Slutty lesbians fill up their enormous bums with cream and squirt it out

Slutty lesbians fill up their enormous bums with cream and squirt it out
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I sit beside you on your double bed as you type on a naughty forum, you cannot see me or hear me, I am naught but a thought; a fantasy flittering through your mind. You feel a breathe of air glide down your forearm, raising Goosebumps as it passes, there's an almost-pressure running down your shoulder, like a man's strong hand stroking over your delicate shoulder.

You feel your tousled hair stir as a lock lying over your face is brushed aside and a faint soft touch upon your forehead, almost like a lover's sweet kiss.


The pseudo-warmth of the almost-kiss travels, unhurriedly down your cheek, across your jaw, edging closer to your lips, an amazingly erotic kiss half on your lips and half on your cheek making the sensation blaze like a firebrand, a feeling so real you can practically feel my pulse beat against your skin. But only for the briefest of moments, the sensation fades suddenly as you look up in shock, to see where the kiss came from, only to find an empty room.

But you can still feel a gradually increasing sensation and pressure of kisses moving slowly across your face, kissing every inch, you decide to not look; just to enjoy the sensation of your miasmic lover's caress. You can feel your muscles kneaded and caressed by your ghostly lovers subtle fingers. You feel a ghostly breath run along your collarbone, making your nipples tighten. The almost-hand strokes along your neck, moving to your shoulders, drifting down your collarbone and brushing across the very tip of your ample bust.

You suddenly hear the 'pop' of the top button of your silky pyjamas' as it comes loose, 'pop', 'pop'. His stroking sensations continue throughout, the hand caressing, and rubbing the tops of your breasts and the soft warm valley between.


So lightly, so softly. All this time you feel a warmth, like soft breathe upon your ear, almost as though someone were whispering words of devotion, adoration, love and seduction.

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'Pop' 'Pop' 'Pop' The full curves of your breasts are exposed now, your chastity defended only by the fall of thin silk. The ghostly touch continues to flow down, always caressing its way back up to the very top of your neck, and then further down each time. You feel the fingers curve under the warm orb of your creamy breast, you see your pyjama shirt move aside slowly then suddenly and shockingly you feel the fiery tingle of a thumb rubbing past your now exposed nipple.Then it passes.

The hand continuing its slow and soft exploration of you. You lie back realising that you don't know who or what is doing this to you, being defiled by an invisible force, the possibility of stopping flickers through your mind, just as a cold wetness covers your left nipple, making you moan and arch up. You slowly look down through the haze of pleasure, you see your softly glistening nipple in the glow from your forsaken laptop and you feel the pressure build as an invisible tongue leaves you abandoned to sinful ecstasy, your dimly aware of the other breast being exposed by a new presence, another coldly-hot 'mouth' descends upon it to suckle.

Your neck stretches back as your body stiffens with the intense sensations of the two ghostly mouths sucking, licking, and devouring your nipples. This double-pleasure almost too much to bear, you feel the covers slide slowly down your bodythe tongues continue sucking and slurping and licking at your tight hot nipples, but now your feel two hands, gently stroking and caressing your neck, face and shoulders.

One from each side, another two hands slowly tracing lower and lower down your body, closer and closer to your secret heat. The anticipation of sensation shortens your breath; you tighten your hands on the bedcovers.

Only to discover there is a man's thigh beneath each of your palms, as though two men were kneeling either side of you, worshiping and seducing your body. You feel the heat of their body's close to yours, penning you in, protecting you, holding you between them. You slowly explore the length of their ghostly thighs beneath your hands.

One adorned with crisp hair, the other soft and fine, you continue slowly tracing your fingers over their skin as their questing fingers finally reach your hot depths, you feel them trace ghostly fingers over and along your lips.

You part your legs slightly as your pussy becomes sopping wet. Together they part you further, their strong invisible fingers slipping into you, your mind can barely comprehend the sensation of four fingers independently stroking, caressing exploring and pleasing inside of you, as pretty chick catrina and agnes on dildo fucking scene their thumbs rub and caress your clit, driving you to an earth shattering orgasm in very little time, the fire upon your skin blazing brightest around your suckled nipples, their hot wet tongues never stopping, sucking, rhythmically caressing inside of you.

During your shuddering climax, their hands wonder over your body, caressing, stroking. As your mind clears a little you see the laptop curiously moved to your desk, you see the duvet covers neatly folded at the end of the bed, you see. Nothing else. But you feel, everything, their bodies close to yours, their hands manipulating your form, spreading your legs, and gently nudging you to roll over.

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You're unsure for a moment, but then an aftershock of the last climax shivers through you, and you begin to turn over. As you turn you feel one of their strong athletic bodies slipping underneath you, you feel his presence millimetres from your face, your lips.

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You close your eyes and kiss his soft, warm lips, and feel his strong length press against your navel, stirring a deep longing in your depths. As you continue passionately kissing either empty air with your eyes open, or a strong passionate lover with your eyes closed, you begin shifting yourself to allow his length to enter your need. As you do this you feel the other man's hands upon your ass, as he strokes and caresses you, attentively pleasing every inch of your skin.

You finally slip the first man's length into you, he slowly pushes deeper, and deeper, frustratingly, teasingly slowly. As your whole being concentrates on the deliciously filling sensation of him, you feel the other's strong forearms running against your body as they hold him above you, all three of you touching, one man's body touching you head to foot on your front, and another on your back.

It's almost too much. Then he moves the head of his length against your small ass. He applies the smallest amount of pressure, no more, no less, and slowly, as your body moves with the attentions of the first man's body.

Small shards of pain occasionally slice up from your ass, but the pleasure from your depths and the filling sensation of the Second's length entering you is rebecca and emi love his big boner than enough to recompense. First's length is sliding in and out of you to the hilt rhythmically, your hips swaying and dancing to compliment his motions.

Each movement of your hips driving Second's head a little deeper, you gasp loudly, as it finally slips past your tight opening and drives deliciously deep into you in one continuous thrust, not hard, but deep. First pauses for a moment, allowing you to acclimatise to your filling.

It feels divine; you valentina nappi piss drinking compilation circling your ass in a pattern that pushes First, then Second deeper into you. The momentum and rhythm increasing over time, as you deliberately use everything you know to squeeze and stroke their shafts to oblivion.

Your body is wracked by shuddering mini-orgasms, as you resist your climax, waiting for your elusive lovers to join you.


You can feel their lengths thicken at their bases, as they edge closer and closer. You feel their cocks sliding against one another; only a thin membrane of flesh separating them within you, the sensation sorely tests your restraint whenever you allow yourself to think of it. You finally begin bucking wildly between the two, their strong supple bodies holding you tight between them, your sudden energy and motion pushes them both over the edge, as you feel the sudden spurts and welling of both their hot cum filling you in every way possible, you finally let go yourself, and your world whites out, fantastic colours warping and speeding across your vision, your body feeling like an amorphous blur of pleasure, the only thing real for you is the warm pools of cum within you.

After an eternity and a moment, you return to your body, your eyes flutter open and you realise you are lying face down on the bed, covered in a sheen of perspiration, completely naked, you glance at the wall clock, hours have passed. You realise it was just an especially vivid fantasy; you are impressed with yourself, and silently vow to try again some time.

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As you begin moving to sit up, the pools of cum within you pour and then drip out of you. Fin