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Sexy shemale nicole nogueira versatile sex bareback
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This is the sequel to "Grace in Disgrace 1-3". I suggest that you read them first. At one point in the last chapter I changed Pete's name to Richard and later Grace's name to Gwen. Sorry. This chapter is told by Grace.

Charlotte went back to her duties as hostess. Pete took John into his office to explain his probable new job as assistant manager, and Valerie led me around the club, explaining every thing as we went. All the woman were naked except for the red, green, or blue bands around their ankles, wrists and necks.

Many of the men were naked too, not just the ones who were actively fucking, but also the ones who apparently, were resting between fucks or watching someone else fuck.

It was not just couples fucking, either. There were groups of two men fucking one woman, either one each in her arse and cunt, one each in her cunt and mouth, or one each in her arse and mouth.

"It's not uncommon,", Valerie informed me, "to see three men fucking one woman in all three holes." I shivered with arousal. It was like visiting a tight pussy hardcore sex action with slutty melissa web site, only so much better because it was right there, in front of us. I felt as if I could join in if I wished.

There were also a few couples, or groups of women, eating one another, or finger fucking one another, and there were other combinations of men and women. Valerie showed me the private rooms, which they had provided when they built the club, thinking that most people would prefer to fuck in private, but in fact there were only two of them locked, the rest were empty.

Apparently most members, and their guests, preferred to fuck in public. By now I was so aroused by the erotic scenes everywhere around us, that there was a sheen of moisture trickling down my inner thighs from my wet cunt. Just then a naked young man, I guessed 18 or 20 years old, approached us. "Hello, Valerie. Can I please fuck the new girl?" "Hello Bruce. This is Grace. You'll have to ask her yourself." "So Grace?

May I please be the first one here to fuck you?" "Oh! Valerie. Is it all right if he fucks me? Why don't we share him?" Valerie nodded so then I turned to Bruce. "Bruce. I'd like you to lie on your back on that couch. I'll get on top of you, and Valerie will squat over your face so that you can tongue fuck her, while you fuck me or, rather, I fuck you. How does that sound to you?" He didn't answer. Instead he lay, on the couch with a big grin on his face and a very erect cock pointing at the ceiling.

Valerie and I positioned ourselves over him and I lowered myself, impaling myself on his cock. At once, I was lifting myself up and down, his cock sliding out of me then back in again.

I could see enough of his tongue that I knew that he was working on Valerie's cunt. At the same time his hips lifted off the couch each time I slid down his pole. I reached out and squeezed Valerie's nipples, and she screamed as her orgasm hit her. Then Valerie squeezed my nipples and I came at the same time that I felt Bruce pump me full of cum. Eventually we disentangled ourselves from Bruce. An older man and woman and a younger woman smiled at us as Bruce walked towards them.

"Those are Bruce's father, mother, and sister. They seemed to enjoy watching us with Bruce.", Valerie told me, "His father is paying for Bruce's membership until he finishes his filipina ho chantel sucks a hard white dong studies and gets a job." We continued our tour of the club.

"So, Grace, do you think that you would enjoy working here?" "Oh! My god! I just hope that John is as excited as I am. I so want to work here." We went into the enormous kitchen. The kitchen was staffed entirely by women.

They all wore yellow bands around their ankles, wrists and necks. They also wore protective aprons from neck to knee, but otherwise were naked.

"While they are wearing their aprons they are not available for sex." Valerie explained, "Also this kitchen is out of bounds for members and their guests. However, if they take off their aprons and go into the main area of the club, then their status is the same as the girls with green bands. Most of them do that occasionally, for fun. They're paid well enough that they don't need to do it for the money." The kitchen was a hive of activity. Everything was spotlessly clean.

Everyone was busy. It was obvious to me that they must serve hundreds of meals every day. When we rejoined the men, John grinned at me and pointed to a screen. On the screen Valerie and I were on top of a young man. John pressed a key and the scene came to life; I was lifting up and down on his (Bruce's) cock while Valerie was enjoying his tongue exploring her vagina.

"I see that you enjoyed yourself, Grace." "Well, yes. The scene in the club is so erotic, that I could not resist when Bruce asked to fuck me. It was my idea to share him with Valerie. Do you have a problem with that?" "Not at all. Do you like the idea of accepting Pete's and Valerie's offers of jobs here?" "Oh! Yes! Tell me that you like the idea too." "I love the idea. The only problems are that we have to finish the court case against David Brown and we have to give notice from our jobs in Sydney.

Pete, can you keep our jobs here open while we wind up things in Sydney?" "Sure. If you two will give firm commitments to accepting our job offers we can wait a few weeks before you actually start, although during this week, while you are here, we'd like you to spend a lot of your time learning the job.

OK?" I was delighted. "I will really enjoy learning my job here." "It's not all about fucking Bruce, you know.", Valerie wanted me to take the job seriously. "No. I realise that. On the other hand I think I will always have moisture trickling down my inner thighs whenever I am here. I find the atmosphere so exciting." "I agree.", John dani daniels and august taylor, "In fact, I really need to fuck someone now." Valerie stepped forward.


"As assistant manager, you will be expected to fuck any of hot big tits professor alessandra fucked by her student hostesses whenever you wish. I'd like you to fuck me now, to celebrate your coming to work with us." "Well," Pete responded, "if you're going to fuck Valerie, I'm going to fuck the other hostess in this room." And Pete lead me to a couch near his desk, sat me down and knelt in front of me and began to eat my pussy.

I was so excited about our new jobs that I had a first orgasm almost as soon as Pete's tongue touched my clit. When he pushed his cock into my cunt, I came again and when he flooded my vagina with his semen I had my biggest cum yet. For the rest of our week with Valerie and Pete I never wore any clothes apart from my blue bands. We ate all our meals in a private room within the club. At least once per day I had Pete and John DP me, one in my cunt and the other in my arse.

Of course it was not all play. I worked hard at learning my job and so did John. After a few days Pete and Valerie had sufficient confidence in us to disappear up to their penthouse, leaving us in charge for a shift. Of course it was comforting to us to know that, should a problem arise, they were only a phone call away. The best part of my job was walking around the club as there was always someone fucking that I could watch. Pete and Valerie insisted that patrolling was an important part of my role, as a hostess, watching out for possible conflicts and attempting to defuse them before they escalated.

During the week that we were there I never encountered any problem of this nature, but Valerie had a few tales to tell. For instance, a new girl was terrified when four big footballers wanted to gang bang her. Valerie defused this problem by offering to substitute herself for the terrified new girl. The men accepted Valerie's offer and she enjoyed being fucked by the four big men. The new girl watched and saw that Valerie enjoyed the experience and has since enjoyed being gang banged by groups of men.

Like the first day, when Valerie showed me around the club, I was always aroused as I made my patrols. The sex was so openly available. Bruce and his family seemed to spend part of every day in the club, and whenever he saw me Bruce wanted to fuck me again.

Flattered, I always accepted, until half way through the week Bruce asked to fuck my arsehole. "Bruce, you can fuck my arse on one condition.

You will have to recruit someone else to fuck my cunt at the same time." "Dad.


Come here please. You said that you would like to fuck Grace, right." Once Dad understood what was expected of him his grin threatened to split his face in half. Soon I was the meat in a man sandwich, with Dad's cock thrusting in and out of my cunt and Bruce's pushing into my arsehole. Dad did not last very long before I felt him pumping semen into my cunt, but Bruce soldiered on for quite some time until I felt his cock throbbing inside my bowels.

For the next few days Bruce and his Dad gave me a DP at least once a day. It was one of the highlights of my day, so kinky nightclub orgy with stunning starlets brunette big tits so that when our week was up and we had to head home to wind up our jobs and give evidence against David Brown, it was with a heavy heart that I said good bye to Bruce and his Dad, even though we all knew that I would be back in a few weeks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ On the flight home we discussed what we should tell the people that we worked with and other friends. "I think that we should just say that we are to be assistant manager and hostess at an exclusive men's club." John suggested. "When I give evidence against David Brown people will know that I am or have been a whore. I think we might as well be upfront about it being a sex club. I think that we should invite people to visit us.

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I'll be very interested to see who, if anyone, accepts that invitation." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ On my first day back at work, Rose came into my office and took one look at me. "My God, Grace, you are looking great. What's your secret?" "Sex." "Sex?" "Lots of it. I've been working in an exclusive men's club as a hostess. In the week that I've been away, I've been fucked by ten different men, most of them multiple times.

It was the best holiday that I have ever had, and the best part is that John and I have got permanent jobs there as soon as we can wind up things here in Sydney." "What does your husband have to say about all that?" "He's going to be assistant manager of the club. He gets to fuck any of the hostesses, including me, whenever he wants. We're both very excited." "You slut!" "I suppose I am a slut, but, do you know what? I'm the happiest that I have ever been." "And is your husband as happy as you are?" "Yes.

When John found out that David Brown was pimping me." "WHAT! David Brown was pimping you?" "Yes. It's a long story but he was blackmailing me by attractive gal finger drilled and pounded lingerie and japanese to tell John.

We're taking him to court very soon. Anyway John had a PI follow me and take pictures of me being fucked by lots of men. John threatened to divorce me.

I begged him not to but at the same time I warned him that I had enjoyed being forced to do things for all those men that I had never done with John. "We're still together in an open sort of marriage and we both enjoy the sexual freedom it gives us. As well as me, John also fucked a few other women while we were away. I never used to give John blow jobs, now I love to. I never let John fuck my arse, now I encourage it, and we both love it.

But my favourite of all is to have John fuck my cunt or my arse while someone else fucks the other hole." "You really are a slut, aren't you?" "I guess that I am.

Are you jealous?" "No.perhaps a little.yes." Then Rose burst into tears. "Rose, what's wrong? Please don't cry." "Sex with Ralph is not exciting any more. We only do it about once a week, usually missionary. I wish that I could be as slutty as you." I jumped up, wrapped Rose in a big hug, and kissed her tears away. "I've got an idea. You bring Ralph to dinner on Saturday night. Then ask John and me about our new jobs.

We'll give a detailed account of our week away, and we'll all watch Ralph's reaction to our tale. If you're lucky he'll be turned on rather than disgusted or shocked. If so I suggest that I seduce Ralph in front of you and John.

When that happens John will want to fuck you. Can you play along with my hawt swap attractive student hardcore and massage You are a beautiful, devious slut. But what if you can't seduce Ralph?" "He's a man isn't he?" "Yes, but he's pretty square." "Look, even if we don't have a little orgy, I'll bet you that when you get home he'll want to rip your clothes off and fuck you before you get to the bedroom. That might be all it takes to freshen up your sex life.

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On the other hand an orgy with the four of us would be very exciting. I would not be surprised if gay dennis the menace cartoon free porn happens." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ John, Rose and I were watching Ralph closely as we went into great detail telling him about our week away. We emphasised the joy we shared due to the sexual excitement that we both had felt the whole time that we were in the club.

Eventually I got up to take the dirty dishes to the kitchen and Rose came with me to help. "Ralph's got a huge tent in his crotch." she whispered to me. "Right. Let's step it up a notch." I whispered back. We both stripped naked, I put on my blue bands from the club and gave Rose a set of red bands that I had made for her. She put them on, but looked doubtful.

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sunny leone and jessi capelli xxx storys "What if this misfires and he hates me?" she whispered. "What have you got to lose. You're not happy as you are. If this works it will open up a whole new world for you and Ralph. I think that I can guarantee that your life will change, almost certainly for the better." "OK" But she still looked doubtful.

Back at the dinner table I went to Ralph and straddled his lap, facing him. "Ralph. I want you to imagine that you are visiting us at our club. I'm wearing blue bands because I'm the hostess. Rose is wearing red bands because she is our guest. I'm offering myself to you to fuck anyway that you like, and Rose is offering herself to John. Will you play with us?" Ralph looked shocked, horrified perhaps, but he did not push me away.

Instead he put his hands on my hips and pulled me to him, so that I was seated on the lump that was his erect penis. I pushed one nipple into his face and he took it into his mouth and sucked. Rose told me later that, once she saw Ralph's reaction she felt that it was safe for her to sit on John's lap. The difference was that as soon as John had seen us come into the room naked he had pushed his shorts and briefs down and off, liberating his already-erect cock, which ended up deep inside her cunt.

I pulled back hardcore anal fucking featuring a young stunner little and undid Ralph's shorts and we both lifted up while I slid his shorts and briefs down to his ankles.

His erect penis was there between us. "Where do you want to put it first?" I asked. For answer he pulled me towards him and lifted me up, positioning my cunt at the tip of his cock. I reached down and positioned the head at the entrance to my vagina and then he lowered me gently down his very erect prick.

Although Rose was lifting up and down on John's cock she was not giving my husband her full attention because she was watching her husband closely, nervous about what his response might be to our outrageous behaviour.

Once Ralph's prick was sliding in and out of me she relaxed and gave her full attention to John. Meanwhile I was racing towards my first orgasm with Rose's husband. Then I felt Ralph squirting his cum deep inside my cunt. That triggered my magnificent cum. I slumped against Ralph. "Oh! Thank you Ralph. I hope that you enjoyed that as much as I did?" "I'm embarrassed to admit that it was wonderful." "Don't be embarrassed, Ralph. When I told her how much I enjoy being a slut, Rose was jealous.

I talked her into my little plot to enact a sample of what it is like to be in our club. If you both enjoyed the experience maybe you could move to being more like John and me. I'm a complete slut and John still loves me." "So what does it cost to become a member of your club?" When I told him, the happy look on his face disappeared.

Clearly it was far too much for them to even contemplate. "Hey! Don't give up hope. John, as assistant manager, can invite you as a guest from time to time. Whenever we're in Sydney we can hook up with you again. There are sure to be club members who live in Sydney and we should be able to help you hook up with them. "I can feel your cock is suddenly stiff again. Where would you like to put it this time?" Please comment and vote.

To be continued in "Grace in Disgrace 5".