Squirting a fountain of cum on her

Squirting a fountain of cum on her
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John stepped proudly out of the shower. There was no one to witness his boldest moment with his mother, which had happened mere moments ago, yet still had his face planted with a wonderful smile of achievement. The steam still thick, he reached out blindly towards the towel rail and grabbed one.

After quickly dabbing himself off he proceeded through to the hallway totally naked, noticing his mother's door firmly shut. He knocked twice. "Mom?" He called, silence ringing in his ears. "Mom?" Again, nothing. Peering down the join in the woodwork he saw the lock bolted across. John strolled to his room and retired to bed with a profound sense of victory.

The next morning John awoke early. It was another scorching day outside, the leaves on the trees had even begun to brown. Giving a long stretch, he moved off his bed to his computer which had been whirring away through the night. Once again there were dozens of new messages, all of the complimenting his mother's photogenic body, and some suggesting what they were keen to do to her given half a chance.

John had a contemplative look on his face as he reviewed his outrageous images of her. Once again he found his flaccid cock twitching into life as his eyes groped her flesh. He stared for a few minutes, ideas swimming around his putrid mind. Shaking his head, he stood trying to gather his thoughts and exited the room. A little while later John heard keys rattle in the door and his mother entered wearing her business suit.

John had pre-empted this and held his camera as he placed it on a new-found tripod from the attic. She saw the lens aiming at her and swallowed a lump in her throat. "Stay there." He instructed. John moved towards here, taking the file she held against her chest and unbuttoned the first three buttons of her shirt under the blazer, making sure the tops of the cups of her bra real brsis sex in film be seen.

John commanded her how to stand; fingers running down the lining of the shirt, flashing the tops of her underwear from her skirt, pushing her breasts together to get some amazing cleavage shots. Kate called her son names at first while she submitted physically.

John ignored it while he captured the teasing images. He approached her and removed her blazer and pencil skirt, leaving her heels on. He loved seeing those slender legs again, so smooth like she was wrapped in silk.

He continued clicking, telling her to turn around and bend over so he could snap the crotch of her panties, and that ass only just covered by the bottom of the shirt. Kate continued tormenting him with names like 'freak' and 'pervert'. "How did it taste?" John finally uttered. Kate looked right through him, cold horror replacing anger. "How was it, going big booty bbw superstar tiffany star real tits and pornstars your throat?" He continued, "I bet you fucking loved it, you slut, gulping down my spunk." Kate turned her head away and pushed it against the door.

John kept clicking away. "I wonder if you can still taste it." He tortured her more, "All my sperm dancing around on your tongue. I bet you've tasted loads." "Be quiet." Sobbed Kate, still refusing to face him.

"And to think all my jizz still slim ebony with huge natural tits fuck in interracial your belly. It's all still inside you. How does that make you feel, you whore?" John approached her again and pulled off her shirt, leaving her exposed in just black underwear. Kate was now quietly obeying as more pictures were taken.


John told her to remove her panties and face the door. She did so without a thought, tossing her underwear away with her heel and arching her back as she put her hands and elbows against the door. It was like she knew how to look how John wanted her to look, and did it more freely than before.

John's mouth watered, pining over her round buttocks sticking out uncovered in the air, pertly presented by the length of her heel. More pictures were taken, making sure he included the subtle outline of her labia hidden between her cheeks as she bent. "This is good." He informed her. "Now look over your shoulder at the camera." She did so, her hair playfully falling over her shoulder. John undid her bra strap and tossed the garment away. Upon taking the next photo he stopped with a loss of breath.

It was truly an amazing photo. Kate's hair slid and meandered like a silk river down her bare back, and her eyes had dropped for just a second creating a seductive shadow over them, only to frame her piercing blue eyes, the curves of her body perfectly complimented by the light. John looked at this one for a while, zoning out of the room. "Can I get dressed now?" Kate asked, after what seemed to her an eternity.

John nodded, still not totally with it. Kate collected her crumpled clothes from the floor and walked pasted her son entirely nude toward the stairs, not forgetting to call him bastard and a freak as she passed. Only after he had packed away the tripod did John realise he had not taken a single nude frontal shot of his mother, he had been so taken in by the allure of her seductive eyes and shapely curves.

Later that evening John invited Kate into his room. At first she wasn't interested, but the regular threat of exposure was enough to have her there. She entered and sat on his bed.

John loaded his computer. Kate had a calm demeanour about her as she sat on the edge of John's bed, glaring at his computer screen. The web page he was about to show her took an age to load, graphics and texts slowly popping up like puzzle pieces.

Kate eventually realised it was some sort of message forum. She saw dozens of threads all with women's names in the title, and advertisements for sex sites with naked ladies on them. John scrolled down the page. Kate was amazed how many threads there were, now understanding each one must be full of exposing photos of these girls. John clicked on a title with the name "Lisa Ann" and waited for it to load. Turning to look at his mother's face as images poured on to the screen.

Kate's lips parted slightly as she witnessed this unknown woman in her late 30s wearing just a blue bikini. She teased and flirted with the camera, letting her huge tits and gorgeous ass fall out of the garment.

She pushed her ass out and made her tits look like there would explode from the bra. By the time she was naked she was on all fours fluttering her eyelashes at the lens and spreading her legs while touching herself down there. John turned back to the computer and went to the next thread. This was titled "Veronica Zemanova and pink toy". Kate instantly noticed this girl's amazing body as the very first photo had her naked.

She had thick dark hair and smoothest skin she had ever seen. Her large breasts were clearly surgical but they looked delicious. Veronica lay on a big red sofa with her knees bent up. She placed a pink dildo between her tits and in some photos gently sucked it. "So. you see me as one of these girls?" Kate asked. John did not acknowledge her. He kept scrolling down the pages and finally clicked on a thread kolkata police search some porn 'Kate Andrews Garden Cool Down'.

As the page slowly loaded Kate felt herself break into a cold sweat, knowing what was coming. "Oh John." She stuttered. The first few images flashed up. Kate recognised herself in the polka dot bikini, posing near the rose bush of her garden. She noticed the side scroll bar of the webpage growing longer and longer as the dozens of pictures loaded.

Swallowing a lump in her throat she repeated John's name. John moved down the webpage full of pictures of his posing mother. Kate watched as the images flirty lesbians fill up their enormous butts with milk and ejaculate i more and more exposing of her body.

She saw her breasts exposed, and her barely covered ass as she pushed it out and bent over. The images near the bottom were the most haunting for her. She lay spread eagle on the lounger with her hand firmly rubbing her pussy. A shudder and chill struck her spine, remembering the orgasm she'd felt that day. "I can't believe you." She said to him, not expecting an answer.

John licked his lips as he took in his handiwork, aware of the bulge growing in his pants. He scrolled down to the comments which had been left by the forum's users and allowed Kate to read them. Her eyes scanned horizontally across the screen reading each perverted line. Kate could almost feel the hands of these anonymous guys all over her body.

"So you've whored these pictures out to the internet now?" She asked. "No." John quickly replied, "This site is free. I didn't charge anything for the guys on here to see you." Kate gave a little frown before returning to read what these men had said about her. She read further down the page suddenly realising she did not feel as uncomfortable as she blonde teen fucks old guy anal and strap brunette beach bikers she should do.

In fact she was actually starting to feel flattered at some of the compliment about her body, even as crude as they were. Kate imaged the eyes of hundreds of young men, social outcasts, groping her curves. She moved further over the edge of the bed, leaning as close as possible to the screen while still sitting on the bed. She got on to reading messages of what these men would like to do to her.

John watched his mother, fixated on the screen. He watched her mouths part slightly to take air, and her tongue protrude and slide across her bottom lip. He began to say her name but Kate was zoned out.

She stared intently at the messages about what these men would do to her given the chance, every sordid thing in their minds. "Did you upload any more photos?" She inquired. "Yeah" John replied, exiting the thread and loading another. This was of Kate in the kitchen in the apron. Scrolling down again Kate witnessed her supple curves barely covered by the apron. She actually acknowledged how good she looked.

She did not look at all out of place or unworthy next to the other naked women on this site. The pictures further down the page showed off her ass and slender back more, until the ones at the bottom had her covered in the cake mix, bent over ready for a fucking.

Kate had never realised just how good she looked, and further depraved comments from the forum users enforced her new sense of self esteem.

"How many sets of me are there on here?" She voiced. "Loads." John stated bluntly. "Have you uploaded the ones you took today, in the hall?" Kate asked quietly. "No." John turned to look at his mother. She stared back. He knew what she was thinking, and he knew he had her even more submissive than before.

Turning back to the computer, he began uploading the new photos. They both watched the status bar as it filled, and the thread appeared on the forum which John had named "Sultry Secretary". Minutes passed. Kate sat playing with a ring on her finger while looking at the newly made thread.

John noted she no longer protested. He stood up and rubbed his chin, then went to his shelf and picked up his camera. Kate watched him remove the lens cap and fiddle with some of the buttons. John soon raised the camera to his eye-line and took a picture of his mother. She wore a loose grey t-shirt and jogging bottoms. Without moving her body, she looked longingly into the lens, still on the edge of the bed. After a few moments she shifted back and sat cross legged. Click click went the camera.

Turning a tilting her head, Kate played with the camera. John moved forward and pushed her shoulder which made her fall on her back. She let her arms fall above her head and arched her back out, pushing her tits against the material of the shirt. As the camera clicked she turned and coiled on her back, bathing in the glare of the lens. John placed his hand on the bottom of her t-shirt and yanked it up over her tits so it sat ruffled up at her neck.

Kate wore no bra and her nipples were already erect. John kept capturing images. "You slut." He voiced. Kate murmured, eyes shut as she writhed on the sheets. "Take off those bottoms." John commanded.

Kate did so, no hesitation. Seeing she had declined to wear panties either John took more pictures. He then instructed her to roll on to her front and push her ass in the air. As Kate did so he pushed her cheek down on to the bed so he breasts squashed and flattened.

"Oh yeah, you filthy cunt," He told her, "You wanna get fucked by all the perverts out there?" Kate murmured again, arms bent in front of her as he wiggled her ass and John took pictures. "Just think of all the world seeing these, mom. You totally exposed for the horny slut you are.

Can you imagine it? Can you imagine all the thousands of people who have already seen you like this?" Kate rolled back onto her back and looked down her body to the computer screen, to the pictures of herself striping and posing. She watched her own ample curves and sultry poses and remembered the comments left about her. John was clicking furiously with the camera while telling her what a cunt she was.

Placing one hand on her tits, Kate attractive chick cant stop enjoying wild fuck the other down to her pussy and touched herself. She pushed the t-shirt as high as possible around her neck, almost strangling herself, to show her pert and full breasts to the world.

Slipping a finger into her snatch, Kate looked with bedroom eyes at the camera as she fucked herself, mouth open and licking her lips. "Yeah that's it. Fuck yourself. Grind yourself onto those fingers." John encouraged. Kate breathed heavily, seducing the camera. Beads of sweat appeared on her head and torso. The sweet scent of her soaking pussy filled the air.

John kept taking photos until he noticed he had nearly filled the camera's memory. He watched his mother masturbate for a while, throwing herself all over the place as her orgasm built its way up inside her. John watched her fingers disappearing inside her with a quiet squelching sound. "Ahh, aahhhh." Kate groaned.

John set his camera down and sat on the side of the bed.

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"That's it," he said, "Cum for me. Enjoy this you fucking whore. You piece of meat." John pulled down his trousers and underwear and placed his hand firmly on his rigid cock. The sight of his ecstatic mother had turned him on so much. He masturbated with her. He stared at her perfect body while Kate stared at the computer screen, thinking of her exhibitionism. She was so wet. She could feel herself about to cum, releasing all the tension.

"Ahhhhhhhh." Kate let out as she writhed frantically. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" John pumped his cock furiously, he too feeling it coming. Kate closed her eyes as the shudders of ecstasy threw her mind into chaos. "Oh god, oh god!" She moaned, taking the brunt of pleasure. "That's it, that's it!" John coiled, moving his body over his mother, "Arrgh!" He shot thick lines of perfectly white semen over Kate's face. It hit her chin and continued further to cover her cheek.

Large streams feel over her parted lips and drooped into her mouth. Kate felt the warm liquid, but was still in a world of pleasure. She did not care at this moment. The air was filled with heat and the smells of excitement. As each of their orgasms died down they continued to rub themselves, extending the bliss.

After a few minutes of returning to the real world and recovering her breath Kate looked up at John, her face painted in his semen.

She lay motionless for a moment before getting up off the bed and approaching the door. "Are you going to upload those then?" She turned her head to ask, cum sliding down her face. "Of course." John replied. "You better get on it then." Kate left the room to go to the bathroom.

John sat half naked in his chair, putting the new photos onto the forum. John was amazed. It seemed his mother was finally enjoying becoming a naked model, now that she had seen the sorts of reactions she was getting from the internet community.

John considered his options, now that he had a totally willing glamour slut at his command. After a few moments the new thread was getting the regular comments, all completely degrading of Kate. John smirked, knowing his mother loved it. After a few minutes Kate returned from the bathroom wearing a robe, her face no longer smeared in cum. John showed her what the perverts were saying about her.

Kate licked her lips as she lapped up the attention. However, her expression soon turned more serious. "John." she started, "what you did. you can't do that." "Shut up." He replied bluntly. "You'll do as I say." Kate sighed, knowing she could not get through to her son. "Grab your camera." Kate suddenly motioned. John stared at her as she left the room. Taking the camera from the shelf, he followed her. As he entered the hallway he caught his mother dropping the robe outside the bathroom door, revealing that perfect ass and bare back.

Throwing her gaze over her shoulder back at John, she said "You coming in?" before disappearing into the bathroom. John heard the shower being turned on, and by arabic anal pov with my milf fatima time he reached the doorway he saw his mother already lavishing under the streams of hot water.

Her wet hair fell in strands down her face, and her mascara ran from her eyes, as she looked to see him through the steam. John's cock sprung up pushing hard against his pants. "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to take some photos?" She teased.

John began snapping, taking photos of the water cascading over her body. As usual he told her how to pose and what to do with her body. Kate followed every command, and for the first time did not talk shit back at latina with glasses big booty live sex and blowjob. Instead she stared down the barrel of the camera, parting her mouth and licking her lips, seducing whoever would be seeing the images.

Kate soon grabbed some body lotion and soaped up her chest, turning and twisting for the camera as the suds ran down her torso and thighs. John stared at her fleshy, wet, shiny ass and could not stop thinking how much he wanted to bight into it. Kate turned to him to a get a final few full frontal shots before turning off the shower and wrapping herself in a towel.

"That's all for now." She grinned, "Why don't you put those on that forum too." Kate left the room, and John in a cold sweat. A day passed. John had been in deep thought, unsure if he enjoyed his mother becoming a willing slave.

He had looked over nearly all the photos of her, but was not pleased wit the ones she happily posed in. There was just no edge to them.

Gradually, he came up with a new plan. One riskier than all the others, and one he knew his mother would never be willing to partake in. Finding his mother in the kitchen, he told her matter-of-factly to undress. Kate smiled at him, beginning to remove clothing in a sultry manner. "Where's the camera?" She asked.


John continued watching, motioning her to carry on. Kate was finally down to her underwear, a puzzled look now replacing her smile. "And the rest." John barked. Kate did so, standing entirely nude before him.

"Now put this on." He continued, handing her summer coat to her. It was a thin, flimsy material which stretched down to her mid-thighs and created an open 'V' over her chest allowing for some subtle cleavage.

Informing her she was to drive him somewhere, they proceeded to the car and climbed in. Kate looked around to check no neighbours had seen her. "I wouldn't worry about that, Mom." John joked, "Let's go to the mall." Kate looked at him seriously, noticing the camera in a carry-bag, but after he sternly repeated himself she drove away. Finding a space in the parking lot was easily done, near the elevator.

John told his mother to get out of the car and follow him down. They descended to the food court of the mall. John noticed men with families looking at his mother's pale, smooth legs.

Kate felt very uneasy, knowing only the thin material of her coat hid her provocative body. It was made worse when young children ran around her play fighting. "Why have you brought me here, John?" She asked. "Keep walking." John replied bluntly. He put his arm around her waist as he forced her along.

Kate threw her gaze back and forth over her shoulders, catching the piercing eyes from strange men around her. John let go of her momentarily, winding back his arm and smacking her on the ass. The noise was only slightly muted by the thin coat. A couple of passers by looked in their direction. "Stop it!" Kate demanded. John responded by lifting the bottom of her coat and quickly squeezing her ass.

Kate pushed his hand back down, looking behind her to see a young kid staring, almost certainly having caught a glimpse of her fleshly bottom. "What are we doing here then, John?" Kate asked.

John squeezed the camera bag. "You'll see." They continued walking, Kate doing her best ignore anyone passing glances, until they reached the main department store. "Taking me shopping?" Kate joked. "Yes, actually." John said back. John lead his mother through the doors, holding them open for her.

It was a pretty average midweek day in the store; people browsing around, the usual mix of old couples, young families, men buying gifts for girlfriends etc. Rails of clothes seemed to stretch for miles. Kate was about to start looking at what was on offer, but John pulled her by the hand, through the narrow corridors created by the clothing racks. "Go easy on me." Yelped Kate. She was dragged through the clothing area, past a couple of other departments such as jewellery and furnishings, until she found herself pulled into the lingerie department.

Kate rolled her eyes at John, who was busy looking over different sets of women's underwear. After some searching he pulled out a set of white silk bra and panties with stockings and suspenders. Kate crossed her arms and tilted her head. "Take this." John commanded. Kate noticed the label. "That's a C," she began, "I'm a D-cup." "I know, but this will look better for the camera." He reassured. Kate snatched it from his hand before being lead to the dressing room. John lifted the curtain for her and looked around to see if anyone was watching before following her in.

Instructing her to put on the sexy lingerie, he licked his lips at the sight of his mother letting her coat fall off her shoulders and crumple on the floor. She stood entirely nude once again, the curves of her tits and hips hypnotising him. It was an all too brief tease, as within moments she had stepped into the smooth feeling panties and bra. Fasting the size-too-small bra was tricky, her tits spilling out of the garment as the material struggled to contain her. She was soon snugly in the new underwear.

The straps over her shoulders stretched under the weight of her tits, her chest looking as though it was ready to burst the bra open. The straps leading from the garter belt to the stockings fit tightly as passion hd kylie page and her man have their own private th of july bbq. The smooth and slightly shiny attire made Kate look like some sort of sexy angel, stunning asian chick sucks massive black cock and buxom.

She put her hands on her hips and tilted them, extending one leg and cocking her head. "Well?" She asked with a tone of annoyance, "What now?" John wasted no time getting his camera out of the carry bag, before surveying the dressing room which was surprisingly spacious. He noted the long wooden seat, and next to that a full-length mirror. He made sure the curtain was pulled edge-to-edge across its rail, covering the gaps at the side.

"Lay down across the bench." John told her. Kate gave her usual sigh but complied. She was soon horizontal, touching her midriff instinctively as John began to photograph her. As the flashes went off one hand sensually grazed higher upon her body, cupping and slowly squeezing her bulging breast, while the other crept downwards towards the rim of the smooth panties which she caressed with playfully. Her highly shadowed eyes stared longingly into the lens.

"This is good, slut." John whispered. Kate winced, feeling degraded. The two of them could hear other people nearby, just yards from the booth.

Kate's eyes traced the edge of the curtain ensuring its privacy. "Sit up." voiced John. Kate did so with the obedience of a child. He told her to get on her knees and rest down on her elbows, in a doggy style position. The tight bra kept her tits pushed up and pert. Her hair fell down over her shoulder. Stepping forward, John placed his hand on her barely covered ass.

Kate jumped a little. He stroked his palm down her leg, feeling the smoothness of the stocking. "No touching." Murmured Kate. John smirked. He stepped back to capture more indecent images of his shapely mother.

After a few more posing orders Kate was told to reposition in front of the mirror. "Bend over, facing me." John quietly asked. Kate did. The camera took some great shots showing both Kate's generous cleavage and round ass in the reflection.

He forcibly turned her around after this and pushed her chest against the mirror while making her stick out her ass. The pictures of this made it look like two of his mother, both pushing tits together in a position to be taken from behind. After few clicks of the camera Kate felt John moving around behind her. She couldn't see him in the mirror, her face being too close to it. She daren't stop posing, fearing John would get angry and someone outside hear them.

The noises of people outside had gotten louder now, suggesting the store was busier. Kate felt herself in a cold sweat, fearing being exposed like this. Finally she heard John instruct her to turn around. Turning quickly, Kate's eyes widened at what met her gaze. John was sat on the bench, knees parted, pants and underwear around his ankles.

He already had a full erection which stood powerfully upright. "Oh no," Kate protested, in a louder voice than the pair had previously been talking, "Never again." John held a small video camera, one Kate had never seen before. It was pointing directly at her, the whirring of the tape suggesting she was already being recorded. John moved his hand over his cock and slowly rubbed. "You can take that bra off now." Kate looked at him for a few moments, deep in thought.

"You're in the office with blonde gigi allens recording, right?" Her mind going back to the pictures of her on the internet.

"Take off the bra." He repeated, louder this time. Kate looked at the flimsy curtain shielding them, hoping no one heard. She looked back at him, and put her finger up to her lips. With no haste, she reached her arms around the back of the lingerie and struggled to unfasten the hook on the straining bra.

"Ugh." She yelped as it came off allowing her to breathe properly again. She tossed it to the floor and began posing. "I don't know how good I'll look in a video." She commented, moving her hands over her naked top half.

John stopped stroking himself. "Get on your knees." He whispered. Kate felt that familiar horror. It was like cold water shocking her senses. "No." She whimpered. "Not here, please." They could hear what sounded like people talking right outside the booth now. Kate's lip quivered, overwhelmed by vulnerability. John grasped the curtain, back remained still. "I'll do it," He threatened, "You know I will. Don't make me." "Please." she sobbed. "Get on your knees you whore." He spoke with that softly raised voice again.

With a feeling of inevitable humiliation Kate knelt down between his legs, looking into the video recorded lens like a rabbit in the headlights.

She put her hand around the base of his cock, and down her head went. John felt the warm moistness of her tongue caressing the head of his powerful cock. He was so turned on his dick throbbed with each beat of his heart. Knowing he was leaking pre-cum, it turned him on more to know his mother was lapping it up.

John listened momentarily to people talking about shopping and food just outside their booth, his eyes and camera lens never leaving Kate's mano brazil and hungarian girl in jamaica slowly bobbing on his dick. Using his free hand he ran his fingers through her soft hair and flung it over to one side in order to naughty doll gets sperm load on her face sucking all the spunk a better frame of her face and his cock.

"What do you think if those people saw you?" He asked. Kate looked up into the camera, never taking her mouth away. "That's right you dog. You know what to do." He pushed down on the back of her head and forced the length of his meaty shaft into her mouth.

The Camera caught her gag slightly as John thrust himself in. He gasped a handful of her hair and began moving her head at a rhythm he enjoyed.

He managed to hold the camera very well, filming his saliva covered meat sliding with great authority in and out between her lips. John took great satisfaction knowing he had completely dismantled his mother. Weeks ago never expecting to be forcing her to give him head in a changing room in public.

As his pleasure mounted he relaxed the grip on her hair, yet Kate continued at the same pace as before. As she felt his throbbing intensify she sped up the movement of her head and was more ferocious with her tongue. John dug his fingers into her shoulder a little, letting Kate know what she was about to receive. "Excuse me!" A woman's voice came from the other side of the curtain.

Kate pulled her head up in a kneejerk reaction and stared into the curtain. Moments of silence passed. "Excuse me?" the voice came again. Kate scrambled to find the white silk bra.

"You've been in there quite a while. Is everything ok?" the person said. Kate, realising it was the dressing room attendant, gave a terrified look towards John, who motioned her to answer. "Ye." Kate gurgled and stopped, her mouth half full of saliva. Panicking, she gulped it down loudly. "Yes I'm fine!

Just still trying things!" She flustered, cupping her tits with the screwed up bra. There was a pause. Kate stared back at John, certain they had been caught. "Ok." The voice came again, "Just let me know if you need any help." "You're doing well enough on your own, mom" John chuckled.

Kate threw her hand to her mouth with wide eyes telling him to be silent. Kate sat still, scared, for a minute. John took the opportunity to appreciate, and film, his mother's gorgeous body again. Finally fastening the size-too-small bra and climbing into the straps, Kate stood up. "Where do you think you're going?" John asked. He stood up as well, turning his mother to face the mirror with him.

"Look at you," He began, "Look what you've become. Your son has turned you into a bottom dollar internet slut. A complete fucking whore." Kate stared at her figure in the mirror, covered only by slutty lingerie that did not even belong to her. "Take a good look at yourself," John continued, running his hand down the side of her smooth waist. "Why have you done this, John?" Kate snivelled. "Because you were there for the taking." He replied.

"I'm still a person, your mother, and I don't belong to anyone." She defied, "So this can all stop right now." "Don't pretend you didn't love seeing yourself as a piece of meat on the internet," John preached, now both hands groping his mother, "because now all this belongs to the faceless perverts out there." He ran his hands down her stocking-clad legs.

".and this." Squeezing her perfectly round ass. ".and these." He squeezed and massaged her ample tits. "Stop it." Kate demanded, forgetting about the many shoppers in earshot.

".and now it's this." John finished. Kate watched in the reflection as her son yanked down her panties. They were around her ankles in seconds.

"Wha!?" She murmured. He held her at the waist and pushed at her shoulders to make her half bend over facing the mirror, bra pushed against the cold glass with arms bent above her head to stop her falling. "No!" Kate spoke loudly, bracing herself. John kept one hand on her shoulder and with the other guided the shaft of his rigid cock into Kate's pussy. Pushing his head in with ease, he slowly but forcefully pushed his entire member into her.

John relished feeling his mother's cunt like this. The warm spasms she gave him an animal-like power. "You can't." Kate whimpered. It was no use. John began sliding in and out of her snatch, staring down at her slender back as his cock disappeared and emerged. With one hand on her waist, gripping her for each thrust, John used the other to grab her hair again, forcing her to look at herself in the mirror.

"See what you're doing now, mother?" He grinned. Kate watched her tits shake with each of her son's plunges, desperate to escape the confines of the lingerie. John found his cock lubricated, no longer needed to force himself in. "You fucking love it." He said, grabbing the camcorder and flicking it on. He pointed it straight at her face reflected in the mirror, her eyes closed but mouth open.

She jerked her neck with each thrust. He then filmed his cock going in and out he fucks her mom and she watches her snatch, before finally setting it down of the bench to get a full body shot.

Placing both hands on her sides, he moved them both back so they could both see the huge tits stepmom and cute teen threeway in the bedroom threesome and blowjob of the mirror. John loved the uneasy yet lustful look on her face.

Kate watched her son behind her, feeling entirely disgraced. The sly slapping noises as their hips met with each push echoed out past the immediate area of the booth. Kate wanted to speak by found herself paralyzed by fear. John pushed his mother down further, and turned allowing her to rest her elbows on the bench. The camera caught the full moments of sweat and unwelcome excitement on her face as she was fucked doggie style. Her breathing became heavier, no longer halted by the thin curtain.

"Are you sure everything is ok in there?" The voice from outside returned. Kate looked back at John. "Yes! We're fine!" She struggled to control her breath. "'We'?" the voice replied. Kate was numb to the outside world now. "Me! I mean 'I'! I'm fine." Kate spoke trying to vein to compose herself. John stopped slapping so hard against her ass, instead burying himself inside her pussy and grinding hip to hip with her. He grinded against her g-spot, making her vagina grab and clench at his cock.

Kate dug her nails into the wooden bench and bit her lips as she was thrown into sexual bliss. "You're absolutely sure?" the person asked again.

"MMMmmm HHmmmm!!" was all Kate could say, struggling to keep her mind on the awkward situation. There was a long pause again from the other side of the curtain. Kate's knuckles went white from gripping the bench and holding her breath.

Her pussy drenched and tightened and spasmed around her son's rock hard cock. It took all her will to stay quiet. "Ok." The woman finally said. Kate held on for a few seconds longer before hoping, or rather not caring if, the woman had left. "Aaaahhhhhhh" She released as a long groaning sigh. She collapsed her head on the bench, alien to the world around her.

Heavy breathing filled the booth. She was recovering from sexual ecstasy. All she could feel was John suddenly speed up with more powerful thrusts into her. The noise of loud slapping against her ass once again filled the air, the heat and smell of sex abundant.

John's cock throbbed and twitched ready to erupt. "Aggghh!" He yelled. Unexpectedly to his mother, he pulled out of her dripping snatch and leapt forward to the camera. He barely had time to vaguely aim the viewfinder and once again grab the back of his mother's hair, turning her face towards him, before exploding a rush of cum upon her.

Thick lines of the stuff painted themselves over her cheeks and forehead and mouth. The shock of it made her gasp, allowing a couple of globs to lace her tongue. As Kate tried to move away from the messy assault the last thick stream plastered itself in her hair, next to her face.

"Ugh!" John grunted again, wiping the last drips on his cock head in his mom's hair. "Why!?" Kate shouted angrily.

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John sex xxx mom san family room with a ridiculous grin. "Ok!

I know something's going on in there!" the dressing attendant yelled through the curtain, "You've got ten seconds to come out!" "No! Wait! We're coming out!" Kate pleaded, grabbing the coat she came in with and placing it straight over the bra, stocking and garter set.

John pulled up his trousers. Kate caught sight of herself in the mirror, face covered in lines of jizz. Panicking, she looked down to see the crumpled silk panties she'd worn. She grabbed them and went to wipe her face with them. John Grabbed her arm. "Oh know you don't." he smiled. The curtain abruptly flew open. Standing there was a blonde store-uniformed woman.

Kate stood with her back to her fastening her coat, but the lady immediately noticed John buckling his pants belt. "I knew it!" She declared.


Kate turned to face her. "What on earth is this?!" The woman screamed, noticing Kate's cum sodden face. "Let's go!" cheered John, grabbing the still-running camera and his mother's hand. They ran past the attendant and out of the department store.

Kate tried to hold one hand in front of her face to hide her shame but was too forcefully jerked along by her son. After a minute or so John felt they were a safe distance away and slowed to a stop. Kate again tried to wipe the cum off her face which was now running down her cheeks.

"I said no!" insisted John. Some passers-by looked over as they heard the young man yell. A couple noticed the strange white substance on Kate's face. "Let's go for a walk." Suggested John.

He took his mother by the hand again and led her around the mall. Kate felt utterly humiliated, and prayed she did not see anyone she knew. John made sure he walked her past groups of people, to see who noticed her semen covered cheeks and lips. Every few people, one would stare at her, wondering what was there.

John instructed her to say hello and smile at bitchy student seller with nice tits sucks a big hard dick who looked at her. Globs of cum started to melt off her face and fall down into her cleavage, which was only just hidden by the coat.

They continued walking, eventually reaching the food court again. Kate made towards the elevator, but John had other ideas. He motioned her over to a burger bar. He pulled her to the back of the queue, only squirting french lesbians having one hell of a time 3 people in front of them, and told her to buy some onion rings. "You're hungry NOW?" She asked outrageously. John didn't reply.

Instead they waited without speaking until they got to the front of the line. The teenager who was serving noticed the mess on her face right away. "Erm ma'am, you have something on your face." He politely stated. "Oh, do I?" Kate replied nonchalantly. "It's spunk!" John gleefully told the teenage worker. Kate looked in shock at her son. The young man laughed it off, and soon served Kate a bag of onions rings.

As puzzled sexiest body in the world anllela sagra she was, she followed John to the centre of the busy seating area. It was packed with families and people eating.

They took a table in among the crowd, after which John told his mother to open the bag. Kate looked around nervously, setting the rings in-between them and waiting for John's next action. John picked up one of the onion rings and leaned in towards his mom.

Staring into her eyes, he rubbed it from the bottom of her cheek upwards, collect a big load of cum on the batter. "Eat." He said, bringing it to her mouth. Kate only paused for a second before chomping into the ring.

Two quick chews and she swallowed it. She looked around over her shoulders again, hands clasped together on her lap under the table. "Good." John commended. He took the other half of that ring and did the same again, scraping the streams of jizz from her forehead this time and holding it out for her to consume. Again Kate took the mouthful and devoured it.

This process went on for some minutes, her face slowly losing the globular deposits the great looking legal age teenager often gets super lustful during the day she ate. A couple of young boys, probably only 10 years old, on the next table took an interest in what was going on.

Kate noticed them first, before John saw them watching. Kate quickly turned her head away, but John felt the need to say something to them. "Hey little guys," he began, "She's got cum all over her face. I'm just feeding it to her because she's filthy." The two boys did not really know what it meant, but continued watching anyway until the strange white substance was nearly all gone. "I think I'm full up." Kate sighed, trying to ignore the attentions of the boys.

"No you're not. What about this?" John tugged open her coat, just a little, revealing the top of the silk bra and an ample amount of cleavage. On the tops of her tits was more semen which had dripped from her face. "John! Not in front of kids!" Kate protested. "It's fine," John said, "Here." He passed one of the boys and onion ring and told him to do as he had just done.

Kate blurted out some strange noise. The boy scraped the ring up between Kate's tits, scooping up the white goo and shoved it into Kate's mouth.

It was with such eagerness that Kate spluttered. Another nearby table peered over, wondering what was going on. "Come over here, guys." John motioned the boys to come closer to his mother, "What do you think of this?" he said as he leaned over the table and yanked open Kate's coat, her bra exposed. The boys grinned. One put his hand on her tit and gently rubbed it. A couple more people around had noticed what was going on now.

"Want more?" John asked, pulling the coat further apart, it falling down to her sides. The boys had an all too quick glimpse. Kate had had enough. She leapt up and stormed away from the table, her coat briefly trailing behind her in the air giving anyone who was watching a flash of her stocking tops and pubic hair. Hastily dodging through the labyrinth of tables, she clumsily pulled the garment around her. People all around stopped eating and stared at this strange exhibition.

John followed quickly behind. Reaching the elevator where they had originally entered, Kate smashed the call button in a fluster, and darted in the second the doors opened. John stepped in behind her. A sense of relief that came over her when she saw there was no one else in elevator was quickly replaced by a nervous dread upon wife fucking behind husbands back the elevator was made of glass and overlooked the entire food court.

Pressing the button to the car park, and as they began to rise, John turned his mother to look out over the mass of people. Many of them stared back, in wonder at what had just happened. Kate placed her hands over her eyes. John, being John, could not let this final opportunity go. Without a thought he ripped Kate's coat off of her shoulders, tossing it to the ground.

"No more!" Kate pleaded. Unresponsive, John tugged at the bra hooks until it burst open, her tits on show to the entire mall. He held her arms behind her, not allowing her to either cover her shame or turn away. Kate saw people looking up, pointing, nudging their acquaintances and gawping at her.

The busty lady dressed only in stockings was not the sort of thing most expected to see that midweek afternoon. "No more!" Kate repeated. John pushed her body forward against the glass, her tits flattened against it. The ride was tediously slow, only very gradually lifting them from the food court's view. John pushed his crotch against his mother's ass, and brought his hand around her front to play with her clit. Flicking and caressing with great excitement, he felt that familiar wetness around her pussy.

He ensured Kate was trapped between him and the glass, on show for all. She struggled to free her arms and push him away but it was no use. She simply shut her eyes and wished to be elsewhere, away from the dozens of people witnessing her sexual disgrace. John forced her like this until the end of the lengthy ride. When they reached the car park level Kate ran out sobbing in tears. She made it to the car soon, and John got in as well. He examined the site of his naked mother, sitting and covered only in stockings, sobbing with shiny cum residue lacing her face and tits.

"Take me home, bitch." John ordered. "I've got things to put on the internet."