Milf and teen make out and threesome sex on the couch oldvsyoung and brunette

Milf and teen make out and threesome sex on the couch oldvsyoung and brunette
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I was born in an East Asian country, and came to the US in my early 20's as a student.

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Once I settled in, I bought a pretty beat up second hand car, and started my routine of going to school, shopping and cooking for myself, etc. One Saturday afternoon, I drove my old car down to the local grocery store for the next week's groceries. It was a hot summer day. I was a little absent minded when I got out of my car and headed to the store from the parking lot.

I suddenly realized that I forgot to take my car key out before locking the door. It was the only key I got, and knowing so little about the system in this country I didn't know what to do. I got panicked. How am I going to go back to campus?

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And what'll happen to my car? I stood stupidly in the middle of the parking lot, sweating. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, "Hey buddy, what's up? Do you need any bbw gets fisted and fucked interracial tube porn I looked up. A man I gather in his late 40's or early 50's looked at me smiling. He was a typical all American guy (to me anyway).

He was tall and looked healthy and fit, but did have a belly. He had the greatest smile, which made me feel much safer right there. I told him about what happened. He then paused for a second seemingly thinking about something.

Then he said, "Don't worry. I can help you. But I need to go back to my place to get a tool. It is pretty close by. You can come with me. I have some cold drinks you can have. Then we'll come back together and take care of your car." I eagerly complied, and got into his car. It didn't take long at all before we got to his condo.

It was cool and comfortable inside. He sat me down and we had some small talks while he poured me some iced lemonade. All the while he kept his "winning" smile. I thanked him for offering to help.

He sounded half-joking, "Well, how are you going to thank me?" I was caught off guard so I said "however you want it." He laughed, "how about let me see your underwear?" I must've looked stupidly innocent.


"Why" was all I could say. He smiled and said, "Listen, I find you attractive. I want to get intimate with you physically. You know what that means?" I didn't answer because I didn't know what that meant. He reached out and started unbutton my shirt. "No" I instinctively resisted. He stopped and looked at me in the eyes, "I am not going to force you. All I ask is you give me a few minutes. If you don't like what I will do. You tell me and I'll stop. And I'll take you back to the store immediately.

Deal?" Now, I was a little shy especially in the new country where everything was unfamiliar, but I always thought I was straight.

Well back longe legged babe gets fucked from behind in my country gay was not a word you would read or hear often anyway. I had a girlfriend, and we did have sex regularly before I left her for the US.

I got a little scared, but I hadn't had sex for a while, and I was curious what he would do. I hang my head low and nodded silently. He took off my shirt, and started massage me on the back. I relaxed a bit. Then he gradually moved his hands down to my lower body, and with one swift action pulled down my shorts together with my underpants.

I gasped as I felt so exposed. He lifted me up and lightly threw me on the bed. Before I could gain composure, I suddenly felt his lips were on my belly. Then they moved very quickly down.

I almost cried out when his warm and wet mouth took my half erected cock in. His mouth was tender and slow, with his tongue teasing every which way. I was in heaven. He let go of my cock, and started licking my balls. I started moaning quietly. He then moved away from my balls, and began kissing my upper thighs.

It was a little ticklish, so I cringed a little. He stopped and lifted my legs up and wide apart. I was shocked, and felt ashamed knowing my asshole was stretched and exposed to this strange man all of sudden. I had no idea that was just the beginning of it. Is it his tongue that's on my asshole? Warm, wet and teasing relentlessly?

Oh yes! I could feel my pre-cum was oozing. I cried out "No" feeling ashamed and a little grossed out at the same time but at the same time I involuntarily opened my legs even wider to give him easy access.

He laughed, "I told you you'd like it.

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Do you like it?" I mumbled. "Do you like it?" He asked again. I murmured "yes". "I can't hear you. Do you want me to stop?" The funny thing was that I was so caught up that I didn't realize he was teasing me, so I cried out "No, don't stop. I like it." With that, he locked his lips on my asshole and started a long session of kissing.

He practically took my hole as another mouth and was "French kissing" hot mom make great anal fucked by the pool it, long and hard. It had such force on me that I felt I was almost fainted… After a long while, he moved up to my cock and started licking it bit by bit. I knew I was so close to cumming, but his movements were so very light that they were just enough to be unbearable teasing but not strong enough to bring me to the edge.

I moaned, and I groaned. He worked on my balls for a while before concentrating on my ass again. He was sniffing, and then he was blowing air on it but wouldn't touch it. I was driven crazy. I couldn't help now, "please, please, please…" was all I could gasp.


"Please what, son?" "Please kiss it." "Kiss what?" "Please kiss my ass". He started kissing my ass cheeks. It felt good but that's not what I meant! "Tell you what, if you really want it, tell daddy to lick your man pussy…" I felt so humiliated but I knew I lost control. This man owns me now. "Please lick my man pussy, Daddy" I said. "Louder!" he commanded. "Please lick my man pussy, Daddy!" I shouted shamelessly. "Let me see if you mean it". He turned me over to doggy style. "Do you mean it?" Cheat with step mom brazzers knew what he wanted.

I spread my legs apart and lifted my ass high up in the air, and I became a total slut in half of hour. He licked from the back from the tip of my cock and up to my asshole, over and over. All I can say is I LOVED IT. I was frantic and just panting, moaning, and made all kinds of noises.

"Now, let me see how a 24 year old cums.


I forgot what it was like." With that, he inserted a finger in my now well lubed asshole, and began sucking my cock. I almost immediately came. Loads of cum shot out of me, and literally gave me a belly cramp. He swallowed every bit of it, and then licked me clean very gently.

I was lying there eyes closed… For a moment, I thought I fell in love with this man. I have never seen him again.