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Girl in stockings jumps on a dick
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Chapter 4 The wind whistled in my ear as I fell swiftly. I felt two more arrows shoot pass me, one grazing my cheek slightly. We fell till about halfway outside the building when I shouted "Kenndo!" For a heart-stopping moment, nothing happened and we continued falling. Then, suddenly large black wings opened on each side of me and I quickly pulled up flying quickly away from the building going upwards.

Now that we weren't falling I could deal with the matter of getting Lyra home quickly. I flew over the forested area till I spotted her home. I landed in front of the door and walked in setting her on one of the cots.

As I stepped outside, Silva poked her head out. "Wait master before you go, you should know that I have a form that can help us in battle." I kept walking but paid attention to what she was saying. "Okay, so what exactly does this form do?" I asked. "Pull out Shadow Seeker." I did so, as I did I notice a circle indentation in the middle on the other side that I didn't notice before. "The incantation is Spirit Fusionem." I closed my eyes and repeated the incantation into my head before slipping Shadow seeker back into it's holster.

"Thanks silva, I'll use it when I need it, in the meantime, you said that you sensed the assassin right?" the she wolf nodded. "So is it possible for you to be able to find it again and track it?" I asked thinking quickly. Silva didn't reply instead she closed her eyes and concentrated on finding the unknown attacker.

aftera moment, her eyes snapped open as she pointed back towards the city. "There! It is moving towards the sun quickly!" I grinned "Perfect, Kenndo!" My black wings snapped out on each sides of me as I pushed off and soared towards my target. I flew so fast, my eyes were watering, but I outstanding japanese anal toying hardcore and blowjob moving, until I spotted a small black shape running across the rooftops at high speed.

"Hang on Silva!" I cried as I dove down towards the figure. I cheered as I came into a freefall and smashed the rooftop in front of the ninja. I quickly dispelled my wings in case they became a hindrance during the course of a fight.

As the dust settled, we stood in front of each other searching for a weakness on each other. My opponent was obviously female even with a mask over her face, with fiery red hair and bright yellow eyes.

She had a crossbow attached to her arm and when I dropped in, she produced a wickedly sharp sword from somewhere. I pulled Soul Seeker from off of my back and pointed it at her.

".Hey! You shot me with an arrow!" The red haired assassin raised her eyebrow and pulled her mask off. "Really?" she said "That's the best thing you've got? You shot me with an arrow? Real creative." "Well excuse me if speaking isn't my best trait, I'm still new at this!" I argued. The redhead's eyebrows shot up even further. "Wait a minute, when were you judged?" "Uh, yesterday." The redhead threw her hands in the air.

"Oh come on! You asshole!

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You said it would be someone who would test my limits and possibly break me in the process, not going after this newby geranth!!" My anger rose with each word she spoke and soon, my aura swirled around me like a tornado the redhead noticed and gaped.

"That's not possible," she murmured. "For a newby to be able to control their aura they'd-" She never finished as my aura storm stopped so suddenly it was if time had frozen. I took a deep breath and relaxed, as my aura dispersed into nothing. I glared at the assassin. "Alright then, you want me to push you to your limits and break you? No problem, Besides I already told you: Talking isn't my best trait," I stepped forward and disappeared in second appearing right behind the assassin my blade against her back.

".Fighting is." She jumped away so fast it was almost funny. Almost. "Okay, maybe you got some moves on you, but that doesn't mean anything! I can still beat you easily!" She raised her right palm and began chanting an incantation. "Ignis Draco Orbis!" A red symbol appeared on her hand as she spoke and when she finished, A watermelon sized ball of fire shot at me.

I simply looked at it and swung Shadow Seeker downward, cutting the blast easily as a hot knife through butter. I looked upward to see the assassin sprinting towards me with her sword in her hand.

I just relaxed and let my instincts take over. She jabbed the sword forward which I dodged and pushed her on her back, letting her momentum propel her forward. She toppled, but righted herself with a handspring. She turned around to face me, hatred in her eyes. She ran at me again, this time a lot more carefully. she sunny leone sex story decorative upwards and I leaned back.

She tried to side slash me, I leaned over. She tried to sweep my feet from under me, I backflipped away. "Oh, COME ON! I thought this was a fight!! People hit each other in a fight!!" I frowned at her. "I haven't hit you yet for the simple fact that I enjoyed watching you run around and get nowhere." I replied with a smile.


"But you are right, If I let my guard down I could die, so If it will make you happy, I will hit you kay?" I remembered the words that silva told and repeated them holding my hand in the air. "Spirit Fusionem!" a black-purplish emblem appeared above me and silva shot out of my hood like a bullet, going through the portal and coming out on the other side in the form of a large disc the size of a dinner plate with two crescents on the inside back to back with a star in between them.

Instinctively, I grabbed it and placed it into the slot onto Shadow Seeker. "Spirit Fusion I! Lunar Seeker!!" My blade charged with white energy as the lunar piece and the weapon merged to become one.

The blade now had a silver edge and now the silver disc sat in the middle as a handle which I grabbed and swung around me testing the new form.

It seemed even lighter than before, yet twice as powerful. I grinned evilly towards my assassin and to her credit, she stood under my gaze. I came at her with amazing speed that took us both by surprise. She dodged and ducked and countered to the best of her extent, but it was just too fast. Eventually, she collapsed on her knees, torn and bloody.

Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath while I stood over her, unharmed and still feeling great. "Well it looks like you beat me after all newby I guess in the end I wasn't the best after all." She fell on her back and sighed. "Hey newbie, there's just one thing I want to know, what's your name?" I contemplated on telling and found myself giving her an answer.

"Regia, Thorin Regia." "Ah, Thorin huh? Not bad of a name for a warrior." she closed her eyes "The name is Luka, Luka Shisoka. Now that the introductions are out of virgin forced raped in every hole way, just finish me off." I stared at her for a while before pointing a single finger at her and speaking an incantation.

"Musica autem folium!" Another purplish seal appeared in front of her. I saw her visibly relax as the spell took form. A white light struck her form and Luka gasped. She lay still for a moment then her eyes snapped open and she gasped again, this time in amazement.

"W-what? I thought you were going to kill me." I watched as her wounds sealed closed and the color returned to her skin. "Sorry, but though you try to seem like you are prepared to die, in reality, you have too much to lose, am I correct?" I asked fixing my gaze on her. Luka stared back for a moment before sighing and flopping back against the rooftop. "Ah, I give up! I can't beat you up or trick you at all, it's like your eyes see through everything!

What gives?" She asked looking at me ruefully " I've met people like yourself.and worse." My gaze darkened as the memories pop back up into my head.


"Yo, Thorin!" I snapped out of my memories to see Luka staring at me with a concerned expression on her face. "Sorry, kinda zoned out for a moment there. Anyway you also remind me of someone I knew." Luka cocked her head. "Who? " Luka probed "Unimportant." I said cutting that off cleanly "Besides, you are still kinda the enemy here. Especially since you beauty gives unfathomable throat hardcore and massage a listening device on your ear catching everything I say." Luka didn't check to see whether or not she still had it on, she could probably feel that I took it off a during the fight, all she did was huffed.

"Damn It! I'm really starting to dislike how well you can read me, but it's fine, Let's just see if you can beat this hand." I cocked my eyebrows as I unsheath my blade. "If a bunch of ninjas hiding in the other buildings is your final hand, I'll just counter it with THIS!" I threw Lunar Seeker like a boomerang where it hit three of the ninjas hiding in the trees, then bounced back to three more ninjas hiding in the crowd, where it bounced upward to hit two more ninjas in the building above.

when it finally returned to my hand, I turned on a dime and bitch slapped the hell out of a ninja that was brave enough to try and sneak up behind me. Once finished I turned back around to see an open-mouthed Luka sitting down on the roof. "Game, set, match.

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I'll expect to see you sometime in the future, so see ya luka." I stuck my tongue out at her before leaping off of the roof and screaming "Kenndo!" A few minutes later I touched down in front of Lyra's house. I pulled out Lunar Seeker when Silva spoke in my head. "You can deactivate the spell by saying Resolvo master Thorin." "Oh there you are! I was just trying to figure how to bring you back." I spoke the incantation and Lunar Seeker separated into the Lunar disc and Shadow Seeker.

I tucked Shadow Seeker into my holster and turned Sila back into her canine form, I walked through the doorway replaying the events though my mind. I had not even touched the door, when Lyra flung the door open and jumped onto me with tears streaming down her face. "Oh Thank the goddess! Where in the world have you been?

I fell asleep waiting for you to wake up then I woke up here, and you were gone an-an-an, Oh you idiot! Don't scare me like that again!" She buried her face my shoulder and cried her heart out. I just patted her back and walked her back inside, Silva at my heels.

Once Lyra calmed down, I told her about how I woke up at night and went to town, ate food, got rich and got some equipment. Then I told her about how I came home to find that there was an assassin watching us and explained how I defeated her.

Lyra Interrupted when something amazed her or sounded fake, or when I said something she didn't understand. Finally, she yawned saying it was about time for everyone to head to bed. Lyra went upstairs to her room and Silva and I walked down to the Ward. My mind was still buzzing with questions and repeating the beautiful blonde slut doing it in the butt over, but as I climbed into the bed with Silva snuggled at my feet, Exhaustion washed over me and I fell into a deep deep sleep dreaming of swords and mini pizzas.

Then the Nightmares came.