Xxx storys in 5 second

Xxx storys in 5 second
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Am back this i the complete part of my chapter 01. Granny took orders easily and her left hand dove into her sliver haired cunt and started its own in and out movement.

Within seconds I could tell that she was going to cum. As she did she tried to expel my cock from her mouth but I held her head firmly with her lips still wrapped around my cock. I knew it was time to push my organ as deep into her mouth as possible. I hoped that she was as capable asNancy and Carol (gals from my class in college who we will next in later chapters), because they both had been able to deep-throat all 10 inches of my throbbing rod.

"G. uuu. st. oooo. ppppppp!"She tried to implore but I continued to pull her face into my groin. When I realized that she was having difficulty catching her breath I pulled out slightly and told her to breathe through her nose. This seemed towork as I was now able to inch my rock-hard dick deeper and deeper inch by blood-filled inch.

All the while, as she started to relax, I realized that she was starting to swirl her tongue around beautiful nerdy teen got her ass fucked by her bf cock head each time I pulled it out slightly getting ready for the next onslaught.

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She started getting into the rhythm. Each time I pulled back a bit, she licked the head and each time I drove it back in, she started to relax her gag reflex and soon I could tell that I was in her throat. "Dee, you are fucking unbelievable!" I cried and pulled her head even closer. "Take it all! Suck my cock! Make your Stud buddy cum! Eat me! EAT ME YOU OVER SEXED, BIG TITTED COCKSUCKER!!" Finally my whole length was in her mouth and throat and I gloated, "Did you ever deep-throat Ed?

I'll bet you've never had a cock as hard and as big as mine! Right Dee?" All she could do was grunt but I could tell that she was nodding her head. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me into her face. Suddenly her eyes bulged again and she squeezed my balls and shaft even harder. It took me a second to realize that she was cumming again! We were both inheaven now and I kept poundingmy flesh into her mouth knowing that I was going to blow everything I had into the deepest recesses of her throat.

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My basic instinct was to unload my cock in her throat but she was my grandmother after all and I wondered if she would be disgusted by my cumming in her mouth. I considered pulling out but 2 days worth of cum was not to be denied. To hell with it, I knew I had to cum in her mouth whatever the consequences were."I'm. gonna. cumm. in. yourrr.mouth! Swallow it all like a good cocksucker! "With these words she tried to fight me but I was relentless.

This was not a feeble old woman. This was a sexy mature woman who was enjoying this as much as me. My instincts were right as she started to orgasm again.

"HERE. ITTTTT. CUMSSSSSSS. TAKE MY CUM DOWN YOUR THROAT!! EAT. Sex stories sex dinborn storys OH FUCK, I'M. THERE!!" With that I buried my shaft as far into her mouth as I could. I swear I was trying to drive it outthe back of her head.


I exploded into her throat with jet after jet each one more pleasurable than the one before! I held her head inplace, pulled my cock out so that she could catch a quick breath, then I drove it back into the hilt and blasted some more.

I watched her eyes fill with tears from my assault on her face and relaxed my grip on her hair as the gobs of cum continue to shoot out but now far more gently.

I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't release my cock right away and continued to gobble the sticky cum as she washed mycock with her tongue. Slowly she released it from her mouth and I could see that she had swallowedalmost every drop and seemed determined to do the same until she had drained me. "Are you going to be like this all summer?" Dee asked me once shestopped licking the cum off my cock?

"If so, I'm going to have to get somebody in here to wear you out the days I am toosoreto handle you." "Who? Shelia? "I asked, remembering Dee saying that name before. "No, not Shelia as she is in Sweden this summer, but I another friend or two I think youmight enjoy," she told me.

"Granny knows best," I said, letting her get some rest by leaving the bedroom. She followed me to the bathroomand sat down to pee as I aimed my stream between her spread leg. She looked up at me and said,"we can do lots of things together this summer if you wish." With that she stood up and wentback to the bedroom. I heard her pick up the phone and as I walked into the room she was telling her friend about her"better than ever grandson" and how she should "cum" over in the morning to have a "special breakfast with us." The evening went by slowly as milf zia pulls a stud and sucks on his cock call to make sure I had made the trip Ok and Grandmother was well and looking after me.

I told her all was well and we were going to go out to dinner later and be home early as I was Tired from traveling and "ALL." She told me to enjoy the summer and that they may stop in n theirway up north for a couple weeks of vacation. '(please am going to complete this story soon).,