Busty lesbo gets pussy drilled with big dildo in bath

Busty lesbo gets pussy drilled with big dildo in bath
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Chapter 12 Sitting at the computer naked after taking a shower I logged on the fetish site and saw that I had a message in the inbox…Opening it I saw it was from one of the women here on the site.

She said she had read the blog I had written earlier telling of my awakening and my doggy cock sucking bitches.Saying she was very interested in talking with me online. She wrote that she was older lived in the next city nearby, was a widow whose husband had passed away a few years ago and had left her very well off with a shit load of money, but best of all, she lived on a huge private property in the country and had a large professionally operating mia khalifa dubai porn star fucking on it.

Opening instant messenger and scrolling down thru the names saw her logged on and sent her a page. A few minutes later, the chat request window popped up saying Hello. Writing I had received and read her message and interested in talking and learning more her interest in me. She responded that she was the founder of a very private and exclusive club whose members were high society, very rich, whose husbands were CEO's in larger corporations. My response was: Interesting.how does this relate to me… Writing back: She would like to invite me and any of my doggy sluts to come to her home for an afternoon get together to talk further and meet in person… When, I responded&hellip.

Her response back was&hellip.Would tomorrow afternoon be convenient for you around 1:00pm. My response sent was, Time and date is good for me, just need your address. Responding with her address and saying Looking forward to meeting you. she logged out… I stayed logged on and opened the stories member posted and read a few that I found somewhat interesting and gave me another hard-on.

Calling my doggy sluts, waited for them to come. Stroking softly feeling very horny as they came into my room. Vic, call Barb and tell her to come over now.Mom, after she finishes, you are to call Jan and tell her to be here tomorrow before 10:00am and she may be here overnight.

Both of them turned and went to do as told. 30 minutes later, my doggy slut Vic was at my door saying that Barb has just arrived and was downstairs. Getting up and going downstairs with Vic behind me walked into the living room where Barb was standing, waiting. Seeing her dressed in one of her prick teasing outfits I asked, were you out teasing the local male population again. Responding in a soft voice, Yes Sir… Reaching under her skirt and slid my hand between her legs, my fingers probed between her pussy lips.

Finding that she was a little wet. Are you wet from walking around teasing the boys, or wet coming here…With downcast eyes she responded, truthfully Sir, I am wet for both of those reasons&hellip.

Smiling, I tell Vic to take her to the new room, get her dressed in her proper doggy cock sucking attire. Then secure her on the lower breeding bench in the correct position and then get the camera's set up.

Then get the lube and make sure her asshole is properly lubricated and come to my room when everything is ready. I will tell my doggy slut Mom to help with the preparations, leaving them, went back to my room to continue surfing the fetish site. A chat request popped up saying Interested in chat with you…sent the reply that I was available for a short time.

Response back was, I have read your profile and some of the blogs you had posted about your doggy sluts that had not only excited me mentally but sexually as well. I put a smiley face in and said are you a new member as I have not seen your name before&hellip.she said that she was a member a few years back before she married a prominent business man who is very old fashioned sexually and thought she would be able to live with father fuck sleeping doter xstory views sexually.

The first few years were ok, but he was never able to really satisfy my sexual needs and I was afraid to alina lopez creampie while doing the full split them with him. My frustrations have increased and not wanting to divorce him, I came back to this site without his knowledge and hope he does not discover this.

My response was, I can understand your frustrations and I would like to chat more with you, but right now one of my newer doggy sluts has been prepared by my first two slut per my instructions, and kzlk bozma storylar izle izle of them are patiently waiting for my arrival downstairs…may I ask what those preparations were?

I told her how she was to be wearing her doggy slut attire, how she was secured to the low breeding bench with her asshole properly lubricated, while the three of them waited for my arrival. Oh My responded first… then next message said, that she wished she could be here watching and that her panties were wet imagining what could happen.

I sent message saying I was needed downstairs and that I will be back later, and there may be a possibility for you to watch the next time. Her response was Yesss, I will try to come back later when my husband is sleeping.and then both of us logged off.

Downstairs walking into the room, I saw Barb was in position and could see her lubed asshole. My two sluts were kneeling off to the side waiting as well. I walked over to them stroked each hot babes show some tits in public softly and said what a good job they have done…and they will shortly be pleasantly rewarded…still naked with my cock hard and throbbing from my stroking it, I walked up behind Barb, told my sluts to go to their camera's and start recording.

Camera's recording, I moved closer and placed cock against her brown rosebud asshole and with a slow steady push opened her asshole and slid my cock deep into her with one long stroke, I heard her inhale loudly and waited with my cock fully buried and gripping her hips tight, began to fuck her hard and fast, knowing I was going to cum hard and fast from playing with myself earlier…With each thrust, Barb grunted loudly and began pushing her ass back to meet my thrusts…mumbling, don't stop, don't stop,fill this dog cock sucking sluts as with hot cum.

As my thrusts become more violent all I was thinking of was breaking down this slut even more and what dirty ways to use her. This and hearing her grunts and moans pushed my over the top, and pulling even more into me, held her and squirted load after load of cum deep into her ass…Feeling so good I never wanted to pull my cock from her ass. After a few moments, I slid my cock from her ass.covered in cum and her ass juice I moved in front of her, and lifting her head had her open her mouth and slid my cock in telling her to suck and lick it clean.

Enjoying the pleasurable sensations her mouth and tongue were providing.still sucking, I pulled my cock from her mouth. Stroking her hair, told her what a good morning this one is for my fans dog slut is and tell her some of the more dirty ways in which I am going to use her and have her used.

Looking over at my other two doggy sluts tell them their reward I mentioned earlier is that they both have full control and use of doggy slut Barb for the rest of the afternoon. Big smiles lit up their face as they looked at each other. I walked out and heard them whispering excitedly and went upstairs to shower.

Coming from the shower I stopped and listened to the sounds coming from downstairs, Barb's cries, and the laughing of my two sluts. Knowing full well the range of imagination and evil ways they both had if allowed to set them free, and went to lay down for a short nap… Chapter 13 Waking up, stretched and relaxed feeling fresh and full of energy.

Standing up saw there was a new message from lonely 1. Before sitting down to open and read it I went downstairs to check on the status of my doggy sluts. Walking in the open door, stopped to look at what was happening. They were so focused on what they were doing they never noticed or looked up at me. Duke was fucking Barb's ass fast and hard, Mom was under licking Duke's cock with every thrust, and at the same time licking Barb's pussy waiting for Duke to fill it will doggy cum so she could suck and eat all of it.Barb's ass had some welts on it that were not there before.Vic had moved a low chair in front of Barb and sat back with her legs over Barb's shoulders and grinding her pussy against Barb's mouth saying Lick me, you doggy cock sucker,,Lick it so I can cum all over your face and in your mouth.

Barb could only give a muffled moan.Vic continued saying, Mom and I are going to make you our piss slut. Pissing in your mouth and on you.and laughed…head back eyes closed… Quietly I left and walking back to my room I smiled and thought, you nasty little sluts and with a very mean streak as well. Enjoy your gift my sluts… Clicking on the message to open it waited for it to load up. The message was short, Please meet me on Instant Messenger.

So closing that window, opened the one for the fetish site and clicked on Instant Messenger. Few seconds after loading up, chat request from Lonely 1 popped up saying Hello. Replying back Hello, Just got up from a short power nap, checked on my doggy sluts and now chatting with you.

Her reply: how is everything,, Good, I replied, as a reward for my sluts, Mom and Sis I gave them control and use school girl megan fucked like a slutby a newer doggy slut friend of my sister while I slept.

Lonley asked how did that go. I told her that they were still very much involved when checked on them so let them enjoy their gift and came here to chat…Lonely replied,, Oh My, can you tell me more of what you saw…Sure I replied.When I walked in the room, I was never even noticed. Duke was fucking the newer doggy sluts ass, while mommy slut was lying under both licking Dukes cock as he pulled back and was licking new sluts pussy waiting for it to be filled with doggy cum for her to eat.

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Doggy slut sister was sitting in a low chair pulled up in front of new sluts face with her legs thrown over new sluts shoulders, grinding her doggy slut pussy on new sluts mouth telling her, Make me cum you doggy cock sucker with her head thrown back and eyes closed. I waited for a response. It took almost 5 minutes before Lonely responded…OH MY GOD,,I have been sitting here with just my bra and panties and was so turned on reading that, my hand slid down between my legs and when my fingers brushed across my pussy without any warning a orgasm hit so hard I had to bite my other hand to stop myself from screaming out loud and waking my husband.

My panties are completely drenched and sitting in a puddle on the chair, pussy still quivering. My reply was, LOL, to bad you could not have been here to see it in person&hellip.Lonely replied< Really,would that be possible? I replied, Yes, very possible, when are you free for a day? Lonely replied Tomorrow?

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Husband has business meeting all day out of town. Perfect I replied, sent her my address and gave her a time to be here in the morning… Going back downstairs and walking into the room, saw all 3 of my doggy slut laying there limp, breathing hard.


Even Duke sitting there looked worn out… Looks like all of you had a pleasurable afternoon. I walked over to Barb, and looking at her ass with the fresh welts on it ran my fingers over them causing her to cry out softly…Vic, Mom, release Barb from the bench and take her upstairs to the shower and all of you get in and then you two wash and clean doggy slut Barb, When you have dried her off, get some ointment and put it on the welts, then come down to the living room where I will be.

They started getting up as I left the room. Stopping by the kitchen to get some Ice Tea, then went and sat down on the couch to relax.Sitting there I started to think about Lonely, who was supposed to be here in the morning. Judging from her responses, I think that there is a strong possibility of turning her into another doggy cock sucking bitch for my growing kennel. Thinking how different things and I were six months ago. Back then, I could not even dream or fantasize of all that has happened to and with me right now…and desirable vixen shows off her cocksucking skills cumshots and brunette things may go from here.

Chapter 14 The next morning I told doggy slut mommy and doggy slut Jan that we were going on a short trip for the afternoon, Told them to put a robe over their doggy slut outfit to wear during the drive. Later, a short time after 10:00 am the doorbell rang and I told mommy slut to answer it and see who is there.Mommy slut opened the door, wearing her doggie slut outfit as I had instructed while in the house.

Standing there with her mouth open and staring, not saying anything was a nice looking dark haired woman, dressed in expensive clothing. A little on the tall side with a very nice figure. not to big on top with a small waist that flared into nicely shaped hips.Asking her name, mommy slut called it to me, sitting on the couch I told her I didn't recognize the name, what do they want. The woman came closer and told mom slut to tell me her computer name was Lonely 1.

Mom slut called out that name to me, Have her come in, I know who she is. Bringing Lonely into the living room slut Vic enters and asks if our guest or me would like anything cool to drink. I told her to bring 2 Ice Tea looking at Lonely she said that would be good.


She still has not said much and could awesome babes from brazil love meaty weenies look at mom and Vic. Vic came back and served the drinks, then asked if I required anything else. Yes, there is,bring Jan in here. Coming back with Jan on the leash they both stop in front of me. Jan, this afternoon you, mommy slut and I and maybe Lonely sitting here are going on a short afternoon trip, You and mommy will be wearing a robe over your doggie attire while driving to and from our destination.

Neither of you two will not do anything that would embarrass me, disrespect me, or show anything to cause them to think your training was not up to standards. Mom, go and get Duke and bring him so we can introduce him to Lonely as well.

A few minutes later mom slut returns with Duke on the leash. I look at Lonely, sitting quietly, taking small sips of her tea, and staring with open eyes at my sluts and Duke.Vic, slide that chair here assume the position so I can show Lonely how well Duke is trained.Vic slides the chair in front of us and then sits back and pulls her legs up and back and holds them there.Loneyly stares openly at Vic's open dripping pussy and licks her lips without realizing it.Mommy slut take over control of Duke.Mom takes Duke's leash and leads him closer and commands Duke to sit.

obeying, Duke sits and waits. I tell her to continue. She issues the command, Duke, Lick. Duke stands and moves in close to Vic's pussy first sniffing and then uses his tongue to lick her from asshole to clit.and continues doing it. Vic cries in pleasure. Lonely has leaned closer watching, I notice her nipples are hard and pushing against the fabric of the blouse blatantly.

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Her eyes have that look of lust and her slightly open mouth has her tongue licking her lip. Mommy slut commands Duke, Stop… Duke lifts his head and sits back down. Vic is crying over and over,no.no,no, Lonely can't sit still. Again Mommy slut and let him make her cum, Mommy says Duke, Lick, Once again Duke stands moves in closer and starts licking Vic's pussy…It doesn't take long before Vic screams,, I"MMMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMING and she humps Duke's tongue again and again. Finally mommy slut says.

Duke, Sit. Duke lifts his head and moves back and sits waiting.Vic, show Duke how much you appreciate what he has done&hellip. Vic, slides off the chair and crawls to Duke, where mommy slut has him lay on his side. Vic slides in and stroking his cock with one hand lifts up and opening her mouth sucks Duke's cock deep into her mouth and begins to move up and down along with her hand. Within a few minutes Duke humps his hips into her mouth and Lonely and I can see his cock pulsing as he shoots dog cum into Vic's mouth…We see Vic swallowing load after load until he is completely drained before letting his cock slide free.

Laying there licking her lips she tells Duke thank you for making her his doggy cock sucking cum eating bitch. I tell Vic and Mom to take Duke out back and for them to enjoy the pool until later. I turn to look at Lonely who has not said a word since the beginning…she is still flushed and squirming on the couch. I can see that you enjoyed watching that very much. Yes she replied…Stand up tell her and when she does I move to slide my hand up the inside of her leg, up along her inner thigh until my fingers brush up against the crotch of her silk panties, they are soaking wet.

She either pissed them slightly or her pussy is very wet…Stroking her thru the wet fabric she closes her eyes, tilts her head back slightly and is gently moving against my stroking fingers. Watching all that I said to her, got you all hot and bothered… you were thinking, I wish that I was Vic… Didn't you…swaying slightly she whispered, YESSSSSSS, You want to be a doggy cock sucking cum eating sluts just like the others&hellip.again, YESSSSSS.

Her hips hump harder against my fingers and hand…Pulling my hand away, takes her by surprise and her hips still continue to hump air.

I leave the room and go to the back door and call out, Mommy slut come here, then return to the living room where Lonely is still standing rocking back and forth slowly…Mommy slut enters the room and stops.

bring the extra set of doggy attire. Mommy goes and ella hughes seduces a waiter danny and fucks him the trunk and brings the items, placing them on the couch. Lonely not only wants,but needs to be a doggy cock sucking cum eating slut. Remove all of her clothing. Mom slut removes the clothing leaving Lonely standing naked.put her new doggy attire on her. When she kneels down in front of Lonely to put the ankle cuffs on.she leans in quickly and licks her pussy with a quick flicking motion.

Lonely inhales sharply. I am taking her along as well on our afternoon trip. take her and put her into the empty cage and lock it.

Then you can return to the pool area… Chapter 15 The time has come for me to gather up my 3 doggy sluts and put them and some things into the car. I tell Lonely we will be taking her Mercedes and she will be driving. Cars is loaded, doggy sluts are in the back, and new soon to be doggy slut driving. Sitting in the passenger seat, I give her the directions and sat back relaxing watching the scenery pass by. In about an hour of driving, we arrived turning into the long winding drive.

Following it we came over a slight rise and saw this large, beautiful house. Pulling into the circle drive area and parking, the front door opened and a stunning older woman stepped out on the porch and stood there waiting.

Looking at me, she asked are you Jeff? Yes I am and walked up on the porch with her. She looks at me a bit puzzled and then said. I thought you were much older from our conversations… I respond with. I was just a 15 year old shy and timid young teenager 6 months ago.

Then something happened and this other person that I am now was set free to be who I was born to be.I am 15 in years, but have grown to be more like 25 mentally and in my way of doing things.I am more confident, more controlling, and overall a more dominant personna. She smiles and said she was more than pleased to finally meet me. I told her I brought 2 of my doggy sluts, and I brought a new soon to be doggy slut addition.

She is still a doggy virgin, her name is Lonely. Turning I call out, Doggy sluts come here so I can introduce you to our host. Doors open and Mom and Jan emerge from the back, while drivers door opens and Lonely steps out.

All 3 come and stand at my side as I say each name, they respond with it is a pleasure to meet you Maam&hellip.I tell them to remove the robes and when they kinky czech sweetie gapes her narrow vagina to the peculiar, our host says if you will hand them to me I will see they are taken care of.

She calls young hoes have sex party in the dorm with strangers pornstars and group sex and a petite maid steps out and takes the robes from her and says I will see they are properly cared for. And leaves. Why don't we move to the veranda out back and get comfortable with a cool lemonade.

We follow her thru the house out back, where sitting around the large table are 2 more women around our hosts name who said that her name was Jessie, and her two friends were Pat and Ann. Both gave my doggy sluts a long slow look. As we started to sit, I told my doggy sluts to move to the next table, sit and enjoy their lemonade, and to be quiet.

So Jessie, I said. You contacted me, so tell me why you have. For a minute she hesitates not expecting such a direct, no bullshit, statement from what she looks at across the table like a normal young teenage boy.

She begins telling me her and her two friends enjoy at certain times taking younger girl next door types and use them in dirty taboo ways. Introducing them to her K9's in her kennel, and even to her prize stallion in the barn.We like to spank, and whip their tits and pussy, make them wet with golden showers and make them our piss whores and other things arab girl tits and fetish shes frightened of the yamsized darkhued dick times.

She said Her and her friends Pat and Ann would pay me $3000.00 to be able to use my doggy cock sucking cum eating sluts. I told her I would be agreeable to that with some stipulations, One of which she assumed I was bringing only 2 of my slut, My mother and her friend Jan.

but I have brought and additional virgin want to be doggy slut. The amount you mentioned is only for the two, mom and Jan. What is you and your friends offer for my virgin doggy slut. you will be breaking her doggy cherry.

She has watched my doggy sluts in action with Duke, and became very aroused and very wet. She has yet not had the pleasure of being taken in her pussy, asshole, and mouth. Nor has she used her mouth to pleasure a K9 to cum and be able to swallow it. The new interest in doing such was so strong I could have cut it with a knife.Talking among themselves briefly, they offered $2000.00, Ladies I said, you see looking at me a young immature boy physically. But you do not see the older mature person that he is inside.

She is a virgin doggy slut, you rarely get the chance to take some woman's doggy cherry. For that honor, her price alone is $4000.00. I sit back quietly watching the shocked expressions on their faces.Finally Jessie is able to turn and look at Pat and Ann.

Some kind of silent signal passed between them as Jessie turned, looking at me and said agreed. Good, now lets get the money taken care of. Jessie presses a small buzzer and the maid come in holding a large envelope.

Jessie counts out stacks of hundreds until $7.000.00 sits on the table and slides it across to me. Smiling I now said, as to the stipulations I mentioned earlier.

No Cutting, No permanent marks of ANY kind. No broken bones, and if I see something about to happen that would affect the safety or looks of any of them and I say NO, you will honor the command and not continue.I will not issue that command unless I feel it is absolutely needed.

They sat quietly going over all that I had said, Then said, Agreed. Great, it is now 2:00pm. your time starts now and you may use them until 6:00pm when all activity will stop.Nodding their heads in agreement they all stand up and each walks over taking one of the doggy sluts and attach a leash to their collar.

I get another lemonade and follow the group down to the kennel. The kennel is large and climate controlled. The sounds of dogs barking from the other room can be heard. Moving into another room, the older women lead their doggy sluts over to empty cages and put the 3 sluts into separate cages, locking them. Next to the wall is a bench that to me looks like it can be adjusted into many different positions.

The women go to it and roll it to a spot on the floor in the center of the room and using hidden mounts attach it securely in place. Satisfied, asian babe gives our cocks some loving stand and move to the table alongside the far wall and removing and folding their cloths place them on table. There is also a very comfortable looking chair and I walk over and sit.

Looking at the older women, I can see that they are very attractive, they have toned and tanned bodies. Their pussies are all shaved or waxed smooth. Their breasts sag only slightly, each are different in size and shape, but all of them have smaller nipples which are rock hard at the moment. Jessie goes to a wall and pressing a hidden latch, causes a large panel to slide down revealing a nice assortment of sex toys mounted behind it.

Pat and Ann join her and whispering among themselves nod in agreement. Pat walks over to Jan's cage, opens it and with the leash brings Jan to the bench,,Jessie and Ann have made some adjustments and have made it so Jan would be standing up against it from her waist down, while her upper body would be bent slightly forward. I watched, intrigued. Placing Jan up against the bench they secured her legs spread wide with leather straps around her upper thigh, and her ankle cuff to a ring.

Then bending her over positioned her breasts between two bars and then secured her wrist cuffs to rings, they ran a strap from one side across her upper back and pulling it snug secured that end to bench. This pushed Jan's breast fully thru the opening of the bars hanging freely with full access to them.

Then turning a small handle Jessie began to close the bars against her breasts, turning the handle until her breasts were tightly clamped between them. Jan groaned loudly and I could see her breasts slowly getting darker in color. Satisfied, the three women went to the wall of toys. One grabbed a leather paddle, another took a flogger, while the last removed what looked like a wooden handle slim leather strap…The women with the flogger and paddle moved behind Jan, while the one with the wood handles leather strap stepped in front.

Then like they had done this before began to strike hard blows on Jan's exposed flesh. When the paddle struck her ass, the flogger flew up between her legs to strike her pussy. At the same time the leather strap was applied to her tightly clamped tits. They did this over and over making Jan scream and cry out loud.Her screams only aroused the women more as they continued with this for several minutes more.When they stopped Jan was moaning loudly, head hanging.

Her breasts were now dark red with marks on them from the paddle. Jessie moved and released the latch holding the bars tight. They opened quickly and the fresh flow of blood into her breasts created an intense pain similar to when your hand falls asleep…This caused Jan to scream once again before it finally stopped.The women were very aroused, their breathing was faster, their nipples even harder, and from between their legs could see strings of wetness.

Releasing Jan, they placed her on her back on the floor and one by one straddled her and ground their pussy on Jan's mouth and tongue until they each had strong orgasms and filled it with their pussy cum. With some of their sexual tension released, Jessie and Pat re-adjusted the bench to the more traditional breeding style. Ann then moved Jan up and placed her stomach down and they each secured her arms and legs spreading them.

Jessie went to a speaker in the wall and pushing a button said bring K9 one. A few minutes later the door opened letting the maid wearing only a leather collar enter with a German Shepard on a leash following…Jessie made a slight nod and the maid brought the K9 behind Jan and let him poke his nose between her legs to sniff several times before he started to lick Jan's flogged pussy.

Pat had moved another smaller padded bench in front of Jan and when in position she lay back on it, with her pussy close to her mouth and told her, start licking dog slut, make me cum again. With the K9 licking deep pleasing darlings charming males with wet blowjobs her pussy building her arousal, Jan licks, driving her tongue deep.

Jessie standing near watching intently are using their fingers and stroking their pussy. The maid has the K9 sit and goes and gets the tube of KY. She then puts a large amount on her fingers and then begins to push them into Jan's asshole lubing inside and on the outside. Jan makes a grunting sound with her mouth full of pussy. The maid then takes the K9 and with a command in another language, he moves close and mounts Jan.

The maid reaches under grabbing his cock and guides it to Jan's asshole. When he feels Jan's asshole on the tip of his cock, with a powerful lunge he slides the complete length of it deep. As this happened Pat had a powerful orgasm pulling Jan's head harder into her pulsing cunt effectively muffling Jan's scream. The K9 fucks her ass fast and hard and starts to press his knot into the opening.Stretching Jan's asshole making her scream once again as it is forced in locking them together.

He then starts to shoot large streams of hot dog cum deep within her…I look over at my other two doggy sluts and see that they have been watching, knowing similar things were going to be done with them. Jessie goes to Mom's cage and with her leash leads her near the bench and wait. eventually the K9 is able to pull free with an audible slurping sound. The maid leads him back further making him sit, as Jessie leads mom forward behind the now still open asshole dripping dog cum and tells mom to get in tight and lick and suck all the dirty doggy cum from it.

doggy slut mom puts her mouth tight against it using her hands on Jan's hips to keep it tight and begins to suck and swallow the doggy cum.using her tongue, pushes it deep as possible to get as much as she can before moving back slightly showing Jessie.

Telling her she was a good doggy cum eater. Releashing Jan from the bench they lead her to the sitting K9 and command her to lick and suck his cock clean. Exhausted, she slides closer and sofy loves that pile driver that ends up in her eager ass her mouth starts to lick and the suck his dog cock until it is clean. They then lead her back to the cage, she crawls slowly into it, collapsing on the blanket as the cage is once again locked.

I am sitting enjoying the show along with my ice tea with the $7.000.00 in my pocket. While they have mommy slut still out, her lips still shiny from doggy cum lead her to the smaller bench where each take turns laying on it and have mom slut lick them to orgasms. After, they put mom slut back into her cage. Then talking quietly among themselves nod in agreement.

Turning to me they say instead of waiting until the end, they can't wait and are going to bring Lonely out next and break her doggy cherry and turn her from a wannabe into a true Naughty angel rides a cock schoolgirl hardcore Cock Sucking, Cum Eating slut…My reply was, are the camera's positioned properly to record her use so I can add it to her file.They responded, Yes, they are Sir.

smiling I just nod my head. The maid then leads the K9 from the room closing the door.