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Xxx act with hawt beautiful gal hardcore blowjob
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First of all, apologies for the long delay between these two - I've been crazily busy, and not had much time for writing. This story continues on from the previous story, and ideally, you'll need to read that one before this one to make any sense. ________________________________________________________________________________________ The two girls' sexual encounter lingered in their minds for the next week or so.

Both had made a promise to themselves that they would get together for another 'sleepover', but neither of them could pluck up the courage. Hazel had been looking forward to P.E. class that week, as she would get to see her best friend in a small amount of clothing again.

However, due to the sports ground outside being snowed over (a rarity in England), and the heaters being broken in the gym, P.E. was cancelled for that day. Hazel and Emily were, naturally, attractive model exposes massive ass and gets butthole screwed, although neither told the other this.

By next Thursday (P.E. day) a technician had been sent to tinker with the gym heater, and it was fully functioning again. Hazel's spirits soared upon hearing this. So, just before P.E., Hazel decided to bite the bullet and suggest to Emily that they meet up again. Emily, meanwhile, was thinking the exact same thing.

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The sexual ache between her legs had not been satiated by her boyfriend during the four times they had had sex in the time between the sleepover and now. He was damn good, but he was not as good at oral as Hazel was. "She really was a natural." she thought, her pussy moistening at the thought.

As they walked into the changing rooms, Hazel and Emily chatted mundanely, and proceeded to undress. As Hazel slid her skirt down her legs, she saw Emily remove her shirt to reveal a flowery cream and white bra that was quite obviously too small for her.

Hazel felt her own pussy moisten involuntarily and quickly pulled her tracksuit bottoms up over her French Knickers so as to hide it. Emily had been eyeing Hazel's crotch out of the corner of her eye while taking her shirt off, and knew that she would be getting wet from seeing this bra. It was actually a B-cup, which was one size below her, and was actually quite thin. Good job the changing room was warm, otherwise her nipples would have been dancing on her chest right now. The two girls finished changing, surreptitiously admiring each other's bodies in the process.

Hazel then worked up the courage and whispered in Emily's ear. "I need to 'check' something in the loo come with me?" "And by 'check' you mean…?" Emily furtively flicked her eyebrows in a seductive manner. "Jesus Emily, I was just gonna suggest a chat!" said Hazel, shocked. "Oh, right, fair enough." Emily responded, disappointed. The girls made excuses to their teacher waiting outside the changing rooms, and made their way to the toilet, remaining silent the whole way.

"She wants to do stuff in the loo? Well, actually, maybe that could be arranged…" Hazel thought to herself. They reached the safety of the toilets, and checked whether anyone else was in there. Emily gave Hazel the all-clear after checking in each of the cubicles they were alone. Hazel approached Emily, and, taking her by surprise, began kissing her passionately, pushing her into a cubicle. Emily responded by immediately putting her hand up Hazel's P.E.

shirt and rubbing her nipples through her bra. This made Hazel moan gently into Emily's mouth, and this only spurred Emily on more.

She reached around Hazel's back and undid her bra, pulling up her top afterwards, and began flicking her nipples. Hazel stopped kissing Emily and pushed her down onto the toilet seat, and thrust her chest at Emily's face, inviting her to suck on her nipples.

Emily obliged, reaching down her P.E. shorts and rubbing her own pussy as she went. Hazel bent down and moved Emily's hand out of the way, finding her clit, and deftly flicked it with her index finger, making Emily gasp. Emily put her hands down Hazel's tracksuit bottoms and stuck two fingers into her dripping pussy and started pumping vigorously.

Emily then felt the sensation build up in the pit of her stomach as she approached orgasm, and whispered to Hazel that she was going to cum. Hazel acknowledged this by increasing the speed and strength of her rubbing, and was rewarded with the gush of liquid onto her fingertips. "Shit! We have to go to P.E." Hazel suddenly exclaimed, doing up her bra again.

"Oh my god yeah!" Emily replied, cleaning her vagina with some toilet roll. "I'm sleeping round yours kayce monroe wild electro bdsm session electricity and submissive and you're finishing that off, girl!" Hazel said, as they ran back to P.E. Two sixth form boys did a double-take as they ran past, breasts bouncing like basketballs.

"Fine by me!" Fortunately, they were only a couple of minutes late, and walked in just behind their friend Samantha, the tomboy (and closet lesbian) of their group. The teacher didn't mind their lateness, and proceeded with the lesson. Incidentally, they were playing basketball, and Hazel and Emily got a fantastic view of their class' bouncing racks while they played.

Samantha also enjoyed this, though nobody knew. This led the girls to begin thinking about their sexuality when walking back to the changing rooms after the P.E. lesson. Emily, who had a boyfriend, began to convince herself she was bi, while Hazel had accepted the fact she liked girls and guys almost straight after their encounter of the previous week.

The toilet sex and breast show in P.E. simply confirmed this for her. The daughterswap hot sluts caught and fucked for taking nudes group sex and beautiful got changed again, making an effort to cover up their crotches, as their underwear was still slightly wet from the toilets.

They kept catching each other oriental floozy strip tease tube porn the act of checking the other out.

Emily gave Hazel a wink, causing her to blush. Samantha noticed Emily winking at Hazel, and her interest sparked.


She continued to watch Emily and Hazel as they got changed, admiring their bodies. Samantha's eyes then widened as she saw the wet patch on Emily's underwear as she put her socks on. She then checked Hazel's crotch, which bore a slight sheen from wetness, and she reeled, imagining the two girls going at it. Luckily for Samantha, her scorching blonde licked and fucked and got a cream masturbation blowjob trousers were already on, as she immediately felt the need to get herself off at the thought of her two friends having sex.

She then noticed Emily mouth the word "tonight" at Hazel, who nodded fervently. Samantha's mind was made she was going to find out whose house her friends would be at, so she could watch. The opportunity was too good to miss. *** An hour later, at lunchtime, Hazel and Emily were sitting at their usual table in the canteen with their friends, Samantha included. She listened in subtly as they planned their sleepover in the midst of their friends chatting about the insane amount of homework their teachers had set last lesson.

"So, I'll come to yours for about 6? I'll bring overnight stuff and some workbooks, so we can fool your folks." said Hazel. "Yeah, that's a good idea. Mum will be fine with you having dinner at ours she always makes too much anyway!" replied Emily, laughing. "Okay, that's cool, so I'll need pyjamas, and…" "You won't need pyjamas, trust me on that!" interjected Emily with a swift wink.


Samantha's pussy tingled as she heard this her fantasy had been confirmed! "Oh really what have you got planned?" Hazel said quietly, with a smile. "Just you wait and see!" "Fine anyway, I'm gonna get a drink. Be right back!" said Hazel. Hazel got up and moved to the buffet-style canteen and began choosing a drink.

Just then, someone walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. Hazel blushed instinctively; her attractive alena croft fast sex storys Greg (whom she still had a deep crush on) was facing her with a slightly embarrassed half smile on his face.

"Hey Hazel, can I ask you a favour?" "Err, sure, what?" "Well, since I've known you for like, ever, and you love me very much," Hazel blushed deeper, even though he was clearly joking around with her.

"I was wondering whether you could help me revise this biology for the January exams. You're so much better at it than me!" "Err, yeah, sure, why not?!" Hazel's stomach took a combination of a squirm and a leap she would be alone with Greg!

"Oh my god, thank you so much! Say tonight, at about 7?" Greg said, smiling fully now. "Ah, well, tonight isn't good I'm sleeping round Emily's tonight. How about tomorrow, round mine?" replied Hazel. "Yeah, that's cool I'll get my brother to watch my little sister! Thank you so much!" With that, he walked off, rejoining his friends.

Remembering something, he dashed back to Hazel and whispered: "Do me a favour and don't tell anyone we're doing biology revision you know the jokes we'll both get…" Hazel grinned. "Don't worry I'll come up with a good story." "Great, thanks!" said Greg, looking relieved.

Hazel paid for her drink and dashed back to Emily to tell her the good news. Now Hazel had two things to look forward to this week was set to be a good one!

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*** Emily only just made it to the shower without exploding after school. She proceeded to masturbate furiously under the hot spray, picturing the events of the last sleepover, the times she'd made love to her boyfriend and the toilet escapade of that morning.

She satisfied herself with one of the strongest orgasms she'd ever had, massaging her clit furiously. She left the shower in just a towel, and proceeded to phone her boyfriend, inviting him over for the next evening, since Hazel would be with Greg at that time. She dropped him some tantalising hints as to what she had planned for him, which always gave her a thrill, and then said goodbye.

Grabbing a couple of biscuits and shouting at her stepdad that she would be working she got on with the night's homework before her friend came over. For she knew that, once Hazel got there, her schoolwork would most certainly not get done… naughty thief alyssa divine is taught a lesson by hot lesbian *** Hazel knocked on Emily's door at a quarter past six.

Hazel was late for the simple fact her mum was questioning her on her plans with Greg. She assured her that they were only revising, although her mum still insisted they revise in the living room. Emily answered the door in her nightshirt, and announced that they were having a takeaway pizza since Emily's mum and stepdad had gone out for a meal. Hazel walked in, and Emily thrusted the pizza menu in her face. Laughing, they chose a pizza and ordered it.

"So, what can we do in the 20 minutes that pizza's gonna take?" Hazel asked, giving Emily a wink, which was usually Emily's customary seduction technique. "Hmm, I dunno…" Emily said sarcastically. With that, Hazel leapt off her sofa and onto Emily's, tickling her.

Emily attempted to fight her off, but Hazel was stronger than her, and could hold her down with ease. Hazel noticed Emily's nightshirt riding up, and she noticed that Emily wasn't wearing underwear.

She decided to ignore this for now choosing to save that kind of fun for later. "Right, if you're in your nightshirt, I'm getting changed too!" said Hazel, releasing Emily. "Okay, let me help you!" Emily moved over to Hazel and unbuttoned her school shirt. Kissing her neck, she slid the shirt off, and moved to Hazel's skirt. Pulling it down, she exposed Hazel's pussy Hazel had removed her underwear after getting home and not replaced it!

Emily cooed, and removed Hazel's socks, now kissing Hazel's belly. Finally, the bra came off, exposing Hazel's ripe breasts to the world. Emily moved to kiss Hazel's tits, but Hazel stopped her. "Later!" Emily pouted, pulling her puppy dog eyes, but Hazel would not budge. Saying that it would make it better if they waited, she reached into her overnight bag and pulled on her nightshirt.

To give Emily a little treat, however, she sat down on the sofa and spread her pussy for her. "Ooh, that's a nice view!" Emily whispered, feeling yet more wetness develop on her own pussy. Just then, the doorbell rang. Emily ran to the kitchen, picked up the £20 note on the kitchen surface and ran to the door. She opened the door, grinning widely. The pimply young man who delivered the pizza had a blank look on his face as this beautiful fifteen year old handed over the £20, telling him to keep the change.

As his eyes moved to her chest, she giggled, and he blushed. She shut the door and looked through the spyhole at the pizza guy. He was still standing there, shaking his head as though he didn't know what had just happened. "That guy liked what he saw, I think!" Hazel said, laughing.

The girls opened the pizza, and proceeded to eat their way through the whole thing, watching a chick flick on Emily's widescreen TV. After eating, and washing their greasy hands (neither of them wanted to get pizza grease on each other), they laid back down on the couch, Hazel laying on Emily's chest, cushioned by her breasts. Hazel looked up at Emily, and sat up, and, without a word, kissed her, full on the lips. Emily responded in kind, slipping her tongue into Hazel's mouth and intertwining her tongue with her best friend's.

Hazel lifted up Emily's nightshirt, and pulled it all the way over her head, leaving Emily completely naked. Hazel continued kissing Emily, exploring her body as she went. Emily, loving the feeling of Hazel's roaming hands, moaned and rubbed Hazel's pussy under her nightshirt. Hazel was very wet at this stage, and stopped her roaming hands long enough to remove her own nightshirt.

Hazel then laid down on the sofa, and gestured at her pussy for Emily to finish off what she had started in the toilets that morning. Emily gladly obliged, licking her way from Hazel's breasts to her love canal, and began working on Hazel's dripping pussy until she squealed in ecstasy.

Hazel felt the familiar electricity flow through her body, beginning to culminate in one burst of ultimate pleasure. The combination of Emily's fingers thrusting into her and the lashings of her tongue proved too much for Hazel, and she began to buck, shoving her pussy further into Emily's face involuntarily.

Emily kept licking until Hazel stopped twitching, and quipped: "Did you enjoy that by any chance?" "You know I did, now lay your arse down on that sofa I wanna make you feel as good as I just did!" Emily didn't need telling twice.

She scooted to the other sofa and plonked herself on the edge, spreading herself teasingly for Hazel. Hazel moved towards her best friend as though mesmerised by the sexy sight in front of her, and knelt down. Angel smalls sucking on jewels jade milf tits as she began to pleasure Emily, a harsh ringing reverberated throughout the living room. "Ah shit, the phone!" Emily picked up the phone, while Hazel returned to her friend's pussy.

"Mmm, hello?" Hazel could just about make out Emily's mother saying there had been an accident in the snow, and they wouldn't be back until gone midnight. "Ahh, yeah okay, see you later! Bye! Looks like busty amber fucks her bf on their very nice couch hardcore and brunette got all night for fun!" "Excellent!" Hazel returned to her friend's pussy, and began to eat charming gorgeous teen serves a hard cock out passionately, lapping up the juices that had begun to flow like water.

Emily's moaning reached such a pitch that she had to bite into a cushion to stop the neighbours from hearing. While eating Emily out like a pro, Hazel then acted on an impulse, and using her friend's juices as a lubricant, stuck a finger into Emily's ass.

Emily's eyes shot open at this new sensation, which she immensely enjoyed. This tipped her over the edge, and she began twitching and moaning loudly again, and she actually squirted her cum over Hazel tits as she rode the crescendo of her orgasm! "Oh my god, that was so good! How come you…" CRASH! "What the…" Samantha had knocked over a flowerpot outside Emily's house while watching their lovemaking.

END OF CHAPTER 2 Comments and critique are most welcome. I strive to make my writing as good as possible, so constructive criticism would be received most gratefully.

Thank you, Pegman :)