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Racist hookers yap about same creepy guy and suck our dicks reality and natural
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The alarm screams at me and I'm quick to roll over and slap my hand across the Snooze button making it stop then move my hand over pulling a small lever which turns the alarm off. Repositioning under the thin sheets, I toss them to the side, jump to my feet and drudge across my carpet flooring in nothing but a pair of white and a nightgown.

I pull my blonde bangs from across my eyes and tie femaleagent stud becomes a third wheel in casting hair in a ponytail, walk through the trail of thrown out clothes and trinkets on my bedroom floor where I head for my door and shut it.

My door adorned with glitter, pink stars and more stickers spelling out my name "Carrie" in a cute way. Walking through the hallway of our house, I make it to the back door then walk into the laundry, get in my rubber boots and tromp out the door into the warm morning air.

It's still dark outside, but the moonlight lights my way and I don't bother turning on the back porch light. I head for the back pastures and am greeted by all the farm animals, eagerly waiting to be fed. We live out in the sticks, in the middle of no where, so far out John and me have to wake up thirty minutes early just so we can walk a mile to get to school. Even that is a dirt road.

We have no neighbors, and because of that I can walk around in just about nothing without the worry of anyone seeing, besides my family members.

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It's Saturday today, meaning no school. First we have the pigs, nasty fat stinking porkers I don't even go near. They are John's, my little brother's pigs that he takes to shows and 4-H events, he, younger than me by two years, me being seventeen.

Then there's the four cows and two horses which belong to my Mom and Dad.


The chickens belong to everyone, we keep them for the eggs. And then there are the ten Bush goats.


Mom keeps them to sell the babies and to butcher the younger ones, when the meat is tender. My job is to feed the cows, horses and goats. Johns job to feed his pigs and the chickens, he's a bit of a lazy slob, so Mom and Dad didn't give him much to do in the morning, I meanwhile want to hurry up and get my chores through with so I can get back to bed.

No need to water the critters since they all have automated water units. First thing are the cows, they'll started screaming bloody murder if their not fed right away, by the time I'm through filling up their feed buckets and dumping the hay the horses start pawing at the ground and digging into the fence.

They're shoed, so I have to hurry before they get their shoes stuck in the wire of the fencing. Filling up their own buckets and dumping some hay, I then head to the very back behind the barn, that's where their feeding trough is located, where I also dump the hay and make sure Billy, our full groan Ram hadn't knocked the watering unit off it's hinges again with his horns.

He does it by accident, his horns are so long that they'll get caught on it, and when he feels the vibration will panic and bolt ripping it right off. One time he was out in the middle of the pasture grazing with it hanging from his horns. Billy is the breeder, a large, one-and-fifty pound goat that only thinks about eating, sleep and sex.

He can be mean to, luckily though he likes me, so isn't as mean. Out by the troughs, my legs surrounded by goats, I finish up and turn to head back around the barn and out the gate.

That's when I feel something big and heavy slam into my back knocking me down and onto my hands and knees. I'm quick to realize it's Billy and know he's mounting me for his own little fuck.

I panic and squirm than scream his name and for him to get off. He's smart enough to understand his own name, but that's as far as his intelligence can go sometimes, other times he'll just ignore everything. I go to crawl forward but can't, he has me completely pinned down, just like he does with the goats, so I try to push him off - no luck.

I don't even budge, I'm only one-hundred pounds. A few seconds later I feel something slide past my panties, feel something wet touch my clit then completely penetrate my pussy. I'm wide eyed with shock and gasp in fear at what was going on, I was being raped by our goat. A part of me wants to scream for help, someone might be able to hear me, but pride takes over, there's no way I want my family members to see me like this, being raped by a goat, especially Bubba.

I can somehow imagine him telling everyone at school. I try fighting against him but can't. He instantly starts pounding into my pussy, ramming in and out very quickly, each hard shove sends a hot stabbing pain through my insides, but the pain subsides and cools some when his thin shaft of a penis pulls out, the rubbing sensation against my pussy helping take the pain away but is replaced by the same hot pain when he rams into me again.

He's quick with his job and a couple more thrusts later I can feel his penis throbbing inside my uterus, I can feel the tip of his penis hardened fully when he pulls out to shove back in, I feel his body spasm against me and feel his fat belly press hard against my back before he rams in for the final time and shoots his own hot load of cum deep inside me.

Billy pulls out and I turn around to look at him, he's already turned and heading back for the trough to eat. At first I'm petrified, thinking it really didn't happen, that it couldn't happen.

Then the horror settles in, the horror that I was raped by our goat. Of all the stories of two too hot lesbians on casting interview softcore being raped by men, and I get raped by the goat. How embarrassing is that?

Still on all fours, still too shocked to move, I bring my fingers to my pussy to see what kind of damage he had done and am surprised to find myself unscathed, in fact, I was wet, my pussy was even puffy. I blush, the goat had done a better than job than my boyfriend ever done. Fingering myself some more, I find myself wanting more of that penis, I find myself wanting to cum on it and for it to cum in me again. Calling Billy over, I find he's busy stuffing his face and start to think, wondering how I could get him to come over.

Having an idea, I'm quick to remove my panties, and still on my hands and knees, I amateur slut victoria june taste a big cock for money to urinate just a little, I seen this before. As expected, Billy lifts his head and looks to me, when seeing what's going on, he's quick to trot over to investigate and takes no time at all to taste my urine. He's a stupid animal, the damn goat will taste his own pee and will lift his lip up at it because it taste horrible, but then will go right over to the other goats and taste there's.

Having some of my juices still on my fingers, I reach around and rub my fingers across his lips and it's no time at all before he mounts me again. As before, he's quick with his movements, so I move against him to get my own satisfaction.

It took some of my own strokes to match his rhythm and I soon was moving myself forward as he was pulling back, letting that long smooth penis rub all up and down the insides of my wet pussy, by the time he was shoving forward I was driving myself into him. Every time that happened an explosion would happen inside me, my heart would race and soon found myself moving wildly with him, I got to moving as fast as he was.

I hear his own bleating then could feel his own penis began to harden and stiffen which sent me into overdrive and pounded on that fine penis even more. I wanted to cum when he did.

I think it was because of me being so loose that he was able to drive in even farther this time, I felt his final spasm then felt myself explode. I scream as my own orgasm came about and pushed into him as he locked himself inside me and shot off another hot load. I'm so tight I could feel his penis spasm inside me, I can feel every bit of his cum shooting inside me.

He pulled out sexy milf as innocent babe masturbating e high definition trotted off for the trough again. By this time I'm wanting something more now, something I love - cock.

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Staggering to my feet, I turn and head for the trough, once reaching him I get on my knees beside him and reach up under his belly. I'm not completely sure what he'll do, so make sure to keep an eye on his horns. What I'm about to do he's never experienced before and I don't know how he'll feel about it. I immorallive licking cum on my friends ass he can go another round, sure he's quick with his job, but I've watched him hop from one goat to the next on numerous occasions.

My Mom didn't even need to explain the birds and the bees to me, I learned the "Process of Life" by watching Billy fuck. We've incestvidz real father daughter creampie him for years.

He turns and looks to me, his ears twitch and I could swear, his eyes looking at me saying. "What in the hell are you doing?" His penis was already starting to slide back in, but after I carefully pinch the tip between my index finger and thumb and start jacking him off, after a few strokes later he was completely out. When seeing he wouldn't make a fuss about it, I reposition myself under his belly and first lick his erect penis.

It sure does taste different, not like my boyfriend's, but wanting to continue, I place my whole mouth over his head and start sucking. At first I take just the head, just to get a feel for its slick surface and strange taste.

Soon I'm taking on the full thing, touching my own self and deep throating this perfect cock. My boyfriend can't even get me to bunny costume teen blond cory chase in revenge on your father throat him. Using my tongue to play with the head, I turn up my sucking and keep my head moving faster and faster. I feel Billy bowing on top of me and he starts his own rhythm, shoving himself in and out of my mouth, I feel his spasm then feel his penis hardened, a few moments later he shoves himself all the way down my throat and unloads everything right inside my mouth.

I didn't know he would shoot that much cum all at once and choke and gag on it, some even coming out my nose, but the taste of him is salty, almost sweet. It tasted great as a matter of fact. Satisfied with eating his cum, happy as ever I got the best damn orgasm of my life, I jump to my feet and start heading for the gate once again but am surprise when I feel Billy press against my back and push me back to the ground.

Surprised when realizing he was still erect and screamed in pain when his penis penetrates the wrong hole by accident. He was fucking my ass. There was defiantly pain, way more than my pussy felt at first.

Instead of the pain centered during the full penetration, this was going on all along his penis, wherever his erect shaft moved pain followed, even when he pulled out for a split second. But his thrusting, the rubbing of that cock against my tight ass had me fingering my own pussy and I soon found myself moving against him trying to get my own pleasure out of him before he gave his own orgasm. This time though, when I felt his penis hardened it seemed to almost lock in my ass, like he was too big for me that sent a tearing pain through my butt.

But that pain was enough for me to scream in total ecstasy and fall forward in an orgasm, my own juices flowing from my fingers and dripping to the dirt. I hear Billy bleat then feel him push into me and give his own orgasm, shooting that delightful hot sperm all inside my asshole.

I was surprised yet again when he didn't immediately dismount, he just stayed there for a few moments and I could feel his throbbing cock, I felt all that sperm still pumping out.

That's when I decided on moving against that cock while it was still unloading, it felt so damn good against my ass and apparently it felt good for him when another spasm came and he bleated, feeling a little bit more sperm coming out and feeling him press even further into my ass.

I close my eyes and groan of the pain, but some of it is pleasure and it makes me want more, it makes me want to worship his cock, to do whatever it took to get more of it. He feels just so damn fucking good. He dismounted and I expected him to trot off again, but he didn't. Instead, he started in licking my pussy. His cold nose made me jump and I big tits blonde babe gets her pussy nailed by pawn dude cause it tickled, but he was soon actually licking me, first it was just around the clit, but then he actually started driving his tongue in.

Before I knew it, I was rubbing my clit with two fingers and pumping myself back and forth. He didn't stop with his licking either, so I kept on going, kept on pumping into his wiggling tongue and slamming my fingers across my entire clit before driving into my pussy and pulling them out then repeating the process.

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It wasn't even five minutes when I push onto his tongue in a shrill and cum all over that tongue that's still inside me. When I'm through, the upper half of my body completely collapses to the ground, exhausted and my pussy throbbing in pain, the only thing I want to do now is sleep.

Billy mounts me again and I groan tiredly as he starts fucking me in the pussy. His movements seem more wild now, he's more quick with driving his penis into me than before, so quick he's shaking me right where I'm at making my tits rub against the dirt.

I wince and hiss as his constant driving, now it's starting to hurt, there's no pleasure in it but give him the pleasure of finishing. He gives a couple more thrusts before bleating, his hard shaft pumping and I hiss then squirm at his final orgasm then groan when he shoves himself into me. Now he stays in even longer and could feel more cum pumping out of him into me.

I see his legs from between mine, I'm looking underneath and that's when I see cum, he unloaded so much into me it all started leaking out my pussy.

He pulls out and I see that erect penis and bulging head with more cum dripping out. He actually lowers his head between my legs and looks right at me then turns and begins lapping at the small puddle six xxx hours or gril cum beneath me, most of it being his.

Waiting for what he'll do next, I'm relieved when he trots off to one the goats and smirk when I watch him mount one and begins fucking her wildly. The goat doesn't even like his burst of stamina and starts bleating in protest. Tired, I stagger to my feet, grab my panties and head for the trailer, take a shower and put on some clean night clothes before going back to bed.

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My pussy still throbbing and the pleasant memories still fresh in my head, they'll give me something to dream about. At least now I'll have something to do when no one is around now.

And so ends the story of the Amish girl who was raped by a goat. Not the best writen story, but I try. sorry for spelling, only good comments.