and out with my pussy dripped wet juices over his rock hard cock as it thrust within me.

'I'm going to cum' I gasped and he thrust harder & faster into me totally filling my pussy. I reached the peak of my orgasm, my body thrusting backwards & forward with my pussy clenching tightly round the bottom of his cock holding it in me as my body quivered in spasms of excitement.


He let out a shout with his final plunge into me & I felt his hot cum shoot out & fill me. I writhed as he continued to shoot all his cum deep inside me, I didn't want to waste 1 drop of his precious fluid. He grasped me tight as he finally finished shooting his cum in me as we collapsed onto the table in front of me. After a while, when I felt I could move again; I suggested we should go clean up in the shower again but that's a story for another day.