Toughlovex jennifer white disciplined by karl toughlove

Toughlovex jennifer white disciplined by karl toughlove
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It was another day in bed with my beautiful girlfriend. We had been in a relationship for over a year now and our sex life as you can say had hit a bump. She is a cute teen 5'5 .good B cups.but what was the sexiest thing about her was her ass. Coming to me I am an average looking guy 5'10 .athletic body as I run daily.and have an average 6inch cock Coming back to the story, we were lying naked with each other and just had sex with me coming inside her but she dsnt seem to get to an orgasm this AGAIN.

"Alright!! This has to stop NOW! " she said while sitting up. I give her a confused look although I knew exactly what she meant. "This is way too much for your pleasure and none for mine. You know what? I guess it's time to switch roles." She said while straddling my chest in a quick movement.

As my arms are stretched upwards ,she has access to them. She quickly pins them down and reveal a handcuff from under the pillow which is under my head and locks them up. I start getting a little turned on by this so I don't struggle. "I don't know horny dad feeds dolly leigh his big cock deep throat smalltits and pornstars you will like this or not, but I'm sure I will" she says with a wicked grin. The handcuffs from under the pillow have already made me realise that she planned this.

She moves her bare pussy, the pussy I just came in, closer to my mouth. I see a lil of my cum trying to get out of her delicious pussy lips. "Oh dear lover, would you mind cleaning up your own cum from my pussy?" She asks in mock pout and doesn't wait for my reply as she mounts my face and starts rubbing her cunt all over it.

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I feel her wet pussy filled with my jizz highly intoxicating so I open my mouth and stick my tongue out and try to maneuver it inside her cunt. "To eager to eat your own cum huh? Such a slut you are". I'm shocked from listening all this filth coming out of her mouth.

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HER SLUT? Hell yeah I wanna be that. As I taste my cum, my predicament and her nasty talk is somehow injecting life back in my cock.

Meanwhile she moves herself a little forwardmy tongue now directly above her asshole. I don't hesitate and start licking without even being given the order.


She moans "oh you're such a nasty whore. Licking my asshole like a cheap slut" she says and start riding my tongue which is embedded inside her sweaty asshole. I'm absolutely loving this, being smothered by her ass.

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She cums hard for the first time ever and I feel her sphincter muscles tightening around my tongue. She backs a little bit to sit on my chest and look in my eyes and give an evil smile. But there is something else in her eyes. It is like she knows that I'm her slave now During all this my cock has become painfully hard and I badly need a release.

She notices my 6 inch hardon and smiles at me again "awww does someone wanna cum?" Pouting. "Please ." That's all that comes out of my mouth until I receive a big slap on my cheek. "You don't speak unless you spoken got it bitch?" "Yes mistress" I say immediately regretting what I just called her. A huge grin appears on her face "mistress huh? I like that.that's what ull call me from now on.slave".

She gets up from my chest and moves toward her closet. My eyes moving along with her movement as she gets the key to my handcuffs and uncuff petra mis natural wonders of the world pov. I sit up straight massaging my wrists and start moving my hand towards my cock. WHAM! Another slap. "That cock belongs to me're not allowed to touch it" she says and points towards the floor "on your knees bitch" I hurriedly get out of the bed still massaging my stinging cheek and get on my knees in front of her She sits on the bed her legs still hanging "I haven't relieved myself from the morning and I don't feel like going to the bathroom right now" I look at her "now my're my toilet" with this she opens her legs and signals with her fingers to come closer.then grabs my hairplace my head right in front of her pussy and whispers "open" I quietly open my mouth and feel it getting full off her stinky piss.

"Swallow all .don't you dare even spill a drop of it" I try my hardest to swallow everything her pussy gives but a few drops trickle down on the floor. Finally she stops and orders me to lick her clean. I hungrily began lapping at her pussy while she fondles my hair and feels the pleasure of my tongue. She notices the drops on the floor but doesn't say anything until she has her orgasm. She grabs my hair with both her hands while my tongue is stiff and out .and then bobs my head over her pussy .controlling the momentum of how I penetrate her delicious almost looked like a guy fucking a girls mouth.but just the other way around.

Then she screams out and squirts inside my mouth while I hungrily lap at her pussy trying to swallow all her delicious juices. She comes down from her high and says "don't think that I didn't notice the mess you made on my floor while drinking my piss" she comes a little forward stepping intentionally on her piss drops on the floor.then she orders "tongue out like a dog." I do it while still kneeling.

She puts her feet on my tongue and rub it one by one to get her soles clean from her piss. She uses my tongue like a rub. I'm painfully hard and she notices and moves her feet towards my cock.


"You wanna cum slave?" I nod frantically. She puts both her feet around my cock and start giving me a footjob. I moan like I'm on ecstasy and I know that with everything that has happened it won't be long. She knows this and tugs roughly on my cock. "Cum for your mistress slave.cum for me" I loose control and start shooting jets of cum all over her feet. My mouth open in an inaudible scream as I cover my mistress's feet with my cum. "That's a good boy" she looks at her cum covered feet and then gives me another wicked grin (god!

I'm in love with that look) as she moves her feet in front of my mouth. She doesn't need to say it. I start licking up my cum from her feet and sucking her toes. I don't mind the taste or idea of eating my cum anymore. For her ill do it all. For the new her.when I'm finished she looks at megrabs my head and pull me in for a long passionate kiss with her tongue and mine exploring all crevices of each other's mouth.

Then she pulls away and gives an affectionate real girlnextdoor facialized with asian bff pussylicking and oldvsyoung to me and whispers "I love you my pet" to be continued.