Sunny leone with daisy marie sex strip porn story

Sunny leone with daisy marie sex strip porn story
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I was in my bed sleeping when the phone rang and woke me up. I answered the phone and it was my girlfriend saying she was going to be home around 4pm. First I guess I better tell you a little bit about us. Nikki is 33 and she is a BBW to its finest! She is about 5'11 and has dark black hair and beautiful green eyes. She has a beautiful pussy that she always keeps trimmed or shaved. I myself I am 34 and I am also a big guy with black hair and I myself try to keep my cock trimmed or shaved.

I do have a smaller cock than most but most people don't complain about it unless they're just being nice and not wanting to hurt my feelings. My girlfriend and me use to have these orgy parties and we use to have a lot of fun and that all ending a few years ago when a close friend and party attendee was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Well we have sex from time to time but it seems to not have that spark like it did when we was going to the parties. God I use to love seeing her get fucked in the ass by a black guy and seeing her squirt all over his legs!!

Anyways after she had called me and told me when she was going to be home I got up and had breakfast and tended to our pets and did some housework. After all my chores was finished I got on the computer and got on a fetish site I go to and I had received an email from a couple saying they had read my profile and liked what all they had read and was really interested in some of what I had listed as my fetishes. They also said that they would prefer talking to the misses just to know I was no single man posing as a couple.

I wrote back and said thanks for the reply and said yes we are very real and yes we can be very kinky. I also had to be very honest and tell them that my girlfriend was really not into the swinging thing since her close party buddy was killed. So I sent the email and then I sat there and thought non stop satisfying for wet wet cracks I must be a idiot because I just told them she don't want to play anymore so I'm sure I will never hear from them again.

A few hours later I received an email back from the couple and they asked for her cell phone number and they would talk to her to know that she was infact a real woman and to just chat with her some. I replied with her cell number not thinking about that she might be a little pissed that I have given her number out to some stranger.

After that email I never heard back from the couple. Later that evening my girlfriend came home and I was at the table looking through some mail. She walked into the kitchen and went to the fefridge and got a glass of tea and I asked her how was her day. She looked at me and smiled at me and said, "It was good". I sat there thinking well the couple must not have called her because she would have been yelling at me by now.

Later that evening after watching some TV and having dinner we went to bed. As I lay there in bed I couldn't help myself thinking of that couple and imaging this guy pounding her while she sucked my cock and his woman sitting on my face.

I looked over at her with my cock throbbing and rock hard I rolled over and told her to lie on her back. She looked at mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins and smiled and laid on her back and spread her legs wide. As I put my tongue on her clit and a few fingers in her pussy I realized she was soaking wet! I looked up at her and asked "why you so wet"?

She looked at me and said, "don't worry about it and eat my damn pussy" and with that said she grabbed my head and forced it down on her soaking wet pussy. I was really going to town on her pussy and had worked three fingers luxury panties and pantyhose on girls with strapons her pussy when she started to moan real loud and grabbed my head again and held it there while she squirted a huge amount of her cum right into my mouth and then she looked at me and said" NOW swallow it all bitch"!

I did as I was told and swallowed it all. She took her legs and raised them up as high as possible and told me to eat her ass good and make sure I tongue fucked her ass good. Again I did as I was told and licked her ass good. After a while of rimming her ass she said, "ok now lay on your back" again I did as I was told. I laid on my back and she got up and sat on my face and again I started eating her pussy again. She reached down and started fingering her clit and then she said, "Open wide"!

Then all of a sudden she let a loud moan out and flooded my mouth with even more this time of her cum and this time I had to swallow because she had my mouth covered. Finally after I got that down I thought thank god I didn't drown and japanese young wife n son sex maybe she was going to now suck on my cock when she said, "don't move and open your mouth again"!

Again my mouth started filling up again but this time it was piss and she wasn't stopping. She spoke and said, "Drink ever drop of my piss"! Again I did as I was told and drank every drop I could.

She then got off my face and told me to get up and fuck her and I was happy to after my cock felt like it was going to explode after all the action. I got between her legs and put my cock in her and started pounding away. After a few minutes of fucking she looked up at me and said, "you better make me cum hard or I will find someone who will"! At that point I went nuts and fucked her hard because it had been years since I heard her say that.

Within a few minutes I coming and filling her full of my cum. She laid there and I started to get up and go clean when she said "where you going"? I told her what I was doing when she then said "oh no you have a mess to clean up" I looked at her puzzled when she stood up and said "go ahead lay down" I did as I was told and she got up and again sat on my face while I licked her sloppy pussy and the whole tile my own cum ran down my throat.

She finally got up and told me to clean up and to hurry and come back to bed and hold her and sleep. When the alarm went off at 7am I rolled over to find that she had already got up and had left for work. I got up and did my regular morning thing and went off to work. That day at work was a busy day and couldn't wait to get home and rest and spend some time with Nikki.

It was now 5pm and it was finally time for me to get off work bukkake festival 15 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn went and clocked out and headed to my truck. I drove the 30minute drive home and when I arrived home I noticed a black mini van parked across the street that I had never seen before but just shrubbed it off and got out of my truck.

As I walked to my front door I heard some loud barking coming from the back somewhere and just thought maybe the neighbors got some new dogs and went on up to my door. As I walk through the door I can hear a banging sound from the back and thought "who the hell in knocking at the back door"? I started back to the back door and realized it wasn't the back door that infact it sounded like it was coming from one of the bedrooms in the back. I walked back to our room and the door was closed.

I opened the door and my eyes about popped out of my head. There was my girlfriend bent over the side of the bed being pounded by this huge bald black guy who had a very muscular build. They looked up and me and that's when I said "what the fuck"! That's when she rose up and looked at me and at the same time I could not help from looking at this black guys cock. He had to have been at least ten to eleven inches and not only that his cock was thicker than anyone's I have ever seen.

Nikki then looked at me and smiled and said "you like that cock"? I looked at her and couldn't find any words to say and then she spoke up and said, "Sit down and watch a real man fuck a woman". At this time I was really pissed and started to speak up when a woman in a black lacy teddy walked in and said, "Sit your ass down bitch"! I looked at her and she was a very tall woman and she pointed to the chair that had been placed in the corner. I gave in and walked over to the chair and she fallowed me to the chair and when I sat down she tied my legs and wrists to the chair.

She also took out this open mouth gag out of a large gym bag pornstar sex kitten gets her anus poked with enormous shaft placed it in my mouth and told me not to speak. Then the lady got a pair of scissors out and started to cut all my clothes off until I was completely naked to the whole group. I watched as the lady then turned to Nikki and said "shall we continue"? The lady the stripped her laundrie off and laid on her back on the bed at the bottom and Nikki bent over and started eating her pussy.

The black man then spoke and said, "your bitch here can really fuck"! I was really pissed at that point and struggled to get free but was no use I was tied down tight.

The black man laughed and spoke to Nikkie and said "look at his small fucking cock, I have seen infants with bigger cocks". I lowered my head at that comment but for some reason my cock twiched some. As I sat there watching Nikki eat the woman's pussy the black man reached around to the gym back and brought out a bottle of lube and looked at me and just smiled. He then put some lube on she likes to lick and ride ramrod cock and then some on Nikki's ass.

That's when Nikki raised her head and looked at me and at first I thought she was going to tell him no. Well to my surprise she didn't and instead she lowered her ass to him as he moved closer to her ass. The black man then put the head of his cock at her entrance of her ass and pushed some and I could tell that it must had felt huge and she let out a mumble and a moan. She then bit her lip as he pushed another inch into her ass. The black man then pushed forward another few inches and she let out a loud moan and that's when the woman grabbed her head and pushed into her pussy and smiled at the black guy and said "fill her ass full of that cock unlike that little dick fucker over there".

The black man by now had ¾ of his cock into her as and was now starting to fuck her ass. After a few minutes of him fucking her ass I hear the back door open and then shut and then walked in a black man and spoke to the other black guy fucking Nikki and said "well Jim looks like the party has already started".

Now I knew the back mans name witch I guess it really didn't matter at that point. As the black man closed the door and started to undress and the woman on the bed looked over at him and said "damn Marcus took you long enough to get here".

Marcus the replied to the woman "sorry Candie I was running late". By now Jim the black guy was really fucking Nikki's ass hard and balls deep when she looked at me and said, "oh got he fills up my ass so much better than your small dick does".

I looked over at Candie and she got up and off the bed and then got on her knees and started sucking the other black mans cock. After a few minutes the big dicked black man pulled out of Nikki's ass. As he pulled out I could see how much her ass was gapped open from him fucking her. Jim then spoke to Marcus and said "hey bro lay down on the bed and let her ride your cock.


Candie by now had Marcus hard a rock and was as long as Jims but not as thick. Marcus moved onto the bad and laid on his back and Nikki got up on the bed and straddled hid cock and started riding his cock. Candie had left the room and came back with this small end table looking thing with a large funnel in the middle and sat it down.


Candie reached over and grabbed a knife from the bag and cut my ropes and told me to lay under the table and if I didn't she would stab me with the knife. I did as I was amateur blonde babe strips for private show tube porn and got under the end table and she put the funnel end into my open mouth gag then sat down on top of the table and said "I am going to piss and your going to drink it all or you will drown".

As I lay there waiting for the worst and I feel a small stream of piss running into my mouth and it was easy to swallow and thought to myself this isn't to bad. Then the flood gates open and she started pissing a gallon and started to fill my mouth and I was swallowing as fast and as much as I could not to drown.

Finally she stopped and got up and started to move the table when Jim spoke up and said, "wait"! Jim walked up and sat down on the table and to my horror he started pissing big tits babe got ass fucked hard the funnel as well.

My stomach was already full from candies piss and now was being filled even more by a black mans piss. Finally it was over and they moved the table and I sat up and Candie removed the open mouth gag.

My mouth cramped from the prolonged use and that's when Jim stood in front of me and said, "here bitch suck on a real mans cock". I refused to open my mouth to suck him when Candie grabbed my hair and jerked back and I open my mouth to yell when Jim shoved his cock into my mouth. He was shoving in and out of my mouth getting hard once again.

I could taste the saltiness of my girlfriend's ass on his cock. By now he has hard and he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock balls deep down my throat causing me to gag and choke. Jim then moved away and moved up on the bed where Nikkie was riding Marcus's cock hard. Jim moved up behind Nikki and put his cock at her ass and pushed forward.

Nikki was really moaning load and she was getting double penetrated by two huge black cocks. I was sitting there wide eyed wondering how my girlfriend could take so much when Candie stepped in front of me and turned around with her back facing me and bent over and said "eat my ass good bitch".

I can hear Nikki in the background almost screaming and I know she is cumming hard. I then hear Marcus tell Jim he is cumming and he lets out a loud moan and cums hard filling her pussy full. As he is just finishing he orgasm I hear Jim let out a huge moan and he fills her ass full of his cum.

Candie moves away and grabs a smaller funnel from the bag and tell me to get on the bed and lay on your back. When I lay on the bed they grab my hands and feet and strap me to the bedposts. Candy then grabs the open mouth gag and puts it back on me and then grabs the funnel. She then places the funnel inside my open mouth gag and Nikki gets up on the bed and hovers over the funnel and to my horror all the cum hairy man in office germany both her pussy and ass runs out into the funnel forcing me to swallow all that nasty cum.

Nikki then reaches down and removes the open mouth gag and turns around and sets her gapping open ass down on my mouth and tells me to clean her ass good with my tongue. I then feel a set of hands on my cock and balls and its Candie stroking my cock.

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I began to think to myself now this is much better then she squeezes my nuts hard and says, "Now eat her ass good bitch". She just keeps squeezing my nuts and starts to suck on my cock and I feel it start to get hard even though the rough abuse its receiving. Nikki then rises off my face and I feel the bed move and its Jim now standing over my face and then set his ass down on my mouth and say, "eat my ass also bitch"! I refuse to do so and he says something to Candie and she squeezing my balls even harder and I scream into his ass and she says "eat is ass bitch boy"!

Again I do as I'm told and lick this black guys ass. I hear Candie start to moan as I realize Marcus is now fucking Candie from behind.

Her grip loosens on my latina big ass teen bangs huge dick but I am still forced to eat this guy's ass.

After what seemed like a century Jim finally gets up off my face and off the bed and goes over and takes Marcus's place and starts fucking candies pussy hard. And again I feel the bed move and mares is now standing above my head and starts to lower down and says, "open up wide". I think to myself oh god not again!

Marcus puts its cock in my mouth and slowly but not stopping sit completely down on my mouth balls deep. I can feel his cock deep in my throat and I am gagging and trying to get away but no use.


I can hear them all including Nikki laughing in the background at my abuse and humiliation. Finally Marcus rises up but without a warning he set back down but this time his ass is on my mouth. Candi squeezes my nuts again and says, "You better eat his ass just as good as the others or I will cut your balls off".

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I once dilettante luscious chick gives a sexy blow hardcore russian begin to eat another ass not to mention another guy's ass. I can feel Candi move away and get something out of the bag. I continue to eat this guy's ass because I don't want anymore torture on my balls or loosing them all together. After a few minutes Marcus rises up and moves off the bed.

I look up and see that Candi now has a very large strap-on and now fucking Nikki's pussy hard. Jim then walks in with padded looking bench that has hooks at the front and back of it. Jim then unties me from the bed and tells me to lay over the bench.

Again like I have been I do as I am told and lay over the bench and then Jim ties my hands and feet to the bench and the puts this strap across my waist and ties it to the bench. I am now unable to move an inch as I see Jim walk around and puts his cock in my mouth. As I lay there sucking him and hearing the screams of pleasure coming from Nikki I start to feel something cold and wet on my ass. I soon realize its lube and I can feel a cock trying to push into my tight ass.

I start adorable hottie sucks and bounces on jock pull away from Jims cock to protest but he grabs my head and shoves me down on his cock and say "bitch you need to know what a real cock feels like".

As I am gagging on the oversized cock on my throat I feel the head of Marcus's cock slip into my ass. I try to scream only making my throat expand and Jim slams his cock balls deep and starts pounding my throat.

Marcus is now about three inches into my ass and he starts to fuck my ass with each hard stroke gets deeper and deeper. I can now hear Candi saying in the background that her legs are now soaked from Nikki squirting.

Finally Jim pulls his cock out of my mouth and moves away and has Nikki start sucking him but without the torture I received. I then feel the cock in my ass swell making me scream out load and he dumps his cum in my ass. After his cock slips from my ass I ask in a pleading voice "may I please go now"? And that's when again I feel something hard at my ass and I hear Candi say "nope now its time you take my cock in your ass".

I then realize it's the strapon that was used on Nikki's pussy and there is no way that big fucking thing will fit in there. I start to speak and beg and I feel her slap my ass hard saying, "Shut the fuck up bitch boy"! She then starts to push and my ass is on fire from being stretched.

I know the dildo had to be at least a foot long and as big around as a pop can. I have my eyes closed tight when I feel a cock at my mouth and its Marcus saying, "Clean your ass juice off my cock bitch".

I open my mouth and he milf sex therapy first time blake morgan was aroused for a romantic dinner with her his ass-covered cock into my mouth. At that very time I feel Candi grab my hips and shove more of that monster into my ass.

I scream out and she shoves the rest of that monster dildo into my ass and she starts to pound my ass hard. Tears are running down my cheeks as I am forced to suck a cock that has been in my ass just minutes ago. In the corner of my eyes I can see Nikki now moving onto the bed and that's when Jim says "now bitch boy I'm about to do something to your girl that makes it impossible for you to ever please her". Jim then lays down between her legs and starts eating her well fucked pussy.

I then feel Marcus stop throat fucking me and is just standing still with his cock just holding it in my mouth and I am wondering what he is doing. Well just as the thought seem to enter my heard I am answered by my mouth filling with his salty piss and he say "swallow it all bitch boy". I struggle to swallow it all but thankfully it's not a lot that the others had done. I am now getting my ass pounded hard and not easing up.

Marcus then pulls his cock from my mouth and now I have a full view of Nikki on the bed with Jim now fingering her pussy. I look closer and realize he had four fingers deep in her pussy and she spreads her legs even more. He then backs his hand out and shapes in hand into the shape of a duckbill and starts pushing into her.

Nikki lets out a loud moan and then I see his whole hand slip into her pussy and starts to fist her pussy.

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Finally Candi must have worn herself out after fucking my ass because she pulls the oversized dildo out of my ass. I feel like a train has been in my ass and can feel the air blowing past my now gapping asshole. I lay there on the bench still tied down and watching my girlfriend getting fisted.

Candi then leaves the room and I think to myself good maybe she will leave. I can mow hear Nikki's loan moans and she is orgasms hard. Marcus then walks over to the bed and has another rock hard cock ready and Jim then pulls his fist out of her pussy and she moves off the bed and Marcus takes her place.

Nikki then get up on the be and turns her back to Marcus and lowers herself down to his cock. Nikki reaches down and grabs his cock and looks at me and smiles at me and guides his cock into her ass and set all the way down on his cock.

She then lays back and Jims get back between her legs and puts his fist back into her pussy. Nikki is now screaming loud in pleasure from being so full. The room is full of load moans and screams and I barely hear the back door when all of a sudden I jump from the load bark of a dog. Candi walk in with a large dog I'm guessing a lab mixed with something else. The dog is straining at his leash trying to get to his bitch. Candi the walks the dog over to me and says, "Get him hard Bitch"!

I speak and say how do I do that with my hand tied? She then smiles and said "your mouth bitch boy"? As if I didn't think it couldn't get any worse now I have to put my mouth on a dogs cock.

Candi moves the dog over to where my head is and has the dog hope up with his front paws on my back. Candi reaches down with her other hair and jerks my head back forcing my mouth open and she let's the dog go and his cock slips into my mouth.

He starts humping at my mouth and he starts growing fast. I can hear the three on the bed and I can hear Marcus cumming in her ass. The dog's cock is now hitting the back of my throat and Candi tells the guys that max is ready. Both Jim and Marcus gets off the bed and they tell Nikki to get into doggiestyle position. Candi pulls the dog away and leads him to the bed and jumps up and starts licking Nikki's pussy and ass.

After a few minutes of max eating her pussy he stops and you can see the disappointment in her ass and then max jumps up onto her back and horny japanese slut wants his dick hard with furry.

He soon finds her wet hole and jumps forward shoving his cock deep into her pussy. Nikki is now moaning load and panting just like a bitch in heat. She then tells Jim "his cock is so deep and he is hitting my cervix". Jim smiles and tells her "Hun he hasn't even got his knot in you yet". Max is thrusting even harder now trying to get his knot into her and then Nikki says "I think he's opening my cervix" mom get pregnant by her son full storys hornbunny com that moment the dog thrust one last time and shoves his knot in and also forcing the tip of his forces into her womb.

Max continues to hump and then he slows and Nikki lets out a loud moan and says "he's cumming in me"! After the dog had dumped all of his cum he tried to pull out but was unable due to his huge knot.

After fifteen minutes or so the know finally pops out and Candi and Marcus leaves the room with the dog. Jim tells Nikki to stay right there that the night isn't over for her yet. I then hear some more barking and I see Marcus walk in with even a bigger dog not knowing what kind of bred he is. The dog then jumps on the bed and starts cuckold loving bitch makes him eat cumshot lick Nikki's pussy and ass and slides his tounge deep in her pussy.

This dog though doesn't waste time and mounts her and hits his target and starts to fuck her pussy hard. Nikki then says something to Jim and he smiles and walks back to the dog and stop him. Then he lets the dog remount Nikki but this time Jim guides his cock into her ass.

She lets out a load yelp and the dog starts thrusting hard and deep. I think to myself that's what she gets for doing this to me and hope she hates this. She then turns to me and smiles and winks and continues to scream with pleasure. I then hear the back door open again and hear more barking and Candi walks in with a dog about the size of the last one. I begin to wonder how are two dogs going to fuck Nikki at the same time.

Well my question is answered when she walks the dog behind me and he starts to lick my ass. It feels real good due to all the torture my ass has been through. I can see Marcus get a bowl out and slide it under my ass on the floor not know what the hell was the reason.

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At that time I feel the tongue move off my ass and front paws on my back. I am scared to death because his cock was huge. The dog can't seem to find its target and I am happy with that. Then I see Candi reach down and grabs his cock and guides it into my ass and the dog goes nuts and right away starts pounding my already sore ass. I look up and I can see the dog that was fucking Nikki's ass has already knotted her and was butt to butt. Jim then gets another bowl and puts it on the bed under her ass.

The dog finally pulls out of nikki's ass and all the cum runs out of her ass into the bowl. As this was going on the dog fucking me starts to cumming and filling my ass full. The dog pulls out and all the cum in my ass runs out into the bowl as well. Candi then unties me and tells me to get on the bed and lay down on my back. I go and lay down she has the funnel again and Jim grabs the open mouth gag and puts it on me. Candi puts the funnel into my mouth and both black guys grabs a bowl and walks over and pours the dog cum into the funnel.

There was as much dog cum as there was piss and never seemed to end. Finally the cum was all gone and they took the open mouth gag off and I sat up and we all sat on the bed. Jims the first to speak and tells me that him and his sister Candi was glad I emailed them. The end