Fucking hard and cum taking fecial

Fucking hard and cum taking fecial
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I am telling this story pretty much as it was confided to me by my wife Allison. Ali had taken her time about six months, and went through much soul searching before confiding in me her dark secret.

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We are in our late fifties as are her close friends Jessica and Robin. We all live in rural Hampshire about ten miles apart. I know Jess and Robin husbands from the local golf club.


We have been to each other's homes many times for dinners and outings over the twenty years we have been here. In fact I actually fondled Jess in their tack room one Christmas party a few years ago. Ali didn't make a fuss when I told her she put it down to too much booze. My dalliance couldn't have gone too much further with Jess because of my erectile dysfunction.

I had my prostate removed six years ago - after it was discovered to have an aggressive cancer cell. The operation couldn't save many nerves due to the aggressive nature of the cancer, so I was left unable to achieve an erection. It took several years to come to grips with my loss. In some ways you never can accept a loss like that. I just look on it that I'm glad to have survived cancer.


What helped me get over the problem was discovering that Robin's husband Leigh my golf partner, was also left impotent by his colon operation. The two of us got a lot of stick about eating pussy for dinner from Jess's husband Richard - until he was struck down with a mental health problem and lost his sex drive. We jokingly refer to ourselves only after a few drinks at the club - as the Three Impotents.

The wives never complained at least not to us. We men felt very lucky to have married such stalwart women who could look beyond the sexual thing and see the relationships for their greater worth. My wife Ali went into an early menopause and lost her sex drive in her late forties due to a bout of depression so there was no problem for us coping sexually.

Jess and Robin seemed to have come to grips with the situation and everything had settled down nicely or so I thought. All of us men had been successful in business and none of the wives had ever needed to work although they would tell you they worked harder at their voluntary pursuits than we did in the city (London). All of the children between the three couples - seven in total - are through university and on their own. Jess and Rich's three girls are married and the two oldest have moved to America leaving the youngest just recently married living in neighbouring Surrey.

We had a son Joshua, who died in a car accident on a wet and icy twisting Hampshire road a few years ago hence Ali's depression. Robin and Leigh's three sons are amazingly all in the military officers in Her Majesty's Navy. Undoubtedly influenced by their father's early Naval career and exploits in the Falkland's War. Two weeks ago Ali and I had a late night meal at a local bistro and headed home. She said she wanted to reality kings couple pay for their way a talk when we got home.

My curiosity was raised but nothing ominous. After we got home I made us a couple of drinks and we settled in the den. I built a fire and we sat in our favourite easy chairs.

Ali seemed more excited than nervous. She asked me to understand and keep an open mind. My mind was open all right it was running wild with scenarios. It all happened last real rape story sex com - Ali had met Jess for coffee as they do most mornings at a local coffee shop in a nearby village.

Jess was anxious and seemed most worried about how Ali would feel when she found out Jess's secret. She wouldn't talk about it in the shop and asked Ali to come back to her place for lunch all would be revealed.

They got to Jess's place and went into the study. She made a couple of stiff whiskeys and asked Ali to sit down. "You're got my attention Jess what is this big secret." Jess stood up and untied her wrap around dress and let it fall to the floor.


"What the hell is that?" "It's my cock Ali." Jess was wearing a strap on semi erect cock about six inches long. It was part of a tight pair of black knickers and hung down as if it were part of her anatomy. "I've had it on since we met at coffee." "You were wearing that thing in the coffee shop?" "You didn't notice it did you?" "Well no but I don't stare at your crotch do I." "You are now." "Well, it's not every day you see your friend wearing a strap on dick." Jess walked over to Ali while massaging her cock.

She stepped up close and raised her cock. "Don't you want to touch it?" "No I don't want to touch it." "When's the last time you held a stiff cock in your hand?" Ali had to admit it looked amazing dark skin colouring with raised light blue veins and a purplish head. There was a pair of realistic looking testicles hanging down between Jess's legs. It was complete with public hair and as Jess played with her balls a little semi clear fluid came out of the tip of the cock head, which she spread over the head making it cleasen.

Ali couldn't help herself and without thinking she put her hand on the bulbous head and pulled her hand straight back as quickly as she could.

"My God Jess that feels real and it's warm." "It should be warm it's been between my legs all morning." Then Jess sat on the edge of the mahogany coloured chesterfield chair with her two cuties banged by a guy with big cock up on the cushion directly facing Ali about a foot away.

She continued to stroke her cock from the head to the base. Ali was feeling uncomfortable but in a strange way. She would not have stayed in the room with a man who had exposed himself that way but Jess was … her best friend. They had been at boarding school in Devon together. Her pussy was moist and had already wet the front of her panties.

If this kept up her skirt would get wet as she was only wearing a silk thong and no slip. She shifted her bum a little on the leather cushion. Involuntarily her legs were spreading open. "Do you want to taste it?" "Taste it!

Are you joking?" "Come on don't be such a prude just kiss the head you've already touched it can't be that bad can it." Ali's mind was in a whirl and she reached up a held Jess's cock and kissed the head. "Come on you can do better than that just put it in your mouth just the head see what it taste like." Ali couldn't believe herself; she put the head in her mouth and with her tongue licked the underneath and could feel the veins and where the head joined.

She stuck her tongue in the slit and tasted the fluid it was salty.

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Within a few seconds she was sucking Jess's cock. Jess was right it had been years since she sucked John's cock and scarily it was about the same size and feel. Jess gently touched the sides of Ali's face and smiled and looked up across the room. "I told you Ali would love it." Ali turned around letting the cock plop out wold bigest black sex in the cock her mouth - to see Robin walking over from the hallway door. She was wearing a strap on as well, but hers was a good 9 inches long and big around as a soft drink can.

Hers was also part of a panty. It was definitely modelled on a black man's cock with a huge head that busty roman lady pleased by a hot stud dripping white fluid from the piss hole. It also had curly black public hair and a pair of massive balls hanging down between her legs. Robin didn't have a bra on and Jess pulled off her chamois and her breast swung free as she rubbed her nipples. "You to have you both gone crazy?" Ali couldn't help notice how Robin stroked her cock spreading the fluid all down the sides and over the head making it shine.

Robin continued over to the chair as Jess got off the arm and slipped out of her cock and briefs. Jess sat back down on the chair next to Ali she was completely nude now. "We didn't want to scare you at first with a proper sized cock we know you haven't seen one in a while." Ali knew she was right and this must have been the reason she was still rooted to the cushion. Jess put her hand on Ali's knee and started to stroke her thigh.

Ali was wearing her favourite silk Morning Glory blue blousy knee length summer skirt. As her legs parted with Jess's on coming hand her skirt rose up her thighs. She looked at Jess and saw the lust in her eyes as she licked her lips.

Robin had sat on the opposite arm of the chair and was still stroking her cock. As Ali laid back in the chair Robin put her cock head at the opening of her mouth and Ali surrendered and parted her lips. She couldn't believe how warm and sweet - yet salty it tasted as she took about 4 inched into her throat. "No need to worry about teeth Hot babe aj applegate straddles hung delivery guy pornstars hardcore just suck as much as you feel comfortable with.

You're gonna have to learn how to suck cock all over again." As Ali sucked Robin's cock now almost touching the back of her throat Jess had slipped down between her legs and with her skirt fully around her waist she pulled at Ali's thong straps. Ali knew then that she would now surrender to whatever her friends wanted to do with her. She raised her ass off the seat so that Jess could pull off her thong and she slipped further towards the edge of the seat cushion.

Jess gently lifted her knees and spread her legs wide and put each leg over the chair arms. Ali was completely open as Jess kissed her bush of pubic hair. "Oh, I'm glad you don't wax or shave it's terrible having your pussy look like some little child. God you smell so good Ali, your pussy is quivering. Look robin she is so excited." Then Jess's tongue hit Ali's clit and she jerked her groin up to meet Jess's mouth.

As she spread Ali's pussy lips Jess expertly put her lips and tongue around Ali's clit and started sucking. At the same time she put two fingers in her pussy up to her palm.

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Ali tried to look down hard to do with a massive Negro cock in your throat. But, she saw the blood red finger nails disappear in her pussy.

"God you are wet Ali the walls of your pussy feel so good. Jess's fingers did feel good in there exploring - Ali knew she would be cuming soon.

Robin gently held Ali's neck massaging the cock in her throat. "Go ahead and cum Ali don't try to hold back you're gonna cum a lot more before you leave here today." As Jess locked her mouth on Ali's clit - Ali spit out Robin's cock and screamed in pleasure. The feelings were wracking her body eating cumm out of ass rush after another. The warmth of pleasure started in her groin and moved outwards to her stomach and down her thighs finally making her toes curl.

Ali had never felt like this before it was fantastic. She didn't notice Jess had moved to her side and was sucking on her left breast and nipple - biting really hard while she pinched her other nipple. Robin had moved in between Ali's legs and positioned the head of her cock against Ali's swollen opening. Her pussy lips were bright red and coated in saliva from Jess and her own juices. "I'll take it easy this first fuck I know John's cock was never this size." She slipped the head in and another wave of pleasure sweep over Ali's body.

As Robin pushed more of her cock in Ali slid further down the cushion to take more. More than five years had passed since a cock had smart wench rides a jock girlfriend hardcore her womb but it was just like riding a bike. Then Robin reached down to the balls attached to her cock and started giving them a good squeeze. As the warm fluid pumped into Ali's pussy she screamed, "OH MY GOD FUCK ME FUCK ME." Jess looked down in admiration as Ali's pussy pulled in more and more of Robin's cock.

"I told you she was a cock hound just waiting to be set free." I sat there stunned as Ali finished her tale. Both Robin and Jess fucked Ali with Robin fucking her twice. In the last few months they have got together almost every other day to eat and fuck each other's pussies. Robin being the more aggressive one has even fucked Ali's ass a few times. I didn't know what to say and then it hit me.

"Do you have one of these cocks?" Ali stood up and dropped her skirt.

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