Revenge hell has no fury like a woman scorned aubrey black

Revenge hell has no fury like a woman scorned aubrey black
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I was on my way home from work when Rebecca called me and told me she had a delightful surprise teen slut making her very first porn video ever me. I was thinking she made me my favorite dinner, but then I laughed to myself because Rebecca rarely cooks.

She is a strong and independent woman, a tom-boy maybe, but definitely not a homebody. When I arrived home, I walked in and Rebecca was wearing her pants and blazer with a purple silk blouse underneath. She was also a corporate employee like me. I don't like admitting this but my wife makes more than I do and is in a much higher position on the corporate ladder. Rebecca smiled, "I brought you some take-out sweetheart. You're favorite! Asian. The house maid is gone, the house is clean, and we can have some fun tonight!" "Thank you sweaty." I walked into the other room and a man was sitting at the table.

We introduced each other. His name was Bill. He was a tall man with moderately long hair, a beard, and a demeanor like a biker. "Sweety see! I brought you Asian food, but I love American food, burgers, hot dogs, sausages." She smiled devil like at Bill. "So where did you two meet," I asked. "At a bar on the lakeshore," Rebecca smiled, "Bill is a mechanic and a plumber. I thought you would like to see what a housewife would be like.

You married a working woman and I don't want you to have any regrets Johnathan." She made an exaggerated sad face and then looked at Bill. My wife rarely called me Johnathan. They were sitting next to each other at the table and I wasn't sure what was going on underneath. "Alright?" I said.

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"Oh John don't be so shy. You know you want to see this man fix our sink," She took Bill's hand on the table and giggled. "Bill, did I tell you that John went to Harvard? I'm so proud of him. I paid for his masters in business." Bill smiled back at her and said misterfake tight pussy pornstar causes agent issues tube porn, "No. Maybe after I teach him how to fix the sink he could help me with my taxes?" They both laughed hysterically.

They got up and went by the sink. Rebecca whispered something in Bills ear. He put his hand on her chest and felt her breast through her blazer. "You see John. Bill just wants to know what's in my heart." Bill gave her a hug. He stood almost six feet four. My wife was five eight. Before I knew it he was under the sink like a plumber looking around.

"What do you see down there?" She asked him with authority as she stood over him and to the right a little. As she paced around waiting for an answer her high-heels were making loud noises as if she wanted my attention to be no where else.

She was wearing her favorite perfume and smelled delicious. My beautiful wife had thick, straight, brown hair, and a visage like Julia Roberts, but a younger more curvaceous body. They talked some time but I was anticipating what was to come so it all sounded like plumber jargon to me. After a while I heard the words, "Oh it looks like you might need some help down there.

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Let me be a good housewife and see if I can help you find your hammer. My husband will love that," She looked at me and smiled as she went down on her knees and put her hand on his chest. Her red nail polish contrasted sharply with his black sweater. Her spindly hands trailed down and began lifting up his shirt slowly. He was still entirely submerged under the sink when I saw his big stomach.

He was built, but kind of husky and somewhat hairy for a man. "Thanks. Do you mind searching the tool box. Make sure you grab the hammer nice and tight. I wouldn't want you to drop it on yourself and make a mess," Bill said as his breathing became heavy.

I could see his stomach rising up pervcity ebony anal slut janea jolie fucked by mike adriano down as my wife reached slowly down into his pants and grabbed his cock. "Is this too tight?" She pleaded. "No. A little tighter." He replied.

"What a gentleman," She said as she looked at me. "Oh wow. I think it's stuck in the box."She said and popped her lips. She undid his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down in a tug. His cock flopped out a little in her hands. "Honey! Look at his hammer? It's much fatter than yours!" She began pulling at his cock, tugging it, moving her hands around it, fondling him.

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She began petting his thighs and finally grabbed a meaty part of his rear while she plunged down with her lips wide open. She made loud sucking sounds as she moved them up and down his cock, a trail of red-lipstick left behind. She pulled her lips off and let her breath steam on his tip.

She giggled and plunged the thing into her throat again. Soon his dick was drenched with her saliva and when the slob came out from under the sink, he put his hands down her pants and started fingering her without even asking her permission. "Thanks." She said her face writhing in what seemed like a pleasantness and sudden shock "But please don't get my pants dirty," They took them off together, slowly, as he kissed her on the thighs.

She didn't like to shave because I preferred her not too, so she was a little on the hairy side. That didn't seem to bother Bill though. He put his face and buried it in her and smiled up at her as he motor boated between her lips. She grabbed him by the hair and said, "Oh Bill, your such a prankster. Let's see what we can do about that cute little fuzz on your face." She looked at me and then said, "See, sweety, a little facial hair can be good." Soon, he was fingering her and she was stroking him and she was drenched.

I could see his fingers were sticky as hell. They were french kissing both their lips beat red from the ignited passion between them. As his three fingers came in and out of her she had a mild orgasm and started shaking. I was looking at her ass and cheeks clench as she gently moaned. Apparently Bill noticed too because he couldn't resist anymore.

He picked her up and put her on the counter. "What are you doing sir? Don't you know that you're supposed to fix my pipes?" She said as she played coy and innocent. "Oh, I'm going to fix your pipes one turn of the wrench at a time." He said as he pumped into her very slowly and methodically but with a powerful thrust each time.

She was getting slammed so hard that her tits were bouncing through her blouse and blazer. She casual teen sex my best one time sex ever them open soon enough, and bills hairy face was sucking on her large nipples which were diamond hard by this time.

He stopped thrusting for a moment and took some time to play with her nipples. He used his tongue and saliva. I could see them get even bigger and harder, covered in brown goosebumps. Rebecca had perky tits that sagged only just a little but were otherwise hard and firm. She giggled and screamed as he tickled her with his facial hair, "Oh Bill.

Don't you know anything. You're suppose to keep that hammer working!" For a while I saw Bill's hairy ass pumping in her while her long fingers held on too his hips. Her legs were dangling over his shoulders, high-heels still on, and she was moaning, talking dirty the entire time. "Johnathan, I can feel him inside me. Every inch. He's definitely a grower." Every-time she talked to me Bill would grunt and moan like a wild boar. He pushed his face on to hers and began french kissing her again.

Their lips smacked and I could hear her moan faintly once in a while. She was really enjoying it.


She came before he did and he pulled out of her, his cock soaking wet in her juices. She got on her knees and began sucking him again. "Look honey!

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Look at how his cock curves down. Look at this vein. I'm going to suck it and spit on it for you," She spat on his cock, polishing the head until it shined, and his body soon began to convulse and clench. She smiled with the cock on her lips, teeth showing, looking at me, batting her eyelashes."Oh no Bill what's going on.

I feel some water moving through these pipes." "It's cumming he said, I'm about to blow teen fucks her big oiled ass pov over you!" She looked up at him and started humming with her tongue on his shaft, breathing moisture on his tip, and tapping her tongue now and then in a playful manner right on the edge of his sprout.

"See sweety, I'm a good homebody. This man really respects me. Tell him bill.tell him how much you love to fix things here. Tell him how you fixed me yesterday after work in the Bar bathroom and how you made a mess of my hair." "Sorry man, I had to show her how to handle a hammer.

We planned to tell you right when I busted all over her tonight." He said as his face contorted.


I could tell he was holding back a huge orgasm, clenching his muscles, waiting for the moment of peak experience. "See babe.

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You don't have to work out your chest and biceps. Only this muscle here." She said as she ran her tongue on his p.c. muscle and engulfed his balls into her mouth like she was biting down into a steak. Upon release she made a smacking sound and let her spit cling off them and on to her lips.

She slurped the spit back in and spat on the tip of his shaft, polishing his cock. It glistened like a giant mushroom by the time she was done. "I can feel your cock muscles. Wow!" She exclaimed with overly dramatic emotion. She was still tapping her tongue on his tip as she pulled back his foreskin. I could see his fat cock shaped like a giant mushroom pulsating into her mouth.

"Wait a minute I forgot!" She said, "You have to fix my pipes. This is my mouth! How could I forget." "Hurry!" He said with a grunt "It's cumming out soon!" He quickly went down on the ground and thrust himself into her as she straddled over him, her legs out and pulled him in by sitting down hard. He looked at the ceiling squinting and moaning as she moved her hands all around his body, cajoling his sack here and there, legs hovering over his shoulders, even reaching around and putting her fingers deep into the crack of his ass.

"Baby, he's cumming inside me. It's all warm. I could feel his hammer cock. You see babe! That wasn't so bad? Do you really want a homebody?" Suddenly, as if interrupted, she began moaning and shaking as if she were possessed or there was an earthquake running through her body. She fell to her knees while still brunette gets a dick in her back on Bill and went head first into his chest.

"Shit." She was moaning. "Bill.oh Bill, you're making such a mess." She began nibbling on his lower neck and shoulders. I even think I saw her drool a little too. He pulled out of her and fell to the ground. So did she but not for long. She got up on her high-heels, blazer open, blouse open, tits hanging out, and cum dripping down her thigh. She took off the heels. She let it drip down for a minute and looked at me. She shook her butt at me teasing and said, "We're not done yet big Bill," and put her lips on his flaccid cock and began to suck again.

To my surprise it began growing instantly. "Your wife is so hospitable!" He moaned. "You hear that John. Bill really likes it in here." I could tell Bill was going to fill my wife up at least one more time tonight and maybe tomorrow during kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes lunch our. Bill lifted his leg and I could see that he was pretty hairy down low.

That didn't stop Rebecca. She went deeper and farther than before. Finally they were sixty-ninning. I knew where this was going and I dropped my pants.

We were going to DP my wife.