Wife affair with young boys

Wife affair with young boys
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This is part six of an ongoing series. I just starting posting to this site, but if you search the internet you will find parts one-five.

Sarah has become such a slut over the last few years. The rest of the afternoon was relatively uneventful, Sarah slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and lent Aunt Judy a hand around the house.


The conversation edged back into what a slut Sarah had become, and Judy became awestruck by how much being a slut didn't bother Sarah, and how free it must feel to not care that much about what others think. All the while, Judy was trying to figure out exactly how the night might play out… When Judy's friends started showing up everyone was doing the typical small talk, and Sarah went into her cousin's bedroom to change, as she stripped of her day clothes, she admired herself in the bathroom eating a lollipop and riding him passionately, and began to imagine what the night had in store for her.

The forbidden nature of spending what will probably become a very sexually charged evening with a handful of older women excited her. Her nipples became rock hard and her pussy was quickly moistening. She quickly snapped out of her daydream and put on her shirt, leaving the two top buttons undone, and slipped on the short jean skirt, which zipped up on the side.

One last glance at the mirror, "god I look hot she thought to herself", and she was out the door. She was the perfect hostess, getting everyone drinks, and making sure that they always had full glasses. All the women were appreciative and included her in their small talk. They all migrated into the kitchen, and pulled up their chairs to start playing cards. There were only four chairs at the table, and one of the women looked at Judy and said, let's get Sarah a chair so she can join us.

Aunt Judy broke in and said, "Sarah's going to be our waitress tonight, as she has a debt of sorts to settle." They all looked at each other a little confused, but Ginny said, "Cool, just like at the casino, Sarah, get me another drink." They all laughed, and settled in to play. Up to this point, nobody took noticed that she was sans underwear, but the all noticed her youth and damn near perfect body.

As the game wore on, they were all getting pretty looped, and Ginny mentioned how great it would be to have a little slave running around at her house drinks and shit. Judy looked at her and said, well maybe that can be arranged. The seductive manner in which Judy said it, made Ginny's nipples stiffen, and started her mind on an erotic daydream.

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Coming old aunty in holi festiwal sex to reality only when Mary nudged her and said, "Anti up bitch." The game continued… At one point, Judy dropped a small plate of chips on the floor right between her and Ginny, and asked Sarah to come over and clean up the mess.

As Sarah was working between the women, Judy reached over with one hand and unbuttoned the next button on her shirt, creating a wide open view of her young pert tits. As Sarah was getting up Mary was treated to an unobstructed view of her tits, as her eyes widened and her nipples stiffened, she got distracted from the game and drifted off into her own daydream.

In addition to cherry hilson your dick deep in my mouth now mostly unbuttoned shirt, the bending over to pick up the chips caused the jean skirt to ride up an inch or two over Sarah hips, leaving the hemline just below her ass cheeks. During the next 5 or 10 minutes every woman at the table was taking notice of Sarah's breasts swaying back and forth in and out of view under her shirt, and at the same time the waistband of her skirt had ridden further above her hips and settled in around her narrower waist, leaving almost nothing to the imagination below her waist.

At this point every woman at the table took notice becoming even more distracted from the game. The women were more interested in ordering drinks and having Sarah wait on them than they were the game, even though the pot was worth over $200. As Sarah was delivering yet another vodka tonic to noticeably inebriated Ginny, she leaned over between Ginny and Mary to place the glass on the table giving Ginny a full, up close view of her tits and Mary an eyeful of her naked ass.

Ginny's face was a mere foot away from Sarah exposed tits and Mary was a mere foot away from Sarah's exposed ass. Both were getting an erotic whiff of Sarah's womanhood, which drove Mary to nudge Sarah right between her ass cheeks causing her to loose her balance, spilling the drink on the table and planting her tits in Ginny's face. Mary burst out laughing, and Ginny wound up getting a handful of Sarah's tits as they were pressed into her face, holding her up until she was able to stand up on her own.

In the confusion, one of Sarah's tits had popped out of her shirt and her shaved pussy was now in full view.

She bowed her head, apologized to Ginny, and looked around for a towel to clean up the spilled drink. Aunt Judy took control of the situation almost immediately and told Sarah to go to the kitchen, get a towel and come back in to clean up the mess she had made, and make sure to bring Ginny another drink.

Sarah was a little pissed because she knew that Mary had pushed her, and it wasn't her fault, as she went to the kitchen to retrieve a towel and make another vodka tonic she tucked her tit back into the shirt. The ladies continued playing the hand as Sarah dried off the table, and then knelt down between Mary and Ginny to clean up the floor.


As Sarah knelt, Mary positioned her leg between Sarah legs and pressed her shin into Sarah's crotch. To get out from under the table, Sarah had to back out pressing Mary shin onto her pussy lips. After Sarah struggled to get out, extricating herself from that position, Mary looked down at her shin and noticed the thin film of pussy juice Sarah left behind on her leg.

From this point things started to get out of hand. Four drunk cougars and one subservient slut, what a combination. Sarah was secretly enjoying the humiliation, and her erect nipples and now sopping wet pussy was a dead give away.


No longer just a scent of womanhood, the musky scent of Sarah's pussy followed her around the table from woman to woman. Aunt Judy was ready for some more fun… As Sarah was delivering Judy's third scotch, Judy reached out a grabbed Sarah's hand, looked up at her and said.

"You know Sarah, I think all the woman would enjoy it if you unbuttoned your shirt a little more." "But Aunt Judy, if I did that, I might as well not have any top on at all." "OK, suit yourself, why don't you take it off then.

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We've all been to topless bars, it would suit the evening quite well, don't you think ladies." They all nodded in agreement, and Sarah, bowed her head as she unbuttoned and took off her shirt exposing her young breasts and rock hard nipples.

"Sarah", Judy said, "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were enjoying this." Sarah shook her head no, but Mary spoke right up and told the group about the wet spot on her leg.

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Ginny, now very drunk, and obviously a bit horny, said, "Well there's one way to tell for sure. Sarah, show us if your wet on not." If you're not wet you get to stop being our waitress, but if you are wet, you must take off your skirt and serve our every whim. Sarah hesitantly reached under the hemline of her skirt, cupped her pussy, and slowly pulled her hand out from under her skirt, and showed the women at the table her very wet fingers and hand.

The table exploded with cheers, and they chanted, "take it off, take it off." Sarah again hung her head in shame and unzipped the skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Sarah was very naked, very horny, and surrounded by 4 drunk cougars with very dirty minds. Aunt Judy dumb whore forced gang rape to add an additional incentive to the winner of the hand, by offering Sarah's exclusive services for the rest if the evening to the eventual winner of the pot.

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Gail, who had been quite for most of the bizarre happening at the table, clarified, "So the winner gets Sarah's exclusive service, meaning that she would get me drinks and shit, but nothing for anybody else unless I said so?" Judy confirmed, "Yes absolutely, right Sarah?" All Sarah could do is nod in agreement.