Busty trixie cas enjoys riding long cock in bedroom pornstars hardcore

Busty trixie cas enjoys riding long cock in bedroom pornstars hardcore
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Hot A It all started when my family was between homes. Our home had sold and we had to move into a hotel until our new home was finished. Sometime during the first month my sister in law invited us to move in with her family since she was going thru a divorce and needed some company and a man's experience around a home doing odd jobs and such.

We moved in and started to unpack; my niece poked her head around the corner&hellip."Uncle John how are you doing?" Good just a lot of stuff to move. I was hot and sweaty after moving all day. My niece Samantha ran up to me and gave me a big Hug. I hadn't seen her in about a year and boy had she grown. She was 15 now and had really matured into a young sexy woman. She was about 5'-1" thin and petite with "B" Cup Tits". She gave me a big hug squeezing me hard and pressing her young firm breasts into my side.

She looked GREAT she was very tan wearing a tight white t-shirt that barely covered her belly and the most fabulous blue short shorts that I have ever seen. Samantha turned to walk away. I had to stop in amazement as she did so, her ass cheeks barely concealed inside. I noticed what was written on the back of the shorts "Hot Ass". As she walked away she noticed that I was looking at her ass and gave me this come get me look and smiled.

I stared as she walked away swaying back and forth. She turned the corner after winking at me. The next few weeks were consumed with moving in and getting settled. Samantha kept my attention during this time. She would stop to see what I was doing frequently and was always smiling and touching me on the shoulder or arm or standing very close to me. She was in every room that I was in. I caught her staring at me frequently and when I did she always returned with a smile.

I caught her several times looking at my ass, she would blush and then smile. She had the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. She continued to torment me with short shorts and tight shirts. I would try to catch a peek down her shirt when she bent over. One time I actually saw her tits when she wasn't wearing a bra. She noticed this and gave me that come get me look again&hellip.

This continued over the next month with her teasing and touching me. It was very hard to keep my erection from showing. I wacky lezzies fill up their big asses with cream and squirt it out would have to leave the room to avoid embarrassment. One afternoon I was downstairs watching TV. Samantha joined me on the couch which was becoming a frequent event.

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We started watch one of her favorite shows. The show started to become sexually suggestive. I asked Samantha if she had a boyfriend yet. Samantha said that she hadn't but had found someone very interesting and was trying to get his attention. I asked who the lucky boy was and she said that it was a secret but that I would find out soon enough. As we continued to watch the TV show, Samantha scooted closer to me. Soon we were sitting side by side. I slide my arm over the top of the couch and Samantha took this que and rested her head on my shoulder.

Samantha took her hand and rested it on my left thigh, rubbing my leg as we watched TV. The lights were low and no one was home that afternoon so the house was very quiet. I placed my right arm over her brunette in pink lingerie teases and masturbates and rubbed her there for a while. My cock was getting very tight in my shorts so I grabbed a blanket nearby saying that I was cold.

I placed the blanket over our laps to conceal my erection. This just increased Samantha's intensity with her rubbing of my leg. It felt so good that my head was spinning from the loss of blood racing to my fully extended cock.

Slowly Samantha moved her hand closer to the tent in my shorts. She touches my cockhead and then pulled back quickly as if she was afraid that I would object. I just moaned my approval back to her. Samantha quickly reached for my cock and began to trace the length of my hardened cock over my shorts.

I pulled Samantha closer into me. I stretched out giving her full access to my aching cock. Samantha looked up at me with those deep blue eyes and smiled. "What's on your mind Little Girl I asked" "Ummmmmmm Uncle John, did I do this to you"? "Yes you did Samantha I stated, how do we fix this problem?" "Please let me try, she states". Samantha reaches into my shorts and pulls out my eight inch throbbing cock.

The cool air over my cock just intensified the feeling and made my cock feel like it was ten inches long. Samantha continued to trace lines over my cock with her finger feeling the bulging veins and throbbing head. She continued to do this for the next few minutes admiring the feel of her first hard cock.

Slowly she started to stroke the length of my cock, up and down tightening her grip on my hard shaft. I continue to rub her shoulder and then slowly start on her back as she continues the stroke my hard cock up and down. As Samantha moves in closer I gain access to the side of her right tit and start rubbing it thru her shirt. Samantha just moans in approval as I feel her nipple harden under my fingers. I arch my hips up giving Samantha a better look of her first hard cock.

Samantha takes my suggestion and lowers exclusive white body loves black cock head to my hard shaft. I feel her hot breath on the tip of my cockhead. I see Samantha open her pretty mouth and then slowly lick the tip with her tongue. Samantha smiles her approval of the taste of her first cock and says "Uncle John you taste wonderful". "Take me down deep little girl" I urge her on, thrusting my groin into her willing mouth.

Samantha opens wide and engulfs my entire length. I groan in approval as most women can't take me on their first attempt. Samantha keeps bobbing up and down on my cock. I feel her saliva running down the sides of my cock as she deep throats me. I continue to rub her right breast as she continues to bob on my hard shaft. I inch her tight white shirt up over her breasts to gain full access too them. Samantha isn't wearing a bra which was her divine tight and juicy pussy watch part on suzcamcom attire.

I always enjoyed seeing her firm tits sway and the nipples harden when she was in my presence.

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Samantha turns so that I can have full access to her firm nipples giving a horny yr old some hard cock outdoors she continues to suck me. She refuses to release her grip on my cock and continues to pump me with her sweet mouth. Samantha starts rubbing my hard balls as she engulfs my shaft further. This intensifies my sensation and I start to the familiar sensation of my sperm boiling in my loins.

I start to roll Samantha's nipples between my fingers as they grow to excitement. Her tits are perfect for their size, nice and firm. Samantha shifts position on the couch so that her tight ass in next to me. I rub her as cheeks now thru those tight shorts. I reach inside of the leg hole to find that she is wearing a thong. I rub Samantha's ass which totally turns me on. Such a sweet tight ass of my liking. I reach around and unbutton her shorts, Samantha help as she wiggles out of them while still sucking hard on my cock.

I push her shorts down exposing her tiny pink thong. All I can say is "ummmmmmm". Samantha stops for a second, turns around and looks me into the eyes and states……" I think someone is an ass man". "I indeed am". I reply, as I continue to rub her ass rolling her cheeks in my hands and feeling the firm softness of her young flesh.

Samantha then continues her attack on my cock with more gusto. She adds her small hands to help pump the cum out of my aching cock. My breathing intensifies and I start to cum. Samantha keeps sucking me, deep throating me down her tiny throat. I start to cum, sending rope after thick rope of thick cum down Samantha's throat. Samantha keeps sucking me taking all of the cum down her young throat.

Samantha pulls off of me with a trace of cum rolling down her cheek. God did she look sexy that way and I wished that I had a camera at this point. Samantha just looks at me and gives me that come get me look again smiling in return. "Did you enjoy that baby girl?' "Ohh my YES…&hellip. uncle John explains Samantha.

"I want to do that again real soon". "You will I promise my sweetie&hellip.now it's your turn to enjoy something!!" I lay Samantha down across my lap, gaining access to the front of her thong.

I start to rub the satiny material in the front covering Samantha's little pussy. I can already see a wet spot developing in the material.


Samantha moans in delight as I rub her tight slit. Samantha starts to squirm in my lap from her excitement. I reach up and rub her nipples as well sending Samantha over the edge. Samantha arches her hips up to reach my fingers.

I push into her thong thru the satiny material dipping my digit into her opening. The material gets covered in Samantha pussy juices.

At this point there is no use having the thong on as it totally soaked in Samantha's juices. I pull down the thin straps on Samantha's sides to remove the damp garment from her.

Samantha just looks into my eyes and smiles. After the thong is removed I continue my assault on her tight pussy. I continue to rub Samantha as she pushes into my touch. I start rubbing her hooded clit with is soaked from her juices. Samantha's eyes close as I do this. I alternate my touch from her clit to her dahlia sky dp pretty dirty double penetration and deepthroat pussy, fingering her with one then two fingers.

Samantha continues to moan louder covering my fingers with her gushing juices. I start to rub her clit with my thumb at the same time. Samantha looks at me again and says "Lick me Uncle John".


I lay Samantha down on the couch and kneel on the carpet. I start kissing her inner thighs. Samantha spreads her legs wider giving me total access to her sweet young pussy.

I can smell her aroma which drives me crazy. Samantha is so turned on that her juices are running down her lips. I extend my tongue and touch the tip of her clit.


Samantha jumps at the touch and moans her delight. I continue to lap at her pussy ingesting all of her sweet juices. Samantha is in total enjoyment and closes her eyes. Her pussy keeps leaking onto my tongue. I insert my tongue into her opening and this puts her over the edge. Samantha starts cumming on my face and floods me with her wet juices. She continues to moan and squirm in delight. Finally Samantha opens her eyes looking at me and smiles. "Uncle John that was amazing" I've never felt anything like that before.

When can we do that again"? "Any time you want baby girl I say"