Meine frau besorgt es mir

Meine frau besorgt es mir
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In the housing development of Mossy Oaks, the lawns were green, and the houses were huge. It was the kind of place that told of success, but that was the outside. The mailman walked down one of the sidewalks with a happy gait.

Anybody that saw the man would say that the man was unseasonably happy. People in the neighborhood often only put out happiness like a mask to cover their miserable lives.

It was a perfect morning as his shiny rubber sole hit the concrete of the sidewalk. He was enjoying this particular place, looking for his quarry. An old woman that he knew fit the parameters of the experiment he was conducting.

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The yards were green, and trees lined the sidewalk so that the sidewalk and the road were both under the shade of a green canopy. Sprinklers were going on, and he waved and smiled at all he passed. No one stopped him or asked him what he was doing. He was just a stand-in mailman it seemed and so that explained his queer way of things. No one even bothered to notice that he skipped all the mailboxes.

It was a great disguise and one quickly put together.

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On his person and under an arm, he carried the signature blue pouch, but inside was only one envelope. One envelope that would change the life of the old woman he chose to bless with it. He began to whistle a tune and soon approached the house of where the subject lived.

Mailbox open and in went the manilla envelope. He hoped that the results would be good ones with this person. He turned on a heel and continued his merry way. It was time to go back to the lab to find another who would fit his strict criteria for testing. If anybody remembered him, it would be a miracle. So he left to let the story of his subject unfold. Martha was sitting in her light blue lazy boy chair. The chair had faded over long years of use, which often was because she was knitting.


The clicking of knitting needles seemed always to match the oldies that played on her radio. Here she sat, at the same time of day in the early morning, awaiting the arrival of her help. Her help was a young boy of twenty. If she were younger with her old hot per blonde body, she would have continually offered herself to him in unabashed ways. But alas, she was in her 80's now and withering away.

Long blonde silky hair had turned gray. Wrinkled skin replaced what was before smooth and shiny light tan skin. She was beautiful even in her early 50's, but it was gone now. Gone horny slut blonde xianna hill loves sucking a big black cock her husband, who's absence from her life made her feel alone.

Maybe that was why she liked the young help so much. He was sweet and kind to her and reminded her of her husband. Kind, caring, and handsome was the way to describe him. Seeing him alway brought a pang of desire and guilt in her, but was always crushed by an overwhelming sense of embarrassment as she grew wet on wrinkled hair lips.

Often she found herself wondering why her libido had never ceased to be active over the years. So she sat in her chair, thinking of his body and regretting being old. Only solstice colombian big ass camila at the car wash to her was knitting sweaters for grandchildren who didn't appreciate them and never visited.

The sound of a key being inserted interrupted her thoughts and made her excited. He was here, and the deadbolt turned with a loud click. Her young knight came in, always dressed appropriately in a collard shirt and slacks. It was now one in the afternoon, and she was bursting with joy, her old heart beating hard in her chest.

"I'm here Mrs. Harper," he said. She was sad that her voice did his no justice as she answered him. "I'm in here," she answered with her shaky old voice. In he waltzed and all smiles. "See your knitting again. Sweater for Sarah?" "Yea." "I have your mail by the way," He said as he approached her. She dropped the needles and took the lone brown letter.

The boy walked off, and the sounds of the fridge opening made her smile. He making lunch and after that; he would clean a little and just keep her company.

Her attention turned to the letter. The manilla envelope was ripped open within seconds. Out popped a small bag with a weird looking shimmering blue pill and a message on cardstock. She read the letter.

To Whom, it may concern, Hello, my name is X. Congratulations, you have been selected for an experiment. Your husband (my condolences, he was a great man) signed you up. Inside you will find a pill. Please take it. You will see that it will be worth it. Dale wanted to offer you a grand opportunity to a happier life after he passed. He invested in my research, and I promised that if the fruit were to bare, I would consider you.

So here it is, the promise of what it will do. It will return you to a younger self and give you pleasure. If you take and don't like the results, all you need to do is call this Number (**********).

I hope you do take it and wish you luck on the adventure that awaits you. So all you have to do is think of your favorite animal and wait. Results vary on how fast the pill works, but you'll not be disappointed.

Sincerely, X Martha was at a loss for words. What was this and who the hell was X? How could her late husband keep such a secret? There were too many questions, but the blue pill had her attention. Peering curiously at the pill, she heard the closing of cabinets and thought of the young stud in her kitchen.

Younger self, beauty, and pleasure again. Well, she was close to death, so the little hope this gave her, she decided she would chance it.

She opened the package and dropped the shimmering pill ava addams fucked sleazy guy her wrinkled hands.

So what animal? It seemed pointless, but they were in the directions. She chose her favorite animal in the whole world, A rabbit. Every nook of the house had an homage to that in some way with little statues or pictures of the long-eared animal. It was also the one thing she had envied of that magazine out there.

The one with the girls dressed up like rabbits. Her hand shook as the other reached for the glass of water that was next to her. Maybe she should wait, she thought. This pill could be dangerous, but another clatter of plates and peering at her wrinkled hand sealed the deal.

In her mouth went the pill and followed by the water.Nothing happened, and she sat back in the chair with a sigh. The letter did say that the effects could take time, but waiting wasn't something she liked to do. "Well, it was worth a try," she said out loud. "What is?" The young stud said while he presented a plate with a sandwich.

He handed it to here and sat on the couch in front of her. "Nothing dear," she responded, and he thought he saw the slight hue of a red touch her cheeks. He didn't press the issue, and they ate while he told her about his morning. Before she knew it, it was six, and he was gone.

As the day faded tonight, she headed upstairs and got naked, look at her wrinkled flesh as it hung on her bones. Tears in her eyes she went to sleep hoping her dreams would bring some solstice. Moonlight flowed into the room bathing Martha while she laid under covers with fitful dreams. Her wrinkled skin was glowing blue, and a moan escaped her lips as she tossed. Morning came soon enough and as she awoke under the bright light of the sun.

Rolling out of bed, she stood up and walked to the bathroom. Something was different when she passed the mirror, but she dismissed the view from the corner of her eye. Sleep still had a hold and as she prepared to shower and get ready for the day. It was when she lathered herself under water that she discovered the change.

She gasped at the feeling of soft skin and rushed out of the shower to look in the mirror. Brown eyes of a knockout beauty looked back at her and made her gasp. Lips were soft looking, and her hair was a magnificent shimmering gold again.

It was long and sank past her shoulders down to her ass. She could stand tall again, not hunched over by long years of hardships she had endured. Her leg was twitching, and it felt so good as it went up in down in a blinding motion.

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Hands roamed up her smooth skin to cup her now full breasts, no longer laden and sagging with wrinkles. Nipples pinched, a moan escaped her lips as she felt the stirrings of need in her body. Breasts were bigger now, a good big D-cup now and nipples were small and pert.

The bounced under a firm and perkiness test. Freaked out was probably the feeling that Martha should have had, but when she looked over and saw the clock on her bedroom wall above the bed, possibility ran through her mind. It was ten and her heart rushed as she realized the young stud she lusted after would be there in a few hours.

She grew wet thinking of him. The showers end up taking longer than it should have. There was a lot of exploring to do as feeling in limbs came back after being long forgotten. Drying herself off, and loving the old feel of Egyptian cotton she bounded out the bathroom and noticed that the clock now read twelve.

She was ready, dressed in a lovely pink long gown without panties, being that the only ones she had were "granny style." There was still time, and so Martha quickly found herself growing impatient of the waiting.

Time was not a friend at the moment. Excitement slowly dissipated to fear and nervousness the more time she had to think about what had transpired. How would the help react? Would he even allow her to talk before he freaked out? It was more likely that he would assume she was a home intruder.

Biting one of the nails n her thumb, she looked up at the clock and realized her musing had killed too much time to come up with a plan. The clock read 1250 now. How did she do this? She wandered. How did she get him to see her and ravish her like she wanted him to? In the end, her answer was to attack him as he came into the living room. Her leg began thumping on the carpet with impatience. 1259. The number signaled a final moment of panic, and then the sound of a lock turning echoed throughout the house.

The door slammed shut, and Mareth prepared herself for what was to come, be it a positive encounter or a negative one. "Martha?" he called out. She was still upstairs, and he must have been surprised to find that she wasn't in her chair knitting. His lovely voice made her heart sore, and she decided to hold her tongue out of fear.

Footfalls sounded, and she knew he was looking for her and so ready to face the music, she descended the stairs. He looked confused as she cleared her throat and stepped around the corner to the kitchen. His eyes lit up when he saw her, but her sight unnerved him. It was enough to kill her fear and drive the want of sex into control. "Um excuse me miss," was all he got out before she was upon him and shoving her tongue into his mouth. He tasted so sweet, and as he struggled to push himself away, he failed in that measure.

Her want and strength were too much and right there in the kitchen, they collapsed in a heap on the floor. She giggled and untangled herself for better access to him. Hands quickly rolled up his shirt and her lips got planted on his bare chest. It was intoxicating and for a second, she felt a slight pain throughout her body. He shifted to get away from her. "Relax," She said to him through clenched teeth. "it's me, Martha." "Martha?" His confusion was fuel for her fire.

"Yes." "How?" "A miracle," she said. "What are you gonna do to me?" he asked. "MMM, let's see," she said making a face of concern at him.

"I know, we are gonna have nothing but saucy blonde bint masturbates in the bed amounts of sex." "Huh?" "Didn't you know that what I've wanted from you since you came through my door on day one?" "Well, no." "I know.

How could you? As sickening as it is, you made wrinkled old lips tingle every time my eyes laid on you." There was fear and maybe disgust in his eyes, but Martha did not care. "I have you now." He only nodded. Martha couldn't help feel he was cute looking up at her like that, and she leaned down to kiss his chest again. Up she went until her lips were on his.

The kiss became mutual and tongues interlocked in a fury of passion. The kiss broke, and her breath came in short reps as the lust glazed over her eyes. "God, I need this. I need you." Grasping the bottom of her pink nightgown, she hemmed it up and over her head and tossed it to the side.

There was a gasp, and before she could look at him, hands slid up her taut stomach and floozy grants full access to her cunt over the perky hills on her chest. "That's some miracle, Martha," he said. She shivered in delight when his hands joined hers on top of her chest hills.

The willingness he showed at the moment was enough for the dam to break fully within Martha. In a frenzy, she was on him and pulling his pants down to his ankles with his boxers. His manhood sprang up, and he had no warning as she engulfed the head of his cock into her sucking mouth. Moaning and groaning she dipped all the way down his eight inches to the base. Age had made her forget such an incredible sensation, and she pushed herself to remember the art of fellatio. Skills that had long been shuttered away in age quickly came back and had the boy bucking underneath her.

He tasted so good as her head bobbed up and sown in a blur if motion. He grunted one last time as his cock swelled in her mouth and spewed forth a giant load in her hungry spectacular masseur arianna marie rides stiffed cock wildly pornstars and hardcore. It had bee far too long for such a thing. She gulped his seed down eagerly relishing the taste of youth in tara holiday and penny pax bent over on anal thickness.

His shrinking cock fell out of her mouth, but she peered up at him and grasped it. Pointing it back at her lips, she lapped the tip up with quick licks.

He was powerless to her, and as he gazed back at her, he noticed the long white ears that jutted new hom teen sex poron the side of her head. On was cocked and one stood straight up. Then there was the insistent thumping that was sounding in the kitchen. Pussy quivering, Martha was growing impatient with how long it was taking to get him back up. Her hand inevitably found itself diving in and out of wetness to alleviate some of the pressure building within her.

Only him hard and buried within would relieve her, but his body was taking too long to recuperate. Their gaze held and she licked her lips. "Come on honey, don't you have a carrot for this bunny? Would love to have a thick one right now." The bunny talk worked, and he grew to her words.

The two stared at each other "Will you stay with me?" she asked. "Huh?" "I will let you fuck me day after day if you stay with me," she said. A finger dug into the tip of his cock, eliciting a moan from him. "I will make you fell awesome, and all you have to say is Miss Martha, let me be your lover and slave." His squirmed underneath her, but she wouldn't allow relief for either one of them unless he pledged himself. Leaning forward, she whispered hotly into his ear.

"You have to say it." Martha was delighted when her teasing eventually proved too much for him to handle. The words echoed off the walls of her home as he shouted them.

His enthusiasm made her smile and in a flash, she was up straddling his waist, so his cock sat in the cleft of her ass. Their lips met violently, and they kissed deeply as two young lovers separated for too alanah rae fucked by tution teacher brazzers com. Then she broke the kiss and shifted her body. Like an experienced porn star, the change worked on lining him up to the entry. With a little scoot back, she sank onto his length and cried out in joy.

It didn't take long to coat him in her want. There had been a sharp pain when he entered, but Martha paid little attention to it. Her little cunny was stretched out now, and she sat there, just enjoying the feeling.

"You're so tight." "Have to be. Know how long it has been?" "Well, no actually. You rarely talk about yourself." His statement bothered her. Had she been like that? She could recall chatting, but maybe that's why he seemed so reserved with her.

See had never even opened up to him. "Well, we will have plenty of time for that, but for now, let's enjoy some sex." Beginning bouncing up and down in a blur of motion and speed, her foot picked up its insistent new habit of thumping on the floor.

Martha had thought that she was amazed of how he held on under the frenzied sex. She was desperate for release, and he shook under her, signaling that his body was overstimulated.

There was a lurch, and he bathed her insides with his seed. "Yes!!! Give it to me." The warmth of his cum hit her hard and caused her to scream in her release. Stars went through her vision, and Martha spasmed for the first time in overwhelming pleasure in thirty years. Her bones cracked with her violent movements, and she fell off of the boy. Contractions continued to rock her. "Fuck-me-lover," she said. Through breaths of his own, he obeyed, taking up a position between her legs.

It only took him one try to stick his cock in her waiting orifice. Martha realized that her tightness hadn't loosened up, and she grunted in appreciation of being spread again. The pace ended up being too slow for her need and so she started meeting his thrusts. Bodies were slapping together in a fury it was short lived that she screamed in release yet again.

"We're like rabbits," she said. Mareth was ready for a more grand finish and with some adjusting, the were humping like rabbits. Hone her hands and knees; she was amazed at how wonderful it was to be so sticky with sweat. That was until she felt hands on her bunny ears, She had bunny ears!!!

How? It must have been because of the pill, but the time to think was gone. Her ears wee yanked, and the feeling was mind-blowing. Bucking hard, she ground herself against him. The clock showed three now, and her lover was getting exhausted.

She couldn't tell how much she had cum, but fluid covered the linoleum underneath. "Slow down," she said. He obeyed, rocking his hips so that he stayed deep in her.Humping him gently back, Martha felt release building again. "I'm so close," she said, pretty chick with large curves adores sex the way he keeps his cock so nicely in her velvet pussy.

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She cooed and purred to him, and he couldn't last any longer in the heaven of her flesh. A final push and he filled her with his thick seed as it spilled past his thrusting cock. It was enough to plunge her into release and left all the strength e4ave her body. What seemed like forever, holding himself up, she finally finished and fell to the floor. He followed suit, collapsing next to her. "Oh wow, that was just amazing," she said. "Yeah, so what now?" "Well, we are a thing?" There was a moment of pause.

"Yeah, but what about the issues with the ears and well, youth?" "Oh." "Yeah, won't your family be upset?" "I need to make a call." *** "I understand," the voice belonging to X said. "I don't want to sound ungrateful, it's just, what do I do now?" "Honestly, whatever you want. Your life happy birthday daddy frannkie goes down the hersey highway yours.

Fall off the map, disappear, travel the world." "But every time I'll, you know, I'll look like a bunny." "It's a side effect. Wait, you found someone, what about them?" "Well, yeah, but where?" "Look, I have an idea.

You're worried about family and what now. Let's talk about that and finances and see where we get with that." "I don't care about that." "Yes, but you have a house and assets. What If I purchased everything and arranged for a disappearance." "What if he won't come?" "My only concern is you. I did not foresee issues with you and honestly never considered that you would be anchored so quickly." "I love this X. I will do it." "Good. Someone will contact you soon with details." With that, there was a click and Martha smiled as she hung up the phone.


Hearing the shower going in the background made her wet, and she realized that there was more sex to be had. She bounded up the stairs to her lover, her ass juggling the puffy white ball of cotton of her tail.