Cop picks up red head in park for pussyfuck

Cop picks up red head in park for pussyfuck
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FOREWORD: Hello readers. Let me start of by saying that this is the first part of what I think will be a little two part series. It's also my first crack at a longer sex story and the first one I've ever shared so I hope you'll get a kick out of it.

Some of you at least. The second part will be much shorter than the first. I'm turned on by dark, taboo situations so I take care to make those situations feel substantial, if not full. Thanks for reading, and enjoy. Comments, question.anything: extremely wicked sweetheart gets fucked hardcore blowjob all welcome.

Once again, enjoy! Danica Blakemore had grown up in the White House. She was 18 years old now - the American public had been watching her grow since she was 10. When Danica was ten, her father, Tyler Blakemore had been elected the second African-American President of the United States (though he was half white, like the first). At just over thirty-six years old at the time of his first inauguration, he was also the youngest.

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Danica had been a small and shy girl back then and America had watched that girl transform, over the next eight years, into something like a bombshell of a young woman. Danica shunned the spotlight, and only used "private social media" for securtiy purposes and yet she had been courted by billionaire sons and kingdom princes the world over.

Her chest, her lips, her defiantly round tush were the secret and shameful desires of most of the men in her father's administration. And some of the women.

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Danica's skin was a pale gold mixture of her father's burnished copper and her mother's porcelain white. Brown freckles spread between the bright eyes of her young angle face. A tumble of golden brown spirals sprouted from her head and was the most obvious mark of her black lineage. Indeed, under America's gaze, Danica Blakemore had become the young beauty that she was. A lot had transformed on the inside as well. She had grown up with a strong sexual drive that she knew she inherited from her father (a known womanizer even before the oval office).

She had grown up full of unfulfilled sexual urges. Fucking one boy after the next to satisfy a desire that she now realized was centered around one man. Danica Blakemore watched that man now. He's so tall, Danica always thought when she stared at him, and he did stand head and shoulders above the swarm of dignitaries and journalists in his office. His head was unburdened by hair.

His eyes were the sharp intelligent eyes of a fox. His jaw was strong and pulled into a cheshire grin for his oval office guests. Danica loved staring at her father's face. He was like the copper version nalgona mexicana en story voyeur a Roman bust.

Imperially slim and pressed into a dark suit. Tyler Blackmore's face was her favorite in the whole world.

The face that had raised her.

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The beautiful face that made Danica feel.wetness, shame, and excitement; whether he regarded her with tender love or stern frustration. Over the years, America had watched Danica transform. But no one saw anything below the surface. No one noticed how she stared at her dad. No one noticed how her shame dissipated over the years and was now almost all excitement. No one noticed how wet she became whenever they shared the same room.

The dinner table. The stage. All eyes on the President. Tyler Blakemore delivered his final handshake, smile, elbow pat combo. It was vacation time. Even the President needed one.

"Alright everybody, I'm kicking you out!" he called out to a reaction of chuckles and giggles. The Oval Office had emptied out and with a pang of regret he realized that Danica had gone too.

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He hadn't even gotten a good look at that young angle face that he loved to stare at. He hadn't even gotten a good look at her ass as she walked out. Another pang of regret hit the President. And he leaned back on the Resolute Desk, arms folded.

"What's wrong with you Tyler, that's your fucking kid." Blakemore whispered to himself. He cursed his libido. It had been like a curse, in fact, an affliction that hounded him since his early teens.

A need to objectify and just.fuck the shit out of any woman he found attractive. His weakness was curves, an angel face and a nice ass. Hence his wife. And apparently now his daughter. The President sighed. "Hey dad.who're you talking to?" Blakemore's head snapped up. It was Danica. His heartpace quickened. He felt a familiar tightening in his testicles. "Oh, just myself Dany. What's the matter?" "Nothing daddy.

I mean.nothing is the matter but I do have something I want to tell you." Danica had become a confident and assertive young woman over the years. Much like himself at her age. But now she seemed like the bashful little girl who had hid her face during his first inauguration. Blakemore swallowed and grinned.

"Come here baby girl, and let me hear it." He gestured for her to sit on the desk and she did so. He could feel the warmth of her thick thighs spread so close to his. Danica looked down between her father's legs and thought she saw a slight nudge forward of his thin slacks.

Her imagination. She didn't understand how her leggings weren't already soaked through. Words slipped out of her mouth quickly. "I want to come with you - I mean, I changed my mind about Spring Break.

I want to be with you guys in Olympus." Olympus was what the First Family called their vacation home on the coast of central California. Where the President and his wife would be for the next seven days. Danica's oldest brother, Jerrod Blakemore, was too busy lawyering it up in New York to join them and she had originally planned a spring break trip with her high school companions.but that was before she realized that everything she wanted was staring at her right here.

"Would you really? That's grand baby girl. Your mother will love to hear that you've changed your mind!" Danica beamed, teasing a smile out of her father himself. "Ok well, I will get packing." she said "Mhm. We leave this evening. Go on, get ready." Her father stood up and waltzed to the other side of milf and daughter share studs big cock desk.

He's so tall. Danica thought. The President looked down at his shoes, as his daughter turned to go pack. But he failed to resist a peek at her plump backside, stretching the thin material of her black leggings.

"Danica." He called and she whirled around. His eyes set on the lips of her angel face, upturned in an inquisitive half-smirk. Blakemore stretched out his arms and his daughter rushed to him and they wrapped each other in a tight hug. He was keenly aware of the large young breasts squeezed against his chest and the dangerous position of his hands, resting just above the curve of her buttcheeks.

Her arms were wrapped tightly around his hard waist. They held each other that way for a long moment and then began to chuckle, not wanting to let go. Laughter shook their bodies and Danica began to fall backwards onto sex makes curvy beautiful hottie cum a lot Resolute Desk.

Suddenly Tyler was squeezing his daughter's keep her from falling. As a father, he'd saved her from falling a thousand times before. But not like this. Not with his palms so full of warm, thick flesh and with their hot college marvelous amazing girls hardcore reality regions touching. Danica wanted nothing more than for her father to finish her thoughts. To pull her into him by the ass cheeks and open her mouth with a kiss.

But then he let her go and she was taken out of fantasy into reality. A voiced behind her cracked "Tyler! We've still got packing to do-" Danica snapped her body around. It was her mother standing in the oval office. "Oh hello baby girl" Susan Blakemore, First Lady of the United States, hadn't expected to see her daughter where she was, standing behind the Resolute Desk with her father looming close behind her. "I guess she's told you then" Susan inferred "Baby girl is joining us in Olympus again." "That's right." Father and daughter said in unison and all three of them laughed.


Danica was so much like that man. Though visually she was a younger picture of her mother. And with curlier hair, darker freckles. A more dynamic body. "Oh you two." Susan remarked with a smile before turning to go. FIVE DAYS LATER In contrast to the grandeur of the White House, Olympus was a humble beach home slice of the quiet life on the sand.

Susan hated it here. She was all in for the grandeur and extravagance that came with being the First Lady of the world's superpower. Olympus made her feel so plain and ordinary and she only endured it to satisfy a husband who was probably much more interested in satisfying the younger women of the nearby college town that he frequently went to "pick up things" that he had no intention of using.

Did it really take 4 hours to get a volleyball net that you were never going to play with? It was during one of these "errands" that Susan discovered she was the only one not getting any action. Wandering up the stairs to her bedroom, Susan was greeted by two familiar sounds. One was of the creaking and groaning of a mattress and the other was the moaning of a young woman in pleasure. "Ahh.oh yes, oh fuck.

daddy!" Susan's stomach tightened and her her face flushed and shame bloomed in her. The sound of this.daddy character (probably some college jock) fucking her daughter was intensely arousing to Susan Blakemore. Like everyone else in the First Family, Susan had such a powerful sexual drive that even though she felt quickly evaporated if her panties were wet enough.

Susan leaned against the doorframe. "Oh shit.oh fuck.ahhh fuck.yes! Fuck me daddy.Oh god.fuck me daddy!" Susan slid a finger in-between her legs. Soon she had slid her other hand down there too, rubbing her clit with one and fingering herself with the other.

"Oh god.oh fuck.pound this pussy daddy.oooohhhh shit." The bed went creak, creak, creak. Susan's knees were getting weak, trembling, and her anus began contracting. She was practically dripping onto the floor.

"OHHHH.FUCK.OHHHH FUCK DADDY.A-ah.OH-OH.OHHhhh." Danica's voice horny japanese slut wants his dick hard carried away into the breathless gasp of her orgasm. Then they were quiet. "Fuck." Susan moaned quietly to herself. Susan's own breathing became sharper and more shrill until she came herself, squirting straight down onto the floor with alina lopez creampie while doing the full split light splash.

"Mom?" Danica called and Susan was snapped out of her orgasmic trance. "Danica, you're home?" Susan answered. "Oh my god I thought you and dad were both out." Danica stated breathlessly.


"We were but not together. Stay put baby girl, I spilled something and I should get a towel to clean it up." "Ok.where did dad go anyway?" "You know what, I don't know baby girl. but I'll be going back into a town in a few. Join me, won't you?" Susan pulled her pants and she learns to squirt and to spank her tits back up.

"I'll be down in a bit!" was Danica's chipper response. The next night all three of them were in the master bed together. The President, his wife and daughter. Danica lay in-between them like she had used to, as a little girl.

But things were different now. Tyler Blakemore lay staring into the bright eyes of her angel face, a hand palming his favorite ass in the world. His daughter had come up to join them. Something about feeling lonely and uncomfortable. Thankfully, her mother had already been more than half asleep. The President's vacation was being cut short. The South China Sea was going to hell and he needed to be back in the Situation Room.

But before they were separated for months and months.he was glad that Danica had decided to join him so he could hold that sweet bubbly tush, if nothing else. His mind drifted to the first time he had fucked Danica. The second night where all three of them had had just a glass too much to drink.

Susan had retired upstairs to a deep slumber and the president and his daughter had remained downstairs, curled up on the couch like countless other times over the course of the years he'd raised her. Well, as best he could considering his constantly demanding rise to the presidency. But that night they were curled up on the couch and buzzed. Danica laid on her side, her head resting on her father's stomach, just above his lap.

His hand rested just above her hip, in the crook of her voluminous curve. In his buzzed state, his arm lapsed and the president's hand fell down behind his daughter's back, brushing her apparently bare pussy. He was surprised to find that it was wet. Very very wet. He was surprised again when he heard Danica go "Mmmmmmmm." And surprised a third time when xxx village story bf sex stories ante our sun shifted her body and went face down in his lap.

She raised her rear end until her miniskirt tumbled down into the arch of her back, revealing the pale twin hills of her big ass. Without thinking, the president slid a finger into that pussy.

"Mmmmm.yes daddy." she moaned into his crotch. He fingered her until she was rocking her rear back onto his finger, hoping to god that Susan didn't find them like this. Then his daughter stopped rocking, raised her head above his lap and unzipped his pants. Blakemore was rock hard and let out a deep moaning sigh when his daughter wrapped her young lips around the head of his cock.

"Oh yeah baby girl." he moaned. It seemed to activate something in his baby girl because she began to bob her head up and down, almost aggresively. He felt himself about to cum. "Wait Danica." he said. They'd gone far enough. She was still his daughter. "You want this don't you daddy?" He didn't answer. "Please.please fuck me daddy. Since I was a little girl I've hoped you would fuck me daddy. Please." Next thing Tyler knew, he had picked Danica up, turned her backside towards him and sat her down on his lap, sticking his cock into her drenched pussy.

"Ohhhh yes daddy.ohhh shit." And he started to thrust. Slamming his cock up into his daughter's young pussy, the smell of her wafting juices and the satisfying smack, smack, smack of their impurity were intoxicating to him. "Oh fuck yes daddy! Take this pussy." He stood and turned her around, planting her face down onto the couch without ever leaving her body. "Do me like a dog daddy yes" And he fucked his daughter like a dog, taking busty babe gets casting agent horny interview and fingering big handfuls of that sweet, young ass while he pumped away.

"Oh god.oh god.oh god.daddy I'm gonna cum.oh.daddy I'm gonna cum.i'm gonna cum" And she started to convulse, wildly grind her ass up and down into his pelvis.the President couldnt help it.

That first time; he had ejaculated a hot load of cum straight into Danica her. The entire experience played back through his mind right now, as he held onto his daughter, his wife asleep on the other side of the bed.

"What are you thinking about daddy?" Danica asked him END OF PART ONE