Sweet teen pussy licked and nailed ballsdeep

Sweet teen pussy licked and nailed ballsdeep
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Hi guys, my first ever story published at XNXX, hope you all appreciate it. The Spider and the Fly Chapter 1 - Catching the Fly The moment had finally come when she had stated she wanted to be his. The last few months were a slow and strenuous journey of slowly gaining her trust and making her come to her senses over exactly what he could teen mia malkova lesbian sex with mature milf that she could only find through him… but when she came on the phone for him, moaning so loudly he worried the police would be called not only at her place, but at his, he knew he had her… if he could do that to her with his voice alone, imagine what he could do with everything else at his ample disposal.

As he drove to the Airport to receive her, he mused on the bizarre series of events that had lead to the opportunity of her to become his. How he had from the start wanted to feel her hot little cunt gripping his cock while he torture her, and how she seemed quite aroused at this idea herself.

He thought of her initially as nothing more than an internet plaything - a wonderful thing to pass the time between bouts of general tedium, but as events transpired in her life he came to the realisation that she had qualities few women possessed… Intelligence, sexiness, independence, slavishness, and above all a fucked up twisted little mind that he could corrupt and make his.

When things fell out between the Dom she had been seeing and himself, he knew he had to strike. He feels his cock grow in his pants, like a snake unfurling itself from its slumber, at the thoughts of what is about to transpire, and how the poor little girl he is about to meet has no idea the things that are in store for her.

While he sits in front of gate 43, watching the jet slowly pull into the bay, he pulls out his phone and texts her "Just about to park, wait at the gate, will be there in a few minutes so take your time getting out, if you're not out already" He smiles and waits innocently with a large greek family, his back to where she will come from on this most wonderful of evenings. He chose the middle seating specifically so that she would likely be one of the last off.

He waits, and sure enough the greek family enter a lovely conversation about how long it has been since they saw the couple and how great it is for them to be back from their honeymoon. He smiles to himself as he stands nearby, no one paying him any heed, when he spots the brilliant red mane that marks the girl he has waited so long for.

She walked straight past him, already dismissing jizz mouthed skank throat pornstars and big dick as part of the group, and quickly finishes scanning the crowd. He sees her head go to her phone and when she starts typing on it he moves in close behind her.

"Don't turn around".


Is all he says in a deep growl, watching her body instantly stiffen with recognition of what has occured. "You will speak only when told to speak, do you understand?" She replies breathlessly, simply, "Yes" with the slight change in tone that lets him know that those few words already have her cunt wettening in preperation of the activities she hopes will transpire tonight.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a simple strip of heavy dark fabric. He reaches over her, using it to cover her eyes "Put this on." is all he states, before her arms start functioning and pulling the fabric tight against her eyes. She is shaking as she starts tying the back off into a knot, creating an obvious blindfold. When she puts her hands down, he moves around in front of her and checks the tightness, making sure that she will have difficulty seeing beyond her feet.

"This is to remind you that your eyes belong to me now. You will see only what I will you to see, for the rest of your time on this planet. I do not care about the cattle around me and what they will think as they see you… right here, right now, the only people of a girl choking on dick importance in this place are you and me." He smiles, watching her face as she drinks in everything he is saying.

"This is your second last chance to leave me, and when we get in the car that option will simply not be yours anymore. All you have to do, is fall behind and you will be left here, to make your own way in this city of churches. Do you understand me, cunt?" He says the last word with no malice in his voice, for him it is simply her name. She assents, with some amount of thinking and nervousness and trepidation.

He grabs the top of her skirt and adjusts it so it's barely covering her mound underneath, and her shirt so that way more than enough of her extremely ample titflesh is visible. "You look like a whore" he chuckles "My whore." Not caring that more than a couple of people have noticed the interaction between them, he squats down and lifts her skirt slightly, inspecting her.

It is no surprise to him that her thighs are already slick with wetness. "Aroused already, cunt?" He asks, sliding a finger between her legs and pushing it hard against her pussy. She has to bite down on her cheeks hard in order not to moan loudly in public, her knees having a moment of weakness. He laughs again, before standing and guiding her fingers to one of his belt loops before telling her to follow. The trip out of the Airport is fairly easy. She only stumbles slightly at the escalator, due to the fact that it came up unexpectedly.

Many people pay him attention, and the security gives him particular note… one amusingly nodded in his direction as if to say "Way to go.", if only he knew. When they get to the carpark he pays for the parking before the next challenge is presented to her. He tells her to close his eyes and removes her blindfold, only to replace it with a firmer, fur-lined leather blindfold, designed to block out all light.

"Hands and kness, cunt, from here out you crawl." She hesitates, for the briefest of instants, which causes his hand to lash out and slap her square across the face. She yelps loudly, and quickly falls to her knees.

As he walks to the car she can only follow him by the sound of his voice and his footsteps, as he reminds her once again of her place "This is to remind you that your arms and legs belong to me now.

You will move when I want you to, how I want you to, and no more. If I want you to be immobile, you shall be, if I want them to experience discomfort for me, they shall also." He continues like this for some time, more to give her the ability to follow him by sound than anything else. She bumps into more than one car, and a speed bump causes her to lose her balance, accompanied by a laugh restraint bondage and destroyed excited young tourists felicity feline and jade jantzen is familiar with.

Eventually he leads bdsm xxx big breasted sub has her hole filled by strong dominant master to the car, after having taken a nice circuitous route around the carpark for a few minutes. He stops at the trunk, and waits for her to come to a halt also, which she does after bumping her head against the car. "Kneel." he says, to which she does without hesitation, although with no small amount of floundering and balance issues.

He opens the trunk and unzips a bag, pulling out cuffs and a tube gag with a plug. Reaching behind her he pulls her arms against her back tightly and restrains her, before fitting the gag into her mouth and fastening it behind her head.

He smiles at the few tears that have fallen on her face from the emotional turmoil, and the grazes on her elbows and knees. He unzips his pants, and she can instantly smell him. "Did you think it would be pleasant, cunt? I fucked a girl on her period the other day, and just for you I made sure I didn't wash. Time to use that wonderful facecunt of yours." he chuckles again as he pushes her head up against his car and proceeds to feed her his hard, soiled cock.

She gags, and retches at least once, but manages to keep her stomach, until he begins face fucking her, just like he promised he would. He grabbed her hair and forced his cock down her throat, and left it buried there, until she struggled.

He would pull her back after every second retch, for the briefest of moments, before plunging into her moist hole again… he could even feel her tongue working on the underside of his cock, not that it mattered.

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"It's time." he growled at her, and began to fuck her mouth in ways it had never been fucked before, treating it exactly as if it was her cunt and he was brutally fucking that orifice. A few moments in and it was too much for her stomach, emptying its contents all over his cock and dribbling out the gag to fall on her shirt and cleavage, but it didn't stop him.

He just continued, mercilessly, no matter the noises she made and the colour her face was going. It took until her fourth vomit episode for him to send blasts of his hot, ropey cum into her stomach, and he laughed when he pulled out and watched her throw it all up over the ground, splattering a lot on her skirt.

It took minutes for her to recover, while he used her hair as a rag to dry the slime and puke from his cock. He took a few steps back, looking at his handiwork… not 20 minutes from the plane and already a disgusting mess, her hair in ruins, tears ruining the specific makeup he asked her to put on, her shirt and skirt covered in vomit, and saliva, and cum.


She truly looked completely like a well used whore, and that made him smile. He reached into the trunk, zipping up his fly, before getting out a pair of earmuffs. "This is your last chance, girl.

Right now, you can get up and move away from me, and I will let you go. You will never hear from me again, and you will be free.

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Of course, you won't be able to talk, see, and with these muffs…" which he then puts on her for effect, before pulling one muff away from her ear so she can hear "you won't even be able to hear. You'll probably get hit by a car before you make it to the airport proper, or get lost and picked up by a random stranger.

Honestly, I don't care." he laughs at her, cruely, so it can sink in. "Or, you can get into the car and you will never, ever, have a free day for the rest of his life. It's up to you." He opens the door and watches her think for a small while before she slowly, clumsily, makes her way into the back seat "After all" he chuckles as he gets into the drivers seat "I said you'd have two chances, but I never said you'd have a choice."