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Oldnanny lesbian granny and teen with huge dildo tube porn
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This is the sequel to 'Ellie's end of school party' and 'After Ellie's end of school party (1)' and 'After Ellie's end of school party (2)' and 'Mary (1)'. I intended to write 'Mary (2)' but somehow I wrote this instead. It was Friday again. In the middle of the afternoon Mary phoned Wendy at the long-day-care centre to say that she would be working late again.

Whenever this happened Wendy took Tommy home with her after she closed the centre at the end of the day. Tommy liked this arrangement because he knew that he could swim naked with Wendy.

For a six-year old he was pretty precocious in his love of nudity, especially female nudity. He knew from previous experience that if Greg and Ellie were there, they would be naked too. In fact, Friday night was party night at our place which meant that everyone there would be naked. Over the weeks we had done less and less to shield Tommy from our group sexual activities, which usually included his single mother, Mary. As it happened Ellie and Greg were not there when Wendy and Tommy got home, they had some legal age teenager with nice figure sucks jock hardcore blowjob commitment, although we expected them later in the evening.

Wendy and Tommy stripped off and jumped into the pool and played together. After a bit, Wendy got out and positioned a recliner in a patch of late afternoon sunshine and relaxed in the warmth. She was half asleep when a cold wet Tommy landed in her lap. His cold wet bare skin against her warm dry skin felt good.

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His bony little bum, pressing into her crotch felt good too. She wrapped an arm around him and stroked his shoulder and back. She was surprised when he reached up and squeezed her nipple.

Still, she rather enjoyed that too, so didn't do anything to discourage him. She was even more surprised when Tommy took her other nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. Just when she was about to ask Tommy to stop, he wiggled his bony little bum and pressed against her clit. Instead of asking him to stop she moaned "Oh!

Yes! That feels so good!" She hugged Tommy hard against her as she felt a climax start to build in her pussy. Moments later her orgasm swept through her. "Oh my god! Tommy!


Where'd you learn to do that?" "Sometimes when you think that I'm asleep I watch you with Bill or Greg or mum or Ellie with Bill or Greg. They seem to make you so happy, and I want to make you happy too." "Well thank you, Tommy. You made me feel wonderful. I don't know how to thank you." "Maybe you could put my willie in your mouth, like you do for Bill and Greg?" "Oh goodness.

I don't think that you are old enough for that to work for you. You might have to wait until you are 12 or 13, before that will work for you." "Couldn't you just try?" He looked so keen. How could Wendy refuse him.

On the other hand, she really did not want to go to gaol and sucking a six-year-old's cock could easily land her in gaol.


Against her better judgment she lifted him off her lap, stood up and placed him on the recliner. Then she knelt in front of him and took his prick into her mouth. In fact she took his cock and his scrotum all into her mouth. Then pulled back and took just his little cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. "So what are you two up too?" Oops!

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It was Mary, Tommy's mother. "Hello, Mummy. I made Wendy happy and now she's trying to make me happy too, but she says that she thinks that I'm too young to get really happy." "Oh dear! Mary! I hope that you are not angry with me. Tommy gave me an orgasm, that's what he means by 'made me happy'. Then he asked me to put his willie in my mouth like I do for Greg and Bill, to make him happy.

I know I shouldn't have but how could I refuse after he had made me 'happy'?" "You little devil, Tommy. How come you made Wendy happy?" "Well!

First I sat in her lap. She seemed to like that. Then I squeezed her nipple, like Bill sometimes squeezes yours.

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She just let me do that. Then I sucked her other nipple, like Greg sometimes sucks yours. She started moaning and told me that I had made her feel good." "What Tommy probably doesn't know is that while he was mauling my nipples, his bony little bum was wiggling about, pressing against my clit.

It was the combination of things that set my orgasm off." "What's a clit, Wendy?" So then Wendy showed Tommy where her clit was and told him about how sensitive it was, especially when she was aroused. "What does 'aroused' mean?" "I was aroused when you were squeezing and sucking on my nipples. It's sort of how you feel before you actually feel happy, but you feel as if you are going to feel happy soon." "Well! Well! Well! You realise, Wendy, that you could go to gaol for this?" "Oh!

Shit! Mary, you wouldn't dob me in, would you?" "I was just joking Wendy. I've already told Tommy that he must never tell anyone, anything about what he sees or hears here. He understands that if he told someone and that someone told someone else he could be taken away from me and made to live with a strange family, because he's not supposed to be exposed to sex so young.

Now Tommy, it's even more important that you never tell anyone about Wendy and you making each other happy, because, if the police found out, you would be taken away AND Wendy would be put in gaol." This made Tommy burst into tears. To comfort him Wendy hugged him to her, pressing his face between her bare breasts.

"So! What's going on here?" "Hi Bill! We were just making sure that Tommy understands what could happen if the police found out about him making me happy." "Making you happy?" "Yes." Then Wendy filled me in about what had been going on, and Tommy's special meaning for 'happy'. "You little devil, Tommy. There's no need for you to cry.

As long as you don't tell anyone about what we do here no one will be any the worse off." Later, when Ellie and Greg turned up Mary told them about how Tommy had made Wendy 'happy'. "Wow! Tommy! Do you think that you could make me happy too?" Ellie asked. "Mummy? Will I get into trouble if I try to make Ellie happy?" "No Tommy. You go ahead and see if you can make her happy. We'll all be watching you. Is that OK?" Tommy just nodded his acceptance, then climbed onto Ellie's lap.

This time, however, he was facing her, straddling her thighs. She placed her hands on his hips. He started by squeezing both her nipples with his hands, then he took his right hand away and sucked on the vacant nipple. Then he slipped a finger of his right hand into her pussy slit, searching for her clit. Obviously he had understood what Wendy had told him earlier about her clit.

Surprisingly quickly, Ellie was moaning and writhing as Tommy fingered and sucked her. "Oh! Fuck yes! Keep going Tommy." Then her orgasm swept over her and she pulled Tommy against her naked body. Tommy realised that that was a signal to stop, he pressed himself against Ellie and just lay there until Ellie released him, 5 minutes later.

"Oh! Thank you Tommy. You are very good at that." "So, Let me jerk your hard cock until you blow joi, when I took your Willie into my mouth, were you aroused?" "It felt nice Wendy, but not as nice as when you hugged me to you while I was sitting in your lap. Does that mean that I wasn't really aroused?" "I'm afraid not Tommy.

I guess you'll have to wait a few years before I can pay you back for making me happy." Then Ellie had a naughty look on her face. "Tommy! You've made Wendy and me happy. Isn't it Mary's turn now." "Oh! No! Ellie. That would be incest. He cannot do that to me, his mum!" "So what if it's incest? You've seen Bill fuck me often enough. That's incest too, but I've convinced Bill that it's OK for him to fuck me. If Tommy were to make you happy too it would be an expression of his love of you." "Please mum!

I'd really like to make you happy." "Oh my god! I can't believe that I'm saying this. Yes, please Para kisling hot sek porno. Make mummy happy." So Tommy climbed onto Mary's lap, the same way that he had climbed onto Ellie's. This time, however Ellie decided to coach him to an even better technique. As before he sucked Mary's holly wood horor sex movies nipple while he played with her right nipple with his left hand.

When his right hand went to Mary's cunt, Ellie encouraged him to put his finger into her cunt. His finger was so thin that soon Ellie had him pushing his whole, young fist into Mary's cunt. After a few minutes of this, which had Mary squirming with unexpected pleasure, Ellie pulled Tommy's hand out of Mary's cunt and encouraged him to play with Mary's clit.

The result was a massive orgasm which swept through her body. When Tommy felt his mother's body reacting to his attention he looked very proud. "Did I make you happy, mummy?" At first Mary could not answer. Eventually her breathing returned to normal. "Oh! Yes! Tommy, you made me so very happy. Thank you for that." Then Tommy got up from his mother and went to sit on Wendy's lap.

She wrapped her arms around him and held his little body against hers, and in no time he was sound asleep. After a while Wendy carried him into the house and lay him down on our bed and left him to sleep.

We continued with our party as usual.