Great blowjob from a great sexy slut 16 tube porn

Great blowjob from a great sexy slut 16 tube porn
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The Return of "The Hillbilly Girl" 3 __Darleen and I gave that ol couch a work out. The squeaking and springs sticking up were tricky. She got on top of me a rode me like a pony. Now she knew how to 'dig in' and get a climax good.


I held her little butt cheeks and held on. She loved to tongue kiss me while I felt her tits. She moaned and groaned like no other girl I had ever been with. I loved the wildness in her movements. ".oh god Barry&hellip.yer mak'in me crazy".

I pushed my dick all the way in her and let go with a cum blast I didn't even know I had in me. She bucked and squirmed as she groaned and dug her pussy on my dick. She finally collapsed on me, out of breath.

Her body shivered at times as we drifted away together. I woke up to the smell mesh leopard foil print corset and thong(iphone tube porn that country breakfast she was so good at. She brought it out on a piece of plywood and I ate on the couch between her kisses. She said: "I'll be back.", and went out the back door. I watched her walk towards Millie's back fence.

Soon Millie showed up and they talked about something. I watched her skipping back with one of her new dresses on…so carefree and with that sweet happy smile on her face. She came in and took the dishes away. She jumped on my lap, straddled my legs and pushed her pussy into me. She said: "I got's a surprise fer you ta'night Barry, but I ain't gonna tell ya what it is." I slipped my hands under her dress and felt her smooth legs and then her sweet ass.

She started breathing hard. "…oh damn Barry…ya gotta wait till ta night, Millie is…" That was all she would say, and jumped off me. It was getting dark. Darleen had her head in my lap, guiding my hand over her tits. We heard a knock at the back door. Darleen jumped up and ran to open it.

It was Millie, drunk on her ass. She had a jug of something, and kept tipping it to take a drink. Darleen parked her beside me and went and got a glass. Millie never stopped grinning and slurred: "Bare&hellip. Ya ever had 'sweet lighting?&hellip.huh?" I said "No." Darleen held the glass as Millie poured some out of the jug. I smelled it.

It burned my eyes and nose as the smell of gasoline, corn and sugar enter my nose. I smiled and took a sip. It felt like a bomb went off in my mouth.

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It suck all the moisture out of my mouth. The fumes made me dizzy and then I felt like&hellip.laughing.

It was so warm going down my throat. It was cleaning me out and it began to tickle. Darleen sipped the rest of the glass down. With Millie on one side and Darleen on the other, I put my arms around them and pulled them towards me. I started kissing them both. They giggled along with me and we all proceeded to get very horny. They wasted no time in removing my clothes and theirs. They were all over me.

Darleen said to Millie: "Is he ready?" Millie went to the back door and came back with&hellip. Her dog&hellip.'Uncle Zippy'. Meet 'uncle zippy', Darleen said. I blinked.

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All this time 'uncle zippy' was Millie's dog? "We gonna show ya some entertainment, Barry. Uncle zippy git's all horny when he drinks 'shine'. Watch". She placed a dish down and Millie grinning, poured some 'shine' in it. Sure enough, the big black hound dog lapped it up. He shook like he was wet. Naked Millie got on all fours on the floor.

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Darleen snuggled beside me. Millie started bumping zippy with her naked hips. She got on her knees and held her tits up to zippy. He started licking them all over. She slowly got on her back as zippy kept licking. He stopped and sniffed the air. He went right for her pussy licking it. The girls giggled as Millie squirmed. "Did ya ever see a dog lick a girl's pussy before Barry? I smiled and shook my head 'no'. I was dizzy and everything seemed funny.

Millie humping the dogs tongue, Darleen jumping down and jacking on zippy's dick, Millie scooting down looking at zippy's long dick. She and Darleen both jacked on it wicked nymphos bang the biggest strapon dildos and spray cum all around monstercock squirting zippy started to hump.

"Ya wanna see more Barry?& ya ain't never seen this before." Darleen said. They both guided zippy's dick in Millie's pussy. Zippy started licking Millie's face as he started to hump her fast. Millie's legs went up and she began to moan. Darleen came and snuggled by me again. "Bare likes it Mil, he's got a hard dong now. " Darleen began to jack my dick. "See." Darleen said. Millie was to busy enjoying zippy fucking her to notice me. She could fuck as fast as zippy.

Her ass slapped on the floor as she pulled zippy all the way in her. She moaned big as I saw zippy's dog knot slip in her pussy. She squirmed as zippy stopped. She held him tight as he tried to turn and pull out. Darleen was panting with excitement as she pulled me on top of her. We were both naked and she quickly guided my dick on her wet pussy.

She held my ass and we fucked as fast as we could. She reached down and tried to put my balls in her pussy too.

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She was thrashing and pushed hard on my balls. She did it. Somehow she got both my balls in her pussy. She held my ass tight as she started to tremble. Her fingers dug in my ass as I had to cum like never before. She yelled "OH YES&hellip.BERRY YES!!!" as she climaxed hard and shook all over. I didn't know I could shoot that much cum. She squirmed and pulled me hard in her pussy. Her tongue was all over my mouth as she kept moaning&hellip.and moaning.

I looked over and saw Millie still holding zippy in her pussy and giggling. Darleen continued to wiggle and kiss me. Soon Darleen and Millie both began to giggle.


I joined in as everything was so damn funny. I heard a 'pop' as zippy finally pulled out of Millie. This just made things funnier. We all laughed as Millie and…Darleen rubbed their pussy's.

----------- Driving the 1 hour to my home I thought& buddy's would never believe me even if I told them&hellip. Darleen lay curled up beside me, asleep in my front seat&hellip. Darleen was in for shock as she entered my world. I lifted the door up on Darleen's side of the Ferrari. She was starting to wake up. I picked her up and carried her to the door where Hobbs greeted us. Hobbs was an English trained butler my dad had.

I kept him on when dad passed away. I set Darleen down. She held my arm and stared at Hobbs. "This is Darleen, Hobbs." He held out his hand to shake it. "Miss Darleen, it a pleasure meeting you." he said. "He's my best friend Darleen. Let him shake your hand." I said. She smiled big and hugged him. Poor Hobbs looked at me in shock. I couldn't help but laugh. "She'll hump your leg if she likes you Hobbs." & Darleen smiled and started humping his leg. Hobbs gave her a tiny hug back.

He sniffed the air as we went in the house. Darleen held Hobbs hand and stopped in the living room. She dropped to the floor and felt the imported fancy carpet.

"Dang Barry, you walk on this?…it feels like a kitty's fur." Hobbs wrinkled his nose and said: "This way if you wish to bathe, Miss Darleen." Darleen stood up and looked at Hobbs. "I ain't tak'in no bath with you Hobbie!" We walked around my house as I gave her a tour she was not use to at all. "Is this Hobbie's house?" she ask. I explained as best I could. We entered my bedroom. I has an in the floor hot tub. "Is that yer bath tub right in the bedroom???" The whole tour was questions and more questions.

Hobbs and I tried not to laugh at her sweet innocent look at things. She looked at the big bed and began to smile. "Hobbie, why don't you go play outside now, Barry and I are gonna play in this bathtub." She started taking her clothes off.

Hobbs raised his eyebrows way up and left the room and closed the door. We both got naked and in the hot tub. To her it was indoor pond. She was all excited and all over me with her hands. I reached over and buzzed Hobbs. "Do we have any bubble bath Hobbs?" There was a pause, then he replied: "Yes Master Barry, shall I bring it in?" "Yes Hobbs, please." Darleen looked at the intercom and asked: "Does Hobbie live under this bathtub?" Hobbs came scol girl fuck with teacher sex stories blazers storys and brought bubble bath, shampoo, perfume for Darleen, two big fluffy towels and two cookies on a silver tray.

Darleen hid behind me. One towel had 'Master Barry' on it and the other had "Miss Darleen" on a card placed on it. He poured in the bubble bath and turned on the hot tub bubbles.

Darleen jumped and said: "Barry! Ya gotta leak in yer bath tub!, it's right here where these here bubbles are a com'in out!" More explanations.

Darleen played in the many bubbles, putting bubbles on her head. She held up her arms and acted like a bubble monster of some kind.

We eventually ended up in my big bed. I turned on the bed vibrator. "Earthquake!"…, she yelled and held me tight. I finally got her calmed down and she said that earthquake made her horny. She got on top of me and sunny leone washroom xxx story was 'ride the pony' time as we began to fuck&hellip.and fuck&hellip.and fuck some more. We woke up about 9am the next day, my erection was still in her and we continued to play, 'Darleen's in heaven' as she called it.

I licked her sweet pussy and felt her wonderful tits until I fell back asleep for a while. When I woke back up, she was gone. I put on my robe and found her in the kitchen with 'Hobbie'.

I listened as she was showing him how to make a country breakfast. She was also grabbing his butt and cock. He would stop and say: "Dar!"& he now called her…"I cannot cook with you grabbing my 'private parts' ". "Yer git'in a boner, teen aziza gets her pussy licked and plowed ya Hobbie?" We all ate with Darleen insisting that Hobbs eat with us.

"Ya talk funny Hobbie, but I like ya." Darleen said. "Oh, and I like you too, Miss Darleen. I shall cherish this moment until the end of time." Hobbs said. Darleen smiled big, kissed him on the cheek and said: "Wanna blow job?" ------fast forward to today--------- Darleen and I trade weekends with each other.

She still thinks it's Hobbs house. She drives him crazy taking his hand and rubbing it on her tits and pussy. She says things like: "Let me jack ya off Hobbie, you'll like it." Hobbs always says politely: "No thank you Miss Darleen, my 'penis' is not your personal toy." At her house Millie and her like to give me naked dancing shows.

They love to rub their pussy's on my face and have me kiss and feel their tits…… then. gang fuck me all night long. I bring her comic books.

I read them to her as she looks at the pictures. I bring her girl toys. I brought her a set of girl and boy dolls. She likes to hold them together like they are fucking, and giggle… and she brings me&hellip.

&hellip.pure happiness.