Teen fuck hardcore huge cock xxx so this week a ultracute tiny ashblonde walked into

Teen fuck hardcore huge cock xxx so this week a ultracute tiny ashblonde walked into
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A nearer xxx mom hot six night at 14 #7 Things had been doing so well and I hadn't had an urge to rape anyone in over two years. I was a star football player in my sophomore year. I was studying to become an FBI investigator and I had a gal that I had been seeing for about seven months. She was real nice to look at.

She was 5'6" and weighed in at 120 lbs. nice 35c tits that were firm with small light pink areolas. Her nipples were a darker pink.

She told me that I had the best cock in town. I really don't know why she said that because she was a virgin the first time I fucked her. I was thinking, how my life couldn't be any better, when it happened.


I had stayed late at the library studying and was on my way home about 10:30 PM. I had a green light and entered the intersection when suddenly this big Hummer came barreling down on me running the red light and slammed into the side of my little Volkswagen.

I woke up in the hospital. My left leg was in traction as well as my arm. I looked in the mirror and my shy oriental luscious hottie gets pussy smashed was all bandaged.

Later the Dr. told me I was lucky to be alive. My leg had been broken badly and the cartilage in my knee damaged. He told me my football career was over. The police came and let me use yours intead me about the accident. I found out that a woman by the name of Carolyn Wood was responsible. She was drunk and had a history of alcohol abuse.

She was 41 years old divorcee with a 15 year old son. She came from a wealthy family and her father got her out of going to jail. His insurance paid all my medical expenses. When I tried to sue I didn't have the money to hire a good attorney against her father's top attorneys and lost the case. I also lost my scholarship when I could no longer play football and had to quit school at the end of the semester. I was devastated. I came home and brooded for six months.

The only consolation was my sister who helped me get through it. She fucked me every day twice a day. I happened to be in the restaurant when Marian and her mother came in with my son and daughter.

They were now about three years old. They both had gotten pregnant when I raped them. They were very happy about it and let me fuck them again when I went back a year later. I always wore my mask so they never knew who I was. I wondered if Marion still left the key under the pot on the back porch.

Maybe I would check. Her Mother had gained a few pounds but Marion still looked good in spite of her deformity. Marion caught me staring at the kids and asked me if she knew me because of my interest in the kids. I let my voice get a little higher than usual and told her no, they reminded me of my niece and nephew back East. Two nights later I checked and sure enough the key was still there. I waited. A week and then went there donning my mask and gloves. I fucked her and then she called her mother and asked her to come over because she had a surprise for her.

When she got there she was so pleased she cried. I fucked them all night long. Her Mom wanted me in her Ass twice. She said no man had ever made her cum while in her Ass before or since. Marion gave me a great blow job before I left at 5:30 in the morning.

They begged me to stay and live with them. I found out a year later that she had gotten pregnant again and had a little girl. I had figured I had been away long enough from my college town that no one would associate what I was about to do with me. I rented an apt. across town from where Carolyn Woods lived. I found she still drank and drove. I learned her habits, when she was alone, what bars she hung out at and when the best time to catch her and her son alone was Saturday.

That Saturday night I knew she was out drinking and would not bring anyone home because of her son. If she wanted to get fucked she would go to a motel or the guys place. I waited for her to open the garage door and drive in and I stepped inside as the door closed. She had been drinking but was not completely soused.

I stepped up behind her and put my hand over her mouth and my comb to her throat and told her if she screamed I'd cut her throat. I made her put spy cam bhabhi bath tube porn hands behind her back and I tapped her mouth and her wrists.

I removed her skirt and panties. I ripped her blouse and bra off so that she was completely naked. I opened the door that led from the garage to the kitchen and pushed her inside. Before she came home I checked to see that her son was in the living room watching TV. We entered the living room and the kid was so shocked at seeing his mother stark naked he just sat there. I told him that if he screamed or tried to run I would kill his mother. I made him stand and bound his hands in front of him and put a piece of tap over his mouth.

Just as I was marching them upstairs to her bedroom a big collie came bounding down the stairs. I wasn't sure what he would do but to my surprise he started licking her between the legs. She tried to kick him away so I grabbed the dog by the collar and we all went up stairs. I put the dog in the closet and pushed her onto the bed. I took the boys clothes off and made him get on the bed straddling her face.

I told her that she was to suck her sons cock. It was already semi hard from seeing her nude. She had a pretty good body that had begun to fade because of the drinking.

You could tell that at one time she was quite a looker. About 5'4" 110 lbs with tits about a 34b or c. She shook her head and tried to get up. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my large knife and opened it up.

Her eyes were as big as saucers and tears began big tit blowjob mature cumshot first time he tricked brooke into a gam lock and then she run down her cheeks.

I told the boy to put his cock in her mouth and prodded him with the knife. She began to suck his cock that wasn't a bad size, about 6+ inches. I reached down and forced her head up until his cock was buried in her throat. It took him about a minute to explode his cum down her throat.

She choked and coughed but took it all. I told her to keep sucking. As soon as I was sure he was going to stay hard I told him to fuck his Mother. He shook his head and started to cry.

I pricked his Ass with the knife and that was all it took. He shoved his cock inside her hairy pussy and began to young girl big tits fucking old man xxx russian language power her.

He came in about two minutes. His cock stayed hard and he fucked her again, this time for about five minutes and made his mother cum. I pulled him off her and sat him in a chair. I put the tape back on her mouth and turned her over.

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I place her in a position so her Ass was at the edge of the bed and her knees were on the floor. I went to the closet and let the dog out.

He had not been fixed and went straight for her exposed pussy and began to lick all her sons cum out of her pussy. I waited for her to start moaning and when she parted her legs further so that the dogs tongue could penetrate her more. I lifted the dog up on her back and jacked the dog just enough for him to begin to try and fuck her. I guided his cock into her Ass and let him go. His cock began fucking her Ass like a rabbit.

I stood back and watched as all the pent up emotions were being released as that dog fucked her Ass. I looked over at her son and his eyes were wide as he watched his dog fuck his Mother. He had a hard on again so I made him get on the bed and scoot under his Moms face.

I took her tape off and he put his cock into her mouth and she began to suck his cock. I could see the dogs knot begin to swell and was driven in and out of her until finally it swelled and stayed inside her Ass. I could tell he was shooting his dog jizz into her by the short strokes he was taking.

When He was done and his cock plopped out of her I took my cock and shoved it up her Ass and began to pile drive her Asshole. Because of the anger I fucked her hard for over twenty minutes before emptying my load deep in her Ass tunnel.

She had sucked her son dry. He had his hands under her squeezing her tits. You like feeling your Mommy's titties? I asked. He nodded yes. I turned her over and had him sit on her face facing her feet. I took the knife and pricked her pussy lips and told her to lick her sons Ass and told him to play with her striking czech chick was teased in the supermarket and penetrated in p.

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His eyes got real big when he felt his Moms tongue in his Ass hole. He giggled and wiggled his ass and squeezed her titties. He got another hard on so I flipped her over and let him fuck her in the Ass. We rested for about two hours when the dog took another interest in her and started eating her pussy and ASS. I lifted her up and l had her son lie on the bed with his feet on the floor.

I let her straddle her son and he put his cock which was hard again into his Moms pussy. Then I pushed her sbse chot girl ka xxxii vidy forward and let the dog mount her and fuck her in the Ass while her son had his cock in her cunt. I asked him if that felt good. He said it felt weird but good. I then got on the bed standing over the boy and I lifted her head and took my knife and held it to her throat and told her if she bit me I would kill her.

I shoved my big cock into her mouth and pulled her tight to me until I could feel her nose against my pubic hair. I was buried in her throat.

She began to struggle but I held her tight for about 30 seconds before pulling my cock out. She sucked in air and was coughing and spitting saliva. I said breathe through your nose and I shoved my dick back deep down her throat and held her another 30 seconds. I kept doing that until finally she could keep my cock in her throat without choking. I fucked her throat for another twenty minutes before cumming.

The dog was temporarily hung in her Ass and her son had shot his load up into her belly earlier. I tied them together and sat in a chair and fell asleep.

I woke up about 7:30 in the morning and went down stairs and fixed me a steak and some eggs, toast and coffee. I went up stairs and freed them from each other. I asked him if he liked fucking his Mother. He said "Hell Yes." Do you want to fuck her some more and he nodded yes.


What did you like best? He said he liked fucking her but he really liked it when she sucked his cock. I asked her, did you like having your sons cum shoot down your drunken throat.

She nodded no. What about when he fucked you? No she nodded as the tears ran down her face. Well get used to it. Your son is going to fuck you for as long as you live if he wants to isn't that right boy? He grinned and nodded yes and you're going to suck his cock whenever he wants you too, do you understand? Surprisingly she nodded yes. And if he wants to see you fuck the dog you are going to do it because you like having his long cock up your Ass, isn't that right?

She nodded yes. I gave her some coffee and toast and then I spread eagled her on the bed tying her hands and feet to each of the four ends of her bed. I told her son he could fuck her or have her suck his cock anytime he felt like it. Brunette babe gets her pussy licked by her driver the rest of the day we took turns fucking her and letting her suck our cocks. Just after dark Sunday night I slipped out of the house while the boy was fucking his Mother for the umpteenth time.

I went to my motel and checked out the next morning. As I flew home I had a great feeling of satisfaction. (Continued) All rights reserved to the Author.