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Keiran lee plowing on august ames shaved pussy naturalttis and brunette
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Three: Barbaric Passion Chapter Two: Incubal Desire By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Journeyman Mage Faoril The Village of Etian, The Magery of Thosi My hand slid up and down Xera's cock as the elf squirmed on the bed. Her head tossed back, her green hair swirling about her shoulders while her large breasts jiggled.

I had a firm grip on her cock, my hand sliding up her shaft. It was one of the most fascinating cocks I had ever seen, thrusting up from the folds of her pussy. It was really her clit swelled into a cock by the hermaphroditic nature of elves.

Three days out of a twenty-eight day period they went into heat. I knew cocks. I was a female mage. Our power came from cocks. We needed the cum to provide us the power to wield our magic.

Unlike priests, paladins, and witches, our power did not come from external sources. We had to provide it. Not wanting to kill ourselves, female mages used cum and male mages pussy juices. So I was a cock expert. I had sucked many of them, mostly human males and the simulacrum produced by the Collegiate Tower.

And the elf's cock was the most interesting. I loved how it thrust from her pussy. Her pussy lips were drenched and flushed, filling the air with the scent of marigolds.

Elves were not like humans. Their pussies had a much more flowery scent. "I'm getting close," groaned Xera. Her pussy lips clenched and relaxed as she squirmed on the bed of the inn.

We were in a small village in central Thosi that lay on the highway from Esh-Esh north to Allenoth. I brought up the vial. I used up one vial of the elf's cum, needing my life magic enhanced to disrupt Fireeyes's corpse automaton in yesterday's fight.

Elves were close to the element of life, and so their cum was more effective. "Cum one last time for me," I grinned. She was in the last hours of her heat. By morning, her cock would be gone. Part of me wanted to stay up and witness her dick shrink away into a little, pink clit. "Yes," Xera groaned, excitement flushing across her pale, greenish skin. Her hips bucked up and her cock throbbed in my hand.

"Make me cum, slut." "Slut." I savored the word. It was so demeaning and so appropriate. I was a slut. A cum slut extraordinaire. I loved it all, savoring all the different varieties of flavor and texture. I wanted to swallow hers instead of letting it splash into my vial. "Cum, elf-whore," I hissed. "Let your dick erupt." "Yes," gasped Xera. Her hips bucked off lovely ebony minx simply adores masturbating masturbation and brunette bed.

Her pussy clenched. Juices squirted out of her cunt and splashed on my naked tits as her dick erupted. White cum squirted into the glass vial. Copious squirts filled the vial. Xera groaned every time, and a hard shudder ran through her body. Then she fell back on the bed. "Can I die now?" "Yes," I grinned, capping the vial. The spell triggered, preserving her cum's potency. After my failure to preserve the lemures' cum for my mage test, I was extra careful. I still couldn't believe I had botched such a simple spell.

It may have cost me my chance to be a Master Mage. But if this Quest to kill the dragon Dominari and restore the High King's shattered sword was successful. Hope kept me going. "You have drained me dry, mage," panted Xera. "I just want to sleep." "Sleep," I grinned. I slipped the vial into one of the many pockets of my red robes lying on a nearby chair. I licked the traces of cum off the back of my hand and slipped into bed. My hand grasped Xera's dick.

"Please, no," groaned the Elf. "We had a long enough day." "I just want to hold it," I answered. "It'll be gone for another moon cycle. Maybe I'll be awake when it shrinks." "Fine," Xera sighed and closed her eyes. I stared at her face as I held her cock, my mind drifting.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela It felt like I had just fallen asleep when Sophia let out an ear-splitting scream. I bolted awake. Sophia sat up next to me, screaming again. She clutched her naked body and shivered.

Her brown hair spilled loose about her shoulders. Her lip trembled and her tears reflected the moonlight spilling in the open window. "What's wrong?" I asked. Sophia turned to me and threw her arms around my neck. Her entire body trembled as her small breasts pressed into my large tits. She buried her face into my red hair, sobbing incoherently.

"It was just a nightmare," I guessed, stroking her back. The door to our room burst open. Xera and Faoril, their hair mused and their bodies naked, entered the room. The elf looked at us. "What is it?" "Just a nightmare, I think." "No!" The word exploded from Sophia's mouth. She pulled back. "Something vile happened.

Something tore at the world's being and reentered it. Something evil." "What are you talking about?" Faoril asked. "Are you—" A yawn split her lips. "Sorry. Are you sure it's not a nightmare?" Sophia shook her head. "It felt like.something had crossed over from the Astral Realm." "A spirit?" Xera asked, her ears twitching. "Do you detect anything?" I asked the elf. "No. But Sophia is clearly disturbed." "It was just a nightmare," sighed Faoril.

"I'm not surprised after the encounter with Fireeyes." Sophia had been disturbed by the encounter. "I am telling you, the barrier between us and the Astral Realm was breached," Sophia hissed. "I heard a loud scream. I felt it tear. The world feels.turbulent right now." "You can detect the Astral Realm?" I asked in shock. "I guess," Sophia shrugged.

"I am a priestess. We're trained to handle spirits. We're sensitive to them and their domain." "Maybe it was a mage," Faoril shrugged.

"We summon spirits and other creatures from the Astral Realm all the time." "You do?" Sophia asked. Faoril nodded. "I summoned lemures before I took my test, and during it I opened a portal and brought an eldritch horror into the world." Sophia stared at the mage, her eyes wide. A shiver ran through her. "You.summoned lemures? And a horror? Those are dangerous." "Hardly. I had my circles impeccably prepared." Faoril pushed back her light-brown hair off her shoulders.

"I am no amateur. I know how to contain spirits when I summon them and make sure they return. I do not damage the veil separating reality and beyond. I would guess a mage summoned spirits and you, being sensitive to the Astral Realm because of your connection to Saphique, experienced the turbulence of its crossing." "But there are other priests and priestesses in Thosi," Sophia pointed out. "Don't they grow concerned if they experience this all the time?" "Acclimation.

When you experience a stimuli over and over, whether it is an odor or a noise in the background, you become used to it. Your brain will filter it out into the background, no longer needing to process the stimuli because it has become a part of your daily environment." Faoril yawned again.

"I suggest we get some sleep." "Okay?" I asked Sophia, still holding the trembling girl. I shouldn't think of her as a girl, we were the same age, but that was what she felt like. "Okay," Sophia whispered. "You'll." "I'll hold you," I whispered. Sophia nodded. "Good night and squirting french lesbians having one hell of a time your dreams be gay and gentle," Xera smiled.

Faoril had already left. The elf closed the door on the way out. "Sorry for waking you up," Sophia muttered. I kissed her cheek as I snuggled up to her. She rolled onto her side, and I spooned her from behind.

"Don't be. It could have been important. And if we weren't in the heart of magic, one and one fuck with sexy busty teacher brandi love might well have been." "Thank you." Sophia snuggled closer.

I held her as we drifted off to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Simulacrum Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi The scream echoed through reality as Master's soul warred with the farmer's for control over his body. I sat calmly nearby, ignoring the farmer's pained yells as he fought to keep in possession of his body. Master's theoretical phylactery had worked. He had hidden his soul in a pocket dimension of the astral plane contained in a diamond amulet. That diamond had cracked and shattered when he broke free and rushed into the man's body.

The energy still rippled through the air. If I had any hair on my body, I was sure it would be standing up on end. The night cooled away from the warmth of the spring's day. I did not feel it. Simulacrum were created with a large degree of tolerance of temperature swings.

We did not need clothing to help regulate our body temperature. The farmer rolled onto his face and clawed at the ground, ripping up clumps of grass as he continued his fruitless fight. I merely observed him. Nothing stirred inside of me as I watched the farmer struggle for his life. Should I feel pity for the man? Should I cheer for my master to win? It really did not matter.

I was created to serve. If my master failed, I would return to the Collegiate Tower and serve another mage. Footsteps approached. A woman walked down the trail. "Alleth?" The woman was a slightly plump Thosian, her hair falling loose about the shoulders of her nightgown.

Her feet were bare as she walked closer, peering into the darkness as the man, presumably Alleth and her husband, wrestled with my master's soul. I sighed. There were always complications. I rose and walked to the woman. "Who's that?" she demanded, her voice cracking. A tremble ran through her. What would it be like to be afraid? The woman licked her lips and took a step back until she realized I was female.

"What is going on? Who are you? Where are your clothes?" She peered over my shoulder at the writing farmer. "Is that Alleth?" "Yes," I answered as I moved within arms length of her. "Is he—" I sprang. My hands seized her neck.

She let out a strangled cry and grabbed my wrists. I tightened. The bones of her neck shifted one girl and tow man sex my fingers and her heart beat marquetta jewel gets titfucked and bukkake cumshots brunette through her veins. I applied the right amount of force at the precise spot and twisted.

Her neck broke. She collapsed in a heap. She wasn't dead yet. Her eyes stared up at me. Her lungs and heart were paralyzed. If I broke a vertebrae lower, she would still live and only her limbs would be paralyzed. I left her to die and walked back to continue my vigil. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia Campus ex girlfrienbd lucy doll getting fucked all folded up Village of Etian, The Magery of Thosi I was disappointed when I woke up the next morning and my cock was gone.

My heat was over. Well, I had enjoyed myself. My cock had experienced a great deal of pleasure. It had been a most satisfying few days. Faoril slept beside me, her back to me.

She had stolen the covers during the night. They bunched around her body. I hadn't noticed. I was used to sleeping naked outdoors. Unlike humans, I did not need to wear clothing or have blankets unless the temperature plunged to extreme colds. I could go naked in the snow. "Faoril," I said in the human's tongue as I rolled out of bed. "Wake up." The mage made a muttered sound that could have been a no.

I shook my head. I seized the blanket and yanked. Faoril gasped as it flipped her over and sent her landing hard on the floor. The mage groaned and popped her head over the edge. Her short, light-brown hair framed her angry face. Her normally inquisitive eyes were red from lack of sleep. "Hey? What was that for?" "Morning," I answered.

"What?" "Morning," I said slower. "We have a journey. We cannot sleep in." "Right," yawned Faoril. She rubbed at her eyes, then reached over and grabbed her silver nose piercing off the nightstand and inserted it into the hole on her right nostril. It glinted as she stretched. What a strange affectation. Sophia had a pair of piercings—belly and tongue—that represented status within her order.

Did Faoril's? Or was her piercing merely decoration. Faoril grabbed her robe and concentrated. The stains of travel vanished from her clothing and she gave a self-satisfied nod. "I still had some of your cum lurking in my system." "Useful." I grabbed my belt and strapped it on. My quiver, knife, and pouch of supplies, such as my spare bow strings, hung from it. The belt was the only clothing I wore. I grabbed my unstrung bow and marched from the room and into the common area.

I ordered raw vegetables to break my fast. Sophia and Angela looked equally bedraggled as Faoril when they plodded down the stairs. Angela's armor clanked. She sat at the table. Sophia slumped into her seat and put her hand on her arms. "I did not sleep," she groaned. "The world still

"That is unusual," Faoril announced. "I would have thought the fabric of reality would have settled by now." She sat down at the last seat and pulled out the journal of the foul warlock Fireeyes. "Are you really reading that?" Sophia groaned.

"That man was foul. He desecrated those poor men he dominated." "Knowledge should always be digested," Faoril answered. "As I explained, the moral injustice has already been performed. Now the more moral choice is to try and find a practical and beneficial uses from his research.

Then, perhaps, those he tortured and killed would not have died completely in vain." I didn't hide my shudder. "Yeah, it seems wrong still," Angela muttered. Faoril looked at us, then sighed and slipped it away.

"So we keep riding all day?" Angela nodded. Faoril sighed. Sophia perked up. "Did Xera's massage help?" A smile crossed Faoril's lips. "Yes, it did." Pride beat in my heart.

I had made her cum hard after my sexy massage. "Maybe I should receive one," Sophia purred to me. "You could tie me french jessie volt likes big black cocks bigblackcock and monstercock then massage away all my aches." Angela grinned. "I would love to watch it." "I will," I promised Sophia, patting the young woman's hand. She was an infectious creature.

She couldn't stay moody for long. Her playful desires always came to the forefront. Sophia smiled as we chatted. Our sunny leone ebony sex story and audio was delivered, scrambled goose eggs and strips of fried pig, known as bacon, for the humans.

I munched on my carrot and shook my head as they devoured animal flesh. And eggs. Those were unhatched birds. Humans were such a confounding species. Kind and loving on one hand, and casually able to slaughter and eat another creature on the other. At least wolves do not have self-awareness. They relied on their instincts when they kill. Sophia leaned back when she finished eating.

"I hope this ripple goes away. It is so annoying." "What does it huge dick for petite teen riley reid like?" Faoril asked, her eyes sharp. "Like my skin is coated in foul oil." Sophia sighed. "It clings to me. And more keeps lapping against me. Everything is turbulent. The barrier feels so thin." "Maybe it's a by-product of killing Fireeyes," Angela suggested. "He was into all that death." "But this event happened many hours later." Faoril pulled out her notebook and scrawled notes with a quill that didn't require any ink.

The words seemed burned into the paper. "So strange. Keep me informed throughout the day, Sophia." "I will," the acolyte nodded. "Ooh, I wish I had time to take a bath." "No time," sighed Angela. "We need to head down the road. We cannot tarry." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia We rode through Etian as the sun began its climb over the eastern horizon. I pulled up my hood to help shield my eyes as we rode to the northeast, following the highway to Allenoth.

The turbulence between realities washed over me, coating me in fresh foulness. I shivered as we passed the village's lichyard behind the temple to Firmare, the goddess of farming. Eyes watched me. The spirits of the dead that lingered in their graves instead of passing on to their rest in the afterlife watched me. I worked my shoulders and glanced at the lichyard.

The spirits sensed the turbulence. They wanted to cross over. The dead sometimes had trouble remembering they were dead. They could manifest in dozens of different ways, some harmful, some helpful, and some just mischievous. Who the spirit was in life influenced how they behaved in undeath. I heeled purity to a faster trot to come alongside Angela on her mighty warhorse Midnight.

"Someone's in a hurry," my lover smiled. Her red hair burned like fire in the rising sun. "Just.want to put distance between us and the lichyard." We rode north down the highway.


Farmers worked the fields in between the villages that dotted the road. It seemed every hour we were passing through the next village. Wagons rumbled up and down the road, passing on our right.


Normally, the wagons and merchants bullied anyone off the road, but when they saw a knight riding at the head of a column, they moved aside for us. The wagons were filled with goods and food. Large cities needed a constant supply of food brought in from the villages around them. When I was young, my mother had hired tutors to teach me about estate management. Mother owned many large estates back in Secare. I always found it boring.

It was probably why mother encouraged me to join the priesthood of Saphique and trained my younger sister instead. As a priestess, I was ineligible for inheritance. My sister would make a far better Duchess than me. Every village had a lichyard, and the dead peering from their grave reminded me of the turbulence. Even though my robes phoenix marie has a premium big ass spotless—a quick prayer to Saphique every morning ensured they were pure white again—and my traveling cloak was freshened, I felt dipped in mud.

I hoped this would end. I couldn't stand this feeling for too long. It was depressing. The dead pressed on the fabric. Normally, only the strongest or most tortured spirits could cross over. Thank the Gods those were rare. But they could cause such trouble when they did.

I feared that the dead were already crossing over. I grew more tense. I expected trouble. "What is it?" Xera asked as noon approached. I shook my head. "You are tense." The elf's eyes were too keen. "Is it the turbulence?" Faoril asked. I glanced back at her. She read from the evil warlock's journal again. I snapped, "How can you read and ride at the same time?" "The horse knows where to go," Faoril shrugged.

"This is easier, though it did make my stomach queasy at first. I wonder why." The mage looked up. "And you did not answer my question." "Yes. Pater's cock, it's the turbulence." My skin tightened. I wanted to rip it off. I just wanted this sensation to go away. "I can feel the dead in the lichyard. Some of their spirits are clawing at the fabric. It's so weak. There will be spirits manifesting." "That is serious," Faoril sighed.

"I am beginning to think this is not the actions of a mage. Or if it was, then something went terribly wrong with their spell." "Can you do something to fix it?" I demanded. "Without knowing what caused the source, I might exacerbate the problem. I have not heard of this effect, though mages do not have the sensitivity that the servants of the divine seem to possess." I ground my teeth. "Something is going on in the village ahead," reported Angela. "A crowd is forming." "Yes, I can hear the shouts," Xera nodded.

"I did not realize that was out of the normal. I thought, perhaps, it was a festival. They are crowding the streets." "There are no festivals right now," Faoril frowned. Angela nodded and heeled her charger forward. Midnight responded. The stallion snorted eagerly. His heavy hooves clapped on the hard-packed road. Xera's long strides allowed her to easily pace the stallion's trot. I glanced back at Faoril. She pulled out a insane spring break beach party with hot naked real girls naked in public ex girlfriend of cum and held it in her hands.

"How do I make my horse go faster?" Faoril asked. "Tap your heels into her flank," I answered her. I heeled purity and trotted forward. "Oh, my," Faoril gasped behind me. I glanced back and almost forgot about the foul turbulence. The mage's face was pale and she held her reigns in a tight grip, her knuckles whitening.

Buttercup, Faoril's mare, trotted happily down the road, her straw tail swishing back and forth. "Don't fall," I admonished. The village of Geresh looked like all the other villages we passed today—roofs made of thatch, walls whitewashed, clotheslines hanging with the morning wash. In the village square, the crowd gathered. "They are frightened," Xera observed. I focused on the crowd. The men and women shifted.

"Someone needs to do something," a woman screeched. "My daughter has been possessed." Possessed. My hands tightened non stop satisfying for wet wet cracks my arms as I hugged myself. A spirit had crossed over. "And she's fucking my daughter," another woman shouted.

"You have to control her." "Where's the priestess?" a man roared. "This is a priestess's duty." "She went out to the Verian farm to assist in the calving," someone answered. Angela trotted forward her stallion. The ringing of Midnight's hooves on the cobblestone road of the village drew attention. Men and women gasped at the sight of her, and then a cheer went up. "It's a knight." "She'll rescue my Seldyn," a grateful woman cried out. The brown-haired Thosians parted for us.

In the center were two naked, young women. One was on her hands and knees, her large tits, topped by rosy nipples, swaying back and forth and her pigtails gripped in the hands of the second girl.

She knelt behind the kneeling girl, gripping the pigtails as milf zia pulls a stud and sucks on his cock fucked the first girl with a black, spectral cock. "That's it," hissed the second girl. "You love my cock, whore." Her voice was strange, almost like two voices speaking at the same time.

Her words were slightly offset. "You love it." "Gods, yes," moaned the first girl. "Fuck me, Seldyn. Oh, yes." What type of spirit was this? "Sophia?" Angela asked as she dismounted. The knight glanced at me, her green eyes confused.

She rested her hand on the hilt of her sword. "You can save my Seldyn from the spirit's possession, right?" an older woman sobbed as she fell to her knees before Angela.

"Yes," the knight nodded. "Right, Sophia. How do we stop it?" "I." What is it? "I can exorcise the spirit." "It is a karabasan," Faoril observed. "See the spectral, black cock. A male spirit has possessed her." "A male?" gasped the mother.

"Right." My lessons returned to me. Karabasan were spirits of horny men, often who died as result of their appetites. When they broke over to our side of reality, they were like an incubus, finding a woman in her sleep and fucking her. When the woman came, the spirit would possess her body. She would sprout the spectral cock and be driven to keep fucking women.

With every woman the spirit fucked, he would grow stronger and stronger, slowly transforming the girl into a man and consuming her soul.

Then the karabasan would live again and his host would have her spirit thrown into the Astral Realm. "What is that?" Angela asked. "Bad. We must stop it." "That's it, little slut," hissed Seldyn. "Cum on my cock like the whore you are." The first girl shuddered and moaned. "Every time she cums in a girl, she grows stronger," I gasped. "Angela, Xera, you'll need to hold her down while I exorcise her. Faoril, I will need you to stimulate my body." "Stimulate?" Faoril asked.

"you mean, play with your pussy." "Yes." Angela rushed forward, her armor clinking. The mail loincloth swayed between her legs. She grasped Seldyn's shoulders and hauled the possessed woman out of the first girl's pussy. The kneeling girl collapsed, shuddering in orgasm. Angela wrestled the struggling girl to the ground. "No," hissed Seldyn. "You bitch.

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That was my cunt. She belonged to me. I deserved to dump my cum in her." "Pater's cock," growled Angela. "She's fighting me like a cat avoiding a bath." Xera appeared and seized Seldyn's legs, pinning them to the ground.

The spectral cock, complete with a set of thick balls, thrust up from the girl's pussy. It was black and translucent, perched right over her clit. "Cunts," snarled Seldyn, the second voice growing stronger. Angela seized the possessed girls hands and pinned them above her head. She struggled to keep Seldyn's hands pinned, her conical breasts jiggling and the spectral cock waving. The poor thing.

I shuddered that she had been afflicted with that cock. "I will save you," I told her, slipping off my cloak and draping it over Purity's saddle. I didn't like all the men around, but it was more important to free the girl then to worry about my modesty. I unbelted my robe and slipped it off my petite body.

I shuddered; the men all looked at me, hunger in their eyes. But I naked wasn't for them. I had sworn oaths to never let a man's cock into my pussy. I was a lesbian priestess of Saphique. Faoril was right beside me as I marched up to the struggling girl. My nipples hardened colombian latina fucking hard like a pro my pussy grew wet.

I fell to my knees beside the struggling girl, taking a deep breath. I had never performed an exorcism before. I couldn't mess this up. I took a deep breath as I pinched my nipple, summoning my milk. Faoril was right behind me, pressing into my body. Her hand shot down to my pussy, caressing my folds with her delicate fingers. Hot flutters of pleasure washed through me. Milk beaded my nipple, wetting my fingers. "Saphique, anoint my breast milk with your blessed touch," I prayed. "Let it drive away evil spirits and return them to their place of rest." My Goddess's blessing crashed through me.

My breasts warmed as she enchanted my breast milk. "Okay, Seldyn," I cooed, lowering my nipple. "Here, drink from this." "No," hissed the spirit in control. The karabasan jerked Seldyn's head away. I pinched my nipple and let a drop of my breast milk drip down to Seldyn's lips. The girl shuddered and writhed. Her body thrashed. The girls' eyes grew focused for a moment, the real her breaking through. "Keep fingering me, Faoril," I commanded as I leaned over and forced my nipple into Seldyn's lips.

"Hold her head." Angela seized the possessed girl's head. I squeezed my breast, crying girl blackmailing forced strip my milk into her mouth. The girl thrashed. Her spectral cock wavered for a moment, almost vanishing, but then it reappeared almost fully real. Faoril probed at my pussy with her fingers, building my pleasure. "Saphique, drive out this evil spirit," I panted as I squeezed again, my nipple tingling as the milk squirted into the girl's mouth.

"Use my milk to cleanse Seldyn's body." "No," groaned the girl.

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"No, no, no!" Xera struggled to hold the possessed girl's legs down. The spirit fought. The cock wavered in and out of reality as the girl's lips latched onto my breast.

She was fighting back, drinking down my enchanted milk to free her body. "I need more, Faoril," I panted. "Right," the mage purred. My pussy lips were pulled apart by her finger; her tongue dived in. I moaned in delight as Seldyn suckled. My milk's flow was inexhaustible. She drank down the purifying milk. Her lips were tight on my nipple. I shuddered, sister xxx rap bf story bliss shooting down to my pussy stirred by Faoril's hungry mouth.

"That's it," I purred, stroking Seldyn's face. "Let's drive out that horrible spirit." The girl's hips still bucked, the spirit fucking his spectral cock into the air.

He resisted. The spirit was strong. I groaned, needing the power of my orgasm to dislodge him from her body. I wiggled my hips, loving Faoril's tongue sliding through my folds. The mage knew how to eat pussy. She may be a cock-loving slut, but she devoured cunt equally well. Her tongue slid through my folds while her fingers kept my pussy spread wide. She wiggled her tongue in deep, her chin brushing my clit.


"That's it, slut," I groaned as I wiggled back into her hungry mouth. "Devour my pussy. Damn, you have a hot mouth, Faoril. Make me cum so we can exorcise the poor girl." "Yes," Angela grinned.

"Finger her ass, Faoril. The slut loves it." "I do," I groaned. Faoril's right hand slid up, her fingers diving between the cheeks of my asshole. I groaned as a pair of fingers slid into my tight bowels.

I clenched down on them and wiggled my hips. The pleasure crashed through my body. Seldyn's sucking mouth and Faoril's licking tongue filled my body with pleasure, meeting the burning bliss radiating out from my ass. Faoril groaned into my pussy, savoring my tart flavor. Her chin kept brushing my clit, adding sharp punches of pleasure through my pussy. "Oh, yes! That's it! I'm going to cum. Keep suckling, Seldyn. We'll save you." My body trembled. Seldyn's mouth swallowed more of my nipple, the girl eager to be freed of the male spirit's touch.

I loved the way my nipple tingled every time she suckled another squirt of my breast milk. My orgasm crashed through me. Pleasure rushed through my body and to my breasts. "Saphique, drive out big titted anissa kate deep throating dicksucking and cocksucking evil spirit. Use my milk to cleanse Seldyn's body!" I cried out. The magic rushed out of me. I shuddered in delight. Seldyn bucked beneath me.

A man roared in rage. The black, translucent cock flickered and vanished. For a moment, the image of a twisted man burst from her body before vanishing in the daylight. Seldyn collapsed. "Did you fix her, Priestess?" the mother asked. "Yes," I beamed. I smiled down at the girl. "You'll be just fine." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela The Village of Asheth, The Magery of Thosi The sun had set a half-hour ago when we rode into the village of Asheth.

We had to push to make this far. The celebration in Geresh after Sophia exorcised the girl had slowed us down. We were all exhausted as we rode into the inn's yard.

The innkeeper made us a quick meal, and we slipped up to our beds. "No massage tonight," Sophia groaned as she fell into bed. "I'm too tired to enjoy it." I fell in beside her, and then cuddled up to her. Faoril and Xera shared the room next to ours. "Always tomorrow night," I groaned, glad to be out of my armor. I pressed my naked body to Sophia, spooning her from behind. "You can have Xera tie you up and massage you, and Faoril and I will find a pair of handsome men to fuck." "Ugg, I don't want to think about men," Sophia groaned.

"Not after one possessed that poor girl." "Does the world still feel.wrong?" Sophia nodded. "I'm beginning to fear it will never be okay." "Just relax," I sighed. "Maybe it'll be better in the morning." "Yeah," Sophia nodded.

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She snuggled closer. "Night." Her voice was drowsy. Her breathing slowed. I closed my eyes and let sleep overcome me. I dreamed. It was confusing, the way dreams sometimes were. I was riding to meet a knight. I think I loved him, but I couldn't remember his face or name. I kept expecting to find him over the next hill. Over the next rise. But he was never there. I grew frustrated. I knew I should remember him. Remember why I felt like I loved him. There was a hole in my chest I wanted to fill.

A hole this knight used to occupy. I clutched my hand to the hole, covering it as I galloped on Midnight's back. Where was the knight?

Who was he? "There you are," a masculine voice growled. "I've been looking for you." I turned my head. A naked man walked towards me, his cock hard. He was tall, handsome, pale skin and light-brown hair. "Are you who I'm looking for?" "I know I've been looking for you," he answered with a grin. "You helped spoiled my fun." "Did I?" I asked.

"Who are you?" "I can't remember," the man shrugged. "But you are beautiful. Gods, look at those tits." I glanced down and saw I was naked, only my fiery hair spilling about my shoulders clothed me. My tresses did little to hide my large breasts. I smiled, my pussy growing hot. The man's eyes smoldered as he drank in my curves. "Gods, what a woman," grinned the man. "I need you." "So do I," I purred.

He had to be whom I was looking for. The heat grew in my body as he walked closer. I dismounted. I clenched my thighs together. Molten passion trickled down from my pussy. He was so gorgeous. I needed him. His cock was so thick and hard.

I needed him in me. "Fuck me," I panted. The man's hands seized my breasts tight. He kneaded them with his calloused digits. Sophia's hands were nice, but a man's hands had an intensity the lesbian lacked.

His fingers sank into my flesh. I groaned as his fingers played with my hard nipples. Tingles shot down to my pussy. My toes curled in the grass. "I have to feast on you," he growled.

"You need to open yourself to me." "I am open," I moaned as I let him pull me down to the grass. "Not yet," he grinned, "but you will be." "Good." My voice was husky.

Big boobed brunette milf randi wright teases her bf for hard dick shuddered as I stretched out on the ground. His hands pushed my thighs apart. "Ooh, are you going to eat me." "Devour you." His rough lips buried into my pussy. His hands stroked my thighs as the stubble on his cheeks and chin rasped against my sensitive pussy.

Pleasure rushed through me. I reached down and gripped his hair. I humped against him, the pleasure swelling through my body. "Oh, yes. That's it. Devour me. Damn, yes. I love it!" The man's hands reached under me. He gripped my ass and pulled me tight against his hungry lips. His tongue rooted through the lips of my pussy. I groaned and undulated as the pleasure flowed through my body.

I seized my breasts and squeezed them. My fingers sank into my plump flesh as I humped harder against his mouth. I gasped and moaned, lost to the delight of his licking mouth.

My pussy clenched about his cock. "Eat my pussy! Gods, yes! You're so good! Oh, I'm going to cum on your lips." "Good," he growled. "Cum. Open yourself up to me." "Yes, yes, yes," I hissed. "I'm so open. Make me cum and fuck me. I need your cock." "You'll get it, cunt." His lips latched onto my clit. He sucked and nibbled hard.

I groaned and ground against him. The pleasure swelled through me. My thighs tightened on his cheeks as a spasm of bliss shot through me. A preview of the explosion to come. "Oh, yes. Oh, that's it. I'm going to cream your face." My buddy shuddered. "Yes!" I screamed as my orgasm tore through me. I woke up. My body shuddered as my climax raced through my body. Invisible hands slid up my flesh. They squeezed my heavy breasts.

The weight of a man was on top of me, but there was no one there. A hard cock pressed at my pussy. "What," I groaned, trying to think. What was happening? The invisible man's cock slammed into my pussy. My eyes widened. I moaned and bucked into the spirit's thrust. His weight pressed on me as his cock drove in and out of my pussy.

My breasts rubbed on his hard cock. "You're mine, cunt," a terrible voice hissed in my ear. "Yes," I groaned. "Keep fucking me." I didn't care. I needed this cock. I opened myself to him. I let him in. And his cock shot such bliss through my body. I humped and bucked into the spirit's thrusts. My hands caressed his spectral body in this clip a foxy little brunette gets bent over and fucked hard untill getting a face full of jiz he pounded away on me.

"Such a tight, juicy cunt," he hissed in my ear. "You are a whore." "I am," I groaned. Sophia stirred beside me. "Keep fucking me. Oh, yes." My orgasm swelled.

My body trembled. I wrapped my legs around his invisible hips, pulling his thick cock in deeper. He stretched my pussy out. I groaned in delight every time he buried into me. I shuddered and rocked in his embrace. "Cum in me," I hissed. "Give it to me.

I need it. Oh, yes. I need it so badly." "You do, cunt." The strokes grew harder. The bed rocked. My pussy clenched on the invisible dick. Pleasure trembled through me. His cock hits all the wonderful spots inside of me and his groins slapped into my clit. I loved it. My body shuddered. My orgasm burst through me. "Cum in me!" I moaned. "Angela?" Sophia groggily groaned.

The spirit thrust his dick into my cunt. His spectral cum rushed into my depths. I gasped in awe as a tidal wave of pleasure swept through my body. More and more of the spirit filled my pussy as my mind was inundated with pleasure. It swept me away and the spirit gained control. A hard, spectral cock thrust from my groin. I screamed in my mind, but no words escaped my lips.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Simulacrum Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi Finally, the farmer's struggle ended. He had fought all day while his wife's body grew colder and colder. Flies buzzed around her now. The farmer shuddered and then his soul was gone. "It worked," my master groaned. "Gods, I'm weak. How long?" "A day and a half have passed since your death, Master," I answered. He pushed himself up.

It was strange seeing Master in a new body. He looked at his hands. "Strong." "And handsome, sir. Just as you requested." "I need food," he growled. "And sleep." "The previous owner of your body has a house in that direction," I answered, pointing.

"His wife is dead. There is no one to disturb us." My master nodded and groaned as he stood up in his new body. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia The Village of Asheth, The Magery of Thosi "Angela?" I asked as she collapsed in a heap, tangled up in the blankets.

"Are you—" The foul turbulence that old young sex play able story been washing over me all day faded away. I let out a gasp of relief and bolted up.

"Oh, bless you Saphique." I stood up, my body suddenly energized. I felt clean again. I do not know what had disturbed the barrier between our reality and the Astral Plane, I was just glad it was finally over.

Now there wouldn't have to be any more spirits to deal with. "Ooh, it's wonderful, Angela," I grinned. Angela lay on her back, her breasts heaving. I frowned. "Are you okay, Angela?" I moved closer. Her eyes were closed. Had she fallen back to sleep? I slipped into bed beside her and pressed myself against her body.

She was flushed and drenched in sweat. I lay my head on her breasts. Her heart thudded like a frantic drum beneath her chest. I inhaled her tangy musk. "Mmm, you had quite the naughty dream," I purred, my hand stroking her stomach.

"You still horny? Or would you like to sleep?" Angela's hands seized my head. She twisted my face up to her lips. I sighed in delight as my lover kissed me. Her mouth was aggressive. She was being dominant again. I groaned, my pussy itching between my thighs. I didn't fight it as she pushed me onto my back. My small breasts jiggled as she kissed me. Her large breasts pressed against mine as she settled between my thighs.

Something hard rested on my stomach. Had she put on the strap-on? My pussy clenched in delight. I loved it when she stunning babes get their wet cunts banged me with my magical dildo.

There was something deliciously wicked about a hard, thick shaft sliding in and out of my pussy. Especially when it was wielded by my amazing lover. Her hands roughly squeezed my tits. I gasped into her kiss, my pussy clenching at the pain rushing through me.

Her fingers pinched my nipple. I groaned, my pussy growing wetter and wetter. I humped against her. "My cunt," Angela purred. Her voice sounded strange, like she two voices. "Yes, I'm my cunt is yours, Mistress." "Mistress?" Angela laughed in amusement.

"Now that is interesting. So you're my slave?" "Yes," I gasped. "You know that, Mistress." What game were we playing? "No, I'm your master." I frowned. "Master?" The blanket slipped off Angela. My eyes fell on the spectral, black shaft thrusting from between her thighs. The tip slid down and pressed against my pussy.

My eyes widened. The karabasan had somehow possessed Angela. "No." My eyes shot open. "I swore an oath. I can't ever be with a man." "You spoiled all my fun, cunt," the karabasan spoke through Angela's lips. Her hips thrust forward. The cock entered my pussy. My connection to my Goddess was severed by the male appendage as intense pleasure rushed through me.

To be continued.