How to make fake vagina your pleasure is my world

How to make fake vagina your pleasure is my world
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Captive Co-eds and Librarians First of all, thank you so much for reading my stories and giving them such high marks. I am so gratified to have you like my work. It might help to understand this story if you have already read my other stories—all dealing with human trafficking.

If you enjoy these stories, please give me high marks. I'm new at this kind of thing, but I would love for you to leave comments of what you would like to read and how I can improve my writing. I'm just a lonely girl with big natural boobs, who fantasizes about having some of the same experiences of the girls I write about.

Of course everything is just make believe—I have pretended all my life, and I finally decided to write about some of my daydreams. It seems as if all my relationships have had the guys focusing on my large chest, and as soon as I think I have husband material and end up giving him my special body parts, he plays as long as I allow him, and then he blows me off to go to a new piece of meat.

I haven't found Mr. Right, and it los ricos tambieacuten follan erotic festival and nora barcelona I may never find him. I guess over the years, I've just become too easy. These stories involve some of the thoughts I've had for the past 15 years.

I hope you enjoy them. None of them are true—just a good way to release a few demons. Chapter 1 Amanda had been cramming for a Poli-Sci exam that she was going to have to take the next day.

She had gone to the library right after dinner and had stayed there until the lights began to be turned off at 11p.m. Pamela, an assistant librarian, was her classmate. She had allowed Amanda to study as late as she possibly could, but now she had to start closing procedures. They were the last two girls to leave the library, and after the front door had been locked, they made their way down the covered walkway to the girls' dormitories where they both lived. Just as they were about to walk past a black van with totally dark windows, they both felt a small prick—almost like a mosquito bite in the backs of their necks.

They quickly lost consciousness and fell into the waiting arms of Michael and Charles, who had already pocketed their dart guns. Tonight had been like shooting fish in a barrel for the three captors. In addition to Amanda and Pamela, the trio had been able to take down three other girls in a witness-free capture and secure them in a fetal position on the back floor of the van.

They didn't want to press their luck, however, and when the count reached five, they decided to take their quarry to the dock where their yacht was moored. All 5 girls were attending the College of Charleston, older strumpet babe morgan rides a dildo machine for multiple orgasms the yacht was kept in boat storage near Charleston harbor.

The guys had learned quickly about the effects of their drugs, and the girls were all safely secured with I.V.'s constantly filling their veins with a combination of electrolytes, sedatives, and the designer drug, which so far had worked like magic on the six girls that had made the trio of captors multi-millionaires.

The five girls lay completely naked on separated beds in five separate cabins below deck (the trio had traded in their yacht for a much more sizeable one.) They had also hired a staff of 6 men—each of whom had a criminal record and knew how to keep their mouths shut—to sail the yacht anywhere the trio said to go.

The staff was never allowed in the cabin areas and had their quarters above deck. Separate access had been designed to the engine room so that no staff member ever needed to go to a cabin.

"We need to discuss how we treat the girls this time," said Michael. "I feel we got too close to them last time, and if we were honest, we would all admit that we hated to give them up." Charles was second, "I agree with Michael. I dreaded the idea of giving Cindy to another master.

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I'm not certain that I'm really cut out for this business." "Okay, I admit that it was tough to see them go. We did get someone attached to them," said William." "But I think I have a plan to keep that from happening this time.

If it's not successful, then we'll just give up the idea of becoming billionaires and settle for being multi-millionaires." He made the last statement "tongue in cheek." "All right, let's hear you plan," said the other two. "First of all, you must consent to be open-minded and not reject it out of hand." "We agree to give it a chance." William had indeed given this some thought.

"Well, we not only knew the names of the other six girls, but we gave nicknames to the last three.

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What if we simply called these five "slaves" or "whores" or "cunts" or whatever the hell other demeaning name we think of at the time. They would always know their place and might forever be contending to meet our demands on them in the best possible skinny latin beauty loves to be fucked in order to get our approval. We might even give our approval sometimes. Hell, we might even have contests among them to see who would get our approval the most.

Just think about it for 24 hours." Michael was the first to respond, "I think you may have just solved our problem, pal." Charles seemed a little half-hearted, "Oh well, it's at least worth the chance we agreed to give it." "Okay then, as soon as our naked quarry has awakened, we will make them work for breakfast.

That should give them the first hint that this is not just a Love Boat." William was pleased that the other two had been so quickly receptive to his plan. Chapter 2 Pamela was the first to awaken.


She began screaming for help immediately. The trio had made sure that the cabins had adjoining rooms, and as soon as the dozing Michael heard her screams, he opened his door, walked over to her, and slapped her very hard.

More screams, harder slap. When she realized screaming was not working she tried questioning. "Where am I?" she asked groggily. One more hard slap, and then an explanation. "If you want to ask a question, you need to ask permission." "I'm sorry. May I ask a question, sir?" After 3 slaps that hard, she would have called anyone sir. "Yes you may. As to where you are, you are on a boat which is at sea. The boat hotel bd sex scandal exluive story new bd take us to an island where you will begin a new life as a slave.

As long as we are on the boat, you will still act in every way as a slave. For now, that is the only question you are allowed." Then another measured injection of the sedative into her I.V. and she fell back asleep.

Since Pamela was asleep, and Michael had been awakened out of a sound sleep, he felt that her violation was only fair. Since she was already naked, and had no chance of waking up, he removed her tethers, stripped off his nightclothes, and climbed into bed with her.

While the girls had slept, the trio had decided to shave the genitals of all the girls who still had any pubic hair, so Pamela's pussy was bald. He knew he would be feasting on that soon, but he felt that her large tits needed immediate attention, and he started licking and sucking on her thick nipples.

They were light brown in color set on a large, slightly darker areole. Her tits were natural, indicated by the way they rolled off to her sides when she was on her back. Michael spent several minutes sucking her tits while he rubbed her pussy. Then he changed positions and lifted her legs to his shoulders while he began licking her cunt. He started at her anus and slowly made his way through her labia and up to her clit.

After he had sucked and nibbled for a while on her clit, he shoved his tongue up into her vagina. His saliva was all the lubricant the sleeping nude girl would need, and he began rubbing his semi-stiff cock up against her pussy lips. In less than 30 seconds his cock was as hard as it needed to be to invade an unprotected cunt. He pushed it halfway into her, got the lubrication he needed, and then pushed it back in until his sword was fully sheathed. He started slowly fucking his new slave until he began to feel that familiar tingling feeling in his balls, and then he began to pump her pussy as fast as he could.

It took just a few minutes and he was emptying a load of frustration and fresh, warm spunk into the young girls wet pussy.


Once he was finished he wiped himself off with her bed sheet, pulled his nightclothes back on, and went back to bed. All of the cabins had portholes, but they were just for pinay ofw masturbates on story calling view. The boat had an excellent air-conditioning system. The cabins were also built to specifications that made them soundproof above and below. Since the staff had not joined the ship until the girls were secured below decks, they were not even aware the girls were on board.

This precaution was just a back-up plan to keep the staff away from the young, naked girls as they sailed across the Atlantic toward the secret Mediterranean island. As far as they were concerned, they were just paid handsomely by 3 very rich men who had a secret vacation area whose location they had signed a contract never to disclose. Not a single man had heard any of the sounds coming from Pamela's room as Michael fucked her to a long-overdue orgasm on his part.

Chapter 3 One of the 3 coeds was second to awaken, but she did not rouse William from sleep. He had taken a special interest in this red-haired, green-eyed girl with an ample bosom. She did not have any of the facial characteristics of Beth (the paralegal from a previous capture), but she brought back memories of the naked beauty. He had been in her cabin since she came on board, and he had been sitting in an overstuffed chair next to her bed, watching her sleep and dozing off himself occasionally.

"Sir, can you tell me where I am and what I'm doing here?" the girl asked, politely—although the tone of her voice indicated that she was thoroughly frightened and felt a little in a dreamlike state.

"You may call me master if you wish." (William had already begun to violate his own rules). You have been taken captive by a group of men who wish not to harm you in any way.


We have taken you because of your beauty and at present we are at sea, sailing to a beautiful island. I'm sorry I cannot give you any other details now, but we are taking very good care of you now, and we will take excellent care of you on the island.

For right now I am giving your I.V. another sedative just to help you rest up from the experience you have had up until now. "Thank you, sir," the girl said. Then she drifted back off to sleep, still thinking this situation could be part of a dream. William caressed the girl's hair for a few seconds, then he sat back down in his overstuffed chair and fell asleep himself.

Over the next 3 hours, the other girls awakened one by one. All of them were too sedated to react the way Pamela had, but each one felt that she was in the midst of a nightmare and was extremely frightened of the captor who was her first contact with the real world. Each captor stated the rules to the girls and also re-injected their I.V.'s with the sedative that would send them back to sleep.

Charles had been in Amanda's room when she awoke. Amanda was the tallest of the girls at 5'8," and she had the largest breasts by far. When she fell back asleep, having been given the rules she would need to observe as a slave, Charles could not resist violating her sensuous body.

His last good fuck had been with "Little C," (from Captive girl lawyers—part 2) and he was developing a case of blue balls of which he needed to relieve himself. He poured a generous amount of baby oil on his hands and rubbed them all over Amanda's big tits. He did the same thing for her pussy and ass, moving his lubricated fingers in and out of both holes until they were ready to be penetrated.

The first thing he did was to give the college girl a tit-fuck, but with the size of her boobs, he decided he would need her help when she was awakened the next time. By that time she might have already become a willing partner. He then released the restraints on her legs and moved up next to her groin with his already hard cock.

It slipped surprisingly into his unconscious recipient all the way alanah rae fucked by tution teacher brazzers com his balls, and he was quickly fucking her young pussy within seconds of entering it.

He pounded on the girl's cunt for a few short minutes and then emptied his balls of several ropes of hot sperm inside her vagina. After he recovered from his speedy orgasm, he decided he would push his new erection into her ass. Penetration of her anus was did not come as easily as it had with her pussy. He put more oil on her starbud and some on his cock and tried once more. This time he worked his big dick into her ass a little easier, and after a few thrusts, his cock was completely enclosed.

He spent several minutes working toward his second orgasm of the night, and along the way he thought he heard a few soft moans. When he finished, he wiped their combined juices off on her bed linens.

Then, he lay down and quickly fell asleep on the floor of her cabin. Chapter 4 As all five of the girls regained their senses and realized that life for them had changed forever, they became quite attached to their new captors.

Their captors gave them food and drink, provided for their bath and toilet needs, and allowed them to walk freely without their restraints within the confines of the cabin areas. In this way, all the girls were allowed to be with each other occasionally, but never without the supervision of their three captors.

Although William had been the one to suggest that the names of the girls not be used, he also suggested that the girls all be called "miss" rather sex fairy tales takes big cock down her throat "slave," "cunt," or "whore." The other 2 captors readily accepted his suggestion. They all agreed that physical punishment would be the exception to their rules. William had fallen hard for the young co-ed with red hair, and although it was against his own rule, when they were alone he called her by her real name Marsha.

3 days into the trip, the seas began to be rough, and all hands were called on deck to be able to deal with the situation.

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The girls were locked into their cabins, and the captors went above decks to help out in whatever capacity they could. It was decided that Michael and Charles would give assistance to the crew and William would go below to care for the girls. "Marsha, we don't have much time. I've got to get all of you girls together in one cabin to watch you. The other two masters are helping the crew during the storm.

I need to fuck you right now and we don't have much time." "Oh, my darling master!" said Marsha as she stripped naked and jumped into her bed, "How I've wanted to feel your magnificent cock inside my pussy.

It's all hot and wet for you right now. Please fuck me, master." William's clothes were shed quickly and his already rock-hard dick slid quickly and completely into Marsha's waiting cunt.

In less than 5 minutes, they both had climaxed. They wiped off bf looks at hotty fucks girlfriend homemade quickly and thoroughly as possible, redressed, and joined the other 4 girls in one of the larger cabins that had been designed for the captain.

Nothing was said about William and Marsha's coupling, and after about 2 hours, the ship had sailed through the trouble and was now cruising on moderately still waters. The girls returned to their own cabins, and Michael and Charles brought food and wine from the kitchen so that the captors and captives could eat.

The crew also enjoyed their dinner along with extra beer. Everything was back to normal.