Sweet japanese slut wants cum in her mouth

Sweet japanese slut wants cum in her mouth
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When I woke up this time, I was on my back with Anna, still naked, laying on my chest. We must not have moved most of the night. Well night and morning. There were blackout curtains on the window, but the light coming in around them showed that it was likely midday. While I loved sex at all times of day, waking up and having morning sex (although morning was likely over) was just about my favorite thing in the world.

I quickly felt blood rushing into my dick as slowly pulled the sheet back, uncovering her. Her pretty black and purple hair was running on my chest. She started to stir, and opened her eyes and looked up at me.

There was a twinkle in her eyes. She shifted slightly as I ran my fingers through her hair and her leg bumped my dick which was standing almost straight up. Did you want something? She asked seductively as she moved her hand down to stroke my cock. I think I need to rest for tonight she said, as I hit rock hard. "A little tease then." I said. "Madison told me you are having sex with her.

Why don't I send her in for you. She seemed a little jealous last night when I asked if she and Alexis wouldn't mind sleeping in my bed." "Yeah go send her in," I said. I waited a couple minutes rubbing myself thinking of all the hot girls in the house. Then Madison came in. She was in white underwear and a white tank top. She started to get onto the bed looking her normal slightly uncomfortable but cute self. "Get up here," I said as I grabbed her arm and pulled her up straddling me so her pussy was sitting on my dick.

She looked a little more uncertain than normal. "What's up," I said hoping she would say nothing and we could get on fucking. "Did you have fun last night she asked," obviously a little jealous of after almost a month with her and Alexis, taking Anna in last night. "Yes I did. Are you ok with it?" "I guess so. Anna said you might fuck every girl here." Only if they want to. "Did you want me to only have sex with you while you do one or more clients every night?" "But that is work.

What you are doing in play." I think you will find most girls here either think of work as play or try to make their work as playful as possible to make it seem less like work." If you are having trouble with it being play, you should ask a couple of them for advice." We pornpros jessie law likes to show off her little pussy small tits and hardcore sharing a room and I can come sleep with you whenever you want.

And more if that is what you want.

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I will always get hard for you." She looked like she was coming to grips with this new reality. She sighed, then leaned forward and slid up so she could kiss me. It was the deepest kiss we had shared.

We continued kissing for a couple minutes before I became restless and reached my hard down past her butt which I had been grabbing and pressed my fingers up against her pussy through her panties.

She squirmed. "Lick me." I was slightly taken a back. This was new for Madison. In bed with Alexis, Madison was always the one taking orders. She had obviously learned something from Alexis. I picked her up above my head and turned her around and laid her down with her head on my stomach. I licked her slow at first, and then faster and faster inserting my tongue up her hole. She grabbed my dick with her outstretched arms and began to stroke. She was grinding her pussy into my face hard.

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After a couple minutes of this she was sopping wet and she slid down to lick my dick and put the head in her mouth for a few sucks. Then she spun around and guided my dick to her pussy.

Going in was much easier whore alexandra mihaylovska uses dildo and fingers on her greedy pussy days. But I did enjoy how tight it was and hard it was to get all 6 inches in that she could take. I pushed her up so she was a cowgirl and began bouncing her harder than I ever had. Having had Anna, who is not much bigger than Madison take my whole shaft led me to badly want Madison to be able to do the same.

It would not be today sadly. While she enjoyed the first 30 seconds of being pushed up, and then falling back down on my dick, she liked it best slow. And we returned to our normal position of her on the bed and me completely engulfing her tiny body under me as I slowly slid in and out of until I found that perfect spot. She would let me cum in her now. And I enjoyed watching it run out of her ruined pussy after I pulled out. And she always cleaned my dick. Licking it like a Popsicle and squeezing all the post-cum out.

Apparently with her former lab partner, that was her favorite part of sex. Having satisfied him to then clean him so he wouldn't have to do it himself. Plus she liked the taste of cum. Now I was ready to start the day. I rolled out of bed and got dressed, before walking out into the common room upstairs. Madison was going to take a hot sponge bath. That was how they kept themselves clean with minimal water use. It was only 11am I was surprised to learn by the clock on the wall.

I went downstairs to find Sam and a couple of the girls up and cooking. The downstairs was 100% better than it had been yesterday. Every surface looked like it had been cleaned.

The smell of urine was so faint is was almost gone. I walked over to Sam and asked what was on the agenda for the day. Hannah's regular Shane had accepted the position under the condition that his younger brother, TJ, could come too. So they were moving in today. Sam had done an inventory yesterday of the food and alcohol on hand and needed to go out and get some things for the next couple days. Some of the girls were going to do laundry, some exercise, and a couple had decided they wanted to take on cleaning the pool in the back that was pretty dirty and had not been used since the disaster.

"I can help with the pool," I said. Having noticed since I came in the house that a lot of what the girls wore looked like Halloween costumes I asked about it.

I learned that Marcus had looted the town's two Halloween costumes stores that had just opened before the disaster. He then looted the local sex store, and the nearby Planned Parenthood (there was enough birth control in the house for all the girls for almost two years). The girls all had 20-30 costumes in their rooms and there was still a whole bunch in the basement as well as the stuff from the adult store.

"So do you do themes?" I asked. I got a confused look. "Like every night everyone wears similar costumes?" "Oh no. We just wear whatever we want that day. Do you think coordinating is something we should do?" "I think it would help dress up the place some more." "Well while I am out for a couple hours, why don't you go do inventory of every girls closet, that will give you a chance to meet everyone, and figure out what costumes we have enough of to do a whole brunette latina desperate for cash gets fucked in the pawnshop of.

You should also go the basement to get Madison and Alexis costumes and find out what all we have down there still too." She handed me a clip board and pen and paper. You can get started after breakfast. Any ideas you have that could boost revenue would be well appreciated. I don't know what Marcus did with all the money he was making from here, but we found very little in his room. Things are going to be tight for the next few days.

What follows is a quick account of each girl, and some things I learned about her after breakfast on my tours of their closets. You already know about Anna. Her roommate is: Monique Age 18 Height 5'2" Weight 103lbs Cup size A - Long black hair, not quite straight down to her waist Monique is of Islander decent and is quite slender. She seems a little shy when introducing myself, but when I sat down on her bed to talk to her she sat right next to me, almost in my lap.

She is wearing a long flowing v-neck dress that hugs her small A breasts when standing up, and falls away from her body letting you see in when she bends over. Her favorite costume is her Jasmine outfit. The next room was: Bella Age 18 Height 5'2" Weight 115lbs Cup size B Brown hair just past her shoulders Bella is white but has nice tan skin, and did sit in my lap after showing me to her bed to sit down. She has on tight jeans and a see through shirt on with a push up bra on making her breasts seem more like C's.

She is of average build and seems like quite a slut, saying that she likes to wear her bikini more than anything. She offered to model all her outfits for me, but I just had them flip through their closet and tell me what they had because that would take too long. "I am sure I will get a chance to see them," I said as I winked at her. She winked back. Her roommate is: Kaylee - Age 18 Height 4'11" Weight 94lbs Cup size C Dirty blonde hair in a short ponytail Kaylee is topless the whole time I am in her room showing off her amazing C cup boobs that sit perfect without a bra.

She has some athletic shorts on and while not shy, is not very talkative. She is a very cute blonde who did say that her favorite costume is a cheerleader. In the next room was: Mia - Age 18 Height 5'4" Weight 117lbs Cup size B Straight blonde hair half way down her back Mia is a ditz.


You can tell right away in talking to her. When I asked them if they spoke any other languages, she said no, just American. I when I said English, she looked at me confused and said isn't that what they speak in England? Totally serious. I also think she may have a crush on Shane, because when Madeline brought up that they had heard about my big dick from Anna, and that Mia liked big dicks, she turned bright red and didn't seem interested in mine at all.

She had on a belly shirt, with a normal bra underneath and a mini skirt. Madeline - Age 18 Height 5'4" Weight 113lbs Cup size C Straight black hair in a high pony tail that drops back down below her shoulders, with a few blonde highlights The first thing I notice is that Madeline is wearing 6 inch platform heels and a bikini top that is a size or two to small, and a bottom that is thong.

I had done a good job to this point not getting hard again after just having finished sex a little over an hour ago. But Madeline reminded of a little Barbie and was smoking hot. I forgot to ask what their favorite costumes were.

But I did learn something about their closets. Madeline followed me out into the hall. Do you know where this door goes to?" she asked. Pointing to the next one on the wall. "No. But I was wondering," I said having noted that there were 10 doors with names on them, the bathroom and 5 additional pink adorable virgin fur pie get screwed doors.

Marcus had these installed so he could watch us. He said it was for safety but I don't think he ever came out from watching us to help us with a rough customer. Just after to give us more. But now with here, she said as she opened the door, you can watch and actually help us. Sometimes we would watch each other but all we could really do was join in and take some of the punishment too.

I stepped into the closet and she stepped in and shut the door behind us. So this is my and Mia's closet to your left. And you can see here through the ½ inch gap or so where the door shut, Mia in our room. And the slit a foot to your right is Bella and Kaylee's room. I looked through it to see Kaylee still topless, smiling toward the slit, having heard me getting a tour of the peepholes. So Marcus had these doors put in? "Yup. And made it so our closets couldn't shut.

Everyone has a view into two different rooms. The guy that did the install got all the pussy he wanted for a week. Marcus was quite a perv I was realizing, but at the same time, he had a lot of good ideas I thought to myself. "With three other guys in the house to maintain order downstairs, I and a lot of the other girls would really appreciate it if you spent most of your time up here watching us to make sure we are safe." That sounds like something I can do." "Good.

If you ever notice at the end of the night I don't look satisfied from the fuckings you have watched me receive, please bring that monster of yours into see me, she whispered as she brushed her nearly naked body past me to get back to the door.

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The next room was two blondes: Harper - Age 18 Height 5'5" Nude girl hard suck clips free down 111lbs Cup size B Straight blonde hair down to her waist Another blonde that was a blonde. Not as bad as Mia, but one you could certainly make a few blonde jokes to, and she wouldn't get them.

She was a little shy, and was wearing daisy dukes and a sports bra. She had a very athletic body and looked like a runner, as her stomach and legs were extremely toned. Her punk ass pawg gets her ass beaten and gags on cock and man feet paige pierce was very white and she had lots of freckles on her face.

She said she liked her little sports outfits, and pulled out what looked like a powderpuff football outfit. She stepped out after me into the hallway and said that she was a little nervous about my dick, but wanted me to fuck me, and noted that her favorite thing was to be tied up. Lucky me! Britney Age 19 Height 5'1" Weight 104lbs Cup size C Straight blonde hair just past her shoulders Britney was not like the last two blondes, and she defiantly had a good head on her shoulders.

She was of eastern European background and you could tell in her fairly innocent face. Very friendly but a little awkward she had on a short summer dress.

She liked her milkmaid outfit and could not stop staring at the hard-on that was clearly visible through my pants that Madelyn had given me. The next room was: Brooklyn - Age 18 Height 5'4" Weight 120lbs Cup size C Straight blonde hair half way down her back Brooklyn was very quite, and you really had to listen when she talked or you would miss it.

She defiantly had the most innocent face of any of the girls, and while it was planer, was pretty in that girl next door kind of way. She said she liked dressing up as princess peach. Olivia - Age 19 Height 5'0" Weight 105lbs Cup size C Slightly wavy black hair past her shoulders Olivia was half black. She had on tight jeans and a low cut t-shirt. I was not normally attracted to non-white girls, but she was cute. I was hoping she would be open to having sex with me.

She said she liked dressing up as a maid. Samantha's room was next. She was not there and you already know some things about her. Samantha - Age 18 Height 5'9" Weight 142lbs Cup size D Brown hair past her shoulders Next room will be done as one: Leah - Age 19 Height 5'4" Weight 119lbs Cup size B Straight light brown hair with some blonde highlights, half way down her back.

Jackie - Age 19 Height 5'3" Weight 116lbs Cup size B Straight dark brown hair that was not even at the bottom, half way down her back at all Leah had a flatter face, and was wearing very torn jeans with slits high up on her thighs and a lacy bra.

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Jackie is in short shorts and a tube top. Jackie was very cute, with a mouthful of crooked teeth, but crooked in a very cute way.

Her and Jackie seemed very close, sitting on the bed next to each other with their arms around each other. They like to dress up, one as an angel and one as a devil. The next room was: Taylor - Age 19 Height 5'8" Weight 147lbs Cup size DD Curly dark brown hair half way down her back Taylor I could tell was a slut. She was doing the spits on the floor when I walked in and immediately volunteered that she will continue to service as many clients in a night, and will fuck anyone anywhere.

Because of her freeness to gorgeous ashley rides on a throbbing boner pornstars brunette anyone who comes in, she often gets the oldest and fattest clients.

She herself is defiantly the largest of the girls, being slightly big boned, but is still certainly a girl I would fuck. She had on stretchy pants and a tight athletic shirt that hugged her large breasts beautifully. Taylor said she has a Leia metal bikini that she loves to wear. Chloe - Age 19 Height 5'6" Weight 129lbs Cup size D Curly brown hair past her shoulders Chloe has on daisy dukes and a low cut shirt with her breasts spilling out, helped by a pushup bra.

She seemed quite but not at all surprised by her roommates forwardness. She admitted she likes trying new things, and likes being watched after Taylor volunteered her information. She likes her steampunk outfit. She did tell me that Sam had put her in charge of exercise for the girls, since she had worked in the campus gym.

But she wanted to take it to the next level and make the training be about being the best whores they could be, now that controlled their wanted to be the best they could be. I told her that she has probably heard most of these before but always drink lots of water. It will keep you well lubricated and help you service more clients since lube is in short supply.


Next, not that you all aren't all in wonderful shape, but exercise daily or almost daily. Stretching is good. Personally I like a girl who is flexible and can do the splits. Swimming is good exercise and can help you practice holding your breath. A good blowjob is always made better by a girl who can stay down for a surprising amount of time. And then we do seem to have a lot of big dicks around here. So practicing on dildos to make sure you can take them in all wholes without hurting or bleeding or choking.

But at the same time you don't want to be too stretched out for the average customer, so exercises to keep you tight are a good idea too. Personal hygiene too obviously. Bathing every day to keep your skin, smooth and soft and smelling good should also be a priority.

And hair brushed and washed. Some of that is obvious and some might be more info than you wanted to know about me I said. No, thanks, Cloe said. I might want to have you and your dick step in to help us with training sometime if that is ok?

Of course it is," I said. The last room was another single: Zoe - Age 18 Height 5'6" Weight 122lbs Cup size B Wavy hair died green Zoe is Hispanic, and normally I wouldn't think green hair on anyone, much less a Hispanic looks good, but she pulls it off.


She appeared to be another shy one. She likes her gothic/punk rock outfit. She had on a mini skirt and V-neck shirt. After being introduced to all the girls and figuring out what costumes they all had in their closets, I headed downstairs to help with the pool.

Author's note: As noted in Chapter 1 this is my first time writing a series. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone has.

You have reached the end of Chapter 3 and most of the intro to the story is complete. The chapters will be getting shorter. Closer to half the length of this one. In this chapter I have listed out all of the girls because I would like some suggestions on what/who you would like me write about next.

I have ideas for the next few chapters but I also want to hear what you would like to see me write about a few chapter down the road. Many imaginations are better than one and I am open to writing about a lot of different fetishes. I would also be open to hear any suggestions for what you would want to do/see (theme wise) if you lived in this world and came into the post-apocalyptic cat house. Please note everything in the comments I will consider free game for future chapters unless it is noted that you would not want it used.