Lovely schoolgirl was teased and nailed by her older instructor

Lovely schoolgirl was teased and nailed by her older instructor
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My name is Greg, and i'm 15. I'm about 6 foot and have blond hair, but not particulaly buff. I had come in for my Allion's Graduation with my grand parents, since my parents both work. Allison is 18 and very good looking. She has shortish brown hair and a simply unbealivable ass.

Her breasts are about a C, but more likly a B. The cerimony was kinda long so all of us were ready to get out of the Gym.

We had to pack up against each other to say together in the crowd, so just to my luck i was right infront of Allison. I was joking around and said, "Well not all of us are going to look as good in a cap and gown as you do when we graduate." This got a nod from her younger sister Jennifer, or Jenn as i called her.

This remark also envoked a pinch of my butt from Allison and she said, " Get moving Greg before i have to give you the whole package." This got my pants stirring but i had to keep my cool because Nicole, Allison's older, married sister was infront of me. With that I shut my mouth and kept walking. I got to thinking, what did she mean by "the whole package", but I lost my train of thought i we rode off in the car.

THAT NIGHT As I was getting ready for bed I faced a large decision. I normaly sleep in my boxers, but since I was in a room with Allison and Jenn only feet away from Nicole and her husband's room, I felt it better to sleep in my clothes should one of them walk in and find it inappropriate.

I was talking with Jenn when Allison came in. She had on her school gym uniform, shorts and a loose t-shirt to my disappointment. She climbed between myself and Jenn in the two twin beds we had pushed togetherand we started talking about trivial info on out lives, love interests, school, the normal run around.

Suddenly, with out me seeing it comming, she snuggled right up against me. Now this was nothing unusual, but the way she was positioned it would make things difficult if I found myself with and erection. But I followed suit anyway and wraped my arm around her (we were laying on our sides facing each other.

Anal gape queen alisya gets double fucked natural scent is very intoxicating and I was finding myself aroused.

I tried to think against it but I found this useless, so I'd see if I could roll with it. I got close to her and said jokingly, for cover in case it didn't go to well, "Hey you think Jenn is asleep?" she aswered, "yeah, I think so". With that I said, "Is she a real heavy sleeper?" as I said this i moved my head closer to her's and kissed my way across her neck, which produced what I think was a very soft moan.

She answered, "I hope so" while looking my square in the eye. I took the hint and moved my hand down to her sweet ass and gave it a good firm grab, which got us both more excited. She rushed in and started a long french kiss, which allowed my hands to roam across her trim belly and up to her breasts. When I reached them I found my bigest surprise so far, she wasn't wearing a bra. She was so perky she didn't need one but allways wore one, which made me realize, she planned this!

This sent my member straight up, 7 inchs jaming at her. She finally broke the kiss and told me, " My boobs haven't been sucked in awhile". So after giving her nipple a light squeze, when under the blanket and mia khalifa xxx ful sex stories story her right nipple in my mouth, sending a shutter and a moan through her.

I worked it with my tounge, giving attenion to the left breast with my hand, causing her to rub between her legs at her clit. I took notice and reached down to slide a finger in her vagina.

She was a vigin so she was very tight, even to one finger. After I felt she was bored with the sucking, I kissed my way down to her pussy. I moved her hand out of the way, pulled out my finger, and proceded to eat her like a starving man.

After about a minute or two she had her first orgasm ever. She was moaning like nothing I had heard before, flooded the sheets, my face, and my tired tounge in the process. She restrained herself from screeming, which seemed a very hard task.

She finally descided to give my straining cock its freedom and attenion. I had to lift myself up so she could get my shorts and boxers off, so being so close to her face when she pulled down my boxers, my dick sprung out and struck her in the lips. She seemed quite stunned, but recovered quickly as she took it in her mouth. She was able to get most of it down, so I emidiatly began bobing her head up and down my shaft.

Wanting not to cum in her mouth, to spend more time down south, I told her to stop and she let my penis go. I rolled her over ontop of me, pulled her shorts off completly, and guided my dick into her virgin pussy.

She let out a squeel, which awakened my fears of being caught. I continued to push in, with her moaning in extacy, untill I hit her cherry. She looked at me lustfully as I pushed through, her only giving a slight hint of pain. I had soon streched her, and was in all the way up my 7 inchs. I pulled out and began pumping slowly. After five minutes of steady pumping, she wispered, "Greg, aaahh, fuck me hard, oooohhh, and fast". I took no time to reply and started humping her harder and very fast, I had to grab onto her ass to keep her from biggest cock fucking tiny muff striptease hardcore off.

Her tight walls felt so good as I thrust in and out her. I felt her soon coming to her second orgasm. It hit her like a 18 wheel tractor trailer, she screamed out loud, so loud I had to put a hand over her mouth to teen face fuck small sluit her through her orgasm.

Her pussy walls convelsing on my cock sent me over the edge as I was seconds from cumming. Then it hit me, I wasn't wereing a condom. I pulled out quickly to her displeasure, and exploded all over her boobs and belly.

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We both relaxed and I settled her down off of me when I felt Jenn stir in the bed next to us. I had just finished with Allison when I felt Jenn stirring next to us. I was hoping that she was still drowsey enough to not notice what she was lying next to. I was wrong. I glanced over just in time to see her eyes bug out at me.

She said, "Oh, my gosh!" all while teen alice coxxx got a big load on her pretty face from jhonny a whisper. Don't take her speech as her just being goody-goody, their whole family was strongly christian, but I seemed to have changed Allison's perspective a good bit. "What in the world is going on?" I decided to try pull off a femble fantasy act, "Your dreaming, roll over" She responded teen secretary teen mia pearl was on her way to get some tacos takes a wrong turn and telling me I wished she was dreaming.

After a moment of akward silence Allison spoke up and said, " You just have to ruin this for me don't you!" This clearly hurt Jenn as they had always been close. With a thought poping in her head, "I'm not going to tell anyone, or even steal your thunder, I just." It seemed as though she was either unsure or or worried of embarassment, but i nodded for her to continue.

Jennifer then continued, " I just wondered if you know, just maybe, sharing Greg? I mean we've both had our eyes on him lately, why not? Oh, and I just saw what happened so I'd keep me happy." This surprised me greatly, Jenn was always so nice, I guess the quite ones always get you. She had always been very good looking, with D boobs, and if not very close, and an ass that would have you breaking your neck to get a good look.

She had breast length brown hair, surrounding her sheerly beautiful face. A few scattered frekkels keep her looking young, but her lips and their fullness give away her age of 16. I looked at Jenn, who looked very serious about her question. Then I looked at Allison, who looked unsure about this whole thing, but I didn't mind having two of my three cousins wanting me to mount them and take them to town.

So I looked back at Allison to try to get a decision, she had a building smerk on her face. That was my clue. I decided to ask Allison how this was going down.

I leaned in, making sure to kiss her neck on my way up to her ear, giving it a little nibble, which made her giggle. I asked her, "How do you want this to happen?" She answered back, "Give it to her, she'll like it and I'll watch her enjoy it. I was surprised she was just going to sit and watch.

Then she said, "Besides, I loved it the first time, now I want to see exactly how good you are." This really got me going as her voice is the source of most of my fansties. I did as I was told and turned over to face Jennifer. She had a julias virgin snatch checked by excited look on her face, which added to my arousal.

I made my move and leaned in to kiss her. She beat me to the chase, as when our lips meet her tounge was already squrming around my mouth. I let my hands roam down to her perfect ass, it feels just as good as it looks.

I migrated my hands north to her great boobs, I almost needed two hands, but I didn't. Her nipples were small, but extremly sensitive, so I carefully rolled them inbetween my thumb and forefinger, causeing her to arch back and let out a low moan. I figured she would love my sucking her nipples so I pulled off her shirt, she had on no bra, and lowered myself down to her and began my work. This really had a positive effect on her as she trembled and began a series of soft pants.

Her pants seemed off rythem so I slowed and listened. I came to the realization that Allison was behind me working her pussy, and from what i was hearing she was having a good time.

The idea sparked, I changed back to fondling Jenn and turned to tell Allison, " Why don't you let Jenn help you with that?" She looked confused at first, but the light went off in her head and she got out of bed and climbed ontop off Jenn's face. They both took to this like fish to water and soon enough I was almost forgotten.

I reassertied myself by moving down and stripping Jenn of her thong and moving my mouth into place to eat her out. As quickly as I had started I heard a muffled scream, that must have been Jennifer, and increased my tounge's assault. Jenn threw her chest up soon followed by Allison arching back and enjoying the moment. I finally started to give Jenn what she had her goal set for, I reached in two fingers and got some of her pussy juices.

Before rubing them on my cock I gave them a sniff and found the smell intense, I loved it. After I was completely lubricated, I started pushing my dick in her tight vagina. Not quite as tight as Allison's, but still a vice on my dick. I slowly stroked in and out, slowly moving in further and further. I went in far enough to where I should be hitting her cheery, but nothing but empty space.

It seemed my innocent older cousin had not been such. I continued to plow deeper, when I suddenly felt a tounge moving across my dick, and onto Jenn's clit. I noticed the Allison had chosen to move beside us and give her tounge a workout.

This tounge sweeping and Jennifer starting to chat my name, started the tingle in my balls. I was faced with that same old dilemia, no condom! I really didn't want to leave behind a living peice of evidence, one of many reasons being the legality problem with incest, the fact it is illegal.

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So I told Jenn and Allison, "I'm going to cum!" But thats when another good old idea hit me, use the ass. So I pulled out, told Allison to lay face down on the bed, she looked worried. I told her to relax which she was easily able to do. I had surprisingly been able to hold it in, so I had calmed down a bit now. I grabed firm hold of Allison's ass checks and spread them as far as I could.

I could see my objective so there was no stopping me now. I took her by surprise and plunged in as deep as I could, and was able to get about an inch or two in. She let out a scream that could have woken the dead. I was so shocked I let my load right there, stream after stream into her ass. As soon as I settled down I reallized that scream would have people knocking down the door, so I said to the girls, "We have to get a good story quick".

They sarah devours gigantic dildos in her greedy pussy looked over my head when I heard, "You are going to need a really good story for this" Is what I heard just a moment before I whiped around to see who had said it. It was Nicole, standing in the doorway.

I was sure we were busted when I noticed something in the shadow. I could see that see had one hand was rubbing her boobs and the other was between her legs. She steped into the room and closed the door behind her. I asked her, "What all did you see?" She answered, "Enough to drench my hand" as she raised her hand up and showed me how wet her hand was. I began to stand up when she pushed me down onto the bed and said, "Time for a real women to give you a fucking" which brought disagreeable remarks from the other girls.

Nicole had average C brests blond hair and a cute bubble ass. She had on some sexy lingerie which showed her sexy body very well. She bent over the bed and took my semi-erect cock into her warm mouth.

She teased my tip then proceded to bob on my growing dick. This continued on for a couple of minutes until she had me rock hard, then climbed on top of me. She leaned over to kiss me, rubbing her hard, long nipples on my chest. Our tounges began to dance as I reached up to feel brests. As I began to message them Nicole started to moan into my mouth. I pulled her lingerie down off her boobs and began rolling her nipples inbetween my fingers, which caused to gasp and moan louder.

Then I gave her nipples a pinch. Nicole squeeled, broke our kiss, and said, "Oh, Greg, I want you in me now!" She sat up and took my cock in her hands to guide it to her pussy. As I entered her vagina I could swear I felt it stretch, which surprised me because she is married. I heard her grunting a bit as she slammed her pelvis onto mine.


I asked her, "Nicole whats wrong should I stop?" She said, "No, you are just alot longer and wider than Brett." This made my day as she continued to thrust my dick into her.

As I picked up the pace I could see her breasts being tossed up and down with her motion. She put her hands on my chest and braced herself for her comming orgasim. When she did this I sped up as fast and hard as I could.

When she came she went crazy. She shook vigerously and moaned my name loudly. I continued to impale her, when she began to have her second orgasim. She was so worn out she just wispered my name into my ear. Nicole looked to our side and then to my displeasure got off my pulsing dick. She crawled over to Jenn and Allison, teen licks excited pussy of horny girlfriend were surprisingly having a 69.

Nicole went over to Allison and started licking Jenn's asshole, still filled with my semen. Still good to hump, I moved over to Jenn and decided to fuck Allison in the ass. I grabed her ass cheaks and spread them apart. I could barely see her asshole so I knew it was going to be tight.

Before I entered her, I heard Jenn scream into Allison's pussy with intense pleasure. After Jenn decended from her orgasim she broke off and said to me, "Yeah Greg fuck her ass, cum in it so I can lick it out." Then Jenn went back to work on Allison's pussy. I gave Allison's ass another squeeze before I plunged in.


She let out a sigh of pleasure, then relaxed. She let me penitrate deeper into her causing her gasps of extacy to increase in volume and speed. It wasn't long before she came all over Jenn, and her ass tightened up. I lost it, I filled her ass with my sprem. As I came she had a quick second orgasam, flooding Jenn's mouth completly. The girls shifted around into a triangle of eatting pussy. After they had about two or three orgasams they stoped and laid down.

Then after five or ten minutes Jenn came over to me and took my shrinking cock into her mouth. I told her I was tired and couldn't really fuck her good, but she said that she would just blow me off and get repayed later.

I didn't mind so I let her bob up and down on my dick. She was a natural. After a few minutes of this bliss I felt, two more toungues join in the blowjob. I looked down to find my three beautifull cousins all giving me a blowjob. Looking at this scene was so hot a girl choking on dick not only were they giving me a blow job, but they were all locked in a kiss as well.

One of them would tease my head while another would move on my shaft, and someone else would lick the base of my cock and suck my balls. After this whole thing I was just barely ready to fuck one of them. After a small argument between the girls, they came to a conclusion that since I hadn't cum in Nicole I should fuck her again. She happily argeed and sat down on the bed.

I sat next to her and she said, "Greg, I want you to cum in my pussy" I told her, " I don't have a condom". Then with a smile on her face seema bhabhi ki x story sex stories full said, " You won't need one, I'm on the pill." She layed back and spread her legs, and spread her lips with her fingers.

I leaned down between her legs and lightly licked around her lips, teasing her. She moaned, "Stop teasing me and eat!" I can take a hint so I slipped my tounge past her plump pussy lips. She squirmed with joy as I continued to move my tounge around her vagina. I worked my way up to her clit, to which I was very welcome. I teased her a bit before really going to work. It couldn't have been more than thirty seconds before she was cumming all over my face and in my mouth.

I moved over her, and slowly entered her pussy as she bit her lip. As I began my pace she said to me, "Ohh Greg, umm I want you to cum in me" I sped up as her pleading turned me on.

After about five minutes she was having a grand old time, when I started going top speed and thrusting as hard as I could. This sent Nicole to a whole new level. Soon after I came inside her. Nicole had to go back to bed with Brett, but Jenn, Allison, and I all snuggled close that night in anticipation of what might come in the future.