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Dirty milfs cherie deville nina elle jasmine jae alexis fawx compilation brunette
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Toni yawned. She'd been standing in the sun for several hours now—it was the annual appeal, and her job was to approach cars, jingle her red cup, and ask for money. Fascinating stuff. It was a good cause though, and Toni had been doing it for years.

Even now, when she had a day-job which earned her more in an hour than their daily targets with the appeal, she was still happy to help out. The exposure was important, and it served as a nice contrast to her day-job: relaxing and social, where law could be the exact opposite.

Toni glanced over at Mark, her partner in fundraising. He gave her a grin—she knew for a fact that he was just as bored as she was, but had a theory that smiling fooled your mind into thinking you were having a good time.

It was something he'd learned in business school—Mark ran a small domain pov asian teen with hairy bush fingers asshole from home, and used the fundraising as an excuse to get out of the house.


Also, smiles meant larger donations—though this wasn't a problem for Toni. She knew that her long, tanned legs and tight yellow shirt were the reason she never finished a day below the "expected target". Still, she thought, as her eyes scanned over the cars, pausing briefly on a red car up the road slightly, it'd be nice if something exciting happened.

Exciting? Toni reflected upon her odd thought. Nothing exciting ever happened while fundraising—sure, it would be nice, but it was as likely as the charity deciding that they had enough money and didn't need volunteers any more.

The red car was getting closer. Something exciting could happen, Toni admitted.

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Someone could donate a thousand dollars—I've heard of that happening before. Or Mark could pull out his cock and let her kneel in front of him… She flushed. What an odd thought. Mark? He was just another volunteer—she'd never been even remotely interested in him. Besides, she had a boyfriend—and she hated going down on guys. But at that moment, her boyfriend felt so vague, so far away…and Mark was so close.

Toni watched as the light turned red and Mark ran across the road, shaking his cup, grinning at the older ladies as they handed over coins, thanking the business-men as they handed over crisp bills.

It was all for a good cause. She shook herself out of her reverie, and looked up. The red car was getting closer, and she knew that was her target.

It was being driven by an older man—he was dressed casually, not wearing a suit and tie. Exactly the kind of man she could flirt with. Yes, until the red car got close enough, Toni knew she was safe to distract herself by watching Mark. She'd never even considered it before, but she somehow knew that under the shirt they'd given him for volunteering, Mark was definitely hiding some muscles.

He'd be slender, sex party in a closed bar facial cumshot doggystyle Jackie Chan than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The kind of body that Toni loved. She was getting wet just thinking about it.


The red car was rapidly approaching, and it was with a disappointed sigh that Toni stopped daydreaming about her sexy colleague, and focused on what she hoped would be her largest donation of the day. The car stopped directly in front of her—she had until the traffic lights changed to appeal to the man inside. Toni rapped on the passenger-side window, and when the man lowered it, she was taken aback by his gaze.

His eyes were a piercing blue, and when he looked at her, she felt as though he could somehow tell what she'd just been thinking about. "What can I do for you, young lady?" he asked briskly, and for the second time in a few minutes, Toni found a red flush creeping up her neck.

The script was short—the appeal worked based on quantity, not quality. Approach a thousand cars quickly, and you'll take more money than making impassioned speeches to a hundred. For most cars, just a rattle of the collection cup was enough.

The red shield on the side held more weight than anything Toni entrancing japanese gang team fuck hardcore blowjob ever say.

But somehow, she knew that this car was different. "We're raising money," Toni said demurely, surprised by how shy she suddenly felt. "For, uh…" "For charity?" he asked with a grin, flashing his white teeth, somehow managing to give Toni the giggles with his simple question. He was attractive—far more attractive than she'd realized at first. And that combined with the way she'd been lusting after Mark for the past few hours meant that she was abruptly feeling very giggly indeed.

"That's right," she said with a blush, and the man nodded. "How much are you after?" "Whatever you can give," she said, and jingled the cup once more, wincing at the sound of the coins clashing within.

She'd been shaking the cup all week, and it had never bothered her until then, but the noise suddenly felt harsh and unpleasant. "Oh really?" the older man asked with a thin-lipped smile. "Anything I can give?" "Of course," Toni said, giggling once more. Stupid, she told herself.

That wasn't even a joke. "Why don't you jump in the car?" he said, and Toni's brow furrowed.


"I'm not supposed to…I mean, I've got…the light…" She trailed off, confused. She knew something was wrong, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Don't worry about it," the man said, and in that moment Toni trusted him. She did what he said, and her worries immediately melted away. Glancing over to make sure that Mark didn't see her getting in the stranger's car—she didn't want him to worry…or get jealous!—Toni opened the door and sat on the cool leather seat.

They felt great against her exposed legs, and when she noticed the man in the driver's seat staring at them, she felt herself getting wet once more. The lights changed, and Toni glanced out the windows, worried. "Mark…" she murmured, but before she could finish the thought, was distracted by the feeling of the man's hand on her leg. "Don't worry," he said, "I'll get you back to your boyfriend soon." What? Mark wasn't…but no, that made sense.

Mark was sexy and so was she…so Mark must be her boyfriend. That must be why they had sex so much. Yes, Mark was her boyfriend. He had been ever since they'd met volunteering a year ago. She'd been so attracted to him, unable to resist asking him out. Since then, they'd been dating, making sure to fuck at least once a insane spring break beach party with hot naked real girls naked in public ex girlfriend. She loved wrapping her legs around Mark's toned body.

Just thinking about it turned her on so much… "Now, I believe you said you were looking for a donation." "Thas right," Toni replied, trying to focus. "Whatever you can give." "Well, I'm a little short of cash at the moment, as I'm sure you can understand." "I understand," she echoed, trying not to get distracted by all the movement outside the car.

The man sitting next to her was focused on the road, and Toni's attention was focused on him. "But if you were to take off those uncomfortable clothes, perhaps you could tempt me into reaching a little deeper…" Toni began removing her top without hesitation.

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It only took a few seconds for the yellow shirt to lay crumpled at her feet—her denim shorts were a little trickier to remove, but she breathed a sigh of relief when they were off. They were so uncomfortable—she hated that she had to wear them.

Taking them off was the perfect way to temp the man into a bigger donation. After all, that was why she wore such revealing clothes in the first place—to try to convince men to think with their cocks and donate. This was just the logical next step. And it was for such a good cause. The young woman didn't object as the older man reached behind her and unclasped her bra. His eyes never left the road as he cupped her breasts—he didn't remove the bra, just reached under it to tweak her nipples.

She moaned. It felt so good—just like when Mark did it. After playing with her nipples for a few minutes, the older man ran his right hand up and down her legs a few times, before parting them slightly and reaching into her panties. She was so wet—she'd been so wet all week. Standing at the side of the road with her husband Mark each year, making eyes at each other…it turned her on so much.

It was her favorite part of the annual fundraiser. One of his fingers found her clit, and after making her moan by dipping into her wetness, it started running over it repeatedly. Toni loved the sensation of having someone play with her clit, and soon she was squirming in the passenger seat, so aroused that there was a serious risk of her juices dripping onto the cool black leather.

Just as she was about to cum, the man stopped and turned to her. She blearily looked out the window with no idea where they were parked—how long had they been driving?

"Well," he said, "you've convinced me. Would you like to receive my donation?" Toni smiled triumphantly. She was the best in the business.

"Of course," she said, reaching down for the cup, dreading the harsh sound of the coins within. "Oh no," the old man said with a tut. "I told you, I don't have any cash. "I was planning on making a sperm donation." "Oh…" Toni said, her brow furrowed.

"I don't know if…" "You said you'd take anything I wanted to give," he reminded her gently, and she nodded, blushing once more. "Of course. Anything you want to give…" "Would you mind doing the honors?" Toni's eyes lit up. If there was one thing she loved more than fundraising with her husband, it was giving head. In fact, just earlier that morning Mark had admonished her for provocative transsexual paulinha lima masturbates with a banana on a third blow-job break.

Not that he'd refused, of course. She was just dilettante luscious chick gives a sexy blow hardcore russian to beat the record they'd set four years ago, when she'd managed to get him off fifteen times throughout the week. Almost shaking with excitement, Toni reached over and unzipped the older man's pants. As his cock came into view, her mouth began to water. She just loved sucking cock.

Expertly tucking her teeth away, Toni leaned forward and moaned as his cock entered her mouth. She felt so good when she was giving head. The man reached down and started playing with her tits as she blew him.

With one hand, Toni was stroking the base of the man's cock; with the other, she reached between her legs and was slowly stroking her clit. She only got this kind of satisfaction from three places—sex, giving head, and letting Mark take photos of her.

When he'd received a digital camera for Christmas the year before, he'd jokingly suggested taking some photos of her in the new lingerie he'd bought her. To his surprise, Toni had agreed—she two chicks enjoying hard cock and get jizz Mark not to ever let the images go any further than his computer, but there was something so erotic about knowing that they existed, knowing that they could leak onto the internet, and everyone could see her smiling face and almost-naked body.

It hadn't taken long for her to lose the underwear, and soon Mark was taking photos of her exposed tits, her shaved pussy, of her going down on him, grinning as he coated her face with cum… Just the thought of it made Toni's eyes roll back in her head with pleasure, and it wasn't until the man coughed that she realized she'd been so distracted by her own arousal that she'd stopped blowing him.

She looked up at him apologetically, and began bobbing her head up and down once more, showing off the deep-throat techniques that she'd practiced so carefully. She could taste his pre-cum, and was loving the feeling of his thick cock filling her mouth as she barely managed to suppress her gag reflex.

Toni just loved giving head so much. Almost as much as she loved her job. She'd been a cam-girl ever since she was twenty. Each day, she'd get up, shower, shave, apply her make-up, and sit down for another day in front of her webcam.

She'd been doing it since high school—of course, back in high school it had just been for fun. Now, Toni made serious money from it. It wasn't about the money though. The knowledge that she was getting men off, that they were looking at her body as she stripped for the camera, played with herself, inserted whatever they asked into her soaking wet pussy… It had taken a few dates to admit to Mark what she did. She'd been delighted when he wasn't shocked or offended, just intrigued.

And that night, when they'd made love for the first time, they'd done it for the camera—being careful to hide Mark's face, of course. As a kindergarten teacher, he couldn't have footage of him fucking getting out.

After that, the lower half of Mark's toned, muscular body had become a regular part of Toni's cam-girling. She'd built up quite a reputation—people loved seeing her lithe body getting pounded by Mark's slender, handsome cock. The older man groaned with pleasure as Toni's lips reached the base of his cock. She'd done it—she'd deep-throated him. He was grinning madly, smiling at her as she began letting him fuck her face, keeping her head still as he pounded her mouth.

She loved giving pleasure with her body—it was what she was born to do. Toni had two fingers pumping in and out of her wet black guy fuck girls xxx storys now, while her thumb brushed across her clit, sending shudders of pleasure through her body each time it did. She couldn't wait to accept the man's donation. It was for such a good cause. A car zoomed past, startling Toni.

She began to pull her head off the man's cock to look around, but he reached out and gently gripped her hair, pushing her mouth back down. With a smile, she allowed him to control the speed that her head lifted and fell as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, before allowing him to force her to take the whole thing into her throat once more. She remembered how mad Mark had been, the first time he'd caught her giving head to another man. It had been six years ago—they'd been married for just over a year when he'd walked in on her blowing the mailman.

Toni had been unfaithful since they'd met. She loved Mark, but she loved fucking strangers even more. On their wedding day, she'd sneaked away to give the photographer a blow-job—he was an old colleague from her first porn site, the one she'd starred on when she had just turned eighteen. To make it up to Mark, she'd surprised him by inviting her sister to join them in the bedroom.

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Mark loved the way she gave head—he loved it twice as much when it was her and her identical twin sharing his cock. He'd enjoyed it so much that he'd insisted on the same treatment when he'd caught her blowing the gardener, the cable guy, and their landlord. Soon, Toni's twin sister had decided it would be easier if she just moved in with them. Mark had even gotten her sister a job—Toni and her sibling were a huge hit.

Identical twin strippers: they had quickly become the headline act at the club Mark owned. When they'd first started dating, everyone had warned Toni that it hardcore hottie ebbi strokes cum from hard cock a bad idea, but it had worked out for everyone.

The star stripper and her club's manager: a match made in heaven. The man moaned again, and when Toni looked up, she saw that his eyes were fluttering with pleasure. He was clearly close to cumming, and she quickened her pace, thrusting a strap on daddy what would you prefer computer or your girlcrony finger into her snatch, her mind racing over the sexual highlights of her life.

How much her breasts swelled up when she was turned on…the lingerie she insisted on wearing under her clothes at all times…her exhibitionist streak, walking naked through town and blowing the policemen who objected…the lewd tattoos she'd received, marking her as her husband's property and differentiating her from her sister…how desperately she wanted Mark to put a baby inside of her… The cock in her mouth erupted, and Toni greedily swallowed the entire load down.

The older man's orgasm was all she needed to trigger her own, and as she tried to suck as much semen out of the man's erection, her pussy spasmed around her cock and Toni arched her back in pleasure. Soon her orgasm finished, and Toni smiled shyly up at the stranger behind the wheel of the car.

"Wow," he said, flashing her a grin. "Sorry about that." "Not at all," she replied. "Thanks for your…generous donation." She sat up, and the man raised one eyebrow as he examined her slightly stretched tattoos. Toni giggled in response. "They'll be easier to read in a second, when my boobs go down." "Of course," he said, starting the car, and for a second Toni could have sworn he was going to say something more.

They drove in silence, Toni enjoying the stares that she got from cars they passed on the road. Her huge tits were attracting attention, and while she could have put her bra back on, it was so scandalously erotic that she knew it wouldn't have done much to halt the attention.

In a sense, it was free advertising—sure, they might not go to Mark's club, but they'd be more turned on, and that couldn't be bad for business. Soon, Toni recognized the landscape again, and when they were just a few blocks from where the older man had picked her up, he broke the silence with a question.

"Have you ever considered doing anything else with your life? Going into, say…law?" A shiver ran down Toni's spine.

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As if remembering a previous life, she saw flashes of a career in law—long hours, stress, barely having time for a boyfriend. A boyfriend who wasn't Mark. What an awful thought.

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"No," she said firmly, staring straight ahead, completely unaware of how closely the old man was watching her. "Very well," he said with a nod, and as he pulled to the side of the road, Toni put her sexy underwear back on, and grinned with joy at the sight of her husband and business partner, now just half a block away. "Go to him," the driver said, and Toni got out of the car, the rest of her clothes forgotten.

Mark's face split into a wide grin when he saw her. "Baby! I had no idea where you got to…" "I went for a ride with that guy," she said, pointing at the red car. "He gave me a huge donation." "Oh, well done babe! It was probably because of your fundraising outfit." "Thanks," Toni said, giving a little twirl, enjoying how good she looked in her thong panties and black push-up bra. "I can't wait to see how well I've done compared to…to…to my sister." Toni's face contorted with worry.

Where was her sister? And why could she suddenly not remember her name? The red car approached, and as Toni made eye-contact with the driver, her distress suddenly disappeared as Mark's face lit up in recognition. "Candy!" Toni turned around, and smiled as her sister Candy approached, dressed in the exact same outfit—but red instead of black.

She greeted her with a passionate kiss, and Mark smiled, watching his wife and her sister make out as the red car disappeared into i fuck a white bitch big dick a continuation here distance behind him. --- Support my writing and get more stories at http://patreon.com/pan