Blonde amateur makes her teen pussy cum

Blonde amateur makes her teen pussy cum
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Today is the day. It has always been a fantasy of his. Role-playing just does not cut it anymore. He wants her. For the last couple of days he has noticed that she is coming home to an empty house as well as only one car in the driveway throughout the night.

Today he watched her walking into the house. She looks so good. He could tell she is just getting home from work. She is dressed professionally, but sexy. He give her about ten minutes to start settling in before he got out of the car and walk to the window. It is dark enough that she won't see him plus he is dressed in an over-sized black hoodie and dark jeans. As he comes to the kitchen window, he sees her. She has changed clothes.

She is in a large t-shirt (maybe her husband) and sweatpants with her hair pulled back. "I'm not going to hurt her." He thinks to himself. "She pretty chick deepthroats watch part on suzcamcom beg for it before he is done." With newfound confidence he walks to the back door and finds it unlocked like he knew he would.

Quietly he steps into the house trying not to breathe, he pulls the hood up over his head covering his entire face, then takes the knife out of his back pocket. As he comes around the corner into the kitchen he notice her bent forward in front of the sink. Her ass looks perfect in that position he thinks to himself as he creeps toward her. As she stands up he is standing directly behind her.

She sees his reflection towering over her petite body in the window. As she starts to turn and scream this stranger steps forward pushing her into the counter and covered her mouth with his huge hand.

As he is pushing against her and she is fighting back he can feel his cock getting hard. He leans down and whispers into her ear "Don't make me use this." As he holds up the knife with his other hand. She almost goes limp as fear starts to take over. "Do what I tell you and I won't hurt you." "Do you understand?" She nods her head. With that he pushes her face down against the counter holding her down with his forearm as he is pulling at her sweatpants.

He smiles to himself as he realized that she was not wearing panties. She hears the sound of his zipper coming down. She can tell he's pulling his pants down. His big hand is still holding her down. She can't move and doesn't even know if her fear would let her. He leans up against her and she can feel the size of his cock against her ass.

She is now more afraid then when she first saw him. She knows what he's here for and afraid that the knife is not what he's going to use to hurt her. He makes her step out of the sweats, but he doesn't give her any freedom to do it. He tells her to take off the t-shirt. As the shirt comes off, he sets the knife down out of her reach but within his.

He can over-power her and knows she won't scream now. He grabs both of her breasts and kneads them as he whispers in phoenix marie has a premium big ass ear all the things he's going to do to her and all the things she's going to do to him.

His breath is hot, his voice is deep and everything about him is big. He turns her around and pushes her to her knees. He tells her to untie his boots and take them off as well as his his jeans. He likes a little degradation.


Her hands are shaking and she fumbles but manages to finish. When she's done, she still there on her knees, in front of him. She knows what he wants now. They both know what he wanted. She held her eyes closed as tightly as she could to pretend this was not happening. "Open your eyes and look at what is waiting for you." He tells her. When she doesn't open her eyes he grabs her by the hair and pulls.

"Bitch, I said open your fucking eyes!" A tear slides down her cheek from pain as she opens her eyes to see this stranger's cock. This was the largest, hardest black cock she had ever seen. "Oh my God, he is black!" She thinks to herself. "I have never been with a black man before!" As he is standing over her, his heart is racing.

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"Holy shit this is really going to happen." His cock has never been harder then it was right then. Looking at her naked body while she was on her knees made him hornier especially the tattoo on her thigh. He takes another step toward her until his cock is inches from her face.

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"I want you to suck my dick." He tells her as he starts to rub the head of his hard cock against her cheeks and lips. She tries to pull away but with the counter behind her and him milf striptease show watch more of her at ulacamcom in front of her and plus he still has a handful of hair pulling her closer and closer to the inevitable.

As holds the thick head of his cock against her lips he says, "If you bite it, I will cut you." As he reaches for the knife again. When she figured she had no choice, she reached up and took him in her hand.

The heat from him was surprising. She slowly opened her mouth enough to rest the tip on her tongue. She was able to taste his pre-cum and felt his cock twitch in her hand. Her body started to betray her as she afraid but slightly turned on at the same time. "I can't be liking this. This is so wrong!" "OH MY GOD! Her mouth is so hot and wet I can imagine what her pussy is going to feel like." He starts to pull her head so she can take him deeper.

He is looking down watching his cock slowly disappear between her sexy lips. As he goes deeper, he can feel her sucking him and he begins to fuck her mouth slowly at first but it feels too good as he thrusts faster and deeper. "I can't believe this is happening to me." She thinks to herself as he is pushing his prick in and out of her mouth. She tells herself if she just makes him cum he will go away and this will all end. She starts stroking him up and down as she sucks him off.

"I knew she was going to love this." As he watches her head bobbing up and down. He closes his eyes to just enjoy the feeling until he feel himself start to cum.

"That's enough!" as he pulls his dick from her. As he looks down at her, she almost looks disappointed that she had to stop. "Stand up." as he grabs her by the arm and pulls to her feet.

He spins her around again and pushes her forward against the counter. She has to stand on her tiptoes as she is bent over. He thinks how sexy she is, as he runs his hands down her back to her waist then to her ass. She bites her tongue as she lets out a small moan when his hand goes between her legs lesbea innocent young girl with hairy pussy touches her pussy.

Not to his surprise her pussy was wet. He slides two fingers inside her, and God she is tight. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. She knew that she was getting wet while she was sucking his dick but didn't know until now how bad she wanted him to touch her pussy.

Did she just push back against his hand? She wanted him inside her so bad and doog hll xxx storys diwnlod about to ask even beg for more when he suddenly stopped. He moved in closer and she could feel his body heat. He had a hand on the small of her back keeping her pinned to the counter and the other one on his dick, guiding it towards her pussy.

She was aware of how close she was to having him inside of her and was afraid again. He put the head of his dick just inside of her pussy lips and was slowly moving it around. He was going to go slow like he did with her mouth but decided that he couldn't wait any longer. Besides, this was his night and all the other plans he had didn't matter now.

He was going to fuck her and now like this. With one quick thrust, he was completely inside of her. She let out a small scream in pain and surprise. He stood still for a short time to let her get used to his size and to just feel how tight she was. He bet she never had a dick so big in her. He started fucking her hard. He pulled almost all the way out before slamming back into her. Damn, she left good. He thinks that her pussy feels like velvet. He grabs ahold of her waist and continues to fuck her.

She moves her hands down to grab the edge of the counter. She starts moaning and pushing back. He knows she is enjoying herself.

As he is fucking her with everything he has, he just stops, leaving just the tip of his rock hard cock inside of her.

As she realized what was happening she turned her head and said, "what's wrong? Why are you stopping?" He can see the sex on her face.

He knows she wants it as bad as he does. "If you want it so badly, take it." She looked him in the eyes and realized he was serious.

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She slowly pushed her ass back, sliding his huge dick back inside of her soaked pussy. He looks down at her with a smile while he feels how tight and wet she is. At first she fucked him slow, feeling every inch of him.


Moaning to herself she knew she needed it as rough as he gave it to her at first. She held on to the countertop and pushed back as hard and deep as she could and knew that where his hard black cock should be. Her slamming herself on his dick took him by surprise that he almost fell backward. He grabs her hip with one hand and the back of her hair with the other as she fucked him like it was the last cock on earth.

As he looks down he watches his cock going in and out of some of the pussy he has every had he becomes more and more aroused but he refuse teacher and student hot boobs cum until she does, and the way she is moaning fucking him he know she is close.

He lets go of her hair and takes her by the left hand and brings it down to her wet snatch and starts to rub her clit. Together they rub her hard clit making her fuck him harder.

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He can feel her pussy squeezing him tighter and tighter. "Oh MY GOD!" she starts chanting out loud as her hand is getting wet from rubbing herself.

She knows that she has never been fucked like this before. She feels the orgasm coming. " Fuck me, fuck me I'm cumming!!!" He cant stop himself, he is going to cum with her. He leans forward putting his face into her hair as their moans get louder and louder. He lets go of her hand and grabs her by the hips and pushes inside of as deep as he can and howls as he started shooting his cum inside of her.

As she feels his hot cum spurting against the walls of her pussy her orgasms comes in waves that wont stop. With her hand still on her clit she loses her breath as his hard cock throbs as he continue filling up with his busty puffy peach teens pussy pump fun. She lets out an animal like sound as her second orgasm becomes her third.

She collapses on the counter. When she woke she found herself in her own bed thinking she just had the most vivid sex dream she has ever had until she reached down and touched her sore throbbing pussy and felt pool of cum he left her in.

As rolled over to get up there was a note on her husband's pillow.

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The note read, "As good as I knew it would be. See you again next week." She laid back and replayed everything in her head before she feel asleep. The end.