Hairy lesbian babes brigitte and avalon make love

Hairy lesbian babes brigitte and avalon make love
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The next day I took a plane back to the United States. I had to be careful as the problem with rape is you leave your DNA tithe scene. My agency gave me papers to get through the checkpoints.

I caught a cab and headed home. When I arrived back at my apartment, I found a letter had been pushed under my door. I emptied the contents of the envelope. A letter gave me the rundown of the next mission. I was heading to Paris. I had always wanted to go young year old teeny girl is trained and f and was actually excited. My target was an actress in an opera. She was the daughter of an important politician.

Our client hopes to get her father to pull out of the race due to having to care for a traumatized daughter. The next page showed me her picture.

She was a brunette with blue eyes. She had one mole on her face that honestly made her mind of sexy. She wore a outfit that screamed wealth and also complimented her nicely sized tits. The dress was from fitting and revealed her curves. I memorized the picture then read the caption. Her name was Claire Dufour. I stayed home for a few days and enjoyed my bounty from the Cuban mission. Finally, the day came to go to Paris.

I used my papers that got me out of Cuba to get on a plane. The next morning I arrived at the airport. I caught a ride down to the Opera house where she was rehearsing that day. There was construction going on in the theater today and it was closed to woodman casting x russian blondie public besides the lobby. I entered the lobby. The ceiling was tall. Off to the left was a reception desk. To the right was seating where people could wait for a show to start.

I walked up to the desk and as I checked my coat, noticed two painters arguing in French. One stormed away while the other shrugged, turned, and entered the bathroom.

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I followed him in. He unzipped his pants and began to pee in a urinal. No one else was there so I walked up behind him and strangled him. Then I took his clothes. I proceeded to throw his corpse in a laundry container for towels.

I then began to explore more of the theater. I found a hallway going down to the basement. I walked in unquestioned by the other workers. I was below the stage. I could hear the sound of voices singing above.


I wandered around until I found a stairway that led up to the backstage area. I went up the stairs. At the top was a curtain. I peeked around it seeing an empty dressing room. I walked over to a rack of costumes.

I saw one of a WW I officer and put them on in favor of the painters uniform. Then I exited the dressing room. I was greeted by a large hallway lined with multiple doors. I continued down the hall until I found a dressing room marked Claire Dafour. I opened the door. She wasn't there. I went inside and closed the door behind me. Inside was a table with a mirror for doing hair and makeup. There was also a small side room for practising lines. A large closet was against the back wall.

I hid inside it and waited for Claire to come. Ten minutes later a bell rung signalling the door end of arab couple fucks with the webcam turned on and the start of lunch break.

I readied myself for her to come. Only a minute later the doorknob turned and in came the beautiful French chick Claire. My cock stood to attention at the hot actress that entered.


She wore a huge flowing dress with a built in pushup that made her breasts look enormous. She headed into the side room to probably practice singing where she wouldn't annoy people. The little studio room would be soundproof which gave me an idea. I exited the closet and entered the sound room.

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She looked at me and asked something in French. Silently I closed the soundproof door and locked it. She suddenly looked very nervous. I couldn't understand what she was saying but she was scared.

I stepped toward her and then tackled her pushing her to the ground. She screamed and landed in a pile amidst her dress. I took the knife out of my pocket and cut the dress straight down the front.


Her tits popped out as the bra was built into the dress. They were huge and I couldn't wait to play with them. I grabbed her and yanked her our of the dress she was no wearing nothing but a pair of panties.

She screamed and cried. I rammed my body weight into her and pinned her between me and the wall. I slipped her panties off and admired her beautiful teen pussy. It wasn't shaved. I liked shaved but the tits made up for it. She cried and seemed to complain about something consistently.

I continued to press her against the wall as I pulled out my rod. She started at it and seemed to gulp. I grabbed my clock and rammed it into her sweet, teen pussy.

It was unbelievably tight. Then blood dripped from her pussy and I suddenly understood. She was a virgin. Her screams were so loud but I slammed her harder. I was tearing her apart with my cock. Her pussy was dry as sandpaper. She was not aroused at all.

I watched her tits sway as I slammed her pussy. They were magnificent. I reached out and grabbed one. I squeezed the nipple.

Some milk dripped out. I licked it up and then sucked on her tit. Feeling violent, I bit down on her breast as hard as I could. I tasted blood. She screamed again even louder then before. I spit her tit out. I was fuckin hd big titty luxury slut sybil stallone slammed hard by danny mountain close to cumming now. I tensed up, and shot my sperm deep into her virgin vagina.

I threw her on the ground she continued to cry. A cum and blood mixture flowed out of her vagina all over the floor. I took a picture for memories. I slipped up my pants and excited the room. I left the theater and retrieved my coat after changing in the changing room. I left immediately. wThe next day in my hotel I was sent another letter. $150,000 dollars were transferred to my bank account and I again received a newspaper clip.

"Opera Singer Claire Raped In Dressing Room."